Above Inspiration by John Hagee tells you to pray and have faith in God in all circumstances of life. This uplifting video is worth listening to in difficult times of life to give hope to trust God. The Church has authority and power to pray to God and to walk in victory in the Name of Jesus. Pastor Hagee is a man of God’s whose personal testimony as an overcomer encourages you to be in faith in the valley of life. Today Pastor Hagee gives out millions of dollars today, helps others so well known all over the world through his ministry. He once shared a testimony of living in a friend’s garage in the time of building his ministry. So the pastors, prophets, ministers or business people, have ups and downs too like everyone body else in life but work hard to overcome in Jesus Name. The depth of his messages show his faith in the word of God from practical life experiences. You too can overcome and share your testimony to Glorify God in Jesus name. Be humble, make changes if necessary downsize a home or cut out lavish excessive luxury lifestyle to show off to others if in debt. Jesus healed sick wo/men in Bible after a woman bled 12 years she touched Jesus’ garment in the crowd in Matthew 9:22 and in Mark 5:21-43 got healed. The miracles of Jesus came when help from doctors failed Jesus healed her due to her faith and courage. Jesus cured the sick, lame, blind, fit and fed the poor. With faith in Jesus you can seek Jesus with any kind of problem. Jesus healed woman with bent back in Luke 13:10-17 after eighteen years. Jesus healed the disabled man after 38 years in John 5:1-15 at the Pool of Bethesda. God healed Job in Job 42:10 as he PRAYED friends so the LORD restored his life, health family and fortunes. The LORD increased Job after suffering. Pray for people, enemies and don’t set date or timeline for God to heal you. LOVE God and tell God ‘even if you slay me I still LOVE you. Eat healthy food, rest, sleep, do the right things to help your life, farm, plant a garden in old buckets, boxes etc provide service to others to be paid fees or support others worse off look up to God in Jesus Name.

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1556533286134-1635185667.jpgChildren are for signs and wonders from God to Glorify God and to help in society. Families need to understand Jesus loves and values all children in all nations. Children are the gifted assets to parents and women do what is beyond comprehension as childbearers. Women are absolutely celebrated as co-creators with God contributing to life cycle and replenish earth. Fulfil God’s command to mulitiply and bear fruit from seed of man and egg of woman is the gift of life. Adults love their children and children love their parents. God’s word says train and teach children Godly values of love, selfrespect, good manners and etiquette for appropriate interaction with others. The value of life is priceless and preserved with dignity even if differences exists by diversity or perspectives. Children are precious to God, Jesus loves little children allowed in His company with their parents and in meetings to learn about God. This is priority in life highly endorsed by God for salvation in the Kingdom of God. 1557243794465-1635185667.jpgSimeon dedicated Jesus to God in the Temple and blessed Him. Simeon said to Mary His mother, “Behold, this Child is appointed for a fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign about a sword piercing Mary’s soul. Hidden thoughts from many hearts will be revealed in Luke 2:34-35. Jesus brings changes to all who accept Him. Simeon’s prophesy is Jesus will be “a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for GLORY to God’s people Israel in Luke 2:32. Jesus brings ruin in Israel of people like Simeon who worship in the Temple destroyed. Mary is told of literal piercing of her soul due suffering and pain of Jesus she endures. John wrote of the piercing of Jesus’ side after His death in prophesy fulfillment. So emotional turmoil Mary experienced are all treasured things pondering them in her heart in Luke 2:19, 50-51. Messiah Jesus arrived as Simeon was waiting all his life to see the “consolation of Israel.”1557243187090-1635185667.jpgJesus in the Temple during the Passover impressed the learned Synagogue and priests while doing the business of His Father God. But has created upheavals disturbing people in Israel, including mother of Messiah. Her pain is thought losing Jesus unmarried, compassionate son executed for the crimes He did not commit in His life brings Mary pain. A mother to all and His brothers standing outside desiring to see Him, answered, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do in Luke 8:19-21. Simeon’s prophesy comforts her like all mothers who embrace all children as their own. Jesus is a child destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel and a sign so that thoughts of many