science0_2315587bDreams of gunshots heard or knife used to attack you is satanic manipulation so seek help from God to protect and save you in Jesus Name. Gunshots fired near you has a direct link for spiritual arrow. The agenda of the enemy is to torment people with unending affliction battles. People wonder why they continue to battle with life’s problems in spite of the consistent dedication to God. An aspect of this dream is people experience guns pointed at them or fired at someone by them. Various gunshots in dreams can affect real life when they wake up they notice strange mark on parts of their bodies. The symptoms of gunshot dream is sickness, hardships and then financial problems. It’s means used to put people into satanic bondage shooting several gunshots at them. The bullets turn them into spiritual slaves. Spiritual slaves are people whose destinies are exchanged or upturned live bad lives. What works for other people does not work for them so success attained in a day takes them months or years. Experience of attack of gunshot is serious problem so wakes up feelings bad something terrible might happen. The challenge of people’s life is compounded by a spiritual weakness to confront demon shooting at them in the dream. This power reinforces problems from the enemy who does not want you to move forward in life. Dreams of such gunshots cause problems, setbacks and gunshot received in the dream can take them to a graveyard of sorrow. Gunshot dream destroy many people in the area of jobs, marriage, finance and marriage. Find out where gunshot is coming from through prayers. If shot in the head, it is against destiny where a person will be a living-dead. Parts of destiny alive but other aspects spiritually dead, untimely death or losses of opportunities. Dreams about gunshots means threats in real life avoid arguments if you shot person in serious. It means the spirit of death is in operating in your life because enemy wants to sabotage your life. If you shoot person in self-defense it indicates trying to protect your life from satanic attacks. If a uniformed person chases you with a gun it means be very careful and avoid actions that cause troubles for you. If you discover a person is impersonating uniform person know house people are after your glory. If you shoot a friend or person with gun in dream it means you made mistake. A choice that can bring problems between you and that person. Warplane dream is spiritual warfare of some matters dealing with.Fifth-Trumpet-02-LocustsDream where you pursue with gun or shooting bad person with a gun, means you are trying to stop the destiny of the person. To collect gun from a person about to shoot you in the dream means you destroyed power of enemy to dominate you or shoot any person. If you hear sound of gunshot in dream means be security conscious. The sound of the gunshot can bring fear and pains. It’s the sign of bad things about to take place in your home environment. If you notice officials using gun to shoot in dream it means they want to help foster peace and harmony in the environment. If your spirit is calm in dream it means the LORD God fully protects you and your family. If you dream of gunshot or bullet towards your direction then pray because the dream could mean enemy wants to and cage you spiritually. This dream is spirit of untimely death, bad news, loss. If bullets enters body, you need to go for deliverance in a church. This is not time to fear its time to PRAY and wage serious battle agains enemies that want to kill you. Use the BLOOD of Jesus to protect yourself. Read 2 Kings 1:1-4. Psalm 27, Luke 10:19; Jeremiah 17 :18; Psalm 18:3; Psalm 27:1-14; Psalm 91. Other areas of gunshot dream in heart, means death through heart attack, and gunshot in womb, sign of miscarriage or barrenness. A gunshot in house means sign of burglary attack, gunshot of leg means devil trying to paralyze destiny. That means setbacks, demotion, delay gunshot at hands means hands are dead spiritually. Anything hands touches will receive problems as cursed hand. Being alive after gunshot means the time for your death is not yet come. God Divine protection is key to your life. The stray bullet means you are monitored by the spirit of untimely death. Gunshot from ground means enemy is trying to make your life difficult by various strategies to destroy you. A gunshot from parents or relatives, if dream persists means the spirit of anger or death is using them to take your life through food poisoning. A gunshot or knife attack in dream means be very careful and avoid endangering your life. If you dream enemy cuts body to pieces near you or holds knife against your neck, fast and pray immediately. It is imminent death of a loved one, friend or colleague. Remember the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus Christ comes to give you abundant life more abundantly in Jesus Name. No matter what you go through in life God can deliver you if believe and receive your deliverance in the Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ. Thanks and Glory to God. IMG-20200209-WA0005INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7-day fasting and prayers between 12am – 6pm. The day or time of fasting can be regulated depending on leading of the Holy Spirit. PRAYER POINTS: I fire back all arrows of death, in the Name of Jesus. Every household power trying to capture my destiny, receive the arrow of death in Jesus Name. Anything dead in my life, be resurrected by fire, in the Name of Jesus. The power chosing the date of my death and burial be cancelled by fire, in Jesus Name. Every spiritual gunshots affecting my progress, backfire, in the Name of Jesus. Every evil ones that is destroying my spirit, let the thunder of God strike them to death, in the Name of Jesus. Every setback introduced into my life as a result of gunshot dream, be cancelled and destroyed, in the Name of Jesus. Arrow of profitless labour shot at me return to sender in Name of Jesus. I paralyze hands of the wicked shooting me in the dream. Every gunshot demon in my father’s house receive fire and die in the Name of Jesus. O God, let planned evil against me be disappointed in Jesus Name. I command my dead potentials to come alive again, in the Name of Jesus. I release my glory and my goodness tied down by the spirit of gunshot demons, in the Name of Jesus. You devil, take all your charms away from my destiny, in the Name of Jesus. The power wanting to make life hard for me scatter by fire, in Jesus Name. I shall not die but live to declare the works of God in the land of the living. I reject gunshot bombarding my life attacks in dream. Every spirit of longterm suffering in my life, break by fire in the Name of Jesus. I excel above my colleagues in Jesus Name. O LORD, God anoint my hands for outstanding success and profits in Jesus Name. I cancel evil cases in Jesus Name by Blood of Jesus protecting me from evil events in the Name of Jesus. Any sin in my life, BLOOD of Jesus, cleanse and forgive me, in the name of Jesus.downloadfile-14


