In Revelation 8:2, seven angels of God given seven Trumpets to unleash God’s wrath on the earth. 3Angel at altar with golden censer incense offers prayers of all saints on a golden altar before God Almighty’s Throne. Smoke of incense with prayers of saints ascends before God out of angel’s hand. 5Angel’s censer filled with fire from an Altar is cast to earth with voices, thunders, lightning and earthquakes. The seven angels sound the seven trumpets in heaven is heard on the earth to warn people of endtimes. Trumpet sounds activate events by God’s judgement destroying one third of earth to prepare to bring future New Heaven to recreate earth. The central interest of this post is to provide information to reveal and to reaffirm God’s Integrity and Majestic Beauty. To expand meanings of God’s Love in relation to all people on earth by approaching endtime issues dealt with must be taken seriously by all. skytrumpetsarticle.jpgmaxresdefault7 First angel sounds trumpet to cause hail fire mingled with blood on earth. The third part of trees and green grass burn. 8 Two angels sound the trumpets and a great mountain burning with fire is cast into the sea and third part of sea becomes blood. The third part of sea creatures die and third part of ships and people arendestroyed. 10 As third angel sounds a great star falls from heaven burning as a lamp and falls on a third part of rivers and fountain of waters. 11 The name of star is Wormwood and third part of waters become wormwood so many died of bitter waters. God does as HE said in Isaiah 55:10-11, “As rain or snow falls down from heaven and does not return void, waters earth, making it bring forth food to sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to eat so shall MY words go out of MY mouth not return to me void but accomplish its purpose and succeed in all things its sent to do. God’s warnings of damage to earth due to the rebellion of mankind against God. This is the reason why God’s judgement is on earth. Repent and be saved from God’s anger WRATH in Jesus name before it is too late to be thrown into the hell fire.144219047663maxresdefault-7.jpgIMG-20200410-WA0005Seventh Seal is a SILENCE IN HEAVEN before seven bowls of destructions to be poured on earth. God, Jesus, saints and angels for the first time in living history silent due to the tribulation of death destroying earth. Seventh seal is seven trumpets bowls vials of God’s wrath. A fourth angel trumpet sounds and third part of the sun is smitten, the third part of the moon and stars or days darkened, no sunshine so a third part of earth darkens. 13 Angel flying in midst of heaven shouts with loud voice Woe, woe, woe to inhabiters of the earth because pogrom trumpets of three angels to sound! Since April 24, 2017  EXPLOSION OF SUN’S GEOMAGNETIC STORM HIT EARTH. Before April 23rd dark filaments of magnetism of Sun exploded Bible predicted confirmed by NASA. In Revelations 9 a fifth angel sounds trumpet and a great star falls from heaven causes damage to destroy third of the planet kill people by storms, fires, craters, tsunamis, mud slides and tornadoes or plagues. As star hits earth asteroids, meteorites, comets hit sun’s large solar flares produce a high energy particles and radiation ripple effects so dangerous affects living organisms. The angel is given a key of the bottomless pit opens pit and smoke rises out of pit as great furnace. The sun and air darkens by smoke from pit 3out of smoke locusts on earth given power as scorpions, hurt to kill God’s enemies. Stars, comets and meteorites falling burn a third of earth.0e1412003_end-of-the-worldthe-end-of-the-world-2012nintchdbpict0002689652244Before destructions God Commands angels not to hurt grass of earth and green trees but only those who do not have seal of God on foreheads. 5 They are tormented five months and torment as bite of torment of a scorpion striking mankind. They will seek death but not find death and desire to die but death will flee from them. 7 Shapes of locusts are like horses prepared for battle on their heads have crowns like gold but their faces are faces of men. They had hair as women, their teeth as teeth of lions. 9 They have breastplates of iron and sound of wings like the chariots of many horses running to battle. 10 Their tails like scorpions have stings in their tails and given power was to hurt men five months. Revelation 8:1 says seventh seal is Silence in heaven last a half hour by unrelenting catastrophic pogroms on earth. In revelation 8:11 evil angel from the bottomless pit’s name in Hebrew is Abaddon in Greek Apollyon12 A woe is past and two more woes when trumpet sounds. Bible documents living history of God’s track records of past worldwide destructions of people for sin is not just a metaphor. These trumpet sounds are heard worldwide directly from heaven from Almighty God to warn people now to accept Jesus as meaning is explained.

