Asteroid heading towards EarthA mega Comet WF9 comes near earth on 25th February 2017 as NASA detected the object approaching Earth. The asteroid is somewhat dark, and possibly a comet, but without the comet-like dust and gas cloud will strike Earth to trigger mega-tsunami according to online rumours. It is so huge you will be able to see it from Britain on 25th February 2017.  Mystery   space rock is on collision course with Earth according to crackpot theorists. Nasa confirmed mysterious 2016 WF9 is closely approaching Earth and we should be able to see it orbit the planet. Asteroid heads towards Earth as the space rock was detected by NASA in late November 2016. It is in the middle of its of.9 year orbit between Jupiter and Earth and will approach us on February 25, flying by at a distance of 32 million miles from the planet, they claimed. The comet will be near earth close enough to be seen visibly if the weather permits. Let us hope we can see this comet WF9 and earth will be safe at the same time. So science confirms God’s creation of the universe as comets are described in the Bible. Often the writers and prophets include comets or asteroids as part of their writings or warnings from God. So these large comets are mentioned in the Bible many times as part of God’s firmaments. Bible describes many comets used in the past as part of God’s weapon of warfare against HIS enemies. Book of Revelation in the Bible warns of endtime asteroids to be unleashed by God as part of HIS weapons of mass destruction of earth as punishment before its restoration. God Says do not mistreat stranger or oppress him remember you were once strangers in Exodus 22:21.  If a widow or fatherless child is to cry out to God because of the ill treatment of others, God promises He will pour out His fierce wrath upon their oppressor and kill them so their wives would be widows and their children too will fatherless according to Exodus 22 : 22–24.  God will punish some nations with huge comets so we to see the type of comet used by God for destruction in advance before Armageddon unleashes comets for real to vanquish all evil on earth. Bible says, woe to those who devise iniquity and work evil upon their beds at night so when morning is light they execute it because power is in their hand in Micah 2:1. Isaiah declared, those terrible ones are brought to nothing so scorners will cease to exist on earth in Isaiah 33:15. One cannot treat people as worthless to take away their rights or take advantage of their time, talents, or work and expect God’s blessings. Other minds on internet claim non-existent astronomer accused space agency of a cover up. So suggest space rock fragment heading straight to earth according them. Some people demonstrated illustration of what would happen if asteroid struck Earth.asteroid-hit-earth-287512

Nasa said it did not believe that this asteroid will collide with Earth, but it will provide an incredible spectacle as it soars over our planet. International bid to save humanity from the doomsday asteroids has run of cash so beware and make sure you stay as safe as possible. It is claimed by scientists life from MARS was carried to Earth by asteroid evolving to emit oxygen from caves to sustain life on planet earth. Others think a gigantic asteroid packed full of enough precious metals will crash world’s economy to cause devastation. It is thought similar asteroid destroyed earth and large animal fossils excavated.  The Bible creation story is different because all life on earth started from Adam and Eve by mitochondrial genetics from God. The garden of Eden had all things pertaining to life in the paradise garden already available before man’s creation on the 6th day. God is still in control of earth and all the universe which was taken over by mankind’s self rule excluding God. Since mankind rejected God for so long God is taking back HIS EARTH to restore perfect peace on earth. Sadly, since mankind refuses to totally yield to God in Christ, God is forced to use any means necessary to reinstate earth.   

Nasa experts believe the 2016 WF9 asteroid is between 0.3 and 0.6 miles across. If correct, it would be likely to burn up on entry to. Dr Zakharovich claims it is much larger and will blast through the Earth’s atmosphere with ease. The bizarre claims come as an international bid to save humanity from doomsday asteroids run out of cash. The  mission hailed as dry run for apocalypse was due to work out how to steer space rocks away from the Earth. shutterstock_368546519.jpg


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David Morgan

David MorganJan 28, 2017

Dr Dyomin Damir Zakharovich? Why are they never called Dr Fred Smith?

Larry Lawless

Larry LawlessJan 28, 2017

If this is true, it hitting Earth, there is nothing we can do anyway, just live on till we die, life is short enough as it is, why worry about something we have no power over / I am prepared to meet my God, are you ?

josh kellaway

josh kellawayJan 28, 2017

From the ‘experts’ who cannot forecast tomorrow’s weather despite having windows.

Peter Pan

Peter PanJan 27, 2017

They won’t be called “Crackpot Theorists” if it does hit the earth.    Syria/Iraq area would be a good spot to hit.


