Never-lose-yourself-while-trying-to-hold-on-to-someone-who-doesnt-care-about-losing-you.Women’s intimate care issues are being debated once again due to the trend of using various products. From powder to jade eggs and douches the industry has grown selling products some are said to be harmful playing on women’s fears about being dirty or smelly. The fear of the smell of body odour means talcum powder is used by some. According to a jury in Missouri in July, it is the talc: the court found in favour of 22 women who claimed their ovarian cancer had been caused by use of Johnson & Johnson baby talc, because it contained asbestos. The women were awarded $4.14bn in punitive damagesThis is not the first time a court case has found in favour of a woman claiming talc is carcinogenic: a California court did so last year, although the decision, also against J&J, was overturned on appeal and new trial granted. According to spokesperson J&J “remains confident that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause ovarian cancer and intends to pursue all available appellate remedies.” Talc consists mostly of thpe mineral silica. However, because silica and asbestos are often mined near each other, talc could be contaminated with asbestos. The claimants’ lawyers in the Missouri case presented evidence microscopic asbestos fibres had been found in many of the women’s ovarian tissues. “J&J sells the same powders in marvellously safe corn starch variety,” said Mark Lanier, the lead lawyer, after verdict. “If J&J insists on continuing to sell talc, they should mark it with a serious warning.” Six of the 22 women are already dead.c076ee4b07d97f2b162cf9c82816439f

