science0_2315587bDreams of gunshots heard or knife is attack so seek help from God to protect and save you in Jesus Name. Gunshots fired near you is a direct link spiritual arrow. The agenda of the enemy is to torment people with pain affliction. People wonder why life problems exist despite consistent dedication to God. In dream people may experience gun or knife pointed at them or fired at someone nearby. Some gunshots dreams affect real life when they wake up to notice strange mark on the body. The symptoms of gunshot dream may be sickness, hardship or financial problem. People in bondage shot at times bullets turn them into spiritual slaves whose destinies are exchanged or upturned to live bad lives. What works for other people does not work for them success attained in a day may take them months or years. Experience of attack of gunshot is serious wake up pray to God to stop something bad or terrible happening. If using gun or knife be careful not to be hurt or hurt others. Challenges people face in life compound their use of guns or knives trying to protect themselves. In spiritual terms the shooting at them in dreams can cause a real problem from the enemy who does not want you to move forward in life. So such dreams cause setbacks and gunshot in dream takes them into sorrow. A gunshot dream destroy many people’s jobs, marriage, finance. Find out where gunshot is coming from through prayer. If shot in the head its against destiny of a person to be living-dead. Destiny of life in spiritual death, untimely death or loss of opportunities. Dreams of gunshots means threats in real life avoid arguments, if you shoot person it means spirit of death wants to operate in your life because enemy wants to sabotage your life. If you shoot person in self-defense it is trying to protect your life from attacks. If a uniformed person chases you with a gun it means be very careful and avoid actions that cause troubles for you. If the person impersonating in uniform knows you its after your glory. If you shoot a friend or person with gun in dream by mistake this can cause problems between you and them. Warplane dream is spiritual warfare some people deal with in their lives from enemies.Fifth-Trumpet-02-LocustsDream pursuing with gun and shooting bad person, means you are trying to stop destiny of that person. To collect gun from a person about to shoot you in the dream means you destroyed power of enemy to dominate you or shoot you. If you hear sound of gunshots in dream means be security conscious. The sound of the gunshot can bring fear or pain. It’s sign of things about to take place in your home environment. If you see officials using gun to shoot in dream it means they want to foster peace and harmony in environment to stop attack. If your spirit is calm in dream it means the LORD God fully protects you and your family. If you dream of gunshot or bullet in your direction pray because enemy wants to hurt you spiritually. This dream is spirit of untimely death, bad news and loss. If bullets enters your body, fast and pray to God for deliverance in Jesus Name. This is not time to fear its time to PRAY and wage serious battle agains enemies that want to kill you. Use BLOOD of Jesus to protect you. Read 2 Kings 1:1-4. Psalm 27, Luke 10:19; Jeremiah 17 :18; Psalm 18:3; Psalm 27:1-14; Psalm 91. Other gunshot dream in the heart, means death through heart attack, gunshot in womb, sign of miscarriage or barrenness. A gunshot in house means sign of burglary attack, gunshot of leg means devil trying to paralyze destiny or setback demotion delay, gunshot at hand is hand spiritually dead so anything hand touches is problem or curse. Being alive after gunshot means its not time for your death. God Divine Protection is key to your life. The stray bullet means you are monitored by spirit of untimely death not meant for you. Gunshot from ground means enemy is trying to make your life difficult to destroy you. A gunshot from your parents or relatives in dream means the spirit of anger or death using them to hurt your life in food poisoning. A gunshot or knife attack dreams means be very careful so avoid endangering your life. If you dream enemy cuts body to pieces near you or holds knife against your neck, fast and pray. It is imminent death of a loved one, friend or colleague devil comes to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus Christ gives you abundant life more abundantly in Jesus Name. No matter what you going through in life God can deliver you if believe, pray and receive your deliverance in Mighty Name of Jesus Christ with thanks and Glory to God.downloadfile-14A KNIFE REVENGE VICTIM IN BIBLE  In Judges 19:29, a man came in house, took knife laid hold of wife cut her and bones in twelve pieces sent to coasts of Israel.” Luke 11:21-23 says strong man keeps palace goods in peace but a stronger man overcomes him takes his armour trusted and divides spoils. Knife in dream symbol of threat to life death bad signal of tragedy cut as weapon. Dagger dream means enemies after a life. Carrying knife signifies anger, aggression, separation. Knife is feeling of injustice in fear deals with people with weapons to attack for internal dispute but knife injures and destroys both lives. If person un/known in dream its a bad news, hopelessness or accident. Dreams of a knife cutting head, heart, limbs by a violent spirit trying to destroy. Anger or resentment spirit is used by devil be vigilant and control your temper to forgive. Knife dream if cuts a snake or dog head is spiritual war. Pray for power to confront to overcome enemies to stop losing precious lives. In 1 Samuel 22:23, word says, abide with me, fear not he seeks our lives but with me you are safe. Leviticus 20:6 says souls turning to the familiar spirit, wizards God will set face against that soul to cut him off from his people. Spiritually the meaning of knives in dream is alarming. At times a knife is good if pursued by knife in a dream you threw knife on chest so they died is sign of victory over your stubborn enemy. In Genesis 22:6-10, a knife as a weapon kills, divides sacrifice or murders, Bible says you shall not kill. A spiritual knife symbol attack injury mysterious stab wounds on body in a dream it is devil trying to destroy a destiny. Use recovery deliverance prayer when you wake up feeling bad to stop spiritual killing. Stop dream quickly with deliverance prayer, fasting reconnect with God as source of your Divine blessings. Pregnant woman dreams of person or faceless creature stabbing your womb sign of miscarriage difficulty in child delivery. Pray not to die in delivery in Jesus Name. Knife attack of a pregnant woman is fear of death of enemy attacking with knife to destroy your glorious star. Pray God sets you free from evil territory for light of God in your life for your breakthrough. The keys of glory in heaven announced your wedding date to do better than enemy. And Leviticus 20:27 says a man or woman with a familiar spirit, wizard be put to death with stones so their blood is upon them.” Biblical dream of knife is enemy trying to harm or strangulate a destiny. Knife is dangerous used in armed robbery as a weapon pray God stops attack. downloadfile-17Dreams of armed robber’s dagger threat of killing stop by fastings and prayers in Jesus Name. If you know robbers remove the bad people from your life. If its a family member ex-communicate person till your spirit asks you to relate with them. Dream is a place to safely avoid people who bother you. If you dream of killing a person with knife in self defense, fear not you are not killing anyone in a real life. Its defence of you, loved ones from curse attacking you. Correcting people insulting you is a self self-defense. A dream can tell you your glory is attracting envious jealous people trying to suffocate destiny by enchantment curses. If in dream you are not safe take action to change environment till your spirit feels calm. Cancel the bad dream of accidents, stabbing in dream, self-defense to protect your life in victory to gain control over enemy. Self-defense dream protect you from pestilence attacks in the or at night. If you dream a person kills you in self defense stop attacks of any violent behaviour anger, attempted murder. If you kill with knife its spiritually killing or murder of soul or can be in real life. Pray to stop enemy to put you in cage by false label. The dreams of people fighting with knives is dangerous avoid any groups fighting with knives and unfriendly frenemies be careful. Terminate friendship of such people around you even if painful it can save your life. Confide in a trusted safe person to get help without feeling you break code of relationship with person taking your peace or joy. A dream of divisive attacks by people if married, fight against attack from your spouse with a knife. The Jezebel spirit attitude kills marriage and frustrate hope of husband. Women experience fear if they see a little child with a knife. Spiritually, knife to women is spirit of depression fear, anxiety, hopeless emotional imbalance and sickness. Spiritual meaning killing hen, fowl, chicken with a knife is warning sign of terminating soul. Dream