IMG-20181221-WA0002.jpgChristmas candle gifts arts so wonderful to behold one does not want to light and use them, rather keep admiring them as a decorative piece. Hand crafted carved and painted candles or battery lit ones.IMG-20181221-WA0003.jpgDetailed intricate art of candles exists over many years as the gifts included in Christmas celebrations. In addition to candle uses as a source of light candles enhance Christmas the table decoration bring uplifting emotions in a room. IMG-20181221-WA0010.jpgDesign of candles aesthetically pleasing but communicates messages to the admirers. The beautiful pictures and images of candles are wonderful so tell story about the message behind candles.IMG-20181222-WA0006.jpg IMG-20181221-WA0009.jpgHandmade or industrial candles include museums where people print hands in a candle as part of their joy of enjoying an atmosphere lightened up by candles. So does angel candles add beauty to decor and tells Christmas carol singing story.IMG-20181221-WA0008.jpgHealth and the safety warnings demand candles lit carefully placed, supervised at all times by people never left alone if lit in secluded places out of view. It can cause damage to a property or premises if not placed or trimmed at an interval. IMG-20181221-WA0006.jpgInstruction given on uses of the candles is placed underneath to peel off not to cause flames if candles burn to bottom. Candlemaking kit exists for enthusiasts to create candles mould shapes, colours preferred for each occasion desired. IMG-20181222-WA0005.jpgIMG-20181222-WA0003.jpg



Various designs exist within budget and prices of kinds of wax used plus stearin, wick and sticks to make candles. Others improvise using local materials and the available resources such as whale’s fat or bees wax to make candles.



Wick sizes of the candles must conform to size and shape of moulds. Warnings of best method of making candles in a safe way is given advise recommended to use double container inside another never to melt candles directly on heat. IMG-20181221-WA0018.jpgIf intending to make candle experiment ensure you are supervised by an adult if a child or go to a local candle maker to show you how. Other than that candles create ambience and calming effect if a light turned down during relaxing meal.IMG-20181222-WA0004-1.jpg


Scented candles are popular or drop an aromatic oil of lavender, tea tree oil and other fragrances in a lit candle. Massage and talking therapies candles creates a positive safe environment to relax, talk with a therapist, counsellor privately.


Many people give candle gifts during a Christmas party, birthdays, weddings or Easter and funerals or another suitable occasion. Christmas Nativity play candle depict santa, snowman, elves, Church prayers and various type celebrations.


Fascinating candle shapes are available as crafted artworks centrepiece makes statement when people celebrate. Huge candles exist depending on desire of the buyer or can be made to own request.





Candle moulds have been in existed for years and Jesus talks about candles lit in Church representing active Holy Spirit fire power at work in a believer’s life in Revelations in Bible. Jesus is the Light of the world lighting Christian believers to reach out in love to others because God is LOVE. Christmas season means we all celebrate the love of Jesus for humanity.


Jehovah Shammah I see You everywhere Blessed Redeemer Your Glory fills the Earth Everlasting Father The One Who watches me I put my confidence in Jehovah Shammah

JehovahShammah I see You everywhere
(See You Everywhere)Blessed Redeemer
Blessed Redeemer Your Glory fills the Earth(fills the earth) Everlasting Father
The One Who watches me I put my confidence in Jehovah Shammah

(Jehovah Shammah oh Jehovah Shammah)

Jehovah Shammah(Jehovah Shammah)
I see You everywhere I See You Everywhere Blessed Redeemer
(Blessed Redeemer) Your Glory fills the Earth(fills the earth) Everlasting Father
The One Who watches me(watches me)
I put my confindence (alone) in Jehovah Shammah

(Jehovah Shammah)Jehovah Shammah
(Omemma le) I see You everywhere
(Blessed Redeemer) Blessed Redeemer
(Ekwueme) Your Glory fills the Earth
(Ebube gi juru Igwe ó) Everlasting Father(Chukwu okike) The One Who watches me(ooh ooh oh oh oh oh)
I put my confindence in Jehovah Shammah

Jehovah mme Jehovah Shammah
(in Igbo) Oloro ihe loro enyi le
Agu bata mgbada a’wara ósò
Okwagi bu dike na dimkpa na’agha
Everlasting Father (Father, Omemma)
The One Who watches me (oooh hoo)
I put my confindence (Eze nara otito muo) in Jehovah Shammah


Christmas Carol songs sung by people to celebrate the festive season comes in all shapes and forms to GLORIFY God and to Glorify Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This creative unique singing Christmas tree is among numerous ones over the years. To sing and rejoice at Christmas brings people together in harmony to thank and to Praise God for GIFT of Jesus to all mankind the save from sin. Christmas occasion brings diverse people together to share goodwill and love towards all people. To eat and to enjoy each other’s company for some time and meet up as a large family again after living apart in each home during the year. Christmas changes the global atmosphere and the environment decorated with beautiful shinning colourful glitter. This helps to uplift the extreme cold weather or hot harmattan season of drought. People do make effort during Christmas despite a busy schedule to set time aside to meet to reunite with friends and family. The festive season lifts the human spirit and join in with the others to commemorate Jesus Christ. Gifts exchanged between a family during Christmas season reflect a joyful memory and keepsakes. People attend Church to worship God to thank Jesus for sustaining them throughout the year and pray for good success in the next year. Beloved departed family members in heaven are remembered by lighting a candle in their memory. Visits to a cemetery graveside gives them gifts to remember them and sing together. A Christmas season even brings enemies together to put away arms to join and to celebrate together during wars. Jesus is compassionate, merciful, forgiving to all people because Jesus prayed that Father Forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Jesus forgives all people willing to accept Him as the Master and Lord over their lives to save them for Eternal life in God’s Kingdom. As you celebrate Christmas remember CHRIST Jesus is reason for the season. So have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. And God Bless you in Jesus Name.


