JESUS is the BRIGHT MORNING STAR!The first reference to a morning star in the Bible as individual is in Isaiah 14:12: It was in reference to how satan had fallen from heaven as morning star son of the dawn! So been cast down to earth for laying low the nations!” The KJV and NKJV both translate the morning star as “lucifer, son of the morning.” From the rest of the passage Isaiah is referring to satan’s fall from heaven. So Luke 10:18 says the morning star refers to satan. And in Bible in Revelations 22:16, Jesus unmistakably has identifies Himself as the Morning Star, so why is Jesus and satan described so as the “Morning Star and morning star? It is interesting to note “morning star” concept applies to both Jesus and satan. In Revelation 5:5, Jesus is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. In 1 Peter 5:8, satan is compared to a lion, seeking someone to devour. The point is Jesus and satan, to some certain extent have similarities as lions. Jesus is the Lion of Judah, King of kings. Jesus is Royal, Majestic but satan though similar to a lion seeks to devour other creatures so destroyed by Jesus. It is similarities between Jesus Lion and satan a lion ends. Jesus the Lion and satan lion, different in ways. The idea of Jesus the “Bright Morning Star” is a Star that outshines all others, and Jesus is the One called “Bright.” So satan is a morning star but Jesus is God incarnate, the Lord of the universe, the Bright and Morning Star. Jesus is the most Holy and Powerful “Light” in all universe. Jesus is described as “Morning Star,” in no sense equates Jesus and satan a created being. The angel of light satan exists to the extent God created it. Jesus is the Light of the world in John 9:5 so Only Jesus’ Light is “Bright” and Self-existent. Even if satan is a morning star it’s a poor imitation of ONE TRUE Bright Morning Star, Jesus Christ, the Light of the world. Before thrown out of heaven, satan was the highest ranking music maestro so was a morning star. It is after fall satan uses position on earth and in the heavenlies to attack God’s people.                     maxresdefault Original nature of satan damaged by rebellion so that is where resemblance stops. Jesus obeyed God unto death on the Cross so is given the NAME above all names so at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord to the Glory of LORD God Almighty. So Google, take note Jesus Son of God who died and resurrected to save world. In Revelation 1, John  in vison hears “a loud voice like a trumpet” in verse 10. He sees vision of Lord Jesus in His glory. The Lord, standing among 7 golden lampstands, in His right hand 7 stars in verse 16. John fell down at Jesus’ feet in spirit. Jesus revives and strengthens him for task of writing revelations. The stars are in Jesus’ right hand indicates they are important under His authority. The right hand is a sign of strength and control. Jesus explains to John “stars are angels of 7 churches in (Revelation 1:20. Angels are God’s human messengers or heavenly beings. Every church has their guardian angel overseeing, protecting congregation. So God’s messengers in Revelation 1 are pastors, bishops of 7 schurches, symbolized by lampstands. A pastor is God’s messenger to church so responsible to faithfully preach God’s Word to them. John’s vision shows each pastor is held in Lord’s right hand. And, John 10:28, says no one can snatch them out of Jesus’ hand. The believers who win souls are also stars, collaborate so network with pastors to elaborate God’s Kingdom restored on earth. Daniel 12:3 says those who are wise will shine like a brightness of the sky above and all who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. Stars of Jesus Coming information in the moon is described in Psalm 89:37 as faithful witness in the sky. Picture the believers who network to win souls and discern a deeper meaning of signs and wonders God put in universe to guide believers to understand and recognise end times. It is shown daily through Symbols and metaphors, allegories tokens God uses to display God’s Majesty.