means power exchange destiny of person into fowl in dream if you kill fowl dreamer killed baby in womb. Soldier in the frontline of combat have nightmares of loss. Divine mercy killing animal in dream mean put on eyes in spirit in Exodus 20:13. Dream holding knife ready to kill whoever crosses your path in evil ritual initiation stop it by prayer in Jesus Name. Your conscience tells you your attitude is destroying life of dignity influenced by the devil in an uncontrollable behaviour antisocial interaction with others must stop. Its unhealthy causing pain to the innocent people you hate stabbing in group of people with knives. You hate evil effect of sickness, loss of money, lives, friends so stay away til you conquer evil. If strange feelings in dream of knives you fear you’re unstable, anxious, depressed, weak in body, pray that God forgives you and delivers you in Jesus Name. If dream is of a knife beside your bed or blood sucking spirit threatens life pray. stdas0197Seeing knife in dream emotion or confusion root of dream is manipulation for sacrifice. If unmarried and often see knife on the bed, it means spirit of oppression troubling your peace. If married it means division between you and husband. Check if your husband is dating another woman, if yes cast out spirit of a woman using divination enchantments against your marriage. Things happening if you see knife in your child’s hand in dream its bad omen. It means enemy trying to use child to cause troubles, if knife in hand of a son means its spirit of violent stubbornness possessing his life and destiny. If your child threatens people with knife pray child stops vagabond spirit in Jesus Name. If knife gets in child’s body dream means child’s destiny killed sacrificed through oath. In some cases dream of a knife in the body can symbolize calamity. If dream of armed robbers feeling fear, insecurity of dangerous attacks pray in Jesus Namd. If frightened when you awake from dream pray to God to protect you from evil forces. If you dream running away from someone trying to stab you to death it shows wicked powers trying to kill you at the edge of breakthrough. Your dream shows you are trying to progress and accomplish financial success but powers saying no to it. It shows enemies contend with you in spirtual battle using weapons of war. You might not have weapons to fight use Jesus blood and Name to disarm them. If you know the person who attacks you trying to make your life difficult overcome this dream soaking yourself with blood of Jesus. Let the name of Jesus be used in dealings with any strangers. After dream, don’t be late at night moving alone in dark silent environment. Its a warning, pray not to fall into evil in the name of Jesus.downloadfile-14BLOOD STAIN: If in dream sees blood stain on your cloth, body, money or your bed its sign of spiritual attack. If dream consistent, it means there is covenant binding between you and devil. If covenant is unbroken, your enemy uses blood stain to fight and to attack your marriage. Operations of devil reveals a spiritual problem. PRAY: Any strange blood on my life, marriage be cancelled by BLOOD of Jesus in Jesus Name. READ: Revelations 12:11, Philippians 4:6-7, Psalms 35. And fast 3 days with midnight prayers between 12am to 1am. Read Bible: Galatians 5:1, 2 Timothy 4:18, Romans 6:14, Colossians 1:13-14, Luke 10:19 Deuteronomy 3;22, Ephesians 6:12-13. PRAY to God of Mercy and Power to focus on my life in the Name of Jesus and stop power using knife to destroy my destiny catch fire, in Jesus Name. O Lord empower my life by your POWER over evil forces against me in Jesus Name. I cancel evil effects of dreams in my life in the Name of Jesus. All darkness spirits attacking by pursuing me with knives kill yourself in Jesus name. Any powers that attack me or my loved ones for sacrifice die by fire in Jesus name. The stronghold of the wicked shall not bury my stars in the Name of Jesus. If a wicked target at night uses me for ritual die by fire in Jesus Name if powers usingface of a familiar person in family to waste me fall down and die in Jesus Name. I remove knife of blood of evil from my head and body in Jesus Name. He who kills by the sword dies by sword in Jesus Name. I shall not be wasted by others in Jesus Name. No power to use my blood or destiny to balance their account in Jesus Name. An assignment of weapons of enemy targeting me, in Jesus Name die. Whatever is done against me on the ground is neutralized in the Name of Jesus. O Lord, arrest any powers using knife to cut off my organs in spirit in Jesus Name. I disarm any powers making covenant with gods about me in Jesus name. Any herbalist coven harbouring my life, clothes, sacrifice, womb, receive the fire of God burn to ashes in Jesus Name. I recover my destiny from hands of destiny exchangers in the Name of Jesus. All evil verdicts be nullified in Name  of Jesus. I shall not die but live to declare the works of the LORD in the land of the living in the Name  of Jesus. I refuse threat of knife in my house, on road, on the street in Jesus Name. Blood of Jesus hide me from enemies forever in Jesus name. My life and destiny is released in the name of Jesus. I bind tragedy, sorrow at edge of all my Divine blessings in Jesus Name. A strange hand pulling my star backward die by fire in the Name of Jesus. God send your angels to protect me and my family in Jesus Name with thanks to God.downloadfile-14 We decree no evil eyes on us in the Name of Jesus. All satanic transactions done over our lives in womb perish by the blood of Jesus in the Name of Jesus. The strongman using our destiny to prosper die in Jesus name. I take gun, bullets, ammunition knife from enemy against my life in Jesus Name. O Lord, make my life invisible to the evil observers in the Name of Jesus. A power sitting on our lives, blocking us from rising be cast in fire in the Name of Jesus. We break evil pots over our lives in the Name  of Jesus. Those carrying sacrifice on head because of me die before sunset in Jesus Name. Any power calling my name in a cauldron for long term affliction fall down and die in the Name of Jesus. We disentangle our family from evil cage, pot in the Name of Jesus. Lord Jesus help break the obstacles to progress in Jesus Name. I reject evil manipulation in the Name of Jesus. The tragedy, sorrow, death sent hear the word of the LORD I cast you out of my dwellings in Jesus Name. Blood of Jesus protect and save us in the name of JESUS, powers assigned to divert destiny fall down and die in the Name of Jesus. The power occupying our rightful position be unseated by fire in Jesus Name. Any door I opened to enemy is closed by the blood of Jesus oppressors receive the Divine  judgement of God in the Name of Jesus. God of Elijah, arise in your power to break every in/visible yoke upon my life in the Name of Jesus. Every yoke put on organs in my body, break by fire in the Name  of Jesus. Eaters of flesh, drinkers of blood my life is not yours die by fire in Jesus Name. If red object seen in my dream is yoke of my destiny, break by fire in the Name of Jesus. I restore internal organs in my body from evil covenants in Jesus name. I release myself from hands of occultic friends in Jesus Name. Pray 7 days fasting prayers between 12am – 6pm. A day time fasting depends on leading of the Holy Spirit. PRAYER POINTS: I fire back death, in the Name of Jesus, household power trying to capture my destiny, receive death in Jesus Name. Things dead in my life be resurrected by fire in the Name of Jesus, power chosing date of my death and burial be cancelled by fire in Jesus Name. Every spiritual gunshots affecting my progress backfire in the Name of Jesus. Every evil one destroying my spirit, thunder of God strike them to death in the Name of Jesus. All setback in my life, dream of gunshot be cancelled and destroyed in the Name of Jesus. A profitless labour return to sender in Name of Jesus. I paralyze hands of the wicked shooting me in the dream. Every gunshot demon in my father’s house receive fire and die in the Name of Jesus. O God stop evil against in Jesus Name. I command my dead potentials to come alive in the Name of Jesus. I release my glory and goodness tied down by spirit of gunshot spirit in the Name of Jesus. God destroy devil’s charm from my destiny in the Name of Jesus, power wanting my life to scatter die by fire in Jesus Name. I shall not die but live to declare the works of God in the land of the living. I reject gunshot in my life or attack in dream. Every spirit of  suffering in my life die by fire in the Name of Jesus. I excel above my colleagues in Jesus Name. LORD God anoint my hands for good success and profit in Jesus Name. I cancel evil cases in Jesus Name. The Blood of Jesus protect me from evil events in the Name of Jesus. Any sin in my life the BLOOD of Jesus clean and forgive me in the Name of Jesus. If I offend and hurt others to cause vengeance against me or my family, LORD GOD forgive me in Jesus Name bless them in Jesus Name. Thank you Father God for your Compassion New every morning, your Grace and Mercy in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit for our victory in Jesus Name.

