Billionaires build apocalypse bunkers to prepare for disasters in advance. A new breed of survivalist in the Silicon Valley tech billionaires super-rich are getting ready for breakdown of society. Some are buying multimillion-dollar luxury bunkers complete with pools, gyms and private cinemas capable of surviving a nuclear attack. Bill Gates is rumoured to have bunkers beneath his properties in Washington State and California. Tim Chang, managing director at venture-capital firm Mayfield Fund recently told the New Yorker he is, “Stockpiling real estate to have havens to go to.”170307123916-the-genesis-super-169

Steve Huffman, co-founder and CEO of Reddit is getting laser eye surgery and he said, “If the world ends… getting contacts or lenses is going to be a huge pain in the ass.” What, exactly, is going on when spoken to Antonio Garcia-Martinez, a former Facebook product manager, based on Orcas Island, Washington, who now spends his days writing, giving talks and advising start-ups. Last spring American presidential campaign era, he bought five acres of land on an island between Seattle and Vancouver and brought in solar panels, generators and thousands of rounds of ammunition. “And dug well with water-pressure pumps,” Martinez said.bunkers_crop-1152x648

This will sound horribly pompous, but I think that techies in San Francisco live, not just in a technical future, but they live in the future socially and economically.

Antonio Garcia-Martinez

He explained, “A lot of techies thinking, ‘Wow, some dramatic economic and technological changes coming to society, that I don’t think most people realise, but we do.’” Martinez thinks people in Silicon Valley work in an environment enables them to see these things earlier than most. “It sounds horribly pompous but thinks techies in San Francisco live, not just in a technical future, but live in future socially and economically.”c22b7e85-a5b7-40d3-94ab-f1bebb40518f-1undergroundbunkersVivos_Indiana_Electrical_Water_Systemsunderground-bunkerThat future does not look good Martinez believes that, “Automation and artificial intelligence are going to make it such that close to half of American jobs won’t exist in 20, 30 years.” The speed with which industry may be wiped out could trigger massive social unrest and some people with vast amounts of wealth do want to shelter themselves from it. So their shelter of choice a luxury bunker. Survival Condo is American company that develops luxury condos that can survive a nuclear attack. Larry Hall, the company’s founder, tells me they cost up to $4 million each, and come with facilities like a pool, gym, and library.

Hall got the idea after 9/11, when there was increased interest in bunkers and whenever there are natural disasters, or conflicts flare up, we see a spike in our calls,” Hall says. Hall wouldn’t tell who is buying these things yet entire luxury bunker resort under construction right now in Texas called Trident Lakes. It’s marketed 5-star playground equipped with Defcon 1 preparedness.” The resort will include athletic centre golf course and polo fields. Armed security will guard resort, with helipads for access.

The master plan for Trident Lakes.

In UK, the country’s richest 1% owns 20 times more than poorest 20% – a huge increase since 1979. In America, income equality is more dramatic. According to figures from the National Bureau of Economic Research, ‘Income boomed at the top: in 1980, the top 1% of adults earned on average 27 times more than the bottom 50% adults. Today, they earn 81 times more.’ In 2016, The New York Times report tent cities of San Francisco despite massive concentration of wealth so eye popping property price increases. driven by Silicon Valley is significantly more unsheltered homeless people than most US cities. On top of that, Martinez says, “there’s political polarisation of society, and social media turned all into bunch of yammering idiots altogether points to negative outcome.” Rioting, civil war and dire scenarios are all feasible he thinks so.

Protesters set fires in protest against the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

It’s like, look at these techie douche-bag a**holes, who helped destroy entire industries, and destroy our democratic political process… And now, when the shit hits the fan, they’re all gonna bail?!

Antonio Garcia-Martinez

Many technologies changing society’s automation, artificial intelligence, social media of course comes from the Silicon Valley. Looks like the same people who brought these innovations preparing to get themselves well out of harm’s way when fallout from those technologies hits. “People react to that really strongly and I can see why,” says Martinez. “It’s like, ‘Look at these techie douche-bag who helped destroy entire industries, and destroy democratic political process put all in social media echo chambers.   And now, when disaster hits fan, they’re all gonna bail?!’” Martinez is not just planning to bail he believes all hoping to survive apocalypse would need their own militia, in order to “withstand the roving mob. He said he knows it sounds a little “crazy” and “paranoid” but “if a regress to complete disorder occurs of course forms militia because it’s gonna be societal chaos.” So the end may be nearer than we think. And if it comes, it may help to have some basic military training. Plus, a few billion in the bank probably won’t hurt. NBD.


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