Deathly baby powder sounds like the thing Q would make for 007, but the idea talc could be linked to cancer has been percolating for decades, although conclusions are still debated vigorously. Some studies have found a slightly increased risk others have not. An NHS analysis in 2016 said it was “plausible that talc could work its way up into the upper genital tract and have some type of biological impact.” Ovacome charity that works to reduce ovarian cancer, does not believe a link has been proved. It says: “We still do not know what really causes ovarian cancer. It is likely to be a combination of many different inherited and environmental factors, rather than one cause such as talc.”So, while assertions and evidence continue to be thrown around, here is another question: why is any woman putting talc inside her vagina or on her vulva? (The vagina is a tube of muscle that joins the cervix and vaginal opening; the vulva is the exterior genitalia.) The vagina is an amazing organ. It is lined with a mucous membrane that protects against infection (necessary in any part of the body that opens to the outside world), has a clever, complex mix of bacteria –  known as vaginal flora – that does the same thing (only the bowel has more bacteria than vagina). Together, they keep the vagina healthy. It is self-cleaning, too, keeping itself safe and hygienic with secretions. (One day, I will get used to gynaecologists referring to vagina “a self-cleaning oven”Women’s DIY vagina-vulva-wash of mucus, vary in appearance and volume throughout the menstrual cycle. Is highly effective, except in the case of infection, STIs, is signalled by change in colour, thickness or odour becomes slightly muskier due to exercise or sex; if anything noticeably different, itch, get medical professional to check it. Know about your natural powerwash from the size and value not industry that says women smell. So idea talc linked to cancer is percolating for decades conclusions are still debated.’ IMG_20180314_074449Women like to feel fresh so clean when bleeding so decades “feminine hygiene” industry worked hard to increase their fears. Seventy years ago, women were sold Kotex products to make them feel “tangy”. Nothing has changed. Show me a sanitary pad or a tampon campaign that does not use the word “fresh” and I will swallow a bottle of vinegar douche. For every mention of “fresh”, look for the fear at which it is aiming: fear that we smell of period blood or are leaking; fear that we smell in general; fear that our sexual partners will mock or reject us because of what our vaginas and vulvas look or smell like. The jingle for baby talc was “a sprinkle a day keeps the odour away”. There is a reason that “you smell” is one of the most dreadful playground taunt accusation feared most and the hardest to protest is fear of fishy smell. The odds of vagina vulva look and smell normal, because, when it comes to genitalia, normal big category. In a paper studying the range of female genital appearances, researchers at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital in London found “women vary widely in genital dimensions” so detailed accurate representation of female genitals rare … representation of female nudity common. Rates for cosmetic genital surgery soaring above rates of genital disease diagnosis. Something deformed, in women’s thoughts, not their genitals. To ensure cleanliness, the vulva needs nothing fancier than water, mild soap and gentle pat dry not rub. The vagina does not need vajazzle, internal glitter bombs leech therapy treatment touted as detoxifying by the eastern European beauty clinics is not. Jade eggs inserted in vagina terrible idea, according to the gynaecologist Jen Gunter Jade is porous, could allow bacteria to get inside and so egg could act likefomite … risk factor for bacterial vaginosis or potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome.” The mucous membrane lining the vagina is porous. This makes vagina an efficient route for absorbing medication and pathogens. Vaginal steaming used by women who give birth to heal but Gwyneth Paltrow sits herself on steaming herbal potions to improve her vulval vaginal health – is not good for your vaginal wellbeing.Gwyneth Paltrow at a Tom Ford fashion showVaginal steaming popular as Gwyneth Paltrow endorses is not good for your vaginal wellbeing. The outlandish stuff one thing but simple solution of vinegar and water sprayed up vagina is a bad idea. Douching, as this is called, is done by one in five American women aged 15 to 44. Commercial douches can contain antiseptics, or the potentially hazardous chemical paraben, fragrances unknown because cosmetic products US Food and Drug Administration requires only that manufacturers do not include anything “deleterious” in products trust them to comply. Doesn’t require testing products before launch. Products you put in close quarters with highly porous part of the body are less stringently regulated than cough sweets. In UK, they are regulated general products, not medical devices; it is up to manufacturer or seller to make them safe. Anything introduced into the vagina risks upsetting a careful balance of bacteria, if woman is buying products because she thinks something is wrong. Researchers at University of Pittsburgh found more women who douch, greater risk of getting bacterial vaginosis, mild infection causes itching and discharge lead women to douche even more. If the women surveyed douched once a week, risk doubled. Douching linked to greater rates of bacterial vaginosis, premature births and cervical cancer. One study of 40,000 women in Puerto Rico and the US found douching doubled risk of ovarian cancer. There were caveats, as an NHS article pointed out: the women, who did not have cancer, were followed over six and a half years to see if they developed cancer or if they douched. Forty women reported douching vaginas developed cancer. The researchers concluded link. Researchers did not enquire about risk factors  family history of ovarian cancer or whether those woman smoked.IMG_20180314_074449“It’s a myth the vagina needs extensive cleaning with perfumed soap, feminine hygiene products,” says Vanessa Mackay a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. “It’s a good idea to avoid perfumed soaps, gels and antiseptics affects healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in vagina and cause irritation. Women advised to use plain, unperfumed soaps to wash area around vagina vulva not inside it gently every day. During a woman’s period, washing more than once a day helpful.” I wonder if statement necessary “vulva” conversation is “sex.” Discuss fears of vulvas and vaginas with conversational GP and health professionals, partners to seek help for headache. Those feminine washes, sprays, douches and wet wipes, are sticking plasters on your fears and hope embarrassment would vanish. “If God naturally intends vagina to smell like roses or lavender vagina will smell like roses or lavender,” said Ronnie Lamont, RCOG spokesman in interview for the NHS website. If more open about genital matters, women’s health and confidence would be improved, if not of fresh scent fragrances but natural. Walk to exercise and keep fit and healthy.PNALMman50871-locIn addition if you have sex in the dream it means loss. As intercourse takes place your glory is released into the marine kingdom. It means you have a covenant with spiritual husband so have spiritual children. The semen deposited in you connects your glory to marine spirit to keep in their banks. Sex with spiritual spouse means your marital blessings suffer, no financial progress, no love for a real physical husband. And a spirit husband satisfies sexual urge than real husband. If married, your husband may not like you again. General symptoms of sex in dream is pollution, childlessness, marital delay, blocked womb and a low sperm count of your husband. It causes fights and arguments in the home and divorce if you do not break the satanic covenant and initiation into the marine kingdom of darkness. Families dedicate children to shrine from birth, unaware of spiritual covenant. Cast out demon of lust tormenting your life and break evil covenant in Jesus Name and pray with Psalm 27. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, repent of all your sins, walk in love and forgiveness. Seek God faithfully daily and raise your family to love God and Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Cover yourself with the BLOOD of Jesus daily in Jesus Name to wash you with pollution of evil spirit. Thank God ALMIGHTY for deliverance in Jesus Name. Give GLORY to God and Jesus through the Holy Spirit.


27 The LORD is my Light and Salvation whom shall I fear? The LORD GOD is the Strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even enemy foes, came upon me to eat my flesh they stumbled and fell. If a host encamps against me, my heart shall not fear: though war may rise against me, I have CONFIDENCE in God. One thing I desire of the LORD and I seek after; that I will dwell in the House of the LORD all the days of my life to see the beauty of the LORD and enquire in HIS Temple. 5 For in the time of trouble HE shall hide me in HIS pavilion, in HIS Tabernacle HE hides me; HE has set me up upon my rock Jesus Christ. Now my head is lifted up above all the enemies around me. I offer to God in HIS Tabernacle sacrifices of joy I sing yes, I sing praises to the LORD7 Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice: have MERCY on me and answer me. When YOU said seek MY Face; my heart said to YOU, YOUR Face, LORD I seek. Hide not YOUR Face far from me put not your servant away in anger YOU are my help; leave me not or forsake me O GOD of my salvation. 10 If my father and my mother forsake me the LORD GOD will take me up. 11 Teach me your way LORD and lead me in the plain path because of enemies. 12 Deliver me from the will of enemies for false witnesses rise up against me, breathing out cruelty. 13 I will have fainted if I did not believe to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. 14 I wait on the LORD, I am of good courage GOD shall strengthen my heart, I wait on my LORD GOD ALMIGHTY in Jesus Name.

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