hearts are revealed.” Peter denied Jesus three times as Judas betrayed him, Pharaseees, Saduccees lied about Him and, people healed and helped voted crucify Him. These are the some thoughts of many hearts revealed.1556578915698-1635185667.jpgToday’s society needs to build a sound foundation from an early childhood like Jesus to grow and apply good values. A child without sound foundation in God is at the mercy of any man-made ideas that do cannot fulfill the void reserved exclusively to be filled only by God. The strong bond created in child connects to God and great reward to bless the child. Father God is the patent owner creator of humans with privileged access in the hearts and minds of children. They are never too young to understand agape LOVE of God for them at any level. The Sunday schools and school assemblies are essential for nurturing their spirit and minds in God in Christ if Christians.1557234117641-1635185667.jpg Placing emphasis on only the academic achievement at an expense of wellbeing lacks growth and the deeper hope for a meaningful life. Focus on only aesthetic external physical appearance or looks, price tag designer labels and superficial ideas deprive them of inner peace and inner strength in God. Some think they are worth the price tag, under pressure to be the first to be seen in those latest most expensive clothing. And gadgets to show off to get ‘street credit respect’ is the cause of competition to impress. A child worries more about external label than contents of character and effects of behaviour on others. Playing games are other sources of addiction they resort so buy the series to play without focussing more on academic excellence. These are some of the challenges facing a society desperate to create the perfect utopia of an academic achievement league table. pictures-jesus-photos-images-jesus-christ.jpgChildren are stressed in the class system society which thinks some are of higher value so deserve better treatment than others deprived. Children bear brunt of doing without a proper meal or sleep to their detriment. Peering children early to socialise them creates us versus them postcode society with a lack of trust for adults separated from them. Parents are too busy chasing money to provide for children often emotionally and socially retarded. Such explosive children feel a right of entitlement without a common sense of the due diligence and care for other people. They are not allowed to be corrected by parents so grow up with an attitude of disregard for Authority and the significant others in charge of them. Some feel like victims despite the privilege compared to other children all over the world. 1556578302852-1635185667.jpgAnd permanently angry, ungrateful and unthankful to the parents who sacrifice time, effort and resources to make their lives better than previous generations. So never content want more and more even if they have abundance beyond an average child globally. Not allowed to be part of family work ethic are made lazy by addiction to games or substance abuse to numb their perceived pains of life. Unrealistic demands to be perfect to fit in with friends causes damage to children growing mimicking adults yet without adult maturity and experience. Jesus warned about these behaviours during the last days of unruly children out of control and a menace to society. IMG-20190409-WA0005.jpgThere is need for rewriting foundation for early years to develop children like Finland to nurture and to protect them from vultures of society. Each time the children hurt each other or the others, accusing fingers are pointed at them without recognising the root of these problems created by society. Parents are treated as lazy for spending quality time with their children. Schools are so understaffed short of budgets education has become position on league table. So naming and shaming them than proper training to prepare children to become self-sufficient to have good success in life. Education, academic performance is only 20% of life so the rest 80% must be taught to prepare people to cope. It’s deception to make education end in life because of billions of educated people unemployed, exist on debt in the world.IMG-20190329-WA0000.jpg Their miseducations deprives children of practical survival skills and essential spatial knowledge. It frustrates young people without ability to farm, garden, do practical hands on life work due to misconception that is a blue collar job beneath them. Older generations piggy back them for life to help them make it but unaware of sacrifices involves and unwilling to support them in old age. So feel too sophisticated to live within their budget to give back to parents seen as a nuisance to their luxury pleasures of life. Honour parents and adults to bring blessings and so it is well with you to live long. A wise person receives good advise to be a wiser person