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God Greatly Values you more than you ever know so once you discover God’s Love for you have inner joy and peace. God blesses through changing situations in life so your focus and attention shifts to listen more to hear God due to unforseen circumstances. Transition creates helpful spiritual growth powerful testimony in Christ defeating devil. What devil means for evil God changes to good turning curses into Blessings for His Glory.  You are greatly beloved by God so as God’s beloved you are greatly Loved. Although God created mankind and breathed His breath in Adam making us living beings, few people know anything about Creator Yahweh Almighty God. The Spirit of the Living God dwells in us sustaining all life and providing for all. Declare you are God’s beloved daily to remind yourself of the Great Love God has for you. Many issues in life may challenge your confidence at times to prove if you truly believe you are God’s beloved. You can truly say you are God’s beloved to triumph in Victory according to 1 Corinthians 15:56-57. Jesus overcame sting of death and sin thanks to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s beloved bless many more people to confirm and reinforce what Bible says that a person’s quality of life, value and worth to God does not consist of, or depend on owned material possessions. God’s beloved appreciate God’s real Love deeply through Jesus’ Blood so enter Our Father God’s Presence boldly.god-calls-us-beloved
Its not status, titles, postcodes, size of bank balance, clothing labels, type of plane, ship, cars owned, price tags of homes, designer bags, shoe designs, technology. The world is filled with idols wealth, fame, power, position, money, work, sexual relations, stars, celebrities, sports, even relationships.  These desires as priority tend to put our trust and confidence in things or people to help meet those desires. Pride in the strength of trophy wife, marriage or any thing chosen above God HURTS God like betrayed husband or wife by unfaithful spouse. Only God is absolutely worthy of Worship as HIS Desires for us are pure and holy. God of LOVE becomes intimately involved in the affairs of mankind to save, rescue, redeem, and deliver.  This is the God who is worthy of our love and devotion and no one else. So anything placed first in lives other than God is idolatry for God Says HE IS jealous God. Do not feel pain or sadness because you lack material things and so think you are nobody in life. Others treat you badly because you outwardly does not fit into exclusive class gaithered community. Attention given to material things by man as “great” is considered “chaff” or “dung” according to God in Bible because of how aquired. Precious memories gained knowing God in Christ is PRICELESS GREAT TREASURE the wise “sell all” to “buy it” in Jesus who bought us with His Precious Blood redeem us.
Lterally get rid of all junk negative thoughts and things. The word of God reveals rightly things in itself does not add value to life though improves the quality of life for a season. Bless others if not needed get rid of the excess material possessions. As one’s trash is another’s treasure give to support all considered less fortunate. Godly Love gives, blesses, transforms renewed minds to free self from heavy burdens of vanity. Release yourself from the pressures and cares of these lost world into God’s Kingdom. Getting hold of the God’s Great Truth gives liberty in Christ as best priceless treasure bringing inner joy and peace. Things of this world will soon pass away but God’s Word will stand forever and eternally in Jesus Name. Rejoice in the LORD and study God’s Words as a faithful disciple of Christ. Jesus coming soon in rapture and after restore earth. The Kingdom of God is being established throughout living history and the world is watching demolition of evil to bring in restoration of God’s Perfect Peace, Reign by Son of God Yeshua Messiah KING of Kings and Lord of lords. So be ready and prepared to join in God ‘s Kingdom for eternity on earth. Israel will be saved by the LORD with an everlasting salvation; and all grafted in will never be put to shame or disgraced to ages everlasting in Jesus Name according to Isaiah 45:17.