maxresdefaultSecond-Trumpet-Something-Like-a-great-Mountain-Burning-Third-Sea-Blood-Third-Sea-Creachers-Died-Third-Boats-Wreck-Seven-Trumpets-Book-of-RevelationScreenshot_20200410-101932_GoogleThird-Trumpet-Wormwood-Third-Rivers-Springs-Bitter-Poison-Water-Seven-Trumpets-Revelation82151956_1582629938543100_6287094211602808832_o4th-Trumpet-Third-Darkened-Book-of-Revelation98_eclipse.0570maxresdefault (1)slide24Fifth-Trumpet-Second-Woe-Abaddon-Apollyon-Locusts-Torture-Five-Months-Seven-Trumpets-RevelationFifth-Trumpet-02-LocustsFifth-Trumpet-03-Five-Months.jpgmaxresdefault (3)3 Sixth Trumpet of angel sounds and voice from four horns of golden altar before God 14 says to sixth angel with trumpet loose the four angels bound in the great river Euphrates.15 So Four angels loosed in an hour, a day, a month and year slays a third part of mankind. 16 The number of the army’s horsemen is two hundred thousand thousand. And 17 The horses and those who sit on them have breastplates of fire and the jacinth brimstone and heads of horses as heads of lions out of their mouths issues a fire, smoke, brimstone. 18 The third part of mankind are killed by fire, smoke and brimstone issuing out of their mouths. 19 Their power in their mouth and their tails like serpents with heads hurt. 20 So the rest of men not killed by the plagues did not repent of works of their hands to worship their evil devil idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, wood that don’t see, hear or walk. 21 Didn’t repent of evils or murders, sorceries, fornications or theft or sins against yet forgiven by Christf447a6433df133714cb78fed520165a97+TRUMPETS+Trumpet+Judgments+Result8260410_origc9271b474e1597cfe6a445e167544a24d361f120deb06a711fd7248c8c577ab6.pngclip_image04018d5d9d2789ba98199d0ec7eec8cd7bfabowl-1-web.jpg20200410_141139109ddc51d0185ddd92956b59de21aa81Bowl-7-combo-web7-Bowls-of-Wrath-in-the-Book-of-Revelation-The-Big-Picture-e1582184105946Seventh trumpet unleashes seven vial bowls of plagues, sores, sea, rivers turn to blood, Sun scorches people to death, and antiChrist world armies gathered at Armageddon. Earth is shaken, ushering in Jesus and God’s Kingdom on the earth forever and ever in Jerusalem in Israel after the Armageddon battle. The seven Trumpet Sounds Loudly from heaven in Bible Revelations for these endtime real living history warns mankind of current changes taking place on the earth. God’s direct control will enforce this changes on earth to stop evil permissive will of mankind. Two categories of people on earth are those sealed by God, protected saved by Rapture. The other category is left behind and given the final chance to be saved to ensure they belong to God’s Kingdom or forever destroyed. A choice to be saved is mankind’s own decision to belong to God. And accept God’s Plans and Purposes that Stands Forever as the wicked are destroyed in hellfire. If you hear Sounds of trumpets pray to God to forgive and save you and all loved ones in Jesus Name. Its not God’s will anyone should perish so be saved God loves you so much HE sent Jesus to Save you and thank God and wait for Jesus Our Lord. I heard sounds three times in summer last year at 2:20am on 24th April 2017. Almighty God Yahweh, Owner of world takes back the earth Governed by Jesus.20200525_1359567th-Trumpet-Book-of-RevelationPrayersByPete_8-1446a693d2de3624a8ae8600846594f1f3Seventh-Trumpet-Third-Woe-Begun-to-Reign-Nations-Angry-Wrath-Reward-Judg-Dead-Arc-Hail-Seven-Trumpets-Book-of-Revelationdays-of-noah-and-lotwpid-wp-1431614817284IMG_20170428_122404

Revelation seven trumpets sounds take place before the end of age and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Five of the seven already sounded is evidenced in critical moments in history. And the third world war triggers events of the Sixth trumpet to begin. Biblical prophecies provide all what to expect in the final two trumpets sounds. Revelation 8:7, is apocalyptic vision explaining triggering of events by sounds of the first trumpet and third of grass and trees in the world destroyed. World war one and two’s large amounts of artillery shells and chemical released by warfare troops kill over 850 million people. Soldiers burn vast tracts of land to destroy food, natural item of enemies used. Second trumpet Revelation 8:8-9 shows many ships involved in conflicts destroyed so one third of ships sunk in the seas. The nuclear bombs deployed at Hiroshima burnt people as fire. A third Trumpet in Revelation 8:10-11 or a star Wormwood will fall and affect a third of waters. God prompts Irvin ‘Chernobyl’ disaster in Ukraine in 1986 and it means “Wormwood” in Russian. This nuclear radiation destroyed a power plant and contaminated more than three percent of water supply in Europe and Western Asia, killed thousands. Affects hundreds of thousands of citizens with diseases from radiation. The fourth Trumpet in Revelation 8:12-13 sound affects length of days shortened sun does not shine for a third of a day. Time shortened so days  in the world is experienced differently. After Berlin wall fell in 1989 the “new world order” is a new age globalization developed. Reagan told Gorbachev to “tear down wall” in twenty nine months after fourth trumpet sounded. The 5th Trumpet prophecy sounds, bottomless pit fires cause massive amounts of the smoke to block sunlight. Gulf war Iraqi soldiers ignited over 700 oil wells in the deserts of Kuwait’s largest underground oil wells on earth. Smoke in atmosphere blocked sunlight three months. Saddam Hussein’s name means a “Destroyer” as “Abaddon” in Hebrew. Revelation 9:11, battles with United Nations, Middle