in life but the Bible says the fool gets angry and hates you for advising them. Be kind in all you do towards others because it is seeds sown God sends back to you years later when you do not remember those past years. Life is beautiful and simple to understand because God creates all things beautiful in HIS OWN time. You came individual in this world and will face God alone to give an account of yourself no matter who is backing you in life. The ideas children have must be guided with patience to educate them about the real world. Their perspective may seem superficial but with support and guidance helped to develop better as audacious, bold, confident, resilient people with good success. Some want good things of life not understanding the years behind the scenes preparing through hard work. The end result seen is after years of toiling, sacrifices and sweat. It is necessary to teach children value for time, value for life to be who they truly are with humility, selfrespect without ego attitude problems. Children need incredible encouragement of hope.IMG-20190427-WA0000.jpgIMG-20190428-WA0000.jpgChildren are part of a bigger society that expects the best from them. Investment of quality time spent with their family is essential to bond with them. Above all is to teach them to love themselves first, to have agape love for all others. Kindness, Mercy is far better than cruelty, anger and hatred which destroys person. The society’s excuse is to blame government for lack of funds for youth centres but a need exists to talk to children at home as individuals too. They need their love and support that makes them trust their family more than naive friends. God is LOVE so Spirit of God’s LOVE POWER in you enables you to help children to feel loved and part of society. Abandoned by the system many rely on themselves to make wrong choices and decisions. The fact that they are clothed, fed, have own bedroom, latest gadgets is not enough to meet their emotional needs of peace, joy acceptance if adults too busy to interact one to one with them daily. There is no excuse for not helping them young and consistently with their hobbies at home, music, piano lessons. Parents can afford other things but complain of inability to invest in future of their own children. It is time redesign educational foundation to include interests of children not force them to study subjects they hate. Most are under stress or pressure to perform take their anger on others. Society plays part in responsibility for how they turn up as adults. 




IMG-20190428-WA0001.jpgCross of knives on way to London stops in Kenilworth. The group were from the Kingstanding and Nechells areas, north Birmingham walking for 114 miles with cross of knives they made to London to stand against the rampant knife crimes. Reached Westminster Good Friday held a prayer vigil near Westminster Central Hall. Reverend Andrew Brazier, who is led the walk, said: “Its a long concerted campaign to discourage carrying knife so passionately asking for a better youth work, improved policing, move towards a culture of hope for young people in forgotten areas like Midlands1556362820310-1635185667.jpg1556531829684-1635185668.jpg1556531986908-160608383.jpgpictures-jesus-photos-images-jesus-christ.jpg1556496204760-1635185667.jpgwp-1556486383241..jpg



1556396354492-1635185667.jpgThe GREAT TRIBULATION is here seen in global destructions of life, resources, chaos, confusion ongoing in the world. Jesus warned of GREAT TRIBULATION types of evil unseen before and never again be seen until after Armageddon. Yet people are misled into thinking the evil taking place in the world is simply one offs of no concern. The Bible says clearly in Matthew 24 perilous times shall come upon the whole earth so not exclusively to Israel as Jacob’s Troubles as some are taught. Two thousand years ago Jesus predicted these things ongoing will happen as part of birth pangs of the end times. Denying they exist prevents a proper way of tackling these issues that confront the whole world. People need to know the truth about changes taking place based on God’s Calendar. This is not religion but real life issues affecting all people in all nations on earth. Stages of these events unfold simultaneously in all parts of the world based on those prophecies in Scriptures.1556396855630-1313627143.jpg Three camps of GREAT TRIBULATION is based on the preference by each person according to the Bible: The first group belongs to God in Christ, some targeted for their faith as Martyrs in Revelations 6:10. Second group is those not in God’s Kingdom not under God’s Authority by choice but minding their business. Then the third group are God’s enemies who in their minds think they know better than GOD and all mankind so want to over rule God and people by their own thinking. Bible in John 16:2 says “they think they are doing God a favour when they chase you out of the synagogues, churches, mosques and kill people think they are doing God a favour.” Radicals enforcers do not use normal standard international protocol dismissing it as corrupt their approach destroys rather than build up. How does such tactics create utopia nation when evidence shows only destructions. The Bible says the devil only comes to steal, kill, destroy by deception lies to deceive. 