map-of-ancient-jerusalem-300x228 God’s Holy City Jerusalem, Mount Zion power seat of God’s majesty over Israel chosen to dwell from the heavens says Psalm 68:34. God chose Jerusalem to put God’s Name so God will Arise and have Mercy on Zion, for the Time to Favour Israel has come, Yes God’s Set time has come says Psalm 102:13. God chose King David and his Seed to rule God’s people, Israel says 2 Chronicles 6:6. It will come to pass everyone who calls on the name of the LORD God Yahweh will be saved. In Mount Zion, Jerusalem there shall be deliverance among the remnants whom Yahweh calls says Joel 2:32. So God will make places around Mount Zion, God’s Hill a blessing so will cause showers of blessings to come down in their season, there shall be showers of blessings says Ezekiel 34:26. Blessings, Glory, Wisdom, Thanksgiving, Honour, Power, Might, be to our LORD God forever and ever Bible says in Revelation 7:12. People dwelling in Zion in Jerusalem shall weep no more for God will be gracious to at the sound of your cry. God hears your cries so HE will hear and answer you says Isaiah 30:19. David said, the LORD God gives rest to HIS people to dwell in Jerusalem Israel forever in Chronicles 23:25. God Chose HIS people in Jerusalem, Judah to build House of God of Israel, Only One True God in Ezra 1:3. God’s blessings to come upon you to overtake you as you obey the voice of the Lord your God Deuteronomy 28:2. Proclaim liberty in the land to all inhabitants its Jubilee to celebrate with joy says Leviticus 25:10. The Jubilee shall be holy to you so you shall eat produce from the land says Leviticus 25:12. Consecrate yourselves to God to bestow blessings on you this day says Exodus 32:29. News portrays Israel in negative light but God’s plans for Israel affects the whole world. Such negative views causes concerns by the rockets launched into southern Israel. Groups make no secret of desire for all land of Israel to be without the Jewish people in the land. Enemies of God fight Jewish people try to wipe God’s Chosen people from the face of the earth but its in vain Israel faces deadly threats. God’s tiny nation is vitally important city God chose so they are not alone. Extremists attacks destroy homes and burn houses of worship due to hate crime. This trend against people regardless of non/faith or by fundamentalist’s despicable actions. True vision of Judaism sees all people as created in a Divine IMAGE of YAHWEH so does not diminish or demean anyone. Jerusalem is the heartbeat of God, Israel is God’s LOVE bridge between Jews and Gentiles. God says Jerusalem is His City where heaven and earth meet for final battle of Armageddon. This impending endtime plan coming soon involves the whole world not just Israel or the Jews.JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH MET God is LOVE so honour and enhance the shared humanity. Stop an anti-Semitism defamation tensions of faith relations in Israel. These 42 churches, monasteries, mosques vandalized or torched in Israel in past 4 years solves no problems. The Church of Multiplication attack arsonist scrawled a phrase from Jewish Aleinu prayer on wall of the church complex equates Christianity with idolatry in the Holy Land by Lehava radical right-wing Jewish movement. Israel urges decisive action against anti-Christian extremists who cross red line damaging property and people too. Christian men of faith spat on in Jerusalem, shunned or fasts to mourn Messianic believers harassed, intimidated, blackmailed, blacklisted,” Wadiya Abu Nasser told Army Radio in the Times of Israel. The hate barometer in Israel is rising, Goshen-Gottstein told HuffPost but said he is certain interfaith dialogue helps restore peace and hopes to talk to the accused of Tabgha arson to persuade them to rethink their theology. Punishments to include two months of service with monks at Tabgha to get to know human faces of these people hurt. Goshen-Gottstein said, “The only reason they do something like this is because they do not have genuine faith or love for their neighbours and others as God requires. Others design foreign policy pledging to eradicate Israel from face of the earth to dominate and control earth. Can anyone wipe out others from face of the earth without any consequences? Bible in Revelation 19:15 says eradicate people and God, Jesus, heavenly armies eradicate you. Absolute power corrupts absolutely ULTIMATE POWER BELONGS EXCLUSIVELY TO GOD PATENT OWNER of earth and all the people. Sometimes no one is hurt thanks to YAHWEH GOD of Israel for Mercy, God’s Supernatural protection, Iron Dome missile defenses. Urgent realities of threats facing God’s Chosen people needs realistic response. Birthpang pains of tribulation predicted by Jesus, prophets worldwide situations of end times. There is greater need for Divine intervention because the battle belongs to the Lord God JEHOVAH Nissi who Chose Jerusalem to Dwell in. KING of Kings Lord Jesus RETURNS VISIBLY to earth to rule and reign from Jerusalem Israel. Its important to know the Gospel Message of people of the Book to make wise informed choices to accept Yeshua Jesus Son of God. YAHWEH LORD GOD ALMIGHTY saves from GOD’S WRATH on all who reject Messiah Jesus Christ. God and New JERUSALEM is Coming to earth to Dwell PERMANENTLY forever in Israel eternally in PERFECT PEACE. All who accept Jesus Christ are Children of God to enjoy living in God’s Kingdom as YAHWEH said. Pray as Psalms 51:10 says to God in Jesus Name to recreate a clean heart in you by God, renew right Holly Spirit in you, repent not too late. WHY DID GOD CHOOSE JERUSALEM?Jerusalem is the center of God’s world of focus in prophecy of the Bible. The Holy City of Jerusalem is the place God Chose to place HIS NAME. Jerusalem is ground zero for spiritual war in the world God’s Headquarters of government on earth. Its possible to understand Bible current events as crucial role of Jerusalem. This book on Jerusalem Where Heaven and Earth Met plan of God in living history and future of Jerusalem of God’s Chosen people. Read for as friend of Israel with renewed sense of urgency or passion to obey God’s command to pray for peace of Jerusalem according to Psalm 122:6. E-book is free as a way of thanking you for being part of Jerusalem Prayer Team standing with God’s Chosen people. It is a powerful important way to appreciate your love support and together speak God’s commanded blessings on you. Out of all nations God Chose only Jerusalem Temple Mount in Israel to be HIS CITY. Temple Mount is HOLIEST SITE OF GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. God will live in a City of God New Jerusalem descending from heaven God Dwells permanently on earth. God is preparing to remove desolation sacrilege in HIS RIGHTFUL PLACE IN JERUSALEM HIS TEMPLE. At Armageddon battle God’s Superpower Strength as Jehovah Nissi Mighty One in battle is victorious above all the nations vying for God’s chosen site to Dwell in earth. God sends Cyrus in righteousness to make all his ways straight. To rebuild God’s City to set exiles free not for price or reward, says the LORD Almighty in Isaiah 45:13. And God’s Superior Real Estate Prowess Architectural Success  1,500 years ago’s hottest business spot in the world. Third Temple building is rebuilt on Temple Mount for Jesus reign for 1000 years. Enemies of God will riot, loot, bomb cars, buildings, stab or shoot innocent civilians. Dome of the Rock on top of Temple Mount in Jerusalem Israel is place people pray as Western Wailing Wall. Building contested in territories of Judea-Samaria, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants God’s Resettlement on earth preparing so God moves into Jerusalem. God made public statement in Bible to rebuild the Temple Mount.  