In Judges 19:29, he came into his house, took knife laid hold on his concubine, and divided her, with bones, into twelve pieces, and sent her into all the coasts of Israel.” Luke 11:21-23, A strong armed man keeps his palace so his goods are in peace: But a stronger man comes upon him, overcomes him takes from him all his armour trusted, and divides spoils. knife means in the dream a symbol of threat to death so bad signal of tragedy. A knife is used for cutting as a weapon. Dagger dream means the enemies after your life. Carrying knife signifies anger, aggression or separation. Knives mean feeling of injustice and fear in dealings with people. Knives used as a weapon if someone is attacking you can refer to an internal dispute you may be having. A knife injuring un/known in dream is sorrow, bad news, hopelessness, fatal accident. The dream of knife cutting a head, heart, limbs attack curse is violent spirit sign devil uses to destroy things. If angry resentment spirit is used by devil against you. Be vigilant, control your temper and forgive all. Knife dream is a negative meaning if knife is to cut off a snake head, dog head is spiritual war. It shows power to confront and overcome enemies to stop losing a precious lives in your life. 1 Samuel 22:23, says “Abide with me, fear not: for he that seeks my life seeks your life: but with me you are safe.” Leviticus 20:6, souls that turns after such as familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.” Spiritual meaning of knives in  a dream about knives are usually scary and alarming. There are times when a knife represent a good meaning. For example, when a person is pursuing you with knife in a dream, but all of a sudden you threw a knife on his chest and died, that’s a good sign of victory over your stubborn enemies. 5b5c3a1682d7eda4dee3d99266206c06According to Bible text in Genesis 22:6-10, understand a knife is also a weapon for killing, division and sacrifice. So the correct rendering of word is murder, and the Bible says, thou shall not kill. Its true spiritual symbol of knife attacks is injure people with mysterious wounds on the body. If you are stabbed with a knife in the dream it means devil wants to destroy your destiny. Your recovery prayers should be the next deliverance prayers. When you wake up feeling bad then it shows that they have killed you spiritually. This moment address dream quickly with deliverance prayers and fasting to reconnect with God as source of your Divine blessings. If a pregnant woman and dreamed where a person or faceless creature stabbed at you or your womb its sign of miscarriage, difficulty in child delivery. Pray you should not to die during conception or child delivery. Appearance of knife to pregnant woman is fear and death. ALSO READ:  Spiritual Meaning Of Pit In Dream Reasons Why Enemies Are Attacking You With Knife because of glorious star. Its because God has set you free from their territory. Its because you have the light of God upon your life and getting closer to your breakthrough. Its because the keys of glory is given back to you. Its because heaven has announced your wedding date. Its because you are doing better than them. Leviticus 20:27, ”A man or woman that has familiar spirit, or wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.” The biblical dream meaning of knife is the evidence of the enemies trying to use any means to harm you to strangulate your destiny. Knife is dangerous especially when an armed robbery is using it as a means of weapon. downloadfile-17Dreams involving armed robbers with daggers represents a threat of killing. If you know one of the robbers is familiar to you then you have to remove some bad people from your life. If person is your family member, try if possible to ex-communicate person till your spirit asks you to relate with him. Dreams are places where you can safely avoid those people who bother you. If you dream of killing person with knife in self defense, fear not, you are not killing or harming anyone in real life. Its defending you or loved ones from some curses or strange occurrence from attacking you. Do you know correcting people’s insult against you is a self self-defense? This dream is trying to tell you your glory is attracting envious or jealous people willing to try to suffocate your destiny enchantment curses, arrows, etc. If such experiences appears often in your dream it means you are not safe, a quick action, change your environment sometimes until your spirit is relatively calm from within. You may want to read Meaning Of dead people In The Dream Prayers Against Untimely Death in Bible use Verses to Cancel Bad Dreams About Accidents Spiritual Meaning Of Blood In Dream If you stabbed a person in the dream on the attempt of self-defense, it means following… Protection, victory, gaining control over your enemies etc Dreams of self defense protect yourself from demonic attack that flies in day and pestilence walking in darkness. If you dream of another person killing you in self defense can mean you’re being attacked because of a violent behaviour, perceived anger and attempt of murder. If you kill with dagger, knife, spiritually