1556396908267-860916511.jpgJesus warns even elect can be deceived if not alert and watching the signs and these end time events happening. This things are the consequences of fall of mankind as a whole and their attempts to do things without God’s intervention which is impossible. Warnings by Jesus is to prepare people for end time events happening due to the conflicts between vying nation descendants of Abraham. It spilled into factions of global nations fighting each other in living history and continues to fight with the other nations taking sides to support their favourites. Ongoing conflicts one way or the other affects people not directly involved in a frontline battle. The conquences affects the whole world and sabotages peaceful coexistence among humans culminating in unpredictable attacks seen recently. It is necessary to read upon these events to choose a side one belongs to for there are dire consequences. Some on GOD’S Side are attacked for loyalty to God in Christ as Martyrs God foretold in book of Revelations 6:10. Those refusing to join in for God or not attacked but the destination of their Spirit soul is crucial.1556396728382996338447.jpgA born again believer goes straight into heaven the Bible says absent from body present with God in 2 Corinthians 5:8 so confident to be absent from the body to be present with the LORD in heaven. A time in history of persecutions of born again believers shows they queued to be killed to defy threats of annihilation to prove they do not fear death. The Bible says fear YAHWEH WHO kills the body and the soul. Christians lined up to defy death and the Emperor of Rome said to them exasperated, “You wretches, if you want to die, you have cliffs to leap from and ropes to hang by.” This attitude was sufficiently widespread for the Church authorities to begin to distinguish such solicited martyrdom from a traditional kind of persecution. A Spanish council held at 3rd and 4th centuries by bishops denied crown of martyrdom to all those who died attacking pagan temples says Ramsey MacMullen the provocation too blatant. Drake cites evidence Christians resorted to defiant martyr death in the Great Persecution report of Eusebius of Caesarea in the Martyrs of Palestine.1556396487210-160608383.jpg Ancient writers on Rome during Great Persecution said bishop of Caesarea Maritima in the capital of the Roman Palestine under Roman law, the capital punishment enforced by the provincial governors in residence within Eusebius’ jurisdiction. Governor traveled to other cities to perform assizes publicized in province. Eusebius reports persecutions in province of martyrs, Edward Gibbon laments in texts on Roman province, Palestine in the Martyrdom and Rome  Eusebius said three men in Caeserea watched Christians “winning crown of martyrdom” so provoked governor to attain same end, he records further six men in same area demand to be killed in arena. Fox, 1987, p. 442–443. Then Constantine became Christian so eased those persecutions. Millions of Jews perished at the hands of Romans, Hitler, but religious conflicts in history shows persecution in new form. Jesus warned these things will continue because devil’s time is up to be deposed forever. God’s KING Jesus and Kingdom will be established above all the other kingdoms. This is when politicians come into the equation to relinquish power to God domino effect of clinging to power at all cost literally reinforces resources to buffer personal security at expense of the majority. Cuts to budgets and funds trigger unemployment among a highly educated class discriminated against due to institutional racism conflicts.1556397094386776795221.jpgRacial poverty is exposing young people to bored rich kids recruiting the poor as the foot soldiers to cause damage. Lack of knowledge and lack of understanding of these real Biblical truth Jesus warned about mean they follow the lies. Reality check shows evidence is not matching their concept of utopia but is still taking place. Why not learn from history this is not working? It is because God says they destroy thinking they are doing God a favour but GOD HIMSELF will DESTROY them. Society has peered young people into clasess of them versus us mentality so ruthless without sympathy for others perceived as “enemies.” Others prefer to bury their head in the sand pretending its not happening wishing it goes away. The spirit behind the evils going on are orchestrated to divide and create hatred but love conquers all by unity and joint effort to educate people to understand the bigger picture. This is necessary to prepare children in advance to be more involved in their lives to interact and to bond with them as part of a family. The social media frenzy disrupts families so creates virtual friends not real family. 