Unofficial Sanhedrin council asking for help in rebuilding the Temple. Wants to do so  but worldwide pressure, violence, opposer’s actions make plan impossible but will happen. God and man prepare for Jesus third grand Temple all nations must come to worship God in Jerusalem or will have no rain says Zachariah.Foundation Stone Rock (Sakhrah) is the rock beneath Dome of Rock, Jerusalem. The greatest tragedy of Israel’s history was loss of Holy Temple in Jerusalem. When the Second Temple was destroyed in AD 70, focal point of Israel’s spiritual life disappeared with it. In its place, the Dome of the Rock is erected between 689 and 691 after the Muslims captured Jerusalem from Christian Byzantines in the 7th century. It was built on First and Second Temples on sacred rock of God’s Holy Place. Some Muslim leaders and professors insist Holy Temples never existed. Dismiss proven historical and archaeological excavations by Jewish or non-Jewish archaeological findings of the Jews. Excavations conducted at the bottom of Temple Mount yields proof of Jewish claims to the Holy Mount Temple belonging to Jehovah Nissi. Opal spot in Kidron valley in 1990s excavated the Solomon’s wall stables archaeological of historical site. Temple Mount Sifting Project with thousands of volunteers is recovering Temple period artifacts from debris an example seen here in picture.This floor tile Temple Mount courtyard reconstructed from artifacts uncovered at the Temple Mount Sifting Project are on YouTube. First Temple was built by Solomon at Temple Mount tabernacle and altars dedicated to God pre-exist Herod’s temples. God told King David, “As your days are over to rest with your ancestors, I will raise your offspring to succeed you, your own flesh and blood and establish his kingdom. He will build a house for my Name so I will establish throne of his kingdom forever in Bible in 2 Samuel 7:12–13. David, a shepherd boy fought Goliath became King, wants to build a permanent dwelling place for God. But as a man of war had too much blood on his hands task of building First Temple given to his son Solomon, name in Hebrew means peace. Temple is built by King Solomon 1000 BC, destroyed by Babylonians in 586 BC on Tisha B’av the ninth day of Hebrew month of Av so the Jews exiled in captivity into Babylon.Women pray in Western Wall tunnels, which expose additional 485 meters of the Wall. This spot in the tunnel Jewish women closest to Holy of Holies places. Jeremiah prophesied Jewish people to return to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon (Iraq) after 70 years. “LORD GOD says: ‘After 70 years in Babylon will come to you and fulfill My good promise to bring you back says Jeremiah 29:10. A 100 years earlier Isaiah said a Persian King enabled Jewish people to return to Jerusalem rebuild Temple. Isaiah  44:28: says Cyrus, ‘My shepherd will accomplish all God pleases so Jerusalem “rebuilt,” temple, “ foundations laid.”’Model Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be reconstructed after first and the Second Temples destroyed by God’s enemies. Jews returned back to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity rebuilt a Temple  expanded four hundred years later by King Herod called “A Glorious Temple.”  Second Temple built did not stand long in AD 70 (586 years later), on a calendar day of Tisha B’Av (ninth day of Av) First Temple was destroyed by Roman army. General Titus annihilated Jerusalem so razed Second Temple to the ground sent Jewish people in exile. For 19 centuries Jews in exile longed to return to their Promised Land and its Temple Mount. Jews still pray 3 times daily, “May it be your will Temple be speedily rebuilt in our days.” After long wait generation hope to see Temple stand in Jerusalem if God wills according to HIS commands.Model of Second Temple Holy Mandate is in the process to rebuild God’s Holy Sanctuary. “Have them make sanctuary for me to dwell among them in Exodus  25:8. God never withdrew His command to Israel build Him a Sanctuary. In fact, the prophet Haggai rebuked people for neglecting work of rebuilding LORD’S house. “The word of the LORD to the prophet Haggai,  ‘Is it a time for you to be living in your grand paneled houses while House of God remains ruin? Says in Haggai 1:3–4. Under the leadership of Zerubbabel, work of rebuilding Temple began. “the LORD stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, spirit of Joshua son of Jozadak, a high priest, and spirit of whole remnant of the people. They came to work on the house of the LORD Almighty, their God.” in Haggai 1:14. Many organizations take God’s Words already make preparation.Model Tabernacle with Menorah, Table of Showbread and Incense Altar. Third Temple Preparations Ready for a new building of Third Temple completion  by organization called, Temple Institute, in Jewish quarter of Jerusalem’s walled Old City. Orthodox organization prepare for restoration and construction of all sacred vessels for use in service for the Holy Temple. Replics models authentic vessels made from gold, copper, silver or wood. Three vessels vital to Temple service completed stand ready are a menorah seven branched candelabra, Table of Showbread an Incense Altar of gold. Gold and silver vessels used in incense and sacrificial services of Cohen HaGadol High Priest and their Levitical musical instruments. Completed after years of research and development are sacred garment or ephod of the Cohen HaGadol and choshen breastplate, the tziz zahav golden crown holiness unto God band worn on top of priest’s head.Temple Institute Priests trained practice Passover sacrifice using their authentic reproductions of the Temple trumpets. Rabbi Yisrael Ariel Founder of Temple Institute of Jerusalem the mastermind behind ambitious project. Jewish Rabbi, Yisrael Ariel, founder former director of Temple Institute’s and a Biblical scholar, author of Hebrew books: An Atlas of the Biblical Boundaries of the Land of Israel believes each generation of the Jews is obliged to do all they can to rebuild the Holy Temple. Rabbi Ariel believes counter to some Orthodox Jews, who believe Messiah Moshiach will come before Temple rebuilt. Rabbi Ariel is zealous soldier in Israeli Defense Forces’ paratrooper brigade one of first soldiers reach Temple Mount liberated by Israel in Six Day War of 1967. On June 7, 1967, the first time in 1,900 years Jerusalem came back under Jewish control, and Rabbi Ariel was there the vision was birthed in his heart, doing what is in his power to assist in rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Twenty-one days later, on June 28, 1967, Knesset passed a decree annexing East Jerusalem bringing entire city of Jerusalem back to Jewish control.These victorious Israel Defense Force as paratroopers advanced through Old City to Temple Mount and Western Wailing Wall on June 7, 1967, despite Jordan’s attacks, occupation of UN Headquarters in Jerusalem. Rabbi Ariel in his Siddur HaMikdash  Holy Temple Prayer book, “Its difficult to describe feelings filled us during extraordinary time in the life of the nation. The words ‘ringing the bells of the Messiah’ express in a limited way what was felt in the heart. “Led to sense of let down many of experienced. After arrival at threshold of the Holy Temple. Standing at Western Wall where is the Messiah?” He explains that over time he realized expectations were “misplaced” and God expected Jewish people to be proactive in rebuilding the Temple. The “years studies began to reveal inaction unaccountable: God doesn’t intend for us to wait