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  1. Hi, can you help me, I dream i was shot in my chest and then i had a hole in my chest. i was walking down a beach and it was getting dark.


    Thank God you are alive to share dream not die in your sleep is a testimony God preserved your life. Continue in prayer asking God to heal any emotional wounds in your heart. Pain and hurts you hold onto affects the clarity of the mind. Let go in forgiveness, nail it to the feet of the Cross of Jesus. If lies about you hurts deeply creating big gap in your heart pray God fills void in Jesus Name. Thank God and pray for your loved ones. If ‘frenemies’ around in group messes with guns in evening at beach don’t join in. God reveals to redeem to stop tragedy. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  2. I had a dream of my fiance and i were meeting up with a family at their apartment. My fiance and I were happy and everything seemed to go well. Until next thing I know I heard gunshots in the other room. I saw he killed someone from that family my immediate reaction was to run the rest of the family ran away too. All I could hear was him shooting the rest of the family. When my fiance came to me he pointed his gun at my face. I tried to cooperate to speak calmly to him but he still smiled and laughed and said he wanted to do it. I begged him not to hurt me , but he didn’t listen and shot me in the back and chest area. I could feel myself bleeding. In the dream I came back to life in the same scenario, but he still came to shoot me. The last time I came back to life in same dream I called the police to stop him hurting me or the family. I woke up crying and trembling with fear of what could happen to our relationship.