1556397177971-1068246670.jpg Paying huge sums of money for their boarding, school fees, books, tutors is a good thing but not directly talking to them daily or their friends, not knowing their hobbies or interests isolates them. Many feel lonely due to the assumption they have all their material needs met well provided for and so must be happy. Young people face challenges parents unaware of because they do not want to worry them. Must grow up to value life more than mere material things and to appreciate adults who sacrifice all to give them a better life. It is never too old to have to continue relationship with the family to ensure their well-being. They may feel parents are intrusive or nosey but still need input as adults for nobody is an island. Business is not more important than the priceless life and quality time attention given to the family members. Why gain whole world and lose your soul or lose track of family. Bond can be achieved when they are young or with nannies, still need to be there for each child personally. A deep heart to heart talk is essential in taking care to teach private intimacy issues. A child ignorant of world is naive so can be manipulated by those looking for vulnerable people to exploit. Things happening involves the whole world so make a choice to be on God’s Side. Entitlement generation without correction by discipline not to ‘discourage’ them feel ‘perfect’ in own eyes without wisdom maturity. Its essential to teach correction to children to make right decisions to believe in Jesus.1556392062708-160608383.jpg Everyone came into this world as an individual, will meet God as individuals to give an account of life during judgement and God’s Wrath. Think before acting or allowing others to manipulate you. God will not accept excuse of ‘my friends made me do it’ when throwing people into hellfire punishment for evils against HIS Creation on earth. God is watching and keenly recording Endtime events daily. In GREAT TRIBULATION in Revelations 6:8 ravages of war intensify, famines, starvation, death by beasts of the earth. One third of vegetation will burn, grass, green trees are destroyed in Revelations 8:7The sun and the moon will be darkened in Revelations 8:12. It says locusts will come upon the earth to sting men like scorpions and the pain will lasts five months. Bible says men will beg God to let them die but will not die in Revelations. 9:3-6There will be worldwide famine never seen before in Revelations. 18:8. A world war kills in battle dead bodies up to height of horse in the valley of Jezreel in the Battle of Armageddon in Revelations 14:20. The GREAT TRIBULATION kills 75% people on earth this reason God sends Rapture through Jesus our blessed hope to save us in Jesus Name. Thanks and GLORY to God.

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G.W. Bowersock Martyrdom and Rome Archived 2016-01-20 Wayback Machine (Cambridge Univ. Press 2002ISBN 978-0-521-53049-1 pp. 1–4)


1556302626282-1635185667.jpgJesus said I Am the Resurrection and the Life, all who believe in Me though they may die will live again forever. In Bible Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here my brother would not have died in John 11:17-44. Martha told Jesus He will raise Lazarus in endtime in first Resurrection so was surprised that Jesus raised Lazarus after four days of death and burial. Martha’s pain, grief, sorrow shock, anger or disappointment in Jesus not preventing Lazarus’ death turned to joy Lazarus was raised alive. The people who lost loved ones understand the loss, pain or grief of feeling let down by Jesus not stopping death. Why did James 5:15 says PRAYER OF FAITH will save the sick and the LORD will raise them up. If they commit any sin it shall be forgiven them because if illness caused by sinful actions leading to disease its forgiven. If Jesus gives Life in John 6:40 as the WILL of FATHER God so all who see HIS SON Jesus and believe in Him have Life in God’s Coming age, Jesus will raise them in resurrection why die first? Questions rage through mind after loss but Jesus CONQUERED death. In Romans 10:9-10 if you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved in Christ in the first resurrection to come during Rapture so death is short sleep.1556311182604996338447.jpgIn 2 Corinthians 4:14 speaks of believers who know for certain GOD raised Lord Jesus from death and shall by Him raise the dead. John 11:22-23 says death of Lazarus shocked Martha but knew God will give her what she asked for and on this occasion God answered her prayer of faith faster by resurrection. Jesus