killing or murdere of soul, can translate to real life. Be prayerful this is a set up from your enemies to put you in cage or label a false claim against you. A dream people are fighting with knives could be dangerous. If you dream fighting with knife in hand it means your unfriendly friends enemies frenemies be careful. downloadfile-12They may try to terminate relationship between you and people around you. If in a painful relationship with a person taking away your peace or joy a dream  means division attack between you and people. If you are a married woman and fighting your husband with knife means Jezebel spirit projecting in your attitude to kill your marriage and frustrate hope of your husband. A woman experiences fear when she sees her little child with knife. There will be strange shock and fear in her. The first thought running her mind is, ”my baby is playing with knife. My baby wants to injure himself or herself.” Spiritually, appearance of a knife to a woman is spirit of depression, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, emotional imbalance, sickness etc. The spiritual meaning of killing an hen, fowl, or chicken with a knife is a warning sign of terminating a soul. Hen has soul, blood, to exist. The dream means some powers exchanged destiny of person into a fowl in the dream. The moment you kill fowl, the dreamer is terminated or baby from womb. Killing a person is sign blood of but soldier from the frontline of combat have nightmares. Loss of divine mercy, of killed animals in real life but if comes to dream, you have to put on the eyes of the spirit in Exodus 20:13 Dreaming of holding knife indicates a situation you are ready to kill whoever crosses your path. If this is the case in your waking life, your conscience is telling you that your attitude is destroying reputations and dignity. Sometimes its not necessary influenced by devil, but uncontrollable behaviour towards a social interaction with others. A certain amount of anger is unhealthy attempt to cause uproar. If have dream of stabbing group of people with knife evil effects is sickness, loss of money, life or a group of friends staying away until you conquer evil. If strange feelings encountered during dream of knife, knives, daggar Fear, unstable, anxiety, depression, weakness in body, pray. Dream of a knife beside your bed represents a danger or a blood sucking spirit, possible a threat of death. stdas0197When it comes to seeing knife in a dream, the emotions involved are fear, anxiety and confusion. The root of dream is a sense of being manipulated at the witchcraft altar for sacrifice. If not married or you often see knife on the bed, it means the spirit of satanic oppression is troubling your peace. If married, it indicate some strangers try to cause division between you and your husband. Check if your husband is keeping a date with another woman, if yes cast out spirit of strange woman using divination enchantments against your marriage. Many things are happening when you see knife in your child’s hand in the dream its potent bad omen. It means enemy trying, planning to use child to cause troubles if knife in hand of a son means its spirit of violent and stubbornness are possessing his life and destiny. If a child threatens people with knife take child to pastor for quick deliverance from the spirit of vagabond. Watching knife get in in the child’s body dream means child’s destiny killed and sacrificed through oath. In some cases, a dream of a knife in the body of a person can symbolize feelings of calamity. In a dream of gangs of armed robbers those feelings of fear, insecurity or dangerous attacks. You may feel frightened when you wake up from this dream prayers protect from evil forces. If you dreamt you are running away from someone trying to stab you to death, it shows the kind of wicked powers trying to kill you at the edge of your breakthrough. Your dream shows you are trying to progress and accomplish financial success but its the powers are saying NO to it. It shows your enemies are contending with you in battle with weapon of war. Although you might not have weapon to fight as long as you shout the blood of Jesus, you disarmed them. If you know the person might be dangerous trying to make your life difficult the best way to overcome this dream is by soaking yourself with the blood of Jesus. Let name of Jesus be frequent in dealings with any strangers. After dream, please don’t always keep late at night or moving alone in dark or silent environment. Its a warning, Pray not to fall into evil in the name of Jesus.downloadfile-14BLOOD STAIN: If you dream or seen a blood stain on your cloth, body, money, or on your bed is sign of spiritual attack. If dream is consistent, it means there is covenant binding between you and the devil. If the covenant is unbroken, your enemy will be using that strange blood stain to fight and attack your marriage etc. The operation of the devil reveals that there is serious spiritual problem. TREATMENT: Every strange blood upon my life, marriage be cancelled by the blood of Jesus. READ: Revelations 12:11, Philippians 4:6-7, Psalms 35.

INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers with midnight prayers between 12am to 1am. Read the following Bible verses: Galatians 5:1, 2 Timothy 4:18, Romans 6:14, Deuteronomy 3;22, Colossians 1;13-14, Luke 10:19, Ephesians 6:12-13.

PRAYER POINTS O God of mercy and power, focus on my life, in the name of Jesus. Every satanic power using knife to strangulate my destiny, catch fire, in Jesus name. O Lord, empower my life with your power over demonic forces that set against me, in Jesus name. I cancel evil effects of this dream from the surface of my life in the name of Jesus. Strangers of darkness attacking and pursuing me with knives kill yourself in Jesus name. A power assigned to use me and my loved ones for sacrifice, die by fire, in Jesus name. The stronghold of the wicked shall not bury my stars in the name of Jesus. Arrows of wicked target at night to use me for ritual, die by fire, in Jesus name. You powers, using the face of a familiar person in my family to waste me, fall down and die, in Jesus name. I remove the knife of the blood sucking demon from my head and body, in Jesus name. He that killeth by the sword shall also die by the sword, in Jesus name. I shall not be wasted like every other person, in Jesus name. No power shall use my destiny to balance their account, in Jesus name. I reject the assignment and weapons of the enemy targeted against me, in Jesus name. Whatever has been done against me using the ground, be neutralized in the name of Jesus. O Lord, arrest any powers using knife to cut off my organs in the spirit, in Jesus name. I disarm any power that made covenant with the gods about me, in Jesus name. Every witchcraft/herbalist coven harbouring my womb receive the fire of God be roasted in Jesus name. I recover my destiny from the hands of destiny exchangers in the name of Jesus. Every verdict of witchcraft be nullified in the name of Jesus. I shall not die but live to declare the works of the LORD in the land of the living in the name of Jesus. I refuse to receive threat of knife in my house or on the road, on the street, in Jesus name. Blood of Jesus hide me from my enemies today and forever in Jesus name. My destiny be released and locate me in the name of Jesus. I bind every sign of tragedy and sorrow at edge of my Divine blessings, in Jesus name. The strange hand pulling my star backward wither by fire in the name of Jesus. God send your angels to protect me and family in Jesus Name.downloadfile-14 We decree they shall not set their evil eyes on us in the name of Jesus. Every satanic transaction done over our lives in womb perish by blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. The satanic strongman using our destiny to prosper enough is enough, die, in Jesus name. I withdraw bullets, ammunition made available to enemy against my life, in Jesus name. O Lord, make my life invisible to demonic observers, in the name of Jesus. Those power sitting on our lives, blocking us from rising be cast in fire in the name of Jesus. Wenbreak witchcraft pot over my life in the name of Jesus. Those carrying sacrifice on the head because of me, run mad before sunset in Jesus name. Every power calling my name in any cauldron for long term affliction fall down and die in the name of Jesus. I disentangle myself and my family from witchcraft cage and pot in the name of Jesus. Lord Jesus help break out of obstacles on my way to progress in Jesus name. I reject every evil manipulation, in the name of Jesus. Tragedy, sorrow and death, hear the word of the Lord, I cast you out of my dwellings, in Jesus name. Blood of Jesus protect me and save me in the name of JESUS. The powers assigned to divert my destiny whoever you are and wherever you are, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus. The power occupying my rightful position be unseated by fire, in Jesus name. Every door I opened to enemy be closed by the blood of Jesus. Let my oppressors receive leprosy of Divine  judgement in the name of Jesus. O God of Elijah, arise in your power and break every visible and invisible yoke upon my life in the name of Jesus. Every yoke of stubborn witchcraft put on any organ of my body, break by fire in the name of Jesus. Eaters of flesh, drinkers of blood, my life is not yours die by fire in Jesus name. Any red object seen in my dream abortive yokes of my destiny, break by fire in the name of Jesus. I release every internal organ in my body from every evil covenant, in Jesus name. I release myself from the hands of occultic friends in Jesus name.