1545304909685-1598804135.jpgWORSHIP AND PRAISING GOD’S NAME by dancing in Psalm 149:3 delights God in our dance. Worship or dance pleases the LORD says Ephesians 5:10. A dance is total submission of body to celebrate HIS LOVE, Joy, Goodness, Mercy and Grace. Bible says Praise and WORSHIP with dance and musical instruments. A great dancer in the Bible for God is King David before the ark of Covenant. King David sung Psalms to worship God on his harp.Dancing with Delight: C.S. Lewis wrote in his book, Reflections on the Psalms that “the most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express the same delight in God which made David dance to the LORD.” King David famously danced with delight before Ark of the Covenant as he brought it home to Jerusalem in a procession of musicians, dancing. The Ark was so holy anyone who incorrectly touched it was struck dead. King David, the “man after God’s own heart” decides to dance! in 2 Samuel 6:16.A fresco of King David dancing before the Ark by Johann Baptist Wenzel Bergl (Photo by Wolfgang Sauber)David danced before the Ark during his moment to please God. His wife, Michal, the daughter of Saul when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD despised him in her heart says 2 Samuel 6:16. Michal looked at David’s outward display, but God saw his heart as well, how he danced“before the Lord with all his might in 2 Samuel 6:14. It seems God was displeased with Michal’s judgment, since we are told Michal had no children after that day.Tissot_Michal_Watching_David_from_a_WindowIn Psalms David encourage worshippers to praise the God of Israel as he did. “Let Israel rejoice in their Maker let people of Zion be glad in their KING. Praise HIS NAME with dancing (machol) and make music to him with timbrel and harp in Psalm 149:2–3; 150:4. After crossing the Red Sea, Moses’ sister Miriam danced (mecholah) with her tambourine and so encouraged the others to give high praises to the Lord, who had won great victories for His people in Exodus 15:20. The Bible talks about dance in worship:In Rabbinic literature, in Temple during the water drawing ceremony on the last day of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), the Torah scholars “danced (rakad) before the people who attended the celebration with flaming torches they juggle in their hands and say passages of songs sung to praise God in Sukah 51a–b. The Levites stand on steps of the Temple and “play on lyres, harps, cymbals, trumpets, and countless other musical instruments in Sukkah 51b. Dancing in Circles is a sign of harmony and unity before God. The Torah scholars during a water drawing ceremony did a rakad (רָקַד) dance in Hebrew means to skip, frolic or leap. So safe to say they were not shy expressing their joy before the Lord. So David and Miriam both danced in terms of machol (מָחוֹל) and mecholah (מְחֹלָ). The root of these Hebrew words as verb chul (חוּל), means to dance or whirl. Early Jewish literature presented machol as a circle dance. The Gemara (compiled 200–600 AD) says “in the future, God will make a circle (machol) and will sit among them. Each person will point with their finger and say, ‘Behold, this is our God for whom we waited to save us; this is God for whom we waited, we will be glad and rejoice in His Salvation says Isaiah 25:9 and Ta’anis 31a. Jewish readers understand machol in this passage to mean circle dance.

The 16th century acJewish known as the Maharal of Prague explains in a circle every person faces God in the center, equally and Divinely connecting to HIM from all sides. All leap and jump dances represents Spiritual heights of Holiness that the righteous will experience in the world to come (olam ha—ba) a preview within our finite bodies experienced to a small degree with dance. It’s a reason why Jewish dance is often circular. At all Jewish simchas (festive occasions) as weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, many of the Jewish holidays, you will see Jews cheerfully dancing in circles with arms tightly locked as brothers, leaping with delight. “In the circle I becomes we,”  writes Hasidic Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.  “In the circle, there is no cause, no reason, no enemy and nowhere we are going.  We are just one.  Because we are.”Believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) find a special fellowship in dance during the worship portion of their services. It’s a sort of oneness in the early chapters of Acts when disciples, men and women, came together as one for prayer, meals, worship, and fellowship  (Acts 1:14, 2:1, 44, 46, 4:24, 5:12)Davidic dancing as it is called among Messianic Believers is to bond one Believer to another and all to God in a special kind of unity. As we lift our hands to dance to popular Hebrew song, “Moshiach” (Messiah), our dance is a prayer, inviting Messiah Yeshua to be with us at the center of the circle, so to speak for He says, “Where two or three agree, I am there with you in your midst says Matthew 18:20.Making of legendary hora simply means you can’t have Jewish wedding without the festive circle dance known as the horah (הורה)The Hebrew word horah derives from the Greek choros meaning dance.  Some say an original meaning of choros may have been circle. This new kind of horah entered Israeli culture in 1924 at a time when thousands of young Jewish pioneers were immigrating from around the world to work the land and make it bloom again.While touring the pioneer settlements of the Jezreel Valley, the Ohel Workers’ Theatre performed Jewish stories and danced the Agadati horah.Horah (circle dance) is a revised version of Romanian horah, choreographed by the Russian born classical ballet dancer, painter, film producer Baruch Agadati. Six years earlier, in 1918, the song Hava Nagila Let Us Rejoice! already become a hit among young Zionists. Hava Nagila was a jubilant song looking with equally jubilant expression found in Agadati’s hora. Today, secular weddings, religious bar-mitzvahs, or at beaches of Tel Aviv, dancing the horah to Hava Nagila is an expected site to see. During mournings dancing takes place too. In Psalm 30, the psalmist praises God for hearing his cries for help and says, “You turned my wailing into dancing. …  Lord my God, I will praise you forever in verses 11–12. Dancing through sorrow is embedded in the Jewish DNA, even for a nonreligious Jew. After Jewish soldiers lost their lives in Arab Israeli wars many who remain danced en masse to the melody of Am Yisrael Chai!”ie People of Israel Live!.Holocaust survivors have reported that Jewish people in the death camps tried to do their traditional circle dance, even if they were barely walking. And in the concentration camps Shavuot Pentecost instead of dancing with Torah scrolls, Jewish men raised rocks on shoulders to signify the Torah scrolls they no longer had. God describes HIS restoration of the Jewish people into a revived land. HE says the “young women will dance and be glad as young men and old will turn their mourning into gladness to give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow says Jeremiah 31:13.The Jewish people regathered to their revived homeland dance as community in gladness. All who praise and honour the LORD at the center of their dance understand HIS Holiness, gladness and kind of joy that made David dance with great delight.