said to her, “Your brother will rise again” so Lazarus arose from the grave and lived. He later died again as the human body could not last forever due to fall of sin of mankind. God RESTORES Eternal life from sinful DNA Jesus replaced with the New Life from God to all who believe in Jesus. Its deliberate CHOICE the person makes to accept GOD’S FREE GIFT of an Eternal life to activate life forever after death. In 2 Corinthians 1:20 Paul says in Jesus all promises of God are “Yes” in Christ. Through Jesus Name, “Amen” is spoken by to agree with God for all HIS PLANS AND PURPOSES TO COME TO PASS. John 1-12-13 says all who believe in Jesus and accept Him are given right to become Children of God. And reborn by faith through the Blood of Jesus and as new creations. So 2 Samuel 7:21 says God warned David if he does wrong will be punished with a rod wielded by men or by the Sovereign LORD. 1556309544196-1635185668.jpgGenesis 12-22 says in call of Abraham, The LORD told him, “Know for sure for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in foreign countries as part of punishment. To restore people to God Luke 24 says Jesus died and is Risen to save but His disciples out of fear did not recognise Jesus. They had witnessed many miracles of resurrection of people including Lazarus. Cleopas asked Him, “Are you only one in Jerusalem who did not know of things that happened? This queation is still asked as billions are still on the journey of life not knowing Jesus is right by their side with them in Spirit. CHOICE to believe and accept is a Gift of Eternal life for Spirit of GOD’S POWER that raised Jesus from death to manifest in all believers. Romans 8:11 says same Spirit of God who raised Jesus from His death is living in you. Just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead so He will give life to mortal bodies by same Spirit living within you in Romans. God’s Holy Spirit raised Jesus’ Spirit to set sinners free and Christians are not to do sinful old things. The wages of sin is death but the GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE. The Grace and Mercy of God saved Lazarus but Martha thought death was the end. Its important to deeply focus and reflect on GOD’S POWER and GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE. Do not to let death of a loved one destroy more lives for the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy but God gives Life abundantly even LIFE eternal more abundantly in Jesus Name.1556310241612-160608383.jpgLazarus lived to a ripe old age but died. Reality of death is intense and painful so Martha felt sad Jesus did not stop the death. No matter how good mortal life is natural limit requires the real life after death. The Great tribulation foretold by Jesus and prophets for centuries in the Bible unpredictable but have CHOICE of destination through Jesus for ETERNAL LIFE in Christ for all who believe. It is appointed once, twice or more in some cases but after is GOD’S Judgement. The CREATOR God has the POWER over the body and soul. Read HIS WORDS in the Bible to learn about GOD’S ETERNAL life. Study it carefully because your life depends on reflection of future if you are HIS Child. The souls in heaven asked God why HE did not do instant revenge, God answered more souls awaited HE warned before end times. GOD KNOWS exactly of things happening and written them to advise people to make a choice to belong in Christ’s Kingdom led by YAHWEH. The GREAT TRIBULATION is sifting through life to recreate a New Earth and New Heaven. Mankind needs to be sure their choices align with God’s Kingdom. FREEWILL Choice is given for a decision to follow God to enjoy Eternal life in His PRESENCE in heaven after the Rapture and first Resurrection of dead.


In John 11: 35 Jesus wept over Lazarus’ death He subdued and then defeated at Calvary. Jesus loves to save all who receive Him and repent to be saved in the Kingdom of God. Christ’ significant victory over death is life in eternity with Him so does not want anyone to perish. Christ is seated at the Right Hand of God interceding for you for God’s mercy and forgiveness and His gift of eternal life. trio1 God is patient for a reason and a season as Loving Father to let in those who accept Christ. like anything with sell by date deadline time runs out as God’s timing is getting nearer. God is merciful, forgiving, wants all to trust Him to have confidence in Him as His Children to avoid hell so still pleading. As a Loving, Merciful father, Full of Compassion God warns, repent to be saved from hellfire.

trio10God loves you and wants all to be saved. Christ is crying over you to accept him, repent before it is too late to be saved from hell fire. Christ will reappear in great wrath eventually to destroy all His enemies, who will not let him Reign and over them. God will punish and deal with despiser of His Gospel in judgment.

