1560112530264-1174773187.jpgGod whistles to the nations to bless and restore spiritual deliverance on earth to redress injustice. The Holy Spirit in faith by prayer and prophets shows changes in people from idols to worship Father GOD. The LORD’s remnant by HIS Grace and Mercy with a renewed courage and strength will overcome in victory. With the help of The LORD gain strength and success in Christ to raise up persons to unite, support, and defend HIS people. The Promises of God to the nations and HIS Church in the GOSPEL is God’s Call for all souls to come to Jesus Christ to be redeemed by His Blood. God gathers by HIS whistles to deliver once again out of Egypt to overcome spiritual enemies so hearts will rejoice. God strengthens us in duties of Christian life to be active in Work of God in the Name of Lord Jesus.1560112912744-1174773187.jpgZechariah 10:1-12 call us to pray to God Jehovah boldly, directly with confidence without a need to seek idol worship that brings judgment on princes and people. Blessings promised in answer to prayer: (1) rulers of themselves; (2) conquest of enemies (3) restoration that establishes Israel own land in lasting peace and joy.
Jehovah alone gives this says Jeremiah 10:13, 14:22. The latter rain in due time in Job 29:23 and Joel 2:23 includes these blessings of physical and spiritual ones. God sanctified the nations at Pentecost in Christ with the Jewish Church. These firstfruit harvests of nations converted gathered in Christ to God. The spirit of God acted on Peter’s prayer in Church and poured out blessing on all nations. The latter rain brings in full harvest to the whole world that begun that day in Jerusalem in Israel. The Gospel thrives and reaches four corners of the whole earth as Jesus told His disciples. Despite Gospel Truth many consult idols or the household gods for comfort in relics. So Zechariah its their idolatry stopping the Grace of God giving them all blessings. God is urging people in Zechariah 10:1 to ask God’s Mercy to repent so Jehovah will deliver them by HIS true prophets. The world is in a mess by pretending to see and giving promises of comfort but consulter’s responses come to nothing says Job 13:4;16:2;21:34. They went their way so led them taken away captive and punished. Without Jehovah are flocks without Shepherd wandering prey at risk. False prophets they trust are not shepherds says Ezekiel 34:5. Scattered, don’t know not Messiah their Shepherd or believe in His disciples forsake Jesus. Abandons God in search of own gods or idols says Matthew 26:56 and Zechariah 13:7.1560114578949-2106252720.jpgGod whistles against shepherds rulers of Israel who condoned such idolatry so punished. They were headstrong and offensive in lust says Isaiah 14:9, Ezekiel 34:17, Daniel 8:5, Matthew 25:33. Mercy of God extends to them says Luke 1:68. Under Commander-in-Chief, Jehovah’s battle horse in Solomon 1:9 God makes His people courageous tended with HIS GREATEST care. Jehovah calls them”HIS flock” to save HIS subservient rulers. So the Cornerstone Messiah says Isaiah 28:16 will govern in 1Samuel 14:38 and Isaiah 19:13. The Government is upon Messiah’s Shoulders to Govern and to deliver from oppressors to support and bind together Church, Jew and Gentiles. In Judges 4:21, Isaiah 22:23 the Messiah is battle-bow in Psalms 45:4 Psalms 45:5, Revelations 6:2 defeats God’s enemies. Oppressors in Isaiah 60:17 got tributes from nations but give tributes to Israel.  