East under turmoil. The sixth trumpet sound starts near Euphrates River waterways to Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Middle East. Revelation 9:13-21 says the four angels released command two hundred million army and soldiers to try to fight Israel. main-qimg-c9bec064878d2757a951cc58ba0b3f96-c So Armageddon endtime war countries unite to against fight God Almighty by a new world order dominating all global governments under the antiChrist. This war provokes God to remove satan’s abomination of desolation during Great Tribulation. Seventh Trumpet sounds affects all human beings as at Trumpet Sound Jesus Christ and angels Rapture all saints with the MARK OF CHRIST to heaven. As eternal reward but will pass judgment on left behind inhabitants on earth. Marks end of human government to the establish of Kingdom of God on earth for one thousand years. Endtime Bible prophecies come to pass to PROVE the POWER of God’s WILL. Learn about Bible teachings to understand end times join regular television radio broadcasts to learn God’s truth. More information on seven trumpets get copy The Seven Trumpets DVD  Understanding Endtime Series. The Trumpets heard from God in heaven is reason for research to write on this topic. These sounds are unique unlike other dezibel sounds heard on earth in many countries. Many people record videos on YouTube good to know others hear trumpet sounds globally. So Bible prophecies fulfilled before your eyes or heard. Matthew 24:33 says when you see these things know Jesus is near even at door in Mark 13:29. Jesus Yeshua Messiah is near for Rapture when these things happen. Ensure Jesus saved you and rejoice for your salvation at hand in Christ. Take God seriously before its too late to be saved. Trumpet sounds warns as signs from God in heaven to repent to mourn for woes unfolding on earth. Not entertainment but relevant information saves lives prepared ready for Rapture. Be aware of dangers falling upon earth due to sin against God. Be on high alert as God’s wrath unfolds pray for people to be saved. God says PRAYERS of saints and remnants, HE WILL HEAR SO HAVE MERCY TO FORGIVE IN JESUS NAME TO SHORTEN the evil days. GOD SAYS GIVE HIM NO REST DAY OR NIGHT UNTIL HE SHORTENS EVIL DAYS OR NONE WILL SURVIVE HIS WRATH ON EARTH. Voices of prayer heard by God are like incense burning before God’s Altar in heaven to pour on earth. Call God to save, answer and forgive you in Jesus Name. Praise God. Romans 10:9-10 says, if you confess Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved. With your heart you believe and with your mouth you confess that Yeshua is Lord to be saved. Rapture will happen when God decides Jesus to come in the clouds while these things happen.

Jesus said: In my Father house there are many mansions I am going to prepare a place for you to come again to receive you home to myself, so where I am you will be in Bible in John 14: 2-3. I tell you brothers flesh and blood cannot inherit kingdom of God or the perishable body inherit imperishable. I tell you mystery we shall not all sleep, but be changed in twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet. The trumpet will sound and dead raised imperishable and we shall be changed. Perishable body made imperishable and mortal to immortal says 1 Corinthians 15:50. The Lord himself will descend from heaven and archangel’s voice call God’s trumpet call those dead in Christ to rise first. Together with living will be caught up in clouds to meet the Lord in air be with the Lord, 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17. All will see Son of man coming in clouds with great power and glory. He will send angels to gather His chosen ones from four ends of earth to heaven in Mark 13 : 26-27 in Church Rapture in  Matthew 24 : 38-42; Matthew 25 : 1-13, Revelation 14 : 14-16. Its like those days before flood they were eating, drinking, marrying and given in marriage till day Noah entered ark. They didn’t listen and flood came and took them so is coming of Son of man. Two in a field one taken, and other leftTwo women grinding at a mill one taken and other left. Watch  therefore for you don’t  know hour the Lord will come in Matthew 24 : 39-41. So shall the kingdom of heaven is like ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five were wise, and five foolish took lamps but no oil with them. The wise took oil in lamps as the bridegroom, delayed they slept. At midnight was a shout the bridegroom comes go to meet him. The wise took their lamps but foolish said to the wise give us your oil, our lamps are gone out. But the wise said no there is not enough for us go to those who sell to buy oil for yourselves. While they went to buy oil, bridegroom came, the wise ready went in with him to the marriage, door shut. Later foolish virgins said, Lord open to us but He said, I don’t know you. Watch for you don’t know the day or hour Son of man will comes in Matthew 25 : 1-13. I saw a white cloud on the cloud sat the Son of man on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle. Another angel out of the temple with loud voice told him on the cloud thrust your sickle and reap for the time is come for you to reap harvest of the earth is ripe. And he who sat on the cloud thrust his sickle on earth to reap in Revelation 14 : 14-16. It is the rapture Yahweh God wants us to be part of his chosen ones in heaven. Our Creator does not want us to perish for God LOVES the world so HE gave his only begotten Son Jesus so have faith in Him not to perish but have everlasting life in John 3: 16.  ♥

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