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Santa uniform’s Christmas celebration signifies festive season of Jesus Christ so does elves’ dress code reveal occasion to let people know event is going on. Effort is made to dress to suit ocassions to fit into protocol to blend in and not cause offence to others around. Colour psychology says fabric must be suitable texture material appropriate for heat, temperature, rain, themed occasion and function or weather matters. Mood choice of colours of logo must not match a rival company so it’s necessary to remember. Political party colours seen on a rival is ridiculed by opposition so people made aware of such appropriate dress codes. Respect for God and leaders means staff must not outdo a boss or guests to ruin bride’s wedding day. Uniforms reveals a rank of achievements so the list goes on to identify school teams or members of football team for passing the ball on the football field or basketball court. There is reason to comply to fit in or blend in for your own good too for well-being of a group. To comply or conform to good standards of dress codes of a society is not dehumanising human rights. But its appropriate expression of solidarity to a hierarchy of honour to know your place to submit to authority as good example. Others automatically see you respect or conform to build you up so respect you in turn. Life is not just about only I, me, myself, alone, to do as you like in public office domain. The best moderate outfits deserve God’s attention in Church too as God is the fashion designer who clothes people according to each occasion and seasons of goodwill like Christmas. A lot of red colour associated with Santa and Christmas is a good symbol of BLOOD of Jesus as ULTIMATE LIVING SACRIFICE cleaning all sins to save in Jesus Name. A believer is a Child of God so the body is a Temple of God bought and paid for by the BLOOD of Jesus so no longer your own so God’s OWN Property. A servant of God once said their personal clothes, shoes, bags, hats, accessories are always Sunday Best worn into God’s Presence first before worn anywhere else. They are worn to Church to worship, praise and dance for God first to thank Him for fulfilling His promise of supplying what to wear according to His words in Bible. Presenting yourself in God’s House and public must GLORIFY GOD to distinguish between a believer and unbeliever. What good is it people cannot tell a difference between Christian or heathen by their dressing?