Jehovah’s war horse in Zechariah 10:3, Psalms 20:7 treads Foot on foes with HIS Calvary says Ezekiel 38:4, Daniel 11:40 in Syro-Grecian army I Maccabees 3:39.1560114629327-1958815206.jpgThere is a complete restoration globally when Israelites from all nations return. This deliverance prophecy under Jesus Messiah brings all again securely to dwell in own land says Jeremiah 32:37. Like  mighty man in battle defeats the foe says Zechariah 10:3 Zechariah 10:5. The nations rejoice at their victory over the foe so their children will see God’s promises fulfilled and their joy shall be complete. Rejoice in the LORD Giver of GLORIOUS VICTORY for HIS scattered people in Zechariah 10:10, Isaiah 5:26 , Ezekiel 36:11. The future more perfect fulfilment of this prophecy includes the redeemed in My Covenant spiritually and increase cosmopolitan character of residents. Christ’s coming prepared way for apostles to preach in various Jewish synagogues. The New Testament Gospel preached opened the way for entrance to Gentiles remember in countries in Deuteronomy 30:1, 2 Chronicles 6:37. So Jews scattered in Luke 15:17Luke 15:18 , Psalms 22:27 to All the ends of the world remember and turn to the LORD become part of Israel fear and GLORIFY God in Psalms 102:13-15. Political and spiritual life in Egypt and Assyria were Israel’s oppressors. Israelites fled to “Egypt” on the invasion of Tiglath-pileser Isaiah 11:11 represent their future restoration.1560113019610-1174773187.jpgGilead and Lebanon are the Holy Land boundaries not found no room enough for all numbers in Isaiah 49:20, 54:3. So sea of afflictions cease to be obstacles to Israel’s return. Isaiah 11:15-16. Psalms 114:3 says Jehovah smote the Red Sea to make passage for HIS people in Exodus 14:16;:21 makes a way through obstacle opposing Israel’s restoration. The Nile river in Amos 8:8;9:5 the Red Sea and Euphrates answer to Assyria and Egypt. Sceptre of Egypt departs in Ezekiel 30 : 13 and God Strengthens them in Hosea 1:7 by Power of our Lord Jesus Messiah, the Son of God. Walk in His Name, live in His protection and Will says Genesis 5:22, Psalms 20:1&7Micah 4:5. In Isaiah says in Chapter 5 to the nations Christ is God’s beloved Son, and our Saviour. The LORD’s Church and Israel given the law and ordinances. The Temple of God’s PRESENCE is set up on HIS altar offering sacrifices. God expects gifts, fruits from enjoyed privileges of a peculiar people to reach God’s Spirit with love, humility, meekness, patience not of the world. So God looks for prayers and praising with patience for everlasting life. Idolatry is denounced by God as love of pleasures and sensual delights above God. Death brings judgments as God is GLORIFIED by HIS POWER of Divine Revelations.1560114465687-1174773187.jpgGod is not a referee because when HE blows the whistle the righteous people stand in HIS PRESENCE but all evil ones run when nobody pursues them. Isaiah 5:1-30 says Jehovah’s Vineyard is about Jesus Messiah prophecy covenant to the nations. Matthew 20:1, 21:33 says Jesus Christ is the Vine in God’s Vineyard of the Church. God does all that could be done for the salvation of sinners, with HIS justice and goodness. God of nature ensures HIS well-cared for Vineyard reflects OWNER but it is trodden down by wild beast enemies in Psalms 80:12-13Jehovah in Isaiah 5:7 , is the Owner in Matthew 21:43, Luke 17:22 gives Commands by heaven-sent teachings of prophets in Amos 8:11. Gospel says the pleasant plan of God’s delight is Jewish role model justice in Christ in Matthew 27:23-24. The Lord rewards redeemed revealed in Christ. But in Uzziah’s reign in Isaiah1:3; 2:17; Isaiah 3:14; 5:1,11-12, 15-16,25-26,Isaiah 7:18;9:12; 10:12; 22:14 invasion of Assyria. Psalms 80:12-13 on desolations for national intemperance drinking. Music drowns cries of children sacrificed to Moloch so God
regards not such feastings in Job 1: 5, Psalms 28:5 punishes guilty in Isaiah 5:19, Isaiah 10:12. The prophet sees the future reckless consequences. In Hosea 4:6Luke 19:44 such luxurious feasts at expense of poor people by honourable nobles face justice of God from heaven.