for day of miracles expected to act to accomplish God’s Word. Do all within power to prepare for rebuilding of Holy Temple. For renewal of a Divine  service in Siddur HaMikdash, page 526. Rabbi Ariel’s vision and beliefs shared by Temple Institute’s current directors.Kohanim discuss ritual purity required in rebuilding of the Temple. Prophecy is Significant as Scripture says a Temple stand on original location of the Temple Mount before Yeshua’s return. “Know and understand From the time the word goes out to restore to rebuild Jerusalem until Anointed One, ruler, comes will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’  It will be rebuilt with streets and trench in the times of trouble in Daniel 9:25. The vessels, garments, and building plans prepared great prophetic significance for all who wait for return of Messiah Yeshua Jesus. Some think God brings New Heavenly Temple to earth does not need third Temple. God’s Temple will come down with Yahweh think a conflict over a third Temple triggers Armageddon battle as finale of devil’s rule ushers in Messiah’s Rule forever. Yeshua said when a fig tree symbol for Israel blossoms, His return is imminent He is right at the door learn lesson from the fig tree as soon as twigs get tender and leaves come know summer is near.  So, when you see all these things know Jesus is near at the door in Matthew 24 : 32–34. Israel is reborn as nation in 1948 is indication this is end-time generation. Yeshua warns Great Tribulation caused by refusal to stop holy place desolation,’ spoken of by prophet Daniel let readers understand, in Judea flee to mountains, i  Matthew 24:15-16. An abomination of desolation armed forces will rise up to desecrate temple fortress abolish daily sacrifice. Sets up antiChrit abomination of desolation in Daniel 11:31. Be wise to prepare yourselves and loved ones for an evil time to deepen your relationship with the Lord Jesus and God Almighty. Radical Muslims pelt Israeli police with rocks on Temple Mount. Temple project of magnitude, many practical, religious political challenging opposition. So most obvious obstacle to rebuilding Temple is 37-acre Temple Mount Muslim control. Israel is liberated so regained control over all of Jerusalem in Six Day War 1967 but control of holiest site of Jews Temple Mount, taken by Muslims. The tragic hard-won, against-all-odds, Israeli victory General Moshe Dayan, Minister of Defense secular Jew did not believe Bible is the Word of God, met with five leaders of a Supreme Muslim Religious Council taking over Al-Aqsa Mosque.Six Day War from left to right Jerusalem Commander Uzi Narkis, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, IDF Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin, and General Rehavam Ze’evi walk through the Old City of Jerusalem. At meeting General Dayan orders removal of Israeli flag, IDF soldiers risked lives to put on golden dome. Dayan hands over administrative control to the Arabs (a Jordanian-controlled Muslim trust or Waqf.  This policy of Arab authorities control to police Israel’s most sacred site remains unchanged until today. Jews are permitted limited access to site of Temple Mount so reading of Jewish Scriptures or praying by either Jews or Christians is prohibited, despite the fact that access to holy sites is guaranteed under Israeli law. Muslim authorities don’t permit Jewish prayer on Temple Mount custom of praying by Western Wall developed. Wall nearest ancient site Holy of Holies, chief rabbis warn Jews not to pray or ascend to Temple Mount because they might desecrate Holy of Holies unknowingly standing on this place only High Priests allowed to enter. Temple access to site is limited by complex set of purity laws entrance permitted to fulfil religious precepts.Israel surrounded by sea of hostile Arab neighbors bent on destruction the Dome of Rock sits defiantly on Temple Mount, rebuilding Holy Temple impossible. But Bible assures us New Temple rebuilt for God’s by men if not this generation, the next. Not knowing exact day this Third Temple rebuilt or how soon it will take place. We are approaching the Days of the coming of Messiah soon so near.God’s a plan for Israel in end time will be accomplished to fulfill HIS Word! Be part of what God does this moment in living history. So Jews fully controlled Jerusalem for 1000s of years before a conflict and invasion of God’s enemy took over. Jesus warns people Temple will be destroyed and so abomination sacrilege imposed on Holy of Holies on Yahweh’s Sacred ground. Sadly it happened as Jesus says readers must to understand these living history of Israel. Ensure you get best knowledge to make an informed choice concerning Israel to stop anti-Semitism against God and Israel. Jerusalem fell into hands of many despots over past centuries until Temple Mount escalations enforced an  exclusion of Jews, Christians, others as Jesus predicted. Over 1,400 years Jews, Christian, Islamic conflict still exist over God’s Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem.Jesus wants readers to understand that the ongoing clashes lasted for centuries. World history explains the source of the conflict over Jerusalem published in the many articles, additional headline facts of knowledge of history. East and West fighting 1,500 years before first Crusade Persians invaded Europe in attempt to conquer Greeks in fifth century B.C. The Greek, Alexander the Great, attempted to conquer all of Asia, India, in a fourth century B.C. Persians east, Greeks, west set up colonial empires founded upon bloody military conquest. The Romans by military conquest in Mesopotamia, northwestern Arabia, Assyria in second century A.D. Different types of conquest occurred by movement of whole tribes between east and west. Goths, Avars came from as far away as western Asia, central Asia, and China in fifth through seventh centuries A.D. The Avars from northern China and Mongolia besieged Constantinople in 626 A.D. Mohammed a merchant in Arabia. The Avar’s siege, forces weakened, Byzantines or others in mid-eastern empire fell to a Muslim conquest. In 624, Mohammed led a raid for booty plundered a Meccan caravan killing 70 Meccans for his material gain. Between 630 A.D. – 632 AD till death of Mohammed in 632 A.D. Muslims led by Mohammed conquered bulk of western Arabia and southern Palestine through a dozen separate invasions and bloody conquests. Conquest “holy wars,” after Mohammed’s death in 632, new Muslim caliph Abu Bakr launched Islam in 1,500 years continual imperialist, colonialist, bloody conquest subjugation through invasion and war Islam continue today. History of relationships between Jews, Christian west and Islamic east Muslim wars imperialist conquest launched for 1,500 years against hundreds of nations. Lust for a Muslim imperialist conquest from southern France, to Philippines, Austria, Nigeria, central Asia and New Guinea policy practices to dominate economic, political affairs of countries.”JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH METThe Muslim goal of central government first at Damascus then Baghdad, Cairo, Istanbul or other imperial centers. Their local governors, judges, and other rulers were appointed by the central imperial authorities for far off colonies. Islamic law introduced whether or not wanted by local people. Arabic was introduced as rulers’ language, and local language disappeared as slaves sold abroad. Two classes of residents established, native residents paid a tax colonialist rulers did not have to pay. The law differed in places but the following is example of colonialist laws colonized Christians and Jews subjected to over the years:

  • Christians and Jews could not bear arms, Muslims could;
  • Christians and Jews could not ride horses, Muslims could;
  • Christians and Jews had to get permission to build Muslims did not
  • Christians and Jews paid certain taxes which Muslims did not;
  • Christians could not proselytize Muslims could;
  • Christians and Jews bow to Muslim masters when they paid their taxes
  • Christians and Jews lived under the law set forth in Koran, not either their own religious or secular law.

These laws allowed the local conquered people less freedom than allowed the conquering colonialist rulers. Non-Arab Muslim inhabitants of conquered lands became second class citizens behind the ruling Arabs. This classic colonialism of Cecil Rhodes was practiced globally by a group of people who settle in a distant territory in another state jurisdiction for control over who remain under political jurisdiction of their native land. “Bloody” conquest by guns were no match for the spears resistance of natives. So Christian west and Jews fight against Muslim east, almost 1,500 years of Muslim imperialist, colonialist, conquest and subjugation of others through invasion and war to the east of Arabia in Iraq, Persia, further eastward, which continues to this day.JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH METThe closest geographical Palestine, first Western non-Arab area was invaded in Muslim imperialist, colonialist, bloody conquest and subjugation of others. At the time, Palestine was under rule of the Eastern Roman Empire, ruled from Istanbul by Greeks, Eastern Orthodox Catholic. The Eastern Orthodox rule was despotic as Eastern Roman Empire was in serious decline. Eastern Orthodox rulers as despots Palestine subjugated the large population of local Jews and Monophysite Christians. The Orthodox were imperialist religious persecutors. Muslim imperialist colonialist, bloody conquest subjugation of Palestine and Egypt. Conquest of the Palestine Israel by Muslim imperialist colonialist bloody conquest began with battle. The August 20, 636, battle of Yarmk with the 75,000 soldiers. Local Jews welcomed Muslims as liberators subjugated remainder of Palestine unable to capture Jerusalem. Beginning in July 637, Muslims began a siege of Jerusalem lasting five months before Jerusalem fell in February 638. Arabs did not sack the city Arab soldiers kept under tight control by the leaders. No destruction permitted as a triumph of ‘civilized’ control.” This conquest is a significant hallmark Muslim colonialist made Christian and Jews to pay tribute to colonialist Muslims. Baghdad used to be imperialist, colonialist, bloody wars of conquered empires provide Caliphate with stream of slaves, made eunuchs.JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH METThe Muslim conquest of Christian North Africa continued against native Berbers encountered west of Egypt. The North African people fought so strongly against Muslim imperialist, colonialist, bloody conquest in the west was brought to an almost complete stop between Tripoli and Carthage for more than a quarter century. The Muslims broke through in a series of battles followed by revenge massacres of Christian opponents. This Muslim imperialist, colonialist, bloody conquest continued from North Africa to Spain, Portugal, southern France, until stopped at the battle of Poiters in middle of France. The Muslims in the imperialist colonialist, bloody conquests, killed two to three times as many Christians as the Christians killed Muslims in all Crusades combined. Jerusalem’s central location appeals most to the Muslims. So after the Saladin conquered Jerusalem, victorious Saladin forbade acts of vengeance. There were no more deaths, no violence. The “Saladin’s generosity to Jews or Christian does not mention 450 years prior Muslim aggressive approach. The Crusaders and Christian or Western aggression against Islam ignores prior history of the Muslim colonialist occupation of Jerusalem. This history of Muslims, headquartered in Arabia, captured Jerusalem for 100 years chiefly under the Umayyads, Jerusalem prospered under Muslim rule. JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH METSucceeding Abbasids, rule of Jerusalem began to decline beginning 725 A.D. The decline of central Muslim government breaking away from Arabia provinces, growth of warlike revolutionary groups, growth of extremist Muslim sects and the decision Muslims to convert Christians and Jews and pagans to Islam is colonial nature of Jerusalem. Abbasids drained wealth from Jerusalem to Baghdad for the benefit of the caliphs, and Jerusalem declined economically. The language of the government became Arabic, forcible conversion to Islam became the Muslim policy. In 750, the Caliph destroyed the walls of Jerusalem, leaving it defenseless they were later rebuilt, in time to defend against the Crusaders. The history of the following 300 hundred years is complex and tangled. Jerusalem Christians and Jewish majority suffered greatly during alternating periods of peace and war. So these happenings were repeated Muslim destruction of the countryside of Israel in 970-983, and 1024-1077 in Jerusalem. The wholesale destruction by the Muslims of Christian churches by direct order of the Caliph, in 1003 and by Muslim mobs; the total destruction of Jerusalem by Caliph of Cairo in early 1020s; building small mosques on top of Christian churches; enforcing the Muslim laws limiting the height of Christian churches; attacking, robbing Christian pilgrims from Europe; attacking Christian processions in streets of Jerusalem; etc. After nearly 100 years of Muslim rule, the caliphs begun to add religious importance to conquests setting conversion to Islam important priority. It was latter caliphs without the first-hand remembrance of Mohammed distanced empire led to independent rulers being established in Spain, North Africa, Cairo, Asia Minor, etc.; and the instability of the caliphates and resulting civil wars.JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH METThe conversion to Islam after 100 years of Muslim conquest and the imperial colonialism had little significancs to the forced conversion aggressive approach was adopted. Jerusalem, was a problem as Jews and Christians churches were significantly wealthier than Muslims. This was in beginning of early 800s with Charlemaigne, Europe had a prototype foreign aid program helping churches relocated at Holy places in Jerusalem. Embarrassed Muslims, saw Christian churches and monasteries outshone Muslim’s. Churches and monasteries run by western religious orders, report directly to Rome leaders appointed are subject to Constantinople. Thousands of European Christian pilgrimages into Jerusalem from Germany, France, and Hungary in years 1000, 1033, 1064, and 1099. Muslim and European rulers tried to enter treaties of support with each other. Christian churches became target of Muslims enemies against European ties in civil war. The Christian churches rebuilt as pro-western rulers in power.JERUSALEM: WHERE HEAVEN AND EARTH METMuslim continue what begun 1400 years culminating in Crusades clashes of Islam and Western Christendoms. In history Islam in Jerusalem, Spain and Portugal, France in battle of Portiers, are part of endtime living history. These conflicts continue to Armageddon battle Jerusalem. Muslim history in belief of Islam east and west Christianity begun before, today’s Muslim description of current West Bank conflicts. Israel is Chosen by Yahweh but allowed Muslim control for a season to teach Jews and Christians lesson for rebellious reasons. God’s timetable agenda of punishment season is satisfied so change is coming to Jerusalem. Behold God is doing a new thing; now it springs forth do you not know? God makes a way in wilderness and rivers in desert, Isaiah 43:19. So bringing whole tithe into the storehouse so there may be food in my house. Test me,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not open floodgates of heaven to pour out blessing there will not be room enough to store it in Malachi 3:10.