John Ramirez saved from hell

John Ramirez testimony deals with the reality of witchcraft and satanism from the perspective of a man with personal experience. Our goal is: “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness instead expose them says Ephesians 5:11. His testimonies of God’s miraculous work is shared around world in movie trailer: The End of Churchianity video @ He talks about what they got – the Virgin Mary and supposedly God. But those are idols. And this is supposed to be Michael the guardian angel. What is this? It’s not even Michael. And look, Santeria all the witchcraft. This is the stuff had Caldero. This is Caldero. Remember Tabernacle? Where people met Jesus, they have to meet Jesus? This is the tabernacle of the Devil. John Ramirez, Escape from Hell Ex-Satanist I grew up in neighbourhood first of all the first killing experienced was feet away from me when I went to go in and get a gallon of milk. Was only 10 feet away from me, they shot a guy, like, 7 times. They shot him 7 times, it was a young boy. I’ve seen killings after killings after killings. In order to survive in the streets of South Bronx you had to be a killer, you have to be a murderer, you have to smart, you have to be slick. On my father’s side, it was all witches and warlocks. We lived on witchcraft, we had a contract right with the devil himself. I remember when younger, 8 or 9 years old, I seen him going through the room to worship the devil. I could see presence of the devil come into that room. And my father was worshipping, speak in demonic tongues and worship and put flowers and put candles and put water out. 7:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning, going to demonic church, I was going to witchcraft church. I was being trained to be a warlock, trained to be with witches in the religion for 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. It was training to know how to speak to principalities, spirits in the ground, the devil himself. You couldn’t speak to devil right away, you had to earn your right to speak to the devil. In the first mass killing that they did in my neighborhood was at this house right here. The husband stabbed a lady 52 times and cut her ears off. And then me, my brothers hang out with their daughter and came to the house to walk them back home with daughters right here and daughters found their mother cut up to pieces in a house. I was in a schoolyard playing with some friends in a schoolyard. A pastor came and they had this band came in, they were singing songs and people started to gather in the schoolyard. An amazing atmosphere, you know. Amazing joy in the schoolyard. I came from a broken home. This pastor’s up on stage and he’s talking about Bible story and some Bible book and he’s talking about how God loves everybody, ya know, this other stuff. And for the first time I’m getting kind of captivated. “Wow, maybe God does love me. Maybe God does want me. Maybe God wants my family. Maybe God wants to touch me and my family. Maybe He wants to change my family around.” I said, “Wow, I can get some of that, I can get some of that. ‘Cause He’s coming my way.” and for the first time ever I felt an incredible love that was indescribable. There’s pastors coming off stage, praying for people, touching people. So I said, “Now, it’s my turn, he’s gonna touch me.” Ya know? Now Jesus is gonna accept me, Jesus is gonna show me what love is about. And this pastor passed me by. Never touched me, never laid his hands on me. He went down the line then came up to me, he passed me by, he touched the other person. And I said, “Jesus don’t love me, either. My dad don’t love me, Jesus don’t love me.” I come from a broken home. Jesus – he likes the fact that my mother gets beat up. He likes the fact that I go to bed hungry. He like the fact that, you know, there’s no heat in my apartment. he likes the fact that when we go to school, we’re rejects, we’re misfits in school.Supernaturalismalistical intervention of opportunity Jesus guy missed like my father. He’s no different. He’s just like my dad. So, I went home, broken. I went home sad. I remember a week later, a couple of weeks later – two weeks later, I went to the schoolyard, hanging out, playing with friend of mine’s. I heard something fell and hit the ground. It was a voodoo necklace. So, I took the voodoo necklace – it had many colors – I took it, I put it on and the necklace was my first contract with devil. We went to a Tarot card reading, and when I went to a Tarot card reading, I was a little boy, I was 10 years old we went in. The lady doing tarot card reading, called the witch lady, doing tarot card reading she was fascinated had eyes fixed on me. And said, “This boy’s got, this boy we want him. We want him, we want him. The santeria spiritualism in Spanish is Santeria as they call it worship of the saints, but it’s not worship of the saints, it’s worship of demons. We want him. If you don’t give him to us he will lose his eyesight in 30 days.” So, my mother was desperate as a mother, my mother sold her furniture bedroom set to get $250 to do my first ceremony, because this lady put so much fear in us, so much fear in my mother that my mother had to sleep on the floor. There was no bedroom for her to sleep on, because she didn’t want me to lose my eyesight. So initiated, the dark side from 8 to 10 years old his first love, the first contact I had, as a 10 year old boy, the devil showed up and took offering of giving life to him. And they put five beads around my neck. The five worst demons of principalities under satan. They put them right around my neck for santeria and said, “These are your spiritual guides. These are going to be your guardian angels, and they are going to take care of your life from now on.” Pointed to building on their corner building used to be almost abandoned, in the book so broken down, my brother used to get the water from fire hydrant pump right there. The apartment is all empty, all abandoned, only me and my family lived here. My whole childhood was stolen worshipping the devil, going to demon church. I would go to demon church from 7:00 in the evening to 5:00 in the morning, trained by witches and warlocks, powers, principals, rites who owned this region, who’s in this region, who’s running this principality or name of it to channel powers. By the age of 13 years old astro-projecting body would leave my body home and go to regions, in through the spirit and curse regions, curse a neighborhood, put the spirit of prostitution, the spirit of drugs onto the neighbourhood. Homosexuality spirits, demonic spirits, spirit of murder, spirit of suicide. I knew how to channel such spirits into a neighbourhood. At the age of 15, 16 years old, going into hospitals and putting death and ICU, death in one room so this person could die, because I wanted to be promoted with the devil. To move up the ranks, to be the biggest devil worshipper in New York City. The devil became my daddy. He replaced my dad, because I prayed – I said, “You kill my dad.” At age of 33 years old my dad got shot in a nightclub, in the face, a woman that wasn’t even his, when he had a good woman home the devil took him out. The devil said, “I replaced the old to keep the new.” The devil became my daddy. There was a club here, and my father died there. 33 years old. IMG-20181213-WA0003-1.jpgWe lived over there. And then, when I was 11 years old little boy, there was a store right here on the corner and a guy got shot in the street right there, right there – on the little corner here? Guy got killed there when I went to get gallon of milk. I moved up ranks, through devil worshipping, I moved up the ranks I moved up through principalities and demons to the point that I was able to just sit with the devil like I’m sitting with you today. And the devil would manifest himself in human form, his presence would come into the room. And I would speak to the devil all night long. He gives me assignments. I would go to five clubs, five lounges a night, to look for people to recruit for the dark side. I would tell people their fortune. I tell people their lifes, tell people things that they did, things that was going to happen to them. They had no clue who I was, they didn’t know who I was, I had demonic powers. I had a taste for blood. I killed animals and drink their blood every week. If I didn’t have money, had time to buy an animal, I cut myself and drink my own blood. The ring of people I was with was demonic world: doctors, lawyers, principals, judges and police officers they were into witchcraft and singers today well known. I would move principalities on that region to control demons on the ground operate to cut down Church, to cut down growth of the church. To cut down opportunity for people to get saved, be drunk, I’d come from club half demon possessed, drunk. Standing in the middle of street and say to God, “Come down. You want some of this? You want me to slap you in your face? You want me to spit in your face? You come and mess with me. I married on Halloween. I had a demonic wedding on Halloween. All demons principalities from different regions of around work came to my wedding. No human beings came to my wedding, they were afraid to come to my wedding. I had a crazy…I sent out invitations, no one showed up. There was no wedding gifts but demons came to my wedding, they initiated my wedding. So my wife was a witch, I was a witch and my daughter was born and training her to be a witch. I remember the first time I was going to sacrifice my first human being. The devil was sitting in the passenger side of my car when I parked. He said, “You love me?” I said, “Of course I love you, Dad.” He said, The guy on the rooftop, he’s trying to…he’s going to try to take you and hurt you and take your money. You’ll kill him if you love me.” So when I went up there to the rooftop, I lived on the 12th floor, I remember that. When I went up to the rooftop, I remember the part he was hiding behind. He was hiding behind the stairway. This guy was 6’5″, 250 pounds. I was half demon possessed. I felt that the demon went into me, it wasn’t me anymore. So I was going to drag him into my apartment and stab him in the neck, ’cause it weighed about a hundred pounds plus, plus 9 machetes knives. When I went to grab this guy, I wanted to bring him to my apartment, he got off my hands and disappeared. He went down the stories I mean this guy was like an Olympic athlete, he just was gone, just disappeared. I couldn’t grab him and kill him disappointed that I couldn’t kill first human being. And pointing to the side of a building, people wrote graffiti is demonic there. The demon runs the gates of hell. This is the one I was telling you about that is in my book on Santeria, right here. This little demon. This is the demon running Haiti. The principality over Haiti. Another one over there is the principality over Islam.IMG-20181213-WA0005.jpgLook at the trap to people but The Truth is The Truth sets you free. They put it up there so people can think they’re part of the Cross of Jesus. This place everyone in the park goes there into witchcraft to hurt people kill people this place some go inside. If I tell you I was going to kill you in 30 days, you prepare for your funeral, you was going to die in 30 days. I don’t care who you were, I don’t care who you knew I don’t care the religion you call yourself you if you’re Catholic, you were Christian, you say you were a believer was going to kill you. UNLESS you had a real relationship with JESUS CHRIST. The lady that lived downstairs, she came up, she told me her husband was cheating. I want you to kill woman he’s cheating with, put a witchcraft spell on her and kill her. How much to pay? I said, Look come back I’m going to speak to the devil, my Daddy, for a time. Come back and I’ll let you know in a couple days.” The lady came back, the devil told me what to buy, he said to buy a coffin box, buy 21 black candles. Buy an image of the lady, put in the box, you know, to do the witchcraft to kill this lady. So we were going to do her for 21 days, she was going to die. after 21 days we were going to do her funeral. So the lady came to my house, we were going to charge her $10,000 dollars, I told her, to kill the lady. I said “Sure. I tell you what – I know you, you been good to me, everybody house parties…give me $7,000. I give you 30% off. I said, “I’ll kill her. Give me – I’ll take 30% off the 10, give me $7,000.” So, when the lady was going to leave my house, she said, “By the way, the lady’s a Christian. The lady’s a Christian.” I said, “I’ll kill her for free.” I said, “I don’t need the money. I’ll kill her for free. I’m going to teach these Christians a lesson they’re gonna learn. I’ll kill her for free.” I told her, I don’t want money I’ll kill her for free. So I did the voodoo thing, I did the witchcraft thing and 21 days went by and the lady didn’t die. A month went by, the lady didn’t die. I was like, wow – what’s going on, my reputation’s on the line. I called the devil I called demons assigned to increased the witchcraft. I increased the witchcraft, I doubled the witchcraft on her, so she could die, like, overnight. Nothing was going on nothing was going on. I was home at night and devil shows up, the presence of the devil comes into my house. He tell me, “We have to abort the plan on the lady you want to kill.” And I said, “Why would we want to abort the plan? My reputation is on the line. I’m a witch, I’m a warlock. If I don’t kill the lady, people won’t think I have no powers.” The devil say, “You don’t understand. The God she serves said don’t, leave her alone. Don’t touch her.” I said, “Who’s this God?” He said, The God she serves.” I was so angry, I said no, give it one more week, but let’s kill her. He said, “No. The God that she serves said leave her alone.” From the witchcraft that I did on the lady, she should have been dead in less than 21 days. In a store, this is Jezebel. This is Jezebel religion. This is how it works. These statues they don’t mean nothing it’s the demon behind it. So in order for me to identify with this, this has to be created, because i can’t identify to a spirit. I can’t identify to the spirit, we have nothing in common. I’m humanity, a spirit is immortality. A spirit is a spirit demon. I can’t relate to it, so in order for me to relate to it, you have to put this guy in the middle, so I can relate to it, because he’s human form. He looks like a human being. There’s a story behind this guy, so you and I can related to him.IMG-20181213-WA0002.jpgThe demon operates through him same thing with these guys. And then they give themselves names and days and birthdays. The American Indians can get caught up with demonic forces, they can get caught up into the occult. These are the entrapment of Native American Indians. But those are statues that the people use in demonic ways, in demonic religion. There’s nothing in there holy there’s nothing the only thing holy here is us standing here.  This here in the back, they do witchcraft in back, they do voodoo, they do with spells in the back, they do cleansings in the back. All these demons they want you to buy a new statue so you can take a demon home. See, selected prayers. They make you believe that you’re praying to God. Look. I used to use this book, selected prayers. They make you think you’re praying to God, but these prayers are not Godly prayers. Nothing in the Bible says nothing about Bible or crucifixion. A book in New York City, in American, I was third person to get this book it had symbols in book of different demons, different principalities, different ways of killing people with witchcraft. I mean this book no one had copy of this book. You couldn’t have a copy of this book unless the devil signed off on you. And I was the third person to receive book. I would take symbols in that book and do witchcraft to people, put people to make people lose their mind. I put witchcraft on people, make people get diseases out of nowhere. I put witchcraft on people, make people get leprosy, put witchcraft on people to get cancer. Gave witchcraft to people, I gave people miscarriages, I gave people abortions, I put people in hospitals for surgeries, didn’t even have to go for surgeries. I did witchcraft so people would lose their minds. I spirits of bi-polar, of schizophrenia, spirits of disease on people. I put suicide spirits on people up all night long, praying and talking to the devil but Christians can’t go to Church for an hour, Christians can’t even pray for one hour. The spirit realm is more real than natural a realm, some fail to see that whatever’s not covered with Jesus Christ is an easy target to bring down. And atheist could kill him easily. They are easy to kill. The Jehovah Witness easy to destroy. The Mormon easy to destroy people walking around saying, “We don’t believe in the devil.” easy to destroy, because they did not know how to seek a spiritual help. I remember time when Nicky Cruz came with group came into my neighborhood and they were called TRUCE. They came and do drive-bys in neighborhood. They would do, like, worship and then they would preach a word and go to another corner and do the same thing. And I came after these groups to try to put, to try to bring them down, this group. And they were young kids, they were like 18, 17, 16, 20 – I mean. So I said how do they dare to place this junk, this filthy music in my neighborhood – see, they would call worship. This filthy music in my neighborhood, I would go after them. I would destroy these kids. So when I went up to where they were at, there was wall of fire around them. I couldn’t penetrate against them. And there was something pushed me back, every time I try to throw the demonic forces against them, something pushed me back and I was never able to touch these kids. And I said, there was something here. It’s not right. Something did not fall into place. So I walked away I left them alone. I did not want to deal with them, I said, okay they won this first round. It’s obvious there are spirits here watching us. Oh yeah, of course they’re watching us. Yes, and so we’re all protected, Yeah, we’re protected. We’re under Jesus’ BLOOD, brethen. There ain’t nothing like BLOOD of Jesus. Amen? Nothing can touch us. We got a hedge of protection around us and can walk into this place, can chase demons out of here, we can curse the place to the ground, in Jesus’ name and there’s nothing that the devil can do.