trio6There is no exit point to transfer from hell into heaven because is it too far apart and too late. Accept Christ speaking from heaven with infinite tenderness and love to rescue the perishing before it is too late. Yet world promotes sin indulged flesh as lovers of pleasure more than LOVERS OF GOD. trio7Wakie! Wakie! If the trumpet sounds are you saved and ready for rapture, safe, with Christ?  It is not too late to choose to accept Christ to repent to change lifestyle. Signs and events are showing you need to be saved as the Child of God to belong to His Kingdom.trio8Printed T shirt’s advertise God’s love salvation message loudly and clearly to hear God. Your soul is more precious than all assets of world put together, priceless, paid for by Christ Jesus so repent and be saved. Life is going in a fast pace as world events reveal the end time prophecies coming to pass daily. trio11Repent means accept Christ and change your ways, be baptized, faithfully live for God, be light to the world. It is easy to obey and trust God, ask for strength and self-disciple to focus more on God as a believer. The Holy Spirit will take control of your life to guide, help and teach you to follow God better in the Name of Jesus. Come just as you are God loves you and will save your soul.trio12Christ will return when God decides time and moment. Only God Knows precise time and moment so redeem the times. Do not take time for granted because 1000 years is like 1 day in God’s Eyes and 1 day is like 1000 years to God. Are you in God’s Kingdom and ready for Saviour Jesus Christ’s in rapture? Red moon signs shows believers be alert.


1555839449858-1635185667.jpgIMG-20190421-WA0000.jpg1555838760424-160608383.jpg1555838875327996338447.jpg1555838973028-1313627143.jpgIMG-20190421-WA0001.jpg1555880979000-1635185667.jpg1555838659385-1635185667.jpgMay the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ bring peace, joy and happiness to you all and your family in Jesus Name.


1555629384060-1313627143.jpgMatthew 27:51-53 says Jesus resurrected with Saints raised from death who came out of the graves and went to Holy City Jerusalem so appeared to many people. The Temple veil was torn, rocks split by earthquakes tombs opened many dead saints were raised from death. So they came out of graves as Christ was raised and went into Jerusalem so alive again.1555626585825-1635185667.jpgMatthew 27:51-53 is clear the dead were alive and so went home to their families seen by over 500 people. Some speculate they ascended into heaven like Jesus did after they were raised from death and seen after their appearances to many. A research of this true story does not talk about them anymore in the Bible after appearances during Jesus’ Resurrection. 1555626945722996338447.jpgThey symbolized and illustrated Christ’s victory over death to confirm God’s gift of the resurrection power of God. Christ defeated death and raised many people during his ministry. Victory over death is again revealed to prove to all that the dead in the grave for years came back to life as God promised will happen in resurrection of the dead for Rapture.1555629260277-160608383.jpgThey were alive not so like zombies or comatose walking dead but came back when the Spirit of life entered them to restore life. They were eating, drinking living normal lives like Jesus did after receiving His Glorified body in physical flesh on the earth. Bodily Resurrection is Life force restored to flesh, James 2:26 Resurrections in the Bible.1555627050162-1313627143.jpgThe Soul gets back into the body, 1 Kings 17:17-23 so the flesh is warmed again as seen in 2 Kings 4:32-35. The Resurrected speak, Luke 7:15 and bodily functions resumed in Luke 8:55; John 11:14, 17. A consciousness is regained in Acts 9:37 so life force is restored to a flesh in James 2:26. Resurrections in the Bible happen often through Jesus and His disciples. 