Good mood foods improve good feelings and thinking process due to the residues from chemicals, fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides plus environmental toxins. So those with a history of mental health problems can benefit from good food. The Kellogg brothers originally noticed diet deficiencies affecting mental well being so introduced multivitamin cereals to help eat better. Others diagnosed with ADHD nine years ago, and with OCD, and a generalised anxiety and SPOV ( intense phobia of vomiting) in 2016 were helped to change diet too. Panic attacks was dishearteningly regular feature in a life of one man who recently changed his diet as living proof of good mood foods. By actively seek out anything that could make life easier, heard there was a relationship between mood and food. So intrigued, gained from these benefits of knowing diet affects physical health, in bad ways and good. Fast foods can increase your risk of heart disease, while omega-3, found in nuts and oily fish, can boost heart health. There is growing evidence that what we eat affects our mental health, too. Two of my favourite foods doughnuts and muffins are among the baddies. One study found eating mass-produced baked goods affects the  risk of developing depression. Others showed increasing levels of zinc in the diet can actually treat depression.


But I started taking the idea seriously when I discovered that Jenny Edwards CBE, the Chief Exec at the Mental Health Foundation, planning series of lectures on the subject. “We’re planning to explore the facts and bust the myths around nutrition and other lifestyle factors in mental health she says. “There’s a growing evidence base showing that a good diet not only impacts on our physical health, but our mental health too.”I’d  noticed this myself. Everyone has weeks that include more cheesy chips, chocolate and fast food than is generally advisable. For me, those weeks are ones of lethargy. One of the ways my ADHD manifests itself is I find it difficult to sit and do nothing. But, when I eat badly, I feel exhausted, with little desire to do anything other than plank my own bed. Not only that, but I’ve noticed that after few days of eating junk food, intrusive thoughts synonymous with OCD I worked hard to overcome in therapy starts to re-appear.


