1541626902374605598922.jpgThe deceiver deceives proud egoist like devil esteem themselves above God. But God hates the proud and gives grace to the humble. Spirit of pride is why satan  thrown out of heaven deceives people. Jesus warns in Matthew 24:24 elect can be deceived or manipulated if not alert. Jesus said satan is the father of lies and deceives captives by deceit. And satan deceives the whole world turned angels against God to try to overthrow God in heaven so were thrown out. Believers misled because he hates the born-again Christians, Jews, God’s angels who love and obey God. Uses lies to deceive and lead people down wrong paths to ruin. And lucifer knew music impresses God so people praised his voice so too proud to submit to God. Chucked out of heaven targets God’s people on earth to deceive recruits them to hell prepared only for devil and demons. A lot of people think satan just a joke comic invention for fun to mess about taking mick out of people. Subtle deceit in many forms is hard to discern because person being deceived fails to recognise it. Reject advise others see if they make plain the truth to them are offended. Deceiver offers good ideas or good intentions to deceive the person genuinely in need so its easy to deceive the deceived. Motive is to charm and to impress to fain trust of the people taken advantage of. Deceives and create havoc because satan enjoys painful sufferings of the people deceived. Gives deceiver a false sense of control, power dominates a person’s mind. The devil knows Bible and once was God’s best friend still goes to visit God in heaven time to time.wp-1541628604178..jpg The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus comes to give life the life more abundantly in John 10:10. The deceiver knows God’s great love for HIS Children in Scriptures. Turns to an angel of light in Church by false counterfeit religions and false preachers Jesus warned about. God is Spirit all who love God to obey in Spirit and Truth. Christ directs or guides us to strengthen and comfort in sorrow. Crafty deception of satan is packaged to deceive uses wicked evil demon spirits pretends to be friendly and deceive. The old serpent devil satan dragon deceives the whole world and causes confusion to rebel against God. Eve said, “serpent deceived her is cause of sin DNA in all mankind. All have sinned so fallen short of the GLORY of God. Cause and effect of deceiver drives people kept in captivity. Bible says satan is calculating, strategic, manipulates to deceive people to make God look as wicked uncaring father who waits to punish people. Its the biggest lie because satan traps the people deceived then uses his entrapment set up against them. And satan knows his time is up so intensifies deceptions to mislead people to hate others. Negative experiences are satan’s spiritual wickedness in the high places to control the gullible people who don’t know God. The devil uses the Bible twisted not how God wants so believers must study the word of God to know the truth like Bereans. God gives all freewill choice to stop devil interfering in your lives. Your interest and wellbeing tested by evil spirits so discern if its from God.1541628137674605598922.jpg People must discern if plans or projects are pleasing to God? If decision is selfish or rebellious or its GOD’S WORD? After Rapture Jesus returns to earth so satan is bound by God not to deceive nations in Revelations 20:1–3. The LORD God is warning: woe to deceivers who do not repent or forsake evil ways, face wrath of God to come in endtimes. There are living stories about deceivers deceiving deceived but focusing on a few in Bible. Merciful Gracious LORD God forgives us genuine repentance by discovering we were deceived. Jacob deceiver deceived father to take Esau’s blessing is deceived by his father in-law who swapped Leah for Rachel he loved. Jacob works seven plus seven years for Rachel so Leah first wife had conflict over speckled animals. God’s Covenant Abraham in Jacob’s sons are twelve tribes of Israel. Story of Jacob whose name means to deceive or cheat; deceived his father deceived by his sons Joseph dead but sold to the Ishmaelites. Sibling rivalry caused brothers to hate Joseph for his dreams. Joseph survived to save his family in famine years later moved to their Canaanland promised to Abraham with other territories. God is aware of deceiver’s ploy to deceive the deceived and God forgives because they know not what they were doing. Jesus prayed on Cross of Calvary for mankind to be forgiven from all sins. Thank God for Jesus and His Grace and Mercy don’t let the devil deceive you. Check if your decisions are in obedience to God’s plan for your life. Don’t be blinded, charmed by manipulating deceiver using abusing you to discard you later traumatised. In the beginning seems to good to be true don’t ignore your gut feelings or friends and family seeing through actions you are blinded too. Addictive seduction can shroud good decisions regretted later so its better to suffer for a short season not to endure a life time of regret. Marry in haste repent in leisure means you live a miserable life instead of what devil lied to you about to con and deceive you. So Jesus said the devil has nothing in me if Christ lived in you choose to obey God it is not mankind’s decisions for your life that counts. It’s better to obey God than men whose motive is to ruin your life to fulfill the selfish greedy desire to enrich  themselves manipulating your life. The only way to overcome deceiver is apply the truth of God’s words. Jesus said, It is written to the deceiver, God says man is not to live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God. Not to tempt God, bow to sell soul to devil for riches that rust or decay not needed in heaven. Jesus said a man’s life doesn’t constitute material possessions but a good name is better than riches. Dont gain the whole world and lose your soul for the love of money is root of all evil. So devil’s envy,  jealousy and pride cause God to throw him out if heaven. Then devil deceived Adam and Eve affecting the world, God BRINGS CHANGE TO RESTORE EARTH in Jesus’ millennial reign in Israel.

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