IMG-20181231-WA0000.jpgTeaching is challenging with attacks on teachers, they deserve such an award. A teacher learnt basics of the languages spoken in her London school to reach marginalised pupils, received an MBE for her services to education. Andria Zafirakou, London art teacher this year won $1 million Global Teacher Prize, is one of 32 people with links to schools named in the 2019 new year’s honours list. Zafirakou, associate deputy head at Alperton Community School in Brent, is “thrilled and in shock but grateful” to receive MBE. Her Global Teacher Prize won funds Artists in Residence charity links artists with schools38-year-old Zafirakou teaches in north London one of the most ethnically diverse places in U.K., with 130 languages spoken in the schools. Zafirakou learned to greet her students in 35 languages, since a large percentage of children attending school have difficulty speaking English. Among languages learnt are Portuguese, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Romanian, Polish, Italian.1546256644456-1598804135.jpgA wonderful privilege to see teachers celebrated, accepts honour on behalf of all hardworking teachers up and down this country, she said. Most importantly, delighted teaching profession is getting recognised and celebrated, had amazing year since awarded the Global Teacher Prize winner in March.” 32 people were recognised for work in English schools this year, five academy trust CEOs, executive head five current or former headteachers or principals, five school governors. Two deputy headteachers, classroom teacher on list recognised, four people for work in local, national government, with two academics, sixth form college principal and seven, from business community. Miskin, received the OBE in 2011, of three school-related CBE this year and Duncan Jacques, chief executive Exceed Academies Trust, Ian Thomas, Rotherham Council’s former director of children’s services. RM Literacy produce school resources training teachers via Ruth Miskin Training, last year received a slice of the government’s £75 million teaching and leadership innovation fund contracted helps improve teaching in government’s 12 social mobility opportunity areas.Lorraine Heath, a chief executive of the Uffculme Multi-Academy Trust, Patricia Kane, executive headteacher, Education and Leadership Trust and Dr Josephine Valentine, executive head of the Danes Educational Trust, are among those who will receive the OBE for their work in schools. Valentine said she was “thrilled deeply” to receive honour, recognised is thankful for significant support I have received from family, colleagues and friends,” she said. “Teaching young people is exciting and fulfilling a source of constant joy to me. Leading a school has been a privilege  and, probably, the best job in the world. The Headteachers Brengan Heneghan, of William Henry Smith School in West Yorkshire, Mary Isherwood of Camberwell Park School in Manchester, Gary Smith, of Market Field School in Essex, will all receive the OBE for their work with children with special educational needs. Among those receiving the MBE is Elizabeth Booth, of London Borough of Lewisham’s longest-serving headteachers. She led Dalmain School in Forest Hill, 18 years, retiring in August this year.“In course of my 18-years as Dalmain’s headteacher, I saw eleven education secretaries come and go,” she said. “Too often, they have been more concerned with the furthering of political agendas than they have with improving Britain’s schools. “At Dalmain, stood firm in the face of political pressure, providing an arts-based curriculum that reflects our belief that education is about more than ticking boxes. “This award is testament to Dalmain’s determination to give all of our children best possible experience, whether they are at the school for one day, or for seven years.” Teaching is to be highly honoured because it is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit from God. A teacher reaches out to teach people who in turn build up and bring fruits of their resourceful talents into communities to bless the whole world. If you educate a man you educate individuals but when you EDUCATE WOMAN YOU EDUCATE FAMILIES AND NATIONS AS GLOBAL AWARDS REVEALS IMPACTS ON ALL.

You can read the full list of those honoured for services to education related to schools here.

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