ba08ba7d3d8098af2a258ba754a5b62c Many verses exist in Bible on Jesus Bethlehem Star used to bring the 3 Kings to Jerusalem. In the same way God is revealing HIS signs and wonders to alert and warn all people through the blood moons and the Supernatural acts of God. Our hope of Glory is Jesus Christ in GOD’S GLORY through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. Changes of space elliptic movements of planets, galaxies being influenced by Wormwood called Nibiru shows these changes happening on the earth. The once in a lifetime generations events 1000 to 3600 years+ disruptions repeating past discoveries taking place. So space debris, rocks and meteorites damaged the window glasses in Russia. Changing weather, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods. Snow in desert, drought in snow region harvesting the tree syrups in America. Rapid cataclysmic changes are birthpangs pains Jesus warned about happening. So as it was in the days of the past history during the time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah fire. Caused sudden death of fossilised dinosaurs found after floods. Earthquakes and volcanoes destroyed whole nation like Pompeii buried by the molten lava. The signs are controversial to some but the things of God are spiritually discerned. Make sure you belong to God in Christ living life on earth so saved from GOD’S WRATH imminent and Jesus’ Wrath.       shutterstock_194612351-800x430In Revelation 12:1-17, GOD’S people are saved as John said, ‘Great sign appeared in heaven and a woman clothed with sun, moon under her feet, on her head crown of 12 stars and was with child. She cried out in labour pain to give birth.” John’s  great sign symbol some say is Mary others say is 7 churches but symbolic reference of Israel as woman in Old Testament is God’s wife. Images of sun, moon, shows Joseph’s dream in Genesis 37:9-11, the sun and moon as Joseph’s parents and 12 stars 12 sons of Jacob are 12 tribes. Woman with child, who rules with a rod of iron in 12:5 is Christ the Messiah from Israel. Woman travails in birth persecution tribulation (12:6, 13-17)  of Israel. In 12:3, “another sign in heaven is great red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns,  7 diadems on heads, is satan in 12:9, serpent in Genesis 3:1. Bible imagery shows satan as red colour of bloodshed and death. And so 7 heads mountains in Revelations 17:9, 10 horns are kings Revelations 17:12; cf. Daniel 7:7-8, 20, 24. The heads, horns, crowns in detailed in Revelation 13In 12:4, John writes dragon’s tail“swept away a third of the stars of heaven thrown to earth.” Impact of Nibiru Wormwood flings “star” meteors hitting earth cause the rampart fires, earthquakes readily crumble  apocalyptic natural disasters take place on earth..Objects orbit will one day pass so close to earth its gravitational pull wreaks havoc on earth, triggers earthquakes catastrophic events. Wormwood, Nibiru and Planet X planet large pull causes great tsunami, earthquakes on earth. Bible confirms space sky mini solar system by earth and Wormwood meteors hitting earth.8654080440_8caccbd215_b

Nibiru and Planet X are part of a larger solar system mini constellation made up of dark star, smaller than sun hosts 7 orbiting bodies. Some are smaller than moon, a couple larger than earth. The dark star Nemesis or Planet X. And blue planet Blue Kachina and planet larger earth orbit dark star Nibiru planet are destroyers of earth according to the Sumerians and Babylonians. The First asteroid Ceres, was discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi in 1801. Currently over 600,000 known asteroids in our solar system orbiting in Asteroid Belt rings between orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The Planet X object was given a boost last year when NASA announced discovery of a new planet in our solar system of Planet Nine. They found evidence of a real planet up to 10 times mass of Earth in outer reaches of Solar System in the constellation Orion. But NASA says Planet Nine will not pass earth so Planet X is an apocalypse hoax. Predicted end of world dates passed because nobody knows day except God.                              There are Millions of Asteroids in the solar system, usually found in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, however those in that pass the Earth are called Near-Earth objects [Getty Images]Millions of Asteroids in solar system in Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, those passing by earth called near-earth objects. Another object helion or couple of other very small objects exist in solar system, Nemesis red and brown dwarf star. Scientific evidence shows existence of bodies referred to in Nemesis solar system. NASA says object not likely to threaten earth but several hundreds of years from astronomical observatories say mak way to earth. Some asteroids or meteoroid undetected, unpredictable hit earth and cause craters or damage to homes, hurts or kills thousands globally or recently like a boy America. Millions by the seaside like Philipines tsunami or Japan nuclear town tsunami damage earth and kills millions each year. Great earthquakes above Richter scale 9-11 are expected in the big one along coasts. Secret underground bunkers built to house elite but coffins ready to carry 3 people each prepared for catastrophic events caused by impact on the earth.Nibiru-PlanetXAstronomers determine star mass, age, metallicity chemical composition, properties observed in motion in space, luminosityspectrum determines its evolution, diameter and a temperature, change over its life, environment affects its rotation, movement. Temperature of stars luminosities: Hertzsprung–Russell diagram H–R diagram. The Star’s life begins with a  gravitational collapse of a gaseous nebula of material composed primarily of hydrogen, helium, trace amounts of heavier elements. Stellar core dense, hydrogen convert to helium nuclear fusion energy process. Colours form redpink, blue, purple, dark light rays aurora in earth’s oval atmosphere. High energy electrons causes oxygen to emit green light colour aurora, low energy electrons are red light. Nitrogen blue light. Gases determines colours of glow. Neon is red glow, helium yellow, argon is blue. Mercury vapour emits blue light, sodium yellow. Neon signs are neon gas or a mixed neon, mercury vapour. Different compounds of oxygen, nitrogen, high-energy electrons, neutral atoms particles on earth’s atmosphere as the bright colours Aurora Borealis by intense solar activities.            IMG_20180202_054558Every 11 years sunspot activity increase to maximum so Northern Lights seen more. The wind directions propels atom particles, travel further on globe seen in skies. Sun flare objects, exploding stars intrudes solar system’s asteroid belts showers meteors on earth. Christian’s true colours reflect Jesus’ Light revealed Godly character. Rest of the star interior energy core combinations by a radiative and convective heat transfer process. Star’s internal pressure stops collapsing under own gravity. Star mass greater than 0.4  of sun red giant hydrogen fuel  core exhausted. Fuse heavier element at core or shells around core. Star expands part of mass enriched heavier elements, interstellar recycled as new stars. Core becomes stellar remnant, white dwarf, neutron star massive  black holeBinary multi-star systems consist of 2 or more stars gravitational bound with others in stable orbits. 2 star’s orbit gravitational interaction has significant impact on an evolution. Stars forms part the larger gravitational structure, star cluster or galaxy. Planet X hypothetical path sky of Planet Nine near aphelion crossing Orion west to east by 2,000 years of motion. Orion is symbol of Jesus’ wrath shaking stars planet X/9. Chaos theory cosmologists predict orbits passing by or hitting earth. God talked to Job about Orion’s belt, Pleiades’s chain in the Bible in Job 9:9; Job 38:31; Amos 5:8 and on Arcturus, Bear, Orion, Pleiades and all constellations.                      IMG_20180203_150204

