1556396354492-1635185667.jpgThe GREAT TRIBULATION is here seen in global destructions of life, resources, chaos, confusion ongoing in the world. Jesus warned of GREAT TRIBULATION types of evil unseen before and never again be seen until after Armageddon. Yet people are misled into thinking the evil taking place in the world is simply one offs of no concern. The Bible says clearly in Matthew 24 perilous times shall come upon the whole earth so not exclusively to Israel as Jacob’s Troubles as some are taught. Two thousand years ago Jesus predicted these things ongoing will happen as part of birth pangs of the end times. Denying they exist prevents a proper way of tackling these issues that confront the whole world. People need to know the truth about changes taking place based on God’s Calendar. This is not religion but real life issues affecting all people in all nations on earth. Stages of these events unfold simultaneously in all parts of the world based on those prophecies in Scriptures.1556396855630-1313627143.jpg Three camps of GREAT TRIBULATION is based on the preference by each person according to the Bible: The first group belongs to God in Christ, some targeted for their faith as Martyrs in Revelations 6:10. Second group is those not in God’s Kingdom not under God’s Authority by choice but minding their business. Then the third group are God’s enemies who in their minds think they know better than GOD and all mankind so want to over rule God and people by their own thinking. Bible in John 16:2 says “they think they are doing God a favour when they chase you out of the synagogues, churches, mosques and kill people think they are doing God a favour.” Radicals enforcers do not use normal standard international protocol dismissing it as corrupt their approach destroys rather than build up. How does such tactics create utopia nation when evidence shows only destructions. The Bible says the devil only comes to steal, kill, destroy by deception lies to deceive. 1556396908267-860916511.jpgJesus warns even elect can be deceived if not alert and watching the signs and these end time events happening. This things are the consequences of fall of mankind as a whole and their attempts to do things without God’s intervention which is impossible. Warnings by Jesus is to prepare people for end time events happening due to the conflicts between vying nation descendants of Abraham. It spilled into factions of global nations fighting each other in living history and continues to fight with the other nations taking sides to support their favourites. Ongoing conflicts one way or the other affects people not directly involved in a frontline battle. The conquences affects the whole world and sabotages peaceful coexistence among humans culminating in unpredictable attacks seen recently. It is necessary to read upon these events to choose a side one belongs to for there are dire consequences. Some on GOD’S Side are attacked for loyalty to God in Christ as Martyrs God foretold in book of Revelations 6:10. Those refusing to join in for God or not attacked but the destination of their Spirit soul is crucial.1556396728382996338447.jpgA born again believer goes straight into heaven the Bible says absent from body present with God in 2 Corinthians 5:8 so confident to be absent from the body to be present with the LORD in heaven. A time in history of persecutions of born again believers shows they queued to be killed to defy threats of annihilation to prove they do not fear death. The Bible says fear YAHWEH WHO kills the body and the soul. Christians lined up to defy death and the Emperor of Rome said to them exasperated, “You wretches, if you want to die, you have cliffs to leap from and ropes to hang by.” This attitude was sufficiently widespread for the Church authorities to begin to distinguish such solicited martyrdom from a traditional kind of persecution. A Spanish council held at 3rd and 4th centuries by bishops denied crown of martyrdom to all those who died attacking pagan temples says Ramsey MacMullen the provocation too blatant. Drake cites evidence Christians resorted to defiant martyr death in the Great Persecution report of Eusebius of Caesarea in the Martyrs of Palestine.1556396487210-160608383.jpg Ancient writers on Rome during Great Persecution said bishop of Caesarea Maritima in the capital of the Roman Palestine under Roman law, the capital punishment enforced by the provincial governors in residence within Eusebius’ jurisdiction. Governor traveled to other cities to perform assizes publicized in province. Eusebius reports persecutions in province of martyrs, Edward Gibbon laments in texts on Roman province, Palestine in the Martyrdom and Rome  Eusebius said three men in Caeserea watched Christians “winning crown of martyrdom” so provoked governor to attain same end, he records further six men in same area demand