Heaven sent Jesus to redeem from hell based on choices in life. The hell grave in Hebrew sheol; Greek hades is unseen world of spirits of torment of those who perish in Numbers 16:30. The people  rejoice in Jerusalem by salvation in Christ. God is exalted because of HIS manifestation of justice by Son Jesus Holy righteous favour or desolate to become vast deserted lands. The Lamb Jesus Christ in John 21:15 saves the poor and persecuted. In Ezekiel 39:18 the rich and great in 1 Corinthians 1:26 – 27 face justice.  In  John 10:16 the Gentiles  Jesus Christ bring are partakers of the God’s privileges in Romans 11:17. The Christian Church will worship God in freedom, released from legal bondage in John 4:23, Galatians 5:1 from sin. The  sin provokes Divine judgment by guilt, for punishment due to wickedness. All those wise in their own eyes so think knows better prophet reject warnings in Isaiah 29:14 Isaiah 29:15. Self-indulgent intoxicated by power in Proverbs 9:2
decay by the outward manifestation of riches, prosperity, perish in Job 18:16, Malachi 4:1, 2 Kings 22:13 & 17. Refers to earthquake in days of Uzziah Amos 1:1, Zechariah 14:5. The earth trembled in presence of God ( Jeremiah 4:24 , Habakkuk 3:6, Isaiah 9:12, Isaiah 9:17 Isaiah 9:21, 10:4. Calamities of heavier judgment pending in Leviticus 26:14. As God’s whistles in Zechariah 10:8 calls nations to Israel like bees swamp them in Deuteronomy 1:44, Psalms 118:12. Fulfilment took place by siege Roman Titus battle distress clouds destruction.                1560117638251-1174773187.jpgGod gives sure sign promised expected Messiah in Isaiah 7:10-16. The ungodly men punished in distressing confusion, lost. They made God enemy not a friend so prophet teaches them to despise enemies of God faith to depend on God. Ahaz, in fear called two princes. but prophet God’s firebrands of earth, consume all before them. Ahaz defeated because evil counsel offence to God that scorns scorners did not succeed ruined  themselves. Isaiah urges people to rely on God by Faith as absolutely necessary. Those resolved they will not trust God  but tempt HIM the prophet reproves in Divine revelation for grievous unbelief that man shall not make promise of God void. The LORD HIMSELF gives a sign in the Messiah born preserves blessings in you in Glorious manner of Holy Spirit’s Virgin birth. Strong consolations in time of trouble is derived from Christ in our relationship, interest and expectations from Him. His sign follows destruction of the princes terrorising Judah enemy forces forsaken by their kings. So God’s  Divine Saviour is a reliable support to the hopes of believers, thankful for the Word made flesh dwelling among us. He is our source of confidence, trust to love God in Christ for believers in promises of God. But God’s enemies hear alarm of God’s wrath judgments. The LORD Will change of the face of pleasant lands and deal with sinful people who reject Jesus.1560118334429-1174773187.jpgAgriculture would cease drought follow without rain causes famines starvation.  Sorrows of every kind will come upon all who neglect God’s great salvation. All who remain fruitful by the Grace, the LORD Jehovah Jireh sustains but despite compassion enemy fruits grow no more forever. God patent owner of their lands and resources destroys it all by rejecting Jesus. FINAL PRESERVATION is COMING OF MESSIAH again to deal with enemies of God. Jesus reign is a historical fact in Though Syria, Pekah Israel confederates advanced against Jerusalem campaign and smote Ahaz with a great slaughter in 2 Chronicles 28:5 these kingdoms are no match against God. Egypt favoured to punish Israel by God’s plan kingdoms in Isaiah 7:18, 2Kings 17:4 