I mean, I had so much money. Beautiful cars, beautiful woman, I had it all, lived in world, people in my neighbourhood, my neighbours were terrified of who I was. They said, you mess with that guy, your family will die. You mess with that guy, he gonna get a gun, he’ll kill you in your sleep. My daddy was awesome, my daddy was he knew had had he give me powers beyond what I could imagine. He gave me powers that people have fear of me, police have fear of me, the securities in my neighborhood fear me. People that knew I was a devil so would call me devil’s son. I brought Christians to their knees not to pray, because they had no power. It wasn’t because their GOD wasn’t all Powerful, don’t get me wrong. Because God was all Powerful, the vessel was weak. The vessel had no prayer life, the prayer had no fasting life. And they had no relationship with God. There was a form of godliness in the person no power in person weak, the person had nothing going. He had a Bible, he had the right suit on, she had the right dress on but no Connections with Jesus Christ. Because they was out of His will, they was out of His promises and they was out of His divine purpose, and I had you. I owned you. I had you as a slave, I broke you, I put witchcraft on you. I kept doing that to Christian after Christian after Christian families after churches. I’d chase everything down representing the Cross of Jesus Christ. Such demonic place has effect on the neighbourhood you’re saying? Oh yes, of course. Oh yeah. This whole region unlocked it. That’s the devil’s throne, we went into the devil’s throne referring to the store they had been in. Throne been there since the 80’s. And then they go spend $100, $200 buying these things, and then they broke, they on welfare, public assistance. But they got money to buy all this junk, because they think their life is going to get better, they think that their life is going to improve, they gonna make progress in life, they think they’re going break generational curses. They think they’re going break vex, spells, voodoo they think they’re gonna break all that, and basically, God says “I come. I’ll do for you for free.” He says give your life to Me, and I’ll set you free. But they don’t want that, that’s too difficult for them. Too complicated for them. But they can walk into a place like this and drop $200 and think their life is gonna be free. They’re gonna live a life of abundance. I had contact with the principality that runs Haiti. His name is Condero. I had contact with demons in Miami. I had contact with demons in Africa. I had contact with demons in New York City, principalities run crossroads of the world. He owns 42nd street. Okay? There’s a different principality that runs crossroads of the world here on 42nd street than the one that tries to run this neighborhood. I didn’t have conscience. I remember I did witchcraft to my brother, I put him in jail for 5 years. Witchcraft – to my own brother, my own flesh and blood. I did witchcraft and put him in jail for 5 years. My other brother, was a warlock. He came into my house one time with an attitude and the demon jumped on him. He ran out the house, he couldn’t hold pain in his stomach. My mother can bear witness to that. I did so much ceremonies in my body. I did so much ceremonies in my body, last ceremony I did I not only sold myself to devil, I did a ceremony to swallow animal blood and gunpowder. This is a ceremony of Haitian and French with a demon so when I go to people’s houses and eat, they can’t put witchcraft on the food. I did all ceremonies you can do. I would go to demon church. Every year, we would have a meeting, a secret meeting. All high witches and warlocks have this meeting to find out what principality to usher out and bring in to run a region. We were more organized than Church itself so kingdom of darkness was more organized than Church of Jesus Christ. We knew how to do ceremonies, we knew how to do things before the year was over to prepare ourselves for the next year. When Christians couldn’t go to church and pray for one hour. When Christians couldn’t go to church and have a consistent relationship with God. I took a sabbatical from witchcraft and the devil punished me took my eyesight for one year completely blind for a year. Was registered with the Commissioner for the Blind. I was completely blind. They were training me to use a Seeing Eye dog, they were training me to use one of these sticks that you use to walk the streets. My mother took care of me for one year. My eyes went black. And a mist of gray went over my eyes. I was completely blind. And when I gave my life back to the devil, after 7 surgeries, the devil gave me back my eyesight. And I could see again. And that was my punishment for taking one year off, I wanted to take off. The devil said, you want one year off? I give it to you. He took my eyesight. And that’s the world I lived in. If you mess with the devil, he’ll kill you, he’ll kill your family. It was a fear that was great beyond measure, you could not leave this religion. You could not leave Santeria, you could not leave you could not leave spiritualism. The doctors could not explain how I lost my eyesight. Meanwhile, Christians – and would say, what Christians do bad, Christians sometimes missed the mark, and the only thing that shows up in their house is grace and mercy. When you’re short with the devil, you do something the devil don’t like – he kill someone. He kill your family member. I remember the devil warned this lady, he said you can’t be with that person no more and she didn’t care, ’cause she was in love with the person – the devil demon-possessed a homeless guy in the street. He took a hammer and hit her 17 times on her head, killed her. One day, I was sitting home. It was amazing, came from a nightclub the night before. I was sitting home watching show called Jerry Springer, a crazy show people beating each other up. I got joy outta that, I was getting joy outta that, laughing. For the first time I heard voice say to me, “Son. I am coming soon. What are you going to do with your life?” An audible voice, shouting from across the room. And I thought it was the TV talking to me..But I saw it can’t be TV, people were beating each other up. This voice… I knew the voice of the devil, I would sit with the devil like I’m sitting with you today. He would come into human form, he would come in the room, he would come in sometime, the presence come into the room. The atmosphere changes and I now he was there for me, and he was talking to my conscience. I would talk back and we would talk all night long. I knew that. I knew him like you knew the back of your hand. I knew every demon, every principality that ran the region, that ran everything in America. Everything in Canada. Everything that ran principality of every occult, wicca, new age, buddhism, Islam, Andria, spiritualism I knew every principality that ran it. I had a contract with every principality with them, I had straight A marks with every principality, with every demon in the ground, the devil, Jezebel. I had every I knew demons that I couldn’t even tell you names, because you wouldn’t know who they are, knew them all by name. This voice was very different than any other voice. When I heard that voice come out of nowhere it came out of the air. The Voice.