Planet_nine_path_in_orion2planet_9_x_nibirusole gd-0036_20180203_151706wpfb2cc7fa_0fmaxresdefault-996x560 (1)Preg_web_final

Jesus holds 7stars in His right hand seen by John Revelations 12 star movements align in prophecy of a pregnant woman clothed with sun with moon under her feet. Interprete signs and wonders extra stars joined by Algieba, Denebola plus others in 12 star crown on her head in 7000 years at birth of Christ. In Genesis God said stars part of endtime signs and wonders, meteors, sunflares and blood moons. God shows Job M45 star clusters Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus  seen by naked eye on earth. Greeks imposters of stars as gods does not mean God is not patent owner of the universe. Others say stars are fallen angels rebels with satan’s fall in Isaiah 14:12-17Ezekiel 28:12-14, one-third of angels rebels fight against Israel and the plans of God. God cast satan and angels from heaven to earth not in God’s presence access God. John sees past and present events brought together. In verse 4 the dragon stood before woman about to give birth to try to devour child Jesus. Prophecies of God’s redemption plan in Jesus as promised Messiah from lineage of Israel so wants to devour Messiah. In 12:5, male child of woman given birth to will rule all nations with a rod of iron so child caught up to God and His throne. Christ’s birth, life, and ascension into heaven means satan failed to destroy Jesus at birth, His life, after death, Jesus ascends victorious into heaven. So satan cannot persecute Him there. Jesus will rule the world with a “rod of iron” says Psalm 2) Christ’s rule over nations of the world to establish His millennial Kingdom in His Second coming in verse 19:15. This historical review of satan’s opposition to Jesus shows Jesus’ Victory against satan. Unable to destroy Christ, satan turns attention to woman, Israel. In 12:6, woman fled to wilderness place prepared by God and nourished 1260 days, three-and-a-half years second half tribulation period. Prepared by God, angels Daniel 12:1 and Gentiles care for Jews at this time. God’s chosen people Israel is HIS program. But satan tried Jews so God has preserved His people in past and present continues into future.

Amazon Echo, Alexa note: Jesus Christ is SON of GOD, Lord of Saved Christians.

Recommended Resource: Jesus: The Greatest Life of All by Charles Swindoll


health_29a-300x199Daily brisk walking is essential to help body keep active to enhance movement and blood circulation for fitness. These days it is hard to walk streets without running into someone who is anxiously looking at their wrist to see if they are on target to reach the magic 10,000 steps. Is it really a goal worth striving for, or might there be something better. That figure surprisingly was the result of 1960s marketing campaign in Japan. In run-up to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, a company came up with device to start marketing to the health-conscious. Any, approach to health in a safe manner way helps so it good to check which one is most suitable for you personally. And some people prefer the gym only on the threadmill walking on the spot indoors. Others prefer the outdoors or combine both for the fresh air and for excercise. What-is-Nordic-Walking-e1400695925201PNALMman50871-locIt was called a Manpo-Kei. In Japanese, “man” means 10,000, “po” means steps and “kei” is meter so literally means do, the 10,000 steps daily. Device was early pedometer based on work of Dr Yoshiro Hatano, a young academic at Kyushu University of Health and Welfare. Dr Hatano was worried Japanese busily importing slothful American lifestyle, as well as a love of watching baseball, and wanted to help them get more active. He reckoned that if he could persuade his fellow Japanese to increase their daily steps from 4,000 to around 10,000 then they would burn off approximately 500 extra calories a day and remain slim. That, apparently, was how the “10,000 steps a day” regime was born. It was a great marketing success but is it most effective way to improve fitness?.Walkers who tried Active 10