    God uses dreams to warn about life in physical and spiritual realms. This depends on who you are or types of friends you have. In the physical realms God is warning you or friends if you use guns be careful not to get involved or target. The person who truly loves you will not shoot you. Check if relationship involves violence, guns to get help. If a violent person threatens you with guns, no matter how much you love them you cannot control their actions. LOVE is not enough for the person using violence to control you. They must deal with anger and aggression they project on you. You must not let love blind you to be hurt by them. Don’t make excuses for them, you are not helping them kill you if your life is destroyed they end up in jail is not TRUE GENUINE LOVE. Read 1 Corinthians 13 about God’s true love conditions in the Bible.

    Spiritually if you or friends don’t dabble in guns it means spiritual ‘death.’ Your life choice partner affects your faith in Christ if a believer. Don’t let your partner ‘kill’ your faith to ‘die’ spiritually to please them to backslide. You ‘wake up’ realise your faith is compromised return to God but you repeat cycle in the name of love. If unequally yoked you hope to change them by love. Sadly many women lost lives to people they loved refused to seek help. They went back to partner deceiving them untill dead. Talk to the trained pastor who understands helping a family deal with violence. Pray and trust God to help and save you if entangled in a violent relationship. A person using gun is fear, insecure, hides behind guns to look ‘powerful.’ But underneath is a little child crying for real love or attention ONLY GOD PROVIDES TO HEAL THEIR HEART. Whether married or single you still need God in Christ to grow and mature. No partner fulfills all needs in life its a big mistake to think romantic love solves all problems in life. Marriage is good but it comes with emotional needs. Get help if you feel physically or spiritually ‘dead.’ Thank you for your comments, stay safe have a blessed Christmas.

  3. Please someone help and pray for me: I had a dream that a car with 3 people all wearing black hoodies swung around the corner as I was trying to run up a hill and hide. I laid on the hill to try and lay flat as soon as I turned around I saw the person in the passenger seat hang out the window and point the gun at me. I saw the first bullet fly right by me. Inches away from my body. The second bullet pierced my lower back on the right side. And the third bullet pierced the same spot. I felt both bullets pierce my flesh. I tried to get up to run away but I woke up. My side was in pain and I grabbed it in so much fear. I cried to Jesus in my dream and when I was waking up.