Julia Rucklidge, a professor of clinical psychology at University of Canterbury, New Zealand, has spent the majority of her researching life investigating the role of nutrition in mental health. Julia’s work has predominantly revolved around micronutrients. “They are vitamins B, C, D and E,” she explains minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium. Magnesium, for example, is great for helping people with sleep problems.” According to Professor Rucklidge, it’s not about “one magic food or one magic nutrient it’s combination of nutrients that seems to improve mental wellbeing. Julia believes optimal diet for improving mental health would see a reduction in processed foods, including takeaways, sugary drinks, refined grains and refined sugars. She suggests “moving towards Mediterranean-style diet, where you’re eating fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, fish.” This is echoed by Sarah Owen, specialist dietitian working in mental health, who believes in a poor mental health can be exacerbated by modern diets, where we’re “eating less fruit and vegetables and having fewer home-cooked meals” than in decades past. I decided to have a ‘healthy’ week, avoiding all processed foods, to see how I felt. I stocked up on vegetables, unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, arrived in office each day with prepared Tupperware container of nutritious salads. 9f5c63df-2316-46e4-b94f-98f84bc48339

Therefore by day three there was already a substantial difference in my mood. I was waking up before my alarm, my energy levels were steadier, and I felt productive. I made sure I ate fish for omega-3, potatoes and pasta for carbohydrates, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, a little plain dark chocolate this was supposed to be balanced, after all). By the end of the week was grateful chocolate birthday cake was passed around the office. But I was struck by how much better I felt. The World Health Organization says by 2020, depression will be second leading cause of world disability. No one is claiming mental health issues can be solved solely by changing diets. Jenny  Edwards raises concerns about some advice already available. There’s a lot of dubious content online she says. “Any advice given has to be based on facts but it’s a step in the right direction. The Bible in Philippians 