I went into shock. And then I saw a vision from the other side of the apartment like the sky was on fire, and people underneath – I saw people running for cover but there was no cover, where to hide. And I think, why did I see that vision? So I shook it off. But I remember I went to sleep, like a deep sleep, like someone put on anesthesia and I went to sleep. I ended up in a train full of people. I couldn’t believe I was in a train full of people. And this train was going faster than you could ever imagine. I’d never been on something this fast on Earth. And it went into hell. And Jesus Christ took me to hell. And when I got to hell, the doors opened. I mean, there was a slam in the doors, there was an unspeakable echo that struck all the doors open and there was heat that came out of nowhere. It felt like you were gonna suffocate, the heat that came out. I ran, I got out the train and the people on the train, they had no faces. But you could see the fear on the people on the train. You could feel the fear, the impact of the fear that they were going to a place that they were never going to return. And the place was packed. And then, I tried, I said, “I can’t die here. I can’t die here. This is not for me. I wasn’t born to be in this place.” I was saying this to myself, I was not born to be here. So I tried to find like a tunnel, a tunnel in hell. I was walking, trying to run through the tunnels in hell, trying to find a door. Maybe a window. Maybe there was a gap somewhere that I can come out and come back to reality. But there was no gap. I remember as I…the more I went into the tunnels, the more the fear gripped me, more the suffering. I heard suffering, just draped over you. This fear drapes over you like you’re wearing a garment. This fear drapes over you, something you can’t control. You have no control over. Something like, it grabs you. It don’t let you go. I couldn’t see the hand in front of my face. I hear the wailing I hear wailing. Like, you ever hear like a kid wail, an animal wail at the same time. It’s like, they’re kinda wailing, it’s indescribable. And there was heat and a smell that was like if in the sewers or the gutters in New York City. I mean, but crazier than that. As I came to a part of the tunnel, the devil showed up. He said, “I was your Daddy. I gave you everything you needed. I took care of you. I blessed you. I protected you. I killed people for you. I did I give you powers, I give you a name in the darkness, kingdom of darkness. I gave you a name. When people came against you I destroyed them, because I knew you were going to be the vessel I was going to use to move my kingdom on the Earth. And now you want to leave me? Now you want to betray me? In demonic tongues, and I’m talking back to him in demonic tongues and telling him no, I’m not leaving, I’m just confused. I don’t know what’s going on. And he said, “No. I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to leave me and you’re going to expose my religion. You’re going to expose who i am and how I operate in the realm, in the spirit realm. Because I taught you things that I never taught no one else. I showed you. I trusted you with the things that I needed you to know so you can further my kingdom. Because I wanted to use you in a greater measure way.” And in the confusion, he went to grab me. He went to grab and destroy me and the Cross of Jesus appeared. I didn’t understand how a cross, a three foot cross appeared in hell I was wearing blue shorts and a T-shirt. And I put it on him. And when I put it on him, the devil melt like he was an infant, like an infant he melt and fell on the floor. Like, no powers. So I took opportunity and I ran deeper into the gates, I ran deeper into the tunnels of hell, hoping that there was a door. I had…my hope was being…there was not hope in the hope at all. There was no place saying I’m coming out of here! This was it, this was the end. I had a fear that gripped me was indescribable I never felt fear or felt a despair it was the opposite of what Heaven is, opposite of Joy, opposite of gladness, opposite of Peace. It was opposite of light and darkness. It was a place of torment, a place of if I’m here, my family won’t know I’m here. My daughter won’t know I’m here. How would they find me? How would they look for me? As I went deeper into tunnel of hell, hoping that there was a door, a window, a crack somewhere that I can get out, the devil showed up again. “So now, we’ll destroy you.” I told him in the demonic language, I’ve got these marks, these are my contracts to protect me, to destroy you. He said, “Fool! I gave you those marks. Those are my marks that I OWN you. I OWN YOU. No one owns you, I do. And you’re gonna live for me or you die.” And he went to grab me a second time around. I said, this is it. He went to grab me a second time around – the Cross of Jesus Christ appeared in hell. There’s no greater love than the Cross that would come for a sinner like me, in hell. So when David says, “If I make my bed in hell, He knows I’m there.” Grace and Mercy showed up in hell. Grace and Mercy knew address. Grace and Mercy plan for my life. To my unspeakable, demonic, selfish ways. Arrogant, self-centered ways in hell, when I was down for the count. Jesus Christ loved the misfit. And He said, “I have a plan for you. I love you more than you can ever imagine.” And He showed up in hell. And when I woke up, my spirit came back into my body. I woke up and I bend my knee to Jesus Christ. I had $100,000 of witchcraft in my house. I threw witchcraft away, I threw religion away. I threw everything that had to do with darkness away. The people from Haiti, the people from Cuba, the people from Miami and New York said, “we have to kill him, because he knows too much. We have to destroy him. We have to kill him, because he knows too much. He’s not one of us anymore.”