‘Knitting an only activity’

To find out more went to factory in Sheffield with Prof Rob Copeland from Sheffield Hallam University. The small experiment compared the benefits and ease of doing 10,000 steps against Active 10With Active 10 you don’t count steps simply do three brisk 10-minute walks a day. Volunteers had different reasons to want to get fitter as some who took part in the test did. Dave said: “Very aware that I’m not as fit as I used to be and I’ve put a lot of weight on.” Judy confessed: “My only activity at the moment is knitting.” And Nathan, who has a six-year-old daughter, said: “She runs fast, and I run slowly, I can’t catch her up.” 480_NordicWalkingThe small group of volunteers fitted with an activity monitor for what they did and how vigorously they did it. First, the normal day’s activity was measured. Rob split into two groups one was asked to hit 10,000-step target about five miles in a day,the other group asked to do three sessions of “Active 10” adds up to around 1.5 miles – more like 3,000 steps. The Active 10 group were also told that their aim was not to amble but to get their pace up so that they would be working heart and lungs. Prof Copeland told them: “You are aiming to walk fast enough so that you can talk but not sing.”When looked at the volunteers’ results, two out of the three asked to do 10,000 steps managed to hit target but struggled. The Active 10 group, on other hand found it relatively easy. They had formed a small walking group and met at a convenient times during working day to go for brisk walk together. 10,000 steps harder to achieve so which activity was better for health?SeniorWalking640Brisk-Walking-and-Why-is-importantBetter to go briskly…Prof Copeland had analysed the data from their tracking monitors and he said the findings were very clear. “The Active 10 group actually did 30% more ‘moderate to vigorous physical activity’ than the 10,000-step group, even though they moved for less time. “When doing moderate intensity activity that you are starting to get the greatest health benefits.” Even though Active 10 group spent less time moving, spent more time getting out of breath and increasing their heart rate. Prof Copeland told group: “What we really wanted you to do was to get your heart beating faster. Lots of evidence suggest doing so can help lower risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.” So three short brisk walks were easier to fit into the day and better for health. Was interesting and I found it encouraging, because I really don’t like doing 10,000 steps so gets a similar or greater benefit from few brisk walks a day, enormously encouraging. To start doing Active 10s go to NHS website  to download a free Public Health England app. It is a good to see brisk walking can help by doing so to be more healthier.


6mfwjn2qitsce8yf.D.0.chocolate-day-quotes-sayings-2014Best Top Valentine gifts and presents people give are so many but chose most popular ones often given by lovers. 7Refresh moods and brighten your day to express deepest sentiments with visual gifts and sensory chocolate delight.6d23f1ec313f9c4c4c75a539cd32af48--valentine-party-be-my-valentineRomantic meal at a favourite restaurant popular way people celebrate Valentine Day. Or sumptuous candle lit dinner at home another worthwhile option.51VmvIEAE8L._SX355_Another Best Top choice is basket filled with assortment of goodies homemade or bought packaged Valentine day gift full of favourite items including sweets, chocolate, biscuit, drink, book, perfume.383032ec510a256b4316e821854eef91 (1)Others exchange gifts to commemorate, preserve special occasion photo framed to remind the spouses of each other. So good to celebrate genuine real true love.unnamedPictures shared with the family, friends, colleagues and kept at home, office or in the car. Families remember couple and support the relationship to grow strong.unnamedPeople make the unique gifts personally made of sentimental value to celebrate love. Handcrafted beautiful love symbol on pillows, bags, cards made as gifts.vdaypillowsWonderful meaningful gifts keep love aflame as these gifts are used daily to keep love afresh and enjoy the romantic love for spouse.4154bvlrEdLGift boxes are so abundantly available to choose favourite ones and fill them with special items preferred. Recycle a beautiful gift box enhanced by ribbons. valentiane_stories_3Deep love warms the heart so give more agape love to make this world a better place to live and enjoy life. And so it is okay to express agape love or of chocolate truffles with red rosesValentine Day February 14th becomes the international day to celebrate love so it is not exclusively limited to spouse. Share gifts and express love to family.a0ce098bfd485ab0e283f5c32c8f444d--valentines-day-poems-valentine-wishesOur Favourite Valentine Ultimate Gift is GOD IS LOVE. And commands us to love GOD, Jesus, ourselves and neighbours. A neighbour is all encountered in our life. valentines-day-couples-ce-005Valentines Day is all about love it gives you perfect opportunity to create agape love in your family, between parent and child, between siblings, school/friends.73602-004-ED7FB127Valentine day is very important to help teach children genuine agape love for a caring attitude towards humans beings and pets. Educate them to share healthy good thoughts daily with

Remember to take full advantage of this Valentine day teach global international love for all. Jesus says love all including the perceived enemies.imageService