    You called on Jesus and He HEARD you, that is why you lived calling His Name waking up. God has not given you the spirit of fear but GOD’S POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND IN JESUS NAME. In Jesus Name we command those two bullets piercing your right side OUT OF YOUR BODY in Jesus Name be HEALED IN JESUS NAME! The violence and drive-by shootings of random people by the gangs for initiation in the news can put fear in people’s minds. And if you watch violent games, films late at night it can be replayed in sleep. If associated with a group capable of such violence BE CAREFUL don’t get involved. If going out, FAST in advance and pray, cover yourself with the BLOOD of Jesus NOT to be caught up in a crossfire of mistaken identity. If not part of such groups or watch violent films it can be stress and fear of global events on your mind. Play worship music, thank God and Jesus for keeping you alive these years, to continue to PROTECT your life. No weapons formed against you will prosper in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  4. Hi ….. my sister dreamt of a standing knife and it spinned and pointed at her…… what does it mean


    A knife standing and spinning is unpredictable unusual event taking place like roulette wheel randomly lands towards a person around. In the dream “your sister was the one knife pointed at,” so pray to God to stop any knife incidents that can happen round your sister to be caught up in that can affect her. If she interacts with those carrying knives she must be careful not to be hurt or get involved. How is your relationship with your sister? If she uses knives at work pray she is more careful not to hurt herself. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

    • thank you…. my relationship with my sister is stable and healthy…. she lately dreams about angels, demons, knives…… and i am a bit worried that’s why….. she doesn’t work…. neither does she use knives….. i sincerely thank you.


      Your stable and healthy relationship is the door God is using to bless your sister. Do not worry because Jesus said, which of you by worrying can change an iota (smallest dot.) of problems in Matthew 6:25-34. Worrying stops clear thinking to solve problems, causes stress, fear without solving problem. Prayer changes things so pray to God for reasons why you are “a bit worried” about her. If you believe in Jesus and accept Christ as Saviour, strong faith makes devil angry because you are translated from the kingdom of darkness into God’s Kingdom of Glorious Light in Christ. Dreams tell you watch and pray to God to get more strength through God’s Holy Spirit in Jesus Name to withstand evil wiles. If dream is spiritual attack because of faith in God as Jesus fasted 40 days and nights devil tried to tempt Him in vain. Jesus defeated devil with Bible, “Its Written.”
      If you are / not believers you need Jesus in your life to overcome in Jesus Name family background idol gods, dabbling in ouija boards, psychic fortune star reading, ritual incision on a body mark of initiation linking people to demon spirits. You need fasting prayer to break free in Jesus Name because who Jesus sets free is FREE indeed in Jesus Name. Your sister’s gift of dreams of angels God said in Joel 2:28 HE will pour out HIS Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy your old men dream dreams and young people see visions. Abraham was idol worshiper God chose him to be father of all nations. Gideon was idol worshiper God sent angel to help him to destroy idols to build a new Altar for God. You know if God chose your sister because of strong faith in Christ or calling her like Esther, Gideon to serve God to get rid of anything linking her to attacks. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  5. Hi,
    I saw my son playing with a gun in my dream. I collected the gun from him and I fired a shot into the air pls what is the meaning.


    Your son was not hurt by the gun he played with, you safely took gun from him not hurting you is double blessing. You fired gun safely in the air from him NOT to hit anyone to teach him a gun is not to play with but its a dangerous weapon that kills. If an adult son educate him not to play with gun to keep it in a safe place. God reveals secrets of the future of potential risk to WARN to be ALERT but not fearful. If you own a gun lock it safely away from the reach of your son or others in your vicinity. Pray for your son, be very careful if he has toy gun not to mix it up with identical real gun weapon. Its hard to tell difference by onlooker in fear. Remember a child shot dead at a playground mistaken for real gun? Make sure a toy gun with plastic toy pellets does not look EXACTLY the same as real gun. God says protect your son if given toy gun NOT to think adult gun is a toy. Thanks for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  6. Hi, last night I dreamed my mother in law was trying to shoot her daughter and misfired and the bullet went through the floor and hit me when I was asleep downstairs. I didn’t notice until my mom in the dream was telling me I got shot and was helping me heal it. The first shot left a hole in my knee but I wasn’t bleeding and the second bullet was lodged in my leg but there was no skin piercing. It was like it just absorbed into my skin and was sitting in my leg. I felt okay the whole dream. What does this mean?


    1. You are NOT your mother-in-law’s target as you said but hit twice by stray bullet unintended for you absorbed into your skin sitting in leg.
    2. You are downstairs not near your mother-in-law but upstairs safe away from her.
    3. You were hit but not hurt and helped by your mother to heal.
    4. You felt okay in the whole dream a good sign.
    5. You said your mother-in-law wanted to “shoot her daughter in a dream” so pray if there is any issues between them in real life to be resolved.
    6. Your mother’s prayers protect you so she can be peacemaker if necessary to heal relationship between your mother-in-law and her daughter.
    7. Be careful not to be her target if involved in trying to help her and her daughter. If in case in real life she can do so tell your mother and seek preventive help from experts for her and her daughter. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  7. I had a dream last night that I was in the perspective of the shooter and the gun was aimed at me. The shooter was about to the pull the trigger when a person stepped in front of my place than a second person (child) stood in front of me as well and took the bullet for me in the shoulder. What does this mean?