Read more at: https://www.evangelistjoshuaorekhie.com/guns-knife/dreams-and-interpretation/feed



  1. Someone shot me in my dream at my back and bullet turned to be a foam.what is the meaning

    This means a spiritual or physical attack is not directly seen because its towards your back. To turn into foam shows it changed from hurting you into another format either hidden in your body or exited? Foam in solid or liquid form is not meant to be in your body so watch out for any issues that can affect health or situations. Pray and fast if your doctor permits without any health problems or ask intercessors to agree in prayer with you if you can’t fast. If its possible go for a health check up the LORD God uses visions and dreams to alert to warn to be more careful about your life pray for friends or family. Be careful in general and if not feeling right about any issues seek help from a pastor of deliverance in Jesus Name. If you are saved and born again be in faith and aware the devil is like a roaring lion seeking some to devour but Jesus Christ defeated the devil. Cover yourself and loved ones by pleading the Blood of Jesus. God bless you and keep you safe in Jesus Name.

  2. Please help me interpret this dream, I was shot in the head by an armed robber on the road traveling, he said the way am looking at him, he thinks I know him or he knows me from somewhere. And I honestly do not know him from anywhere. Immediately he shot me, I woke up and started praying.

    Thank God for revealing dream to you Joel says in the Bible in the last days people will dream dreams and see visions. Be careful and watch out when out and about and those you interact with, avoid anywhere you feel puts you at risk. It does not mean don’t go out but be alert. Pray for God’s Protection cover by Blood of Jesus in Jesus Name. God sends HIS angel’s to intervene as in book of Daniel and to overcome enemies to deliver you and your loved ones in Jesus Name. So set time aside regularly to pray and meditate on God’s words daily. Jesus said perilous times will come and also as great door opens adversaries try to falsely accuse to try to persecute God’s Children in vain in Jesus Name.Thank you for comments God bless you.

  3. Hi Please help me I am a christian but in this instant it was me who have been given a gun. I was excited but I knew that I wasnt gonna use it because I never used it before but just possessing it was an empowerment to me. However, the person given it to me ordered me to go and used it to my opponent. Surprising infront of enemy I just stood and pray in spirit and amazingly there was no panic but peace and I felt victorious instantly. Would you please tell me what it meant. Regards

    • God reveals things in dreams, visions first about yourself to guide you to be careful of any real life events. At other times it is about other people to pray for them and intercede on their behalf. God can use the dream to warn you of any potential thing going to happen so it’s good to pray to ask God’s help and protection for yourself, family, friends. The Bible says God’s words are more powerful than weapons so continue to pray for God’s protection. Cover your life with Blood of Jesus and ask God to stop any evil plans of the devil against you and your enemies in Jesus Name.

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