IMG-20190415-WA0000.jpgKING OF Kings Jesus Reigns Eternally in Israel in City of Jerusalem on Throne of King David. KING Jesus defeats nations opposing God in Bible says Zechariah 12:2-3. The world superpower’s threats to grapple for supremacy to dominate ends forever their thousands of years of human rule back to Theocracy of God’s rule. Daniel 9:25-27 says Messiah Prince the Anointed One after seventy weeks is determined for God’s people and HOLY City will finish transgression, make end of sin, makes reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness. So sealed vision and prophecy of Anointed Most Holy One Jesus known understand that from going forth of the Command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; the street shall be rebuilt again and wall in troublesome times. Know therefore and understand, from the going forth of the command to restore, rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince is seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; These streets shall be built again, and the wall in troublesome times. After sixty-two weeks the Messiah cut off, but not for Himself people of the prince will come to destroy City and Sanctuary. The end of it with is by the flood until the end of war desolations are determined.1555187816091513078032.jpgThe nagiyd Promised Messiah Yeshua is at Centre of focus of Daniel 9:26-27. And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease, for the overspreading of abominations makes it desolate, until consummation, determined poured upon the desolate.In verse 26, “the people of the Princenagiyd, as Scripture says is interpreted literally so evidently in this text. Messiah the Prince sends people to destroy City and Sanctuary to desolate Jews who reject Him as the Messiah “the Ruler over Kings of the earth,” includes the Romans, Greeks, all enemies of God. Jesus Christ is Faithful Witness FirstBorn from the dead, and Ruler over the Kings of the earth” says Revelation 1:5. Jesus is Commander-in-Chief so sent the prince Titus to desolate Temple, City and Jews. 1555073441200513078032.jpgThe prophecy is fulfilled by Roman’s abomination pagan rituals in Temple HOLY of Holies. And the Roman army surrounded City, as Messiah warned in Luke 19:43 in “days enemies built embankment around, surround and close in on every side.” Roman army in the HOLY of Holies in Jerusalem is ‘abomination of desolation,’ fulfilled Luke 21:20. Jerusalem surrounded by armies desolated the City. Control over Israel makes nations rage and plot vain things to fight God in Psalms 2:1. So KING Jesus defeats them all to rule the whole world physically on earth. All the nations come to Temple in Jerusalem to worship God to Honour Jesus or have no rain. If people on earth do not go to Jerusalem to worship the KING LORD of hosts then there will be no rain in their land stated in Zechariah 14:17. 1555156515108513078032.jpgSo Daniel 9:24 says after Messiah Prince was cut off many nations fight over the control of Israel. They were instruments used by God to fulfil HIS PLANS and HIS purpose for Israel. God recognizes Jesus KING of Kings a New structured Temple  buildings of GREAT Biblical significance on Mount Moriah. Importance of Mount Moriah is established by number of key historical events place there. Abraham Offered Isaac here as Abraham’s faith was tested. God instructed him to offer his son Isaac in sacrifice in Genesis 22:1. Is site of Solomon’s Temple in 990 B.C. when King David was instructed by God to build Altar on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite, David purchased the land which later became the site of Solomon’s Temple in 2Samuel 24:18-25; 1 Chronicles 21:18-26; 2Chronicles 3:1. It’s very significant as a place of ULTIMATE SACRIFICE Crucifixion of Jesus.This is the mountain on which Abraham was asked to sacrifice his “only son,” Genesis 22:2, Genesis 22:12 God SACRIFICED HIS ONLY SON Jesus Christ Messiah. Temple Mount is the historic site of Solomon’s Temple proving old previous historical Jewish living presence on the Temple Mount. The Messiah is God in the flesh of GREAT Significance to Christians, for evidence is consistent with the purpose of God in Temple Mount location.  1555071342334-689469692.jpg1555236484115513078032.jpg1555070968130513078032.jpg1555236647959-689469693.jpg1555236766166570340261.jpg1555071189534513078032-1.jpg1555606685258-1635185667.jpg1555740538157996338447.jpgMount Moriah is God’s Chosen place of all places on the earth to dwell among men says Ezekiel 37:27. In Genesis 22:14 Abraham called this place The LORD Will Provide to this day it is said, “ On the Mountain of the LORD Jehovah Jireh is remembered. Solomon’s Temple stood on Temple Mount says 2 Chronicles 3 :1 that on the Altar all the burnt offerings, sacrifices points to Christ. The Temple Mount is place of His death hour on Golgotha where the veil between the HOLY and Holies tore apart into two directly for our bold approach to God through the BLOOD of Jesus in Mark 15: 38. Past desolation sacrileges that put itself against God in the HOLY of Holies on Temple Mount God were removed so that KING of kings temple is rebuilt as Ezekiel Temple foretold. The Messiah’s Reign is after Matthew 24:15 SEEN abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel stands in HOLY of Holies place so who reads let him understand.” God is Compassionate and Merciful so does not want anyone to perish. So is given time to people to recognise HIS PLANS to be saved. After many years of persuasions and pleadings with people through HIS SON Jesus, Prophets and His WORDS HE IS READY TO ACT after warnings to the whole world. So Jesus will Reign as God planned through the Seed of the woman since Genesis on the Throne of David. 1555156833427-689469692.jpg1555156090314-689469693.jpgDaniel 2:44 says in the days of kings the God of heaven will set HIS kingdom that will destroy other kingdoms and put an end to them. Luke 1:33 says Jesus’ Reign over house of Jacob is forever and His kingdom never ends. People tremble in fear when the LIVING God takes over to Rule through Jesus’ timeless Kingdom when introduced. This Final Kingdom is continuation of explanation for Daniel’s vision of 4 beasts. Daniel 10, 11 and 12 makes up Daniel’s final from Chapter 7 on coming Kingdom of heaven. Daniel 10-12 says a New Reign in history starts with coming of Jewish kingdom that is never ruined. God’s Kingdom is Greatest as Daniel 2:44 foretold, “In the days of those kings and governments God will crush and put end to all of them. Jesus’ Kingdom is everlasting His dominion is from generation to generation. Daniel 4:34 says He is KING of future Kingdom of God as the Bible in Daniel 7 says ends present governments, United States and British nations. Daniel 6:26 says as God lives forever, His kingdom will never be destroyed. His Rule will never end. This kingdom God is beginning ultimately as foreseen in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