They came for the kill. They did their best, they came for the kill. I was asleep in the day. It was day and night when demons showed up and tormented me 30 days. They tormented me for 30 days. They would grab me by my throat, pick me up off my bed. The room grew cold, I lay in bed felt another person laying next to me, ice cold, another person. I looked like this, and feel the presence. The presence was the devil, laying in my bed for 30 days. On and off, on and off trying to torture, trying to steal my mind, trying to rip my soul out of my body, trying to rip my spirit out of my body. I would tremble at night, like I never trembled before. 30 days. And I cried out, I didn’t know how to pray? I said, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” I didn’t know how to pray. I say, my sister prays – I heard her in church, she pray this way. I heard that person pray this way – I would bring all these prayers together, to try to pull them together like a puzzle, trying to fight for my life.

One day, I was in church worshipping. And I asked the Lord, “Lord, why are You letting this happen to me?” And one day I heard the voice of God again. He said, “I want to see how much you love Me. I want to see how much you trust Me.” And never again, I was tormented by the devil. And I became an evangelist for Jesus Christ. Fourteen years serving the Lord and I would never trade it for nothing in world. Over on Hallelujah Boulevard, there’s a mansion for John Ramirez. And one days says, Welcome Home, well done faithful servant. And I tell you, there’s nothing – I’m not talking about Christianity – I’m talking about a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my Lord. He is my beginning and end. No weapon formed against me will prosper so I die when Jesus says go Home. Not because a witch. Not because of people. Not because hex, voodoo, incantation none of can separate me from the love of God. $100,000 of witchcraft, selling my soul, marks here, marks here, marks here all on his body. But biggest mark is here in his heart, it is the love I have for the Cross. Ain’t nothing like the Cross of Jesus Christ. I tell you this, and I’ll end with this. I was cursed, I became blessed because the One blessed became cursed for me. And that’s (?) His daddy. And my daddy sits on the universe. He loved me beyond what I could imagine. And that love now I can give to my daughter. And my daughter is a born again Christian, graduated from college, a psychology major and I know that God’s gonna use her in a greater way. Because the baton I passed to her is the RIGHT baton this time. I know she’s going to do greater exploits than her daddy. Before I leave earth people know John Ramirez is here because he serves MIGHTY God. Amen? After giving his life to Christ John joined Times Square Church in NYC, discipled by Pastor David Wilkerson until Pastor Wilkerson’s passing in 2011. John is an evangelist for Christ, travels the world preaching and exposing works of satan. Download John’s testimony and receive electronic copy of his book plus 2 bonus mp3’s of John’s teaching on the topic of deliverance:


God’s social media connection marriage partners were just friends but has more plans confirmed through Pastor Alph Lukau. It is reassuring God watches all things on social media and approves of good things happening but hates all evil things taking place there. God gave this spouse to each other to have and to hold to walk together. Amos 3:3 says, do two walk together unless they agree so both friends agreed before congregation to love each other. This is miracle working God we serve in Jesus Name.