    Psalm 91 says under God’s Divine Protection cover you are not afraid of the terror at night or the arrow that flies by day or destruction that wastes at noon day. Angel’s of God intervene to intercept bullet, evil, accidents to save you from danger. This means you are protected by God by a child’s prayers or intercession of family or others on your behalf. Thank God for protecting you and be aware of risky events that can put you or a child in dangerous situations. Continue in prayer for God’s Mercy and Blood of Jesus to cover you and loved ones. Thank you for your comments, stay safe and God bless you.

  8. Hello, My fiance had a dream that an intruder came into a home unrecognizable to him .( But for the dreams sake I suppose it was His home). He said he heard scuffling and opened the door and when he opened the door , the individual came in and shot him, at some point they were shooting at each other , he ended up going to the hospital and the doctors were telling him that he was lucky because the bullet did not go deep in him, he did not lose a lot of blood , and the casing of the bullet was still in tact. This is not his first time having a dream where he had been shot, in a previous dream he had been in a shootout.


    Shooting is originally supposed to be in warfare in self-defence at battlefield. But satan turned it into weapon of control to bully victims. Spiritual life is battle too but your weapon is not guns, knives, chariots and horses some put confidence in. Your ammunition is the word of God the sword of the Spirit. The devil is weak, fearful uses guns, tries to put fear in people intimidates to force people against their will to do satan’s will. Hebrews 4:12 says, The word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, cuts through bones and marrow. The word of God is quick, powerful and sharper piercing to divide asunder the soul and spirit, joints and discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. This is a powerful word of God to memorize, pray daily to stop violent gun dreams. Don’t watch violent films two hours before bedtime the mind sleeps on it, stores scenes to replay in dreams. Causes negative emotion aggressive behaviour, anger, without sound sleep, looks for fights. The mind is like video recorder what you point is recorded, stored and replayed in emotions and in dreams.

    If you handle guns yourself in your job or use it as a licenced legal owner, ensure its kept safe in a place unloaded out of reach including children. The news is full of gunshots images so it can be stored in the memory and replayed by the subconscious mind in dreams. Be careful if you watch violent video games, films or have guns around. People rush to pull guns if under a perceived attack. In dreams guns are quickest way spirit man tries to settle fight in the natural.

    The word of God says as much as possible live in peace with all people and vengeance belongs to God. Vendetta killings God says is evil spirits coming to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus end time warning in Revelations says spirit of killing is unleashed by angels on the world to kill each other. The devil is roaming around looking for those to destroy. Protect yourselves with blood of Jesus and full armour of God in Jesus Name. Avoid violent crowds, places of potential fights because its not God’s way to solve problems by love. Be for peace even if some for war because violent death vendetta solves no problems.

    Ephesians 6:11-18 in Bible says finally be strong in the LORD. Put on full armour of God to stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. 13 Put on full armour of God, so when day of evil comes to stand. 14 Stand firm put on belt of truth buckled on your waist, breastplate of righteousness 15 Put on your feet the gospel of peace. 16 Take shield of faith to extinguish flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Wear helmet of salvation with sword of Spirit word of God 18
    Pray in Spirit, be alert watch out in prayer. Thank you for your comments stay safe God bless you, Ask Lord Jesus Son of God to have mercy on you tell Jesus you trust Him, cover yourselves with blood of Jesus ask Father God to do HIS will in your lives. Forgive people, let go of anger, world events are birthpang pains of endtime so live right with God pray to be taken in Rapture.

  9. Please help me interpret this dream, I was shot in the head by an armed robber while walking on the street with my sister. But my sister didn’t care about me, it was my friend that came for my rescue and rush me to hospital, before getting to hospital she used her hand and remove the bullets.


    The Bible says in Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 18:24, Proverbs 27:6 there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (sister, mother, father, siblings) etc. Your friend took you to hospital, removed bullets but you expected your sister to help you in time of need and trouble. You feel she did not care because your friend helped instead of your sister. God sometimes uses other people to help more than blood relatives. God is teaching you to depend on God not lean on your own understanding. Relatives appear more successful and can help family members but don’t do so. Relatives feel let down but God is your helper, provider and source. Trust God and do not assume your family must do as you wish even though Bible says help family first and those in house of God. You do not know why your sister did not help you. Thank God you received help. Do not think your sister is uncaring because in dreams you can replay your real thoughts and feelings if you think she does not “care” about you in life. Go to God in prayer with your needs and treat your sister well. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  10. I have been having dreams of eating in the dreams almost a year now and suddenly this week I’ve had dreams of being shot in the dream. Which I have been praying on but the strange part is this Dreams keeps happening everyday. Please help me.


