c9ee1524b600b27075e07e9a4f47d4b7--luxury-jets-private-jetsPrivate jets carry favourite foods people crave by travelling all over the world to send their cargo to many destinations in different countries. A Takeaway curry was flown from UK to France by Indian restaurant in chartered private plane to deliver curry meal to the 30 expats in France. The 500-mile journey from Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire to Bordeaux was completed on Saturday. And Faz Ahmed from Southsea’s Akash restaurant, said they honoured their business’s policy of free delivery on all orders over £12. Also heard Missy Elliot, looking really beautiful and impressive, on return after dealing with her health issues once shared she flew to a place, I guess in her private jet, to where she got her favourite meal. So this is worth it all especially after overcoming a domestic violence of her childhood. It is so good to utilise whatever resources one has available to achieve ambitions in life. So interesting to live life to the full and be able to enjoy the fruits of one’s hard work. And good to watch rich people whose needs and wants are catered to by a host of dedicated teams flying the express service on jets, speed boats to deliver on time their cravings of golden caviar, truffle mushrooms and others. missy-elliott-press-photo-2016-billboard-1548Congratulations to first class dedicated food service company going extra mile literally to deliver favourite food the private jet. The quality and taste of their food must be so excellent and cuisine so desirable it is taken the business to new heights. Their culinary perfection goes beyond the UK horizon so the sky is the limit. It is good to live a little to enjoy special foods or activities on people’s bucket list. There is time and a place in life whatever is desired can be attained irrespective of cost involved, it is worth it. It is good to celebrate life while alive to indulge in favourite foods. At times satisfaction derived is priceless that no amount of expenses involved is worth counting the material cost. There is no other choice but to eat to enjoy the food craved. I am yet to decide or make up my mind about my favourite foods to order  because there are too many for my love of quality food. And private jets will have to be too busy flying non-stop to be able to keep up with my favourite tastes. Bravo to those who know exactly what they like to eat and then go for it. Yes, the carbon footprints may concern some but most importantly jets are used to deliver worst things damaging earth. Others may use the latest futurist coach trip with sophisticated inbuilt kitchen, bed room and space for cars to use to deliver express service nutrition from their favourite restaurant menu locally or sent to distant places. Bon appetit.


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