to be killed in arena. Fox, 1987, p. 442–443. Then Constantine became Christian so eased those persecutions. Millions of Jews perished at the hands of Romans, Hitler, but religious conflicts in history shows persecution in new form. Jesus warned these things will continue because devil’s time is up to be deposed forever. God’s KING Jesus and Kingdom will be established above all the other kingdoms. This is when politicians come into the equation to relinquish power to God domino effect of clinging to power at all cost literally reinforces resources to buffer personal security at expense of the majority. Cuts to budgets and funds trigger unemployment among a highly educated class discriminated against due to institutional racism conflicts.1556397094386776795221.jpgRacial poverty is exposing young people to bored rich kids recruiting the poor as the foot soldiers to cause damage. Lack of knowledge and lack of understanding of these real Biblical truth Jesus warned about mean they follow the lies. Reality check shows evidence is not matching their concept of utopia but is still taking place. Why not learn from history this is not working? It is because God says they destroy thinking they are doing God a favour but GOD HIMSELF will DESTROY them. Society has peered young people into clasess of them versus us mentality so ruthless without sympathy for others perceived as “enemies.” Others prefer to bury their head in the sand pretending its not happening wishing it goes away. The spirit behind the evils going on are orchestrated to divide and create hatred but love conquers all by unity and joint effort to educate people to understand the bigger picture. This is necessary to prepare children in advance to be more involved in their lives to interact and to bond with them as part of a family. The social media frenzy disrupts families so creates virtual friends not real family. 1556397177971-1068246670.jpg Paying huge sums of money for their boarding, school fees, books, tutors is a good thing but not directly talking to them daily or their friends, not knowing their hobbies or interests isolates them. Many feel lonely due to the assumption they have all their material needs met well provided for and so must be happy. Young people face challenges parents unaware of because they do not want to worry them. Must grow up to value life more than mere material things and to appreciate adults who sacrifice all to give them a better life. It is never too old to have to continue relationship with the family to ensure their well-being. They may feel parents are intrusive or nosey but still need input as adults for nobody is an island. Business is not more important than the priceless life and quality time attention given to the family members. Why gain whole world and lose your soul or lose track of family. Bond can be achieved when they are young or with nannies, still need to be there for each child personally. A deep heart to heart talk is essential in taking care to teach private intimacy issues. A child ignorant of world is naive so can be manipulated by those looking for vulnerable people to exploit. Things happening involves the whole world so make a choice to be on God’s Side. Entitlement generation without correction by discipline not to ‘discourage’ them feel ‘perfect’ in own eyes without wisdom maturity. Its essential to teach correction to children to make right decisions to believe in Jesus.1556392062708-160608383.jpg Everyone came into this world as an individual, will meet God as individuals to give an account of life during judgement and God’s Wrath. Think before acting or allowing others to manipulate you. God will not accept excuse of ‘my friends made me do it’ when throwing people into hellfire punishment for evils against HIS Creation on earth. God is watching and keenly recording Endtime events daily. In GREAT TRIBULATION in Revelations 6:8 ravages of war intensify, famines, starvation, death by beasts of the earth. One third of vegetation will burn, grass, green trees are destroyed in Revelations 8:7The sun and the moon will be darkened in Revelations 8:12. It says locusts will come upon the earth to sting men like scorpions and the pain will lasts five months. Bible says men will beg God to let them die but will not die in Revelations. 9:3-6There will be worldwide famine never seen before in Revelations. 18:8. A world war kills in battle dead bodies up to height of horse in the valley of Jezreel in the Battle of Armageddon in Revelations 14:20. The GREAT TRIBULATION kills 75% people on earth this reason God sends Rapture through Jesus our blessed hope to save us in Jesus Name. Thanks and GLORY to God.

Courtesy & Images

G.W. Bowersock Martyrdom and Rome Archived 2016-01-20 Wayback Machine (Cambridge Univ. Press 2002ISBN 978-0-521-53049-1 pp. 1–4)

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