    1. Dream of eating can happen if you eat late, love food, lack food or think about food a lot it depends on which one is going on in your life. It can be spiritual food fed to contaminate your body, mind and soul. Spiritual food looks like normal food but in the spiritual realm is human flesh, blood or toxic concoction the devil tries to feed a person with to cause diseases or illness. The Bible says while people are asleep the devil sows tares to ruin bumper wheat harvest but it is Jesus who will come to separate wheat from tares. Attempts to uproot tares can pull out the wheat as both looks identical. Jesus is the one who has power to pull spiritual tares trying to ruin your life. Jesus told disciple some diseases or evil spirit tares will not come out without first FASTING & PRAYING. Check with your doctor if you can fast and start with half a day fast if you never fasted before. Drink water, fruit juice, eat banana to help body adjust if your doctor says you can fast. Prayer changes things so hold on by faith and repeat fast if you do not receive an instant answer.
    2. With so much violence in the news, in films or computer games the mind can store gunshot in dreams. The fear of violent shootings can be in dreams especially if you watch films or listen to news two hours before going to bed. Your mind can replay these shooting events in dreams but it can be warnings from God to signal be careful if you are out and about. Recent incidents show people shot in safety of their homes, bedrooms, sitting rooms or jogging. Be alert if you mix with crowds with guns or have guns around secure it safely locked from easy access. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the deeper meaning of dream to you. Take time to listen to God privately away from noise, TV off, etc. read Psalm 91 to ponder over God’s words to guide your thoughts and to have peace of mind in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments, stay safe, God bless you.

  11. Hey i dreamt i sat next to eminem and i dont know if he was feeding me or something but some type of situation was between me and him and from behind came someone with a gun and shot me from behind in my head,the left side( in my dream this came to mind: if you hang out with and at the wrong time and place, bad things happen to you, something like that, because the thing is in my dream i was innocent,for some reason the shooting was a mistake, that was the feelings i pick up in my dream, just weird)and i literally felt the gunshot ti my head in my dream and everybody was in shock because for some reason i had something going on in my life and now this is happening to me(for example: a woman just married to the man of her dreams and now she get shot,like she does not deserve this to be happening to her). I see no blood in my dream,so i got up from the chair and struggle with this guy who shot me, i cant remember how or if i did but i overpowered him and turn the gun on himself and shot him in his lower body. So i went out from this room i was in and walk down the stairs outside to the street and ask people to help me and take me to the hospital but in my dream i was in a foreign country where they speak Spanish i believe and nobody understood or help me and the whole time im thinking, i have to stay alive, i need to get to the hospital, i was going around asking and trying to tell them to take me to the hospital,show them my wound no-one helped me but all during my dream i see no blood,finally someone understood and drove me to the hospital and the doctor showed me the wound and in my dream the wound was open like a knife wound horizontal and i could see the flesh and like i said ,no blood just this thick wide open knife type of wound on my left backside of my head and he(doctor) said ,he cant operate on me cause the bullet move through my body and is stuck in my body(now where the bullet move to, is weird and not totally clear:on my upper right leg in the corner or under my right breast or on the right side of my head because these 3options i slighty remember but not 100% sure but i know in my dream i felt the bullet there or these options shows when i think about it ) and the doctor also said:and would lead to death if he ought to take it out and i told him, okay,then leave it there and i woke up.
    Kind regards
    Sorry for the longness:)


    Dreams reveal things in your life that can happen depending on your circumstances. If you feel some places you go can put you at risk pray and fast (if health OK ask doctor). Decide if you feel at peace in your heart before you go out. God uses dreams to warn about real life events to stop us from getting hurt. If you mix in a crowd or group with guns it can mean be careful at events you attend pray if you feel unsafe don’t go. Life is in the blood so to be wounded without bleeding means God saved your life. Malala the noble peace prize winner has a bullet in her head doctors told her it’s too dangerous to remove. Yet she lives and gets on with her life despite threats to her life. Dreams lasts for years so Eminem means music events or any large crowd gatherings of entertainment. It depends on your social life or types of crowds involved in. It can mean pray for other people God uses your pain and wounds in life to help others. It may not be physical pain but ’emotional’ or ‘spiritual’ ‘wound’ affects you but innocent, stops you from life on fire for God if a believer. Forgive let go of wounds causing you pain. If you travel often you will realise God takes you to places in dreams you visit physically later. This can be a future trip to Spain or foreign country if you plan to visit there or work in future. Dreams last long so write the date down and continue to pray for God’s mercy and protection. If you watch violent films or listen to news of shootings it can be stored in a retentive subconscious memory to replay in dreams. So pray and ask Holy Spirit to reveal meaning of dreams to fully understand what to do. To interprete a dream in Daniel 7:15-17 he prayed to God as Daniel was troubled in spirit of dream vision disturbing him. Daniel asked God to give him meaning of dream other times angel explained dream to him. Put on whole armour of God to pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Accept Jesus Lord for eternal life if you believe. Thank you for your comments and take care, stay safe and God bless you.

  12. I had a dream that me and two others were being shot at. My boyfriend was shot in the chest twice and I was shot in my hand and I felt the bullet rip through my skin. My boyfriend that was shot in my dream was killed in November of 2019 so he is already deceased. What does this mean?


    Thank God for revealing secret things in dreams to warn in advance to be more careful in life. So dreams from God means beware, fast and pray. Jesus said some miracles or problems solved only by fasting and prayer. As you wake up from dream go on your knees to call on God in Jesus Name to deliver you and to cancel dream in the Name of Jesus. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus every day for the rest of your life and ask God to protect you and loved ones. Be extra careful of people you mix with or places you go. Be alert but not panic. Follow your gut feelings if you think something is not right take it to the Lord in prayer for the Holy Spirit to guide and teach you. Bind the spirit of fear in Jesus Name. God says HE has not given you spirit of fear but LOVE, POWER AND A SOUND MIND. Forgive people and let God defend you in Jesus Name. Thanks for your comments and take care. God bless you.

