downloadJesus said, “the devil has nothing in me” in John 14:30 while chatting with His disciples. There is nothing in Jesus to connect the devil as point of contact because Christ has no sin in Him says John 18:38 so the devil has no power over Jesus. And the prince of this world has nothing in our Lord and Saviour Jesus for the devil was completely defeated in the temptation and departed from Jesus. So turned his attention to God’s Children to attempt to destroy and separate them from love of God. The devil does not want people to know about his plans to deceive or fool people that he is a murderer from the beginning. There is no truth in the devil so he lies and transforms himself into angel of light. And satan does not like God’s TRUTH so uses the workers of lawlessness in Matthew 7:22–23 to try to convince people to rebel against God. It is done in subtle ways with good motive ending badly in the long run. Since the beginning was thrown out from heaven so comes to cause havoc on earth. Many people are unaware of his strategies so do not realise his impact on their lives. They think they just have bad luck or a bad misfortune in life. However, there is a spirit at work through principalities and powers plus spiritual wickedness in high places. Strategy used is so effective and harmless but things later fall apart years later after the damage is done. At first things seem normal so do not think anything of the choices made. However with hindsight, the danger signs were there all along but not understood. The spirit at work is not realised until after people learn what is going on in their lives is discerned. The warning is given by Jesus to ensure His followers have nothing of the devil in them. So people have no idea the devil has anything in them because of how he is portrayed on TV, media, films and in the church.081005-john-14-1-31-28-728 Yet there is indirect effect through decisions made daily that can mean the devil has something in people. Through deception and promises of better life or enjoyment choices often made show consequences different from expectations. A careful look at life at a deeper level reveals the compromises made unawares. Example is seen in the restlessness and distress although doing the right thing. This is a direct result of unseen realms through supernatural understanding the mind’s eyes become opened to recognise God’s way. Once transferred from kingdom of darkness into God’s Glorious Kingdom of Light, one begins to ‘understand the reality of actions of the devil. Especially in a society that celebrates the devil as a harmless fun its implications are harder to comprehend. The devil is represented by serpents in physical, spiritual forms, shapes or types well-known globally. It is the symbol of Egyptian rulers who wore them in their golden emblems. The serpent is worshipped in temples and kept as magical protection alive in some homes. It is given to those seeking wealth through occulted means hoping to vomit money automatically as it is venerated. DNA blood incisions on body of cult members meeting annually reinforces satanic celebrations that God forbids. One major characteristic is the effects of spiritual attacks compounding the original problems seeking help with. While it seems as if childless couple has a baby after consulting shrine, there is a bizarre ritualistic taboo to observe for a survival of that baby. The rules are to be maintained throughout the life of such a baby by the parents who got help from a temple. The child is dedicated to a god for life together with their whole family who observe rituals in secret because a church will excommunicate and shun them if their secret deeds come to light. IMG_20180703_224623A child taken to both a shrine and God’s Church is baptised, confirmed and takes communion plus get married in church. So many people have this sort of history and over time when they no longer pay homage to shrines experience adversity without knowing why. Later some learn about their family and do deliverance by casting out demons from their lives. Fully become believers and devote lives exclusively to God seriously with total commitment to God. They break free without fear of the past because Jesus lives in them now so in Christ they live, and move and have their being. Jesus destroys all works of the devil in their lives and delivers them from all their destructions. Strong faith in God in Christ is absolutely the only way to ensure protection against an occult background. The ritual tokens including serpents must be gotten rid of by a deliverance pastor. Housecleaning of symbols, images or memories kept of serpent, shrine is burnt as Apostles did burning charms, magical books, rings in the book of Acts of the Apostles. Dreams are another source of serpent attacks to try to put fear into people at night. The delivered person has a nightmare dream of serpents always in different forms of threatening them or slathering nearby. Regularly dreaming of seeing serpents is signs of attacks to put fear, confusion, hopelessness into a person. The devil transforms as serpent triggers fear and put disease in a person by biting them or marries them, kissing them or surrounding them in dreams. It is a serious attack so break it because Jesus crushed the serpent under His feet in Jesus Name for all believers. Some do vomit things eaten, drunk or smeared on them for ‘protection.’ Fast and pray for God to rebuke satan from your right hand in Jesus Name. You must now be under new management of Jesus Christ by abiding in God in Christ Jesus. Your life must be hidden in Christ in God so the devil has to try to fight Christ in you.the-devil-s-got-nothing-on-me-my-friend Once you give your life to Christ with an access to all areas of your life, Jesus takes full control of your life and family. As you and your household serve God by abiding in Jesus and His Words in the Bible, the devil will run from you. The devil seeks those to destroy like roaring lion so does not access everyone. Total dedication to Jesus as your first love, hot on fire for God is important. Note that the more faithful you are serving God so is the devil drawn to strong believers to try to sabotage God’s Spirit at work in them.Whenever God’s Children meet the devil shows up to create mayhem to lure vulnerable ones. Abide in Jesus and let Jesus” Words abide in you so ask Jesus your desire to remove serpent from you so it is done for you in John 15:7. Pray to God in Jesus Name to take care of your life and come to God’s Throne boldly in Jesus Name through the Blood of Jesus. Knowing how to pray is a conversation with God to reveal HIS strategic secrets to you in advance through His words in the Bible. Abiding in God in Christ and His Word in us is a blessing to ask for what we desire in line with God’s word. Abiding in Jesus means that His desires become your desire so the devil has nothing in you. It is God’s will that all must have Spirit of God in them and to prophecy. Bible Scripture says pray directly to God’s Throne room according to Jeremiah 3:33. 1. Praise God. 2. Thank God. 3. Pray for forgiveness 4. Ask for God’s Blessing, Favour, Intervention, Healing and deliverance. 5. Intercede for others. Attend a Bible believing church to worship God called to be active participant member not merely an observer.  We can make a difference in Jesus Name and give Glory to God.


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