1555627881500-1068246670.jpgThe Resurrection of the dead happens and is well documented in books, and you tube videos for testimonies to the GLORY of God. Again today in real life many churches witness resurrection all over the world of the dead as medically proven and certified dead by doctors. Some wake up in the mortuaries before burial or after in their graves still alive.wp-1555628187783..jpgJesus said the dead will arise so women received their dead back alive because though they died yet they shall live as Christ promised. The living in Luke 24:5 have physical bodies and Luke 24:36-43 says they are not invisible spirits ghosts but conscious, with cognitive physical activity. John 12:1-2 describe the human traits of those raised from the dead.1555627145304-860916511.jpgPeople were raised from death as an act of God’s mercy in Luke 7:12-13 provides confirming evidence of God’s POWER, presence and approval of life extended by the grace of God. Elijah as a prophet in 1 Kings 17:24 received God’s approval alive into God’s PRESENCE. Luke 7:16-17 is similar reason for Matthew 27:52-53 to prove God’s Authoriy over death. 1555627538404776795221.jpgProphets and Jesus already foretold that there will be resurrection here on earth for a reason. Resurrection accomplished increased faith in God’s Miracle POWER so many people believed in John 11:45; 12:10-11, 17-18; Acts 9:42 like Lazarus, Dorcas and saints of Matthew 27: 52-53 are favours of God miracle opportunity to Glorify God in Luke 7:15-16 proves Jesus True Witness Messiah Son of God.1555626657451-160608383.jpgLike Rapture resurrection of the dead to come to live in heaven they continued to live until eventually they died later. In 1 Corinthians 15:22 sees son lived in 1 Kings 17:22 so presented to his mother after raised from death. In Luke 7:15 Lazarus resumed his normal activities in John 12:1-2 they continued to live to ripe old age and succumbed to death.1555627968461990063215-1.jpg Ecclesiastics talks of mankind returned to dust and spirit returned to God after death. And Rapture says in the twinkle of an eye dematerialized body reformed instantly by the miracle POWER of God. It sounds illogical to human minds that a decayed body is restored with organs functions normally again. Supernatural things of God are beyond the analytical thinking process so is received by faith.1555628979164-1635185667.jpgAll in Christ will rise again in Rapture as the Saints did during the resurrection of Jesus. The Saints uplifted faith of those traumatized by Jesus death or suffering in state of fear for their lives. They had seen Jesus raise the dead but somehow could not understand Jesus telling them if his death and resurrection. So miracle helped to assure them of Eternal life in Christ in God’s Kingdom ruled by Jesus.1555630008624-1313627143.jpg1555629650846-1635185667.jpg1555740335876-160608383.jpg1555790225873-160608383.jpgEzekiel predicts the coalition union of return of two nations Israel and Judah in verses 15-22 by two sticks tied. This is symbolic of uniting of Jews and Gentiles in Christ and His Church. The prophet foretells the Kingdom of God in Christ to be set up in Israel and God’s Sanctuary to Glorify and worship God by His Grace in verses 23-28 to fulfill God’s Covenant.IMG_20190420_160925.jpg1555740700579-1313627143.jpgThose resurrected went to their homes in Matthew 27:53 appeared and then ascended into God’s PRESENCE later in paradise. This shows the sting of death had been taken away so lived out their physical lives and died like others raised but Jesus is the exception. In Acts 2:24; Colossians 1:18; Revelations 1:18 Jesus will resurrect the dead bodies in Christ in 1 Corinthians 15:22 together with those alive in Rapture to heaven.1555742807541-1635185667.jpgThe powers and authorities misjudged Jesus and thought killing Him will end the Kingdom of God. The lesson is Christ has Power over physical and spiritual death in John 11:25-26. Christ Jesus is real so have faith in Him and in His Power over death. Revelations 1: 18 says the dead in Chrit will experience first bodily resurrection in Rapture as John 5:28-29 confirms, live forever in eternal life with God, Jesus and family. 1555629445884-860916511.jpgResurrection stops death due to sins of Adam and Eve’s DNA passed into many generations after thousands of years so erased by the Blood of Jesus. In Christ is eternal life of Colossians 2 :12-13 and in Romans 6:4-6. Christ’s Power over both the physical and spiritual death is seen in John 11:25-26 to restore mankind to God. Through Role Model Jesus, nation of Israel returns to God in a life Eternal through Jesus Christ’s Power of defeat over death to live forever in Victory.

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