Map Israel TodayGod’s two-edged word is powerful and compared to God’s word transforming lives cutting edge tool that removes sin from a person. God’s Sword Fights His people against enemies. Believers call upon God to, “Gird your Sword on your side you Mighty One and clothe yourself with splendour and majesty in Psalm 45:3. God is the Sword of defence of His people. God’s Sword gives justice sword against the violence, wrath, and vengeance of enemy. Father God is love but as Jehovah Nissi the Mighty ONE in battle defends His Own. God’s is loving, and protective with great plans for His justice. God destroys but protects all on His Side so nourishes and saves them in His Own way. So Sword of God’s Glory is seen through Israel heritage and landmarks. Over the years the shape of the map of Israel covenanted from one end to the other encompasses the chosen domain of God on earth. This landmark dwindling through conflict is held by  “Blessing Israel the people saved by the LORD Who is Shield, Help and the Sword [chereb] of your Majesty (gaavah) says Deuteronomy 33:29. The Children of God in Canaan conquered giants as Moses reminded them LORD YAHVEH is their protector and a Shield and their salvation yasha tool HE used to save them by His word as a Sword. It is God Sword that desolates, destroys or dries up wetlands into droughts. So the Sword of Deuteronomy 33:29 is a sword of gaavah or glory, triumph, excellency, and majesty as weapon used to defend and proclaim name of LORD YAHVEH. The people of Israel see God’s Majestic warfare and salvation on their behalf. God’s He greater goal is salvation plan through Jesus Christ to deliver people defeat and emotional slavery. The Glory of God is manifested and also restored because God raised Moses for this purpose to show My POWER and My NAME to be proclaimed in all the earth according to Exodus 9:16. When persuasions and negotiations does not work God wields His sword a final time to bring judgements upon the earth. So salvation from eternal death was free but paid for by the sacrifice of an innocent lamb Jesus Christ. Preparing for the Passing Over of the Angel of Death  (1911), by Sylvanus Stall



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