  13. I dreamt of a pile of gold ashes which a golden bird arose from it grew into a huge flaming bird then burst into gold ash which fell back to the pile this repeated 7 times each time it occured I heard a loud voice say the Phoenix will rise from the ashes this was on new year’s day of jan 1 2011 in 2013 my life crashed fell totally apart ended up homeless lost all later I come to understand I was enlisted In a secret government program called the Phoenix program I’ve had several threats on my life but have made it out each time I’m hoping the 7 times may mean 7 years which would mean I’ve come to the e d of this in July 2020 but any ideas interpretation would be appreciated

    • The number seven used by God means perfection and gold is precious jewel as Bible says refined removes dross. A bird is symbolic of flight quick action repeated means emphasis by God to show importance of message. Days mentioned can be literal or a thousand years as a day is to God. God revealed detailed changes of gold quickly turning into bird and flew, burnt to ashes means sudden surge of success followed by quick fall. Ashes remaining shows what is left that reminds you of all past experiences. In the Bible in Exodus 3:1–4:17 at Mount Horeb a bush on fire with flames Moses saw angel come out of fire to talk to him. God’s voice spoke to confirm to Moses I AM WHO I AM sent message to deliver His people crying to God to save them. Flames in your dream shows the changes gone through from previous solid life of gold financially stable able to pay your way in life to “crashed” homeless life. Ashes reminds you of all left after destruction and rising seven times. Joseph’s dream of seven years of the seven lean cows swallowing seven fat cows is rise and fall. With prayer and wisdom from God people prepared against seven years of famine and thrived. Nations travelled to buy food from Joseph due to his vision and insight. This dream is similar to seven years of abundance you had followed by seven years homeless famine in your life. Like Joseph you can rise again and have good success and even bless others. God used the donkey to talk to Balam Numbers 22:21-39 up in Bible to warn him of danger. Balaam saddled donkey went with Moabites God was angry. In eternal life ashes interred rise again in eternity as ashes are precious priceless remains reminding people of their loved ones. There is hope for you to rise again with God all things are possible in Jesus Name. Ask God to give you wisdom and help you overcome in Jesus Name. God bless you.

  14. Someone shot me in my dream at my back and bullet turned to be a foam.what is the meaning

    This means a spiritual or physical attack is not directly seen because its towards your back. To turn into foam shows it changed from hurting you into another format either hidden in your body or exited? Foam in solid or liquid form is not meant to be in your body so watch out for any issues that can affect health or situations. Pray and fast if your doctor permits without any health problems or ask intercessors to agree in prayer with you if you can’t fast. If its possible go for a health check up the LORD God uses visions and dreams to alert to warn to be more careful about your life pray for friends or family. Be careful in general and if not feeling right about any issues seek help from a pastor of deliverance in Jesus Name. If you are saved and born again be in faith and aware the devil is like a roaring lion seeking some to devour but Jesus Christ defeated the devil. Cover yourself and loved ones by pleading the Blood of Jesus. God bless you and keep you safe in Jesus Name.

  15. Please help me interpret this dream, I was shot in the head by an armed robber on the road traveling, he said the way am looking at him, he thinks I know him or he knows me from somewhere. And I honestly do not know him from anywhere. Immediately he shot me, I woke up and started praying.

    Thank God for revealing dream to you Joel says in the Bible in the last days people will dream dreams and see visions. Be careful and watch out when out and about and those you interact with, avoid anywhere you feel puts you at risk. It does not mean don’t go out but be alert. Pray for God’s Protection cover by Blood of Jesus in Jesus Name. God sends HIS angel’s to intervene as in book of Daniel and to overcome enemies to deliver you and your loved ones in Jesus Name. So set time aside regularly to pray and meditate on God’s words daily. Jesus said perilous times will come and also as great door opens adversaries try to falsely accuse to try to persecute God’s Children in vain in Jesus Name.Thank you for comments God bless you.

  16. Hi Please help me I am a christian but in this instant it was me who have been given a gun. I was excited but I knew that I wasnt gonna use it because I never used it before but just possessing it was an empowerment to me. However, the person given it to me ordered me to go and used it to my opponent. Surprising infront of enemy I just stood and pray in spirit and amazingly there was no panic but peace and I felt victorious instantly. Would you please tell me what it meant. Regards

    • God reveals things in dreams, visions first about yourself to guide you to be careful of any real life events. At other times it is about other people to pray for them and intercede on their behalf. God can use the dream to warn you of any potential thing going to happen so it’s good to pray to ask God’s help and protection for yourself, family, friends. The Bible says God’s words are more powerful than weapons so continue to pray for God’s protection. Cover your life with Blood of Jesus and ask God to stop any evil plans of the devil against you and your enemies in Jesus Name.

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