1555156764805513078032.jpg1555156008126513078032.jpgThe KING of Kings Messiah Jesus fulfills Prophecy to Reign in Millineal Kingdom of perfect peace after Glaring desolation sacrilege that cuts off Jewish worship of God on Temple Mount declared itself in HOLY place of YAHWEH. The antiChrist is already persecuting the whole world and killing those who refuse to bow and worship him. In 2 Thessalonians 2:3–4 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for the day shall not come, except there come a falling away first and the man of sin revealed, the son of perdition who is opposing and exalting himself above all that is called God or worshipped says he is God sits in the temple of God showing himself he is God.” The whole world has SEEN abomination sacrilege standing in the place of HOLY of Holies on Temple Mount refuse to restore to YAHWEH the LEGAL PATENT OWNER OF TEMPLE MOUNT ONLY WAY GOD PROVES HE is Rightful OWNER is to take it by force. A time of waiting ends as Jesus predicted.1555373094573513078032.jpg1555371941972513078032.jpgAs Jesus came into Jerusalem they soon thought He will conquer their enemies shouted Hosanna KING of Israel! Praise the King! Hosanna to Son of David. Jesus enters Jerusalem to manifest Coming of the Kingdom of the Messiah KING. He is welcomed into His City on Palm Sunday in His Triumphal Entry with, Hosanna! Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the LORD the KING of Israel. People’s expectations of Jesus into Jerusalem on donkey was peaceful entry but fulfilled by conquest of God’s enemies in Bible. It is getting closer Jesus at the door sooner than people anticipate so important to know the times and seasons to be alert to watch and pray in Jesus Name.

1555072645994513078032.jpgWhen kingdom of God suffers violence the violent take it back by force so God’s enforcers are endorsed with God’s OWN Supernatural POWER to cause flood and Great Earthquake destroy the Temple Mount as happened in the past. Temple Mount belongs to God and retakes it back. Those who resist God will face HIS WRATH and Wrath of Jesus, let reader understand these Biblical events taking place on earth in Israel in Jerusalem. It happening globally all the things Bible said through the prophets and Saviour Jesus Christ. God is using floods, fires, earthquakes to demolish idols causes desolation to restore HIS earth back to perfect world destroyed by satan. Make wise decision to accept Jesus as Lord to be saved during these Tribulations.  1555078356091513078032.jpg The KING of Kings Messiah Jesus fulfills Prophecy to Reign in Millineal Kingdom of perfect peace on earth. GOD recreates the earth as originally intended but was ruined finally happens. After centuries of allowing mankind to rule themselves in vain God takes back power to restore earth. God HIMSELF will Come to dwell among men on renewed PERFECT earth worthy of his PRESENCE and Holiness. There will be no tears, weeping, wars or fighting so the whole world will come to know the LIVING God in Jesus Name. Read these things in the Bible and follow God no what even if the people force you to think against God’s WILL. You will face God one day alone to account for your life and Jesus is the ONLY ONE God has CHOSEN as His SON to save you. Believe in God’s TRUTH to live for God in Christ. And Only those in Christ, are the Children of God and live in His Eternal Reign Kingdom forever. Pray for yourself and family, friends, loved ones remember it us better to OBEY God than men and do the right thing to save yourself first. The Bible says that love others as you love yourself. Start loving yourself and then people will see peace and joy radiating in you to love you by agape love of God.  

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