Hoshea form league with Egypt. Rezin, Pekah, Ahaz’ caused invasion of Judah. Ahaz, inroad of his enemies: 2 Chronicles 28:1-26 and 2 Kings 15:37, Isaiah 16:5 defeat despite Isaiah’s warning did not rely on God. In Damascus slew Rezin in 2 Kings 15:29; 16:9 Israel made captive. Ahaz saved at sacrifice of Judah’s independence pays large tribute continued till overthrow of Sennacherib under Hezekiah in Isaiah 37:37, 2Kings 16:8; 2Kings 16:17; 2Kings 16:18, 2Chronicles 28:20. For David’s sake God’s Love in everlasting covenant in Matthew 1:23 is fully realized in the birth of “woman’s seed” in Genesis 3:15 to bruise serpent’s head and to deliver captives in Jeremiah 31: 22, Micah 5:3. Messianic New Testament fulfilled in Revelation 19:10. Virgin Mary births “Immanuel,” God with us in John 1:14, Revelation 21: 3, Son of God, Wonderful Counsellor in Isaiah 8:18, Mighty God. In Isaiah 7:15-16 Jesus Christ born literally manifested in Scripture. Jesus’ first food was honey  Judges 14:8, 1 Samuel 14:25, Matthew 3:4. Immanuel Jesus Christ fed as other infants in Luke 2:52,Isaiah 7:22. So Child knows good and evil as KING of Kings in prophecy. 1560104219535-1174773187.jpgJerusalem siege foiled in 2Kings 16:5 by encamped Ephraim ten tribes. Ahaz cut off of water supply from the enemy secured city. In Isaiah 22:9, 2 Chronicles 32:4 say remnant return in Isaiah 6:13 standing memorial to Ahaz and Israel’s calamity in Isaiah 7:17-25, Isaiah 8:6-8 not totally destroyed Isaiah 10:21-22. The aqueduct reservoir supplies city at foot of Zion as Fount Siloah , Nehemiah 3:15,;9:7 called Gihon, west of Jerusalem in 2Chronicles 32:30. The pools supplied Upper and Old Jerusalem Isaiah 22:11 in King’s in Nehemiah 2:14 and Lower in Isaiah 22:9. Upper pool seen from Jaffa gate highway leads to fullers’ field near water washing by aqueduct. The enemy seems greater in Isaiah 7:8 but to God is harmless usurper 2 Kings 15:25. Scheme divide a large portion territory between themselves to set up vassal king of their over the rest. Israel’s capital remains so not conquered by those possessing own dominions. Israel exiled is carried away Manasseh king of Judah as prophesied Ezra 4:2:3 :10, 2Kings 17:24, 2 Chronicles 33:11. God, Head of theocracy, destroys enemies of HIS people relying on HIM. A miracle assures us of God’s fulfilment of HIS promises in saving Jerusalem in Isaiah 37:30 Isaiah 38:7-8. Signs pledges future Mount of God to Jesus Christ in Romans 10:67-7 for keeping HIS laws in Deuteronomy 6:16. Matthew 4:7 says God’s sends HIS miraculous sign offered in Christ. Ahaz negotiated with Assyria in idolatry in 2 Kings 16:7, 2 Kings 16:2-3,:4:10. Men’s distrust God, trust in own devices but profess reverence for God. Ahaz wants Jehovah God’s Sign while seeking local god of Syria not powerful common heathen notion in Isaiah 10:10, 11:36:18-20 trust in God degenerate into distrust. Wants proof from God but sign Ahaz publicly rejects against God and is reproved. God’s Whistle to brings bees and flies from the Nile canal rivers in Isaiah 19:5-7, 23:3 plagues in Exodus 8:21. Numerous troublesome foes from Egypt in Deuteronomy 1:44, Psalms 118 : 12. Flies and bees in “desolate valleys used as God’s instrument of devastation of Israel beyond Euphrates that Abram crossed. Isaiah 7: 18 says Abundance in desolate land grows with cattle, sheep, goats, butter, milkcream food resources for  inhabitants left. Honey is abundant bees and so find wildflowers valuable vineyards of thousand vines. Vineyards cultivation is productive in barren land is a vast hunting ground, abounding in wild beasts Jeremiah 49:19 with plants in Isaiah 5:6.

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