Planet X Nibiru in the Bible according to Jesus in Luke 21, Matthew 24, Job 38 and Revelation 8 among others such as Deuteronomy 29:18. For this discussion here today we focus on Jesus’ words on signs and wonders in Sun, skies, clouds, heavens. Many names used in Bible for Planet X, Wormwood, mountains of fire, Niburu as is known by Sumerians. Jesus said these signs revealed by naked eyes will be seen globally various Telescopes on many locations on earth and space. Jesus said in Luke 21:11 in Bible: Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom: Great earthquakes in divers places cause radiation, fishes, animals dying, famine, pestilences, fearful sights and great signs from heaven. Signs cause some fearful people to faint or die by shock as signs precede Jesus Coming in the Clouds in Rapture. Matthew 24:27 As lightning comes out of east and shines in the west so Coming of Son of man Jesus will be. 

As broad daylight Sunshine will Jesus been clearly seen by all relayed in News globally. February 2018 is Black Moon so no moon in month confirms Matthew 24:29, Immediately after tribulation of those days sun is darkened, the moon shall not give light, stars fall from heaven and powers of heavens shall be shaken. Meteors, stars falling all over the world. Sun perturbed by the Nibiru Nemesis dark star. 30 Then shall appear the Sign of the Son of man in heaven all tribes of earth mourn and shall see the Son of man Coming in Clouds of heaven with Power and Great Glory. 31 He shall send His angels with a Great Sound of a Trumpet to gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other up into Clouds in Rapture. 32 Now learn parable of the fig tree; When the branch is tender with leaves know that summer is near: 33 So when you see all these things, know JESUS is near even at the doors. Jupiter shielded earth in past from asteroid belts and centrifugal pull but Niburu perturbs sun and planets so much beyond Jupiter’s protection. This is allowed by God’s wrath to shake the heavens and rock the seas for wake up call of redemption by Grace. So nuclear debris damages earth, cause tsunami or high sea level floods, pollution, houses destroyed people hurt by broken glass from fire balls. The sun’s pole shifted by gravitional pull perturb sun’s heat from earth causing cold spurs to get worse.planet-7x-aka-nibiru-from-bob-fletcher-investigations-8-31-2016earth-px-sun-static-lineup10aasolar_systemIMG_20180219_135219 As Jesus went up in clouds alive to heaven in the same way returns in cloud for elect. So THESE SIGNS GIVE HOPE  TO ELECT, REMNANT, CHOSEN, LOYAL, FAITHFUL CHILDREN OF GOD LOOKING UP TO GOD TO SHORTEN evil days, TO REDEEM, RESCUE to escape as Noah was saved in the flood, Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah fire. These signs were referred to by Jesus: As it was in the days of Noah so these will be signs again destroying earth. The fires from heaven burn one-third of trees on earth, one-third of seas and one-third of ships and one-third of  humanity. So Signs jolt mankind to submit, seek God to repent ask for Mercy, Grace forgiveness before final destruction takes place. The signs continue until Jesus’ Second returns to earth physically to Reign in Jerusalem, after battle of Armageddon in Israel.passing-planet-nibirusolar_systemDUGn9kXWsAwgtpRThese great signs are to alert mankind to repent, change and be saved before it is too late. The second reason is God’s time clock is ticking in fulfilment of prophecy 6000 years to restore earth to God after allowing freewill of mankind to do own thing. Time is changing to restore life of mankind back to God but some refuse to yield God’s warnings. God’s Hand is forced to act and destroy all those who refuse to accept Jesus as Lord and give back control of earth to God intended in Garden of Eden. God in Deuteronomy 29:18 told the people HE WILL send Wormwood to destroy them for serving idols baalim. God showed Orion and Pleiades 7 stars to Job in the Bible. Planet X in Orion constellation is seen globally by numerous people and documented. God uses the signs to bring many great earthquakes and volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, storms, hailstones, comets, asteroids to pelter earth to call people’s attention to accept Jesus before too late. Nibiru cataclysm is disastrous encounter between Earth by large planetary object believed taking place on earth. The true living words of God in Bible help people to discover and understand the signs and wonders. Like Bereans listened to Paul preach and taught them Words of God, they studied the Bible themselves. They did not just follow teachings of Paul learn heard from pastor, teacher, evangelist, TV radio, youtube. Jesus said various signs and wonders in the skies show birth pangs pains of His coming in Cloud for Rapture.Includes red blood moons, blue moons, snow moons cause sun eclipse flares change appearance of Sun, moon, sky, weather patterns, fireballs, wildfires, earthquakes so rampart not known in living history. Rejoice and look up for salvation is near even at the door.

Nibiru Planet X source of light after Sun set in total darkness of the night is seen recorded in many places. Although the Sun is set already causing a pitch black dark night of city filmed in foreground, the huge source of light illuminates the sky on the horizon. This is only possible because of a Second Sun source of light immitted seen from various videos put together here on YouTube. They took time to consider and to deeply reflect, meditate, consistently study the Bible themselves. Educate yourself and take in accurate Biblical knowledge to save your soul. Eternal is life unfolding now through heaven-sent signs and wonders from Almighty God. Great earthquakes and volcanoes are taking place exactly as Lord God Jesus Saviour of mankind predicted like prophets did in the Bible. Isaiah 24:1 described the shaking of the earth and heavens. In Bowie USA, 2016, Maryland fire fighters found the crater that caused by a meteorite that started wild forest fires. The fire ball ball burnt trees that took 15 firefighters 4 hours to put out. Exactly happened as the Bible warns one-third of trees on earth will be burnt. Carlifornia forest wildfires devastate so many regions each year destroying trees protecting surface of earth cause Carlifonia mudslides. In Perseit in America the meteorite shower dropped into sea caused sea to ride gently drift inland floods. The LORD GOD Yahweh is causing these changes of collisions of Nibiru or planet 9, Nemesis or whatever it is called to hit earth and destroy it so all mankind yields to bow their knees to confess Jesus is Lord to the GLORY of God the Father. This is all about the Bible and God’s WORDS which shall not return void but does exactly as God said whether you believe it or not. The choice is your to be God’s Child in God’s Kingdom or perish. These are warning signs from God so people hear the Gospel message and change.


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