IMG-20181209-WA0005.jpgEntering this world to understand their mindset is God’s way of sending Jesus to socialize with people to help their lives to overcome emotional, spiritual and physical concerns. A famous father invited into a nightclub by his daughter hoped and prayed nobody will see or recognise him but someone shouted his name shocked to see him there. And because of his faith, social standing and profession it became a turning point for a better relationship between them. At times called to participate in an unusual circumstance or join situation you may prefer not to be seen doing. If it is safe, not risky to life of both parties or others awkward situations and interaction can create bonds to build on. A farmer once confronted by insane roaming about on his property found he took his hunting gun as he turned in a split second. So he intuitively picked a piece of  wood to join the man dancing with his gun until safe enough to grab it from him. This extreme example not recommended but in unpredictable circumstance dancing with him calmed him down. This man probably lived all his life only criticised, never interacted with people because of insanity but the farmer made him feel acknowledged. Distracting when timing was best time took control of his gun. In life similarly, you win bees with more honey than smoke or carrots than stick approach If he panicked or shouted ‘oi’ give back the gun, it’s not yours, may be a trigger moment to upset him to react rather than respond as dance partner. 1544379792228-1598804135.jpgSimilarities of occasions can be if others do not fully perceive inner thoughts of other confused people. Use the positive moment together to win their hearts to others. On the other hand it its risky be careful to assess person before taking a leap of faith. The person may not make sense but point to good things about them to calm them to diffuse tension. The uncohesive person needs expert intervention but if unavailable reassure but play along. A bond is built showing genuine interest and asking questions related to their life or loved ones. You may not convince or make sense due to distorted perception unable to hear you because of the state of mind. Efforts to guide or correct them seems attack of intelligence, confidence or ability to decide for themselves. And considered ‘violation’ of their personal decision-making process and choices. So after coming to their senses if not drunk on drugs or psychotic the recovery stage creates clarity to see episodes recorded or documented to prove to them what others see or hear. Until then, it’s mere chaotic noise that creates anxiety and tension of feeling judged. Stay calm no matter what shocking things said unless at risk press safety button for help. If an agitated person will listen, record, talk through hallucinations to tell them you believe what they say but not logically make sense. Your goal is not to correct or frustrate them if infuriated or angry about their treatment or any labels. So stress makes things worse because they cannot keep cool if angry to verbalise their true inner feelings or emotions in angry state. Medications do numb some people so not as sensitive as expected to be. Frustrating situations agitate person under pressure to feel worse if ignored. 1544379275947-1598804135.jpgMisunderstood people feel ostracised so keep a written journal signed to offload mind in a safe space. Or talk privately in public place to deal with roots of anger, abandonment, neglect, mental health or other matters pertaining to a pain of the past. Don’t have the victim mentality as it causes low self-confidence and lack of trust in those helping to support them. Some people implode due to inability to express their real feeling because do not realise they cause offense. It turns into anger, bitterness, resentment concealed as politeness but fuming inside. Do not force them to speak immediately while you are doing them a favour. Say that you mean well and mean what you say genuinely without causing pain to hurt them. If an autistic person they may not understand other people’s point of view. Lack of frontal cortex means they do not understand the risk consequence of actions like matured people. And so feel lack of consideration of another point of view which to them is disregard of them as human beings. Unable to adapt or be flexible to change swiftly if need arises is fixated on one idea or one thing only at that level to deal with. Don’t say grow up or do not act their shoe size because they are not acting. Families and friends must understand they live in the head in their own world isolated so cannot be in the here and now. Often drift off into a fogged mind unawares of what goes on around them. Enter their world by becoming interested in their favourite activity, games, passion, hobbies to try to connect with them emotionally. The time spent with them means a lot to them so feel someone believes in them. IMG-20181209-WA0004.jpgIMG-20181209-WA0003.jpgRecreate their stories around talents or skills and abilities to help them literally not to lose to their mind. Do not put on pressure for perfect facade of normality in life situations. It’s essential to heal to overcome loss, bereavement, trauma or past abuses and challenging problems of life. In a speech yesterday it was said you may have flaws, be angry, anxious but do not forget your life is the greatest enterprise in the world so Only you can stop it going bust. People appreciate and admire you and love you so Remember to be happy is not to have a sky without storm, road without bumps, and work without fatigue, relationships without challenges. To be happy means find strength in forgiveness and hope in battles, security in the stage of fear, love in discord. It’s not only if enjoying smiles that life is good but reflect on sadness. It is not only to celebrate successes, but to learn lessons from past failures. It is not only to feel happy with applause, but to be happy in anonymity. Being happy is part of destiny and an achievement for those who can travel within themselves. To be happy means stop feeling like the victim to become your destiny’s author. It is to cross deserts yet able to find an oasis in the depths of our soul. Thank God every morning for miracle of life. Being happy is not being afraid of your own feelings. It’s to be able to talk about you buy having courage to hear a “no” is not rejection of you as human being. Confidence in God in the face of many criticisms even unjustified strengthens your faith and builds you up. What does not kill you makes you stronger so kiss your children, pamper your parents and live poetic moments with friends, even when they hurt us. To be happy is to let live as God’s children created to be free to you, joyful, simple with maturity to be able to say: “I made mistakes.” It is the courage to say “I am sorry” yet have the sensitivity to say, “I need you.” Its to have ability to say “I love you” and your life become garden of opportunities for happiness … in spring be a lover of joy. In winter a lover of wisdom. And when you make a mistake, start all over again. Only then will you be in love with life to be happy even if not perfect life. Use the tears to irrigate tolerance, losses to train patience, mistakes to sculptor serenity, and pain to plaster pleasure, obstacles to open windows of good success. Never give up …. Never give up on people who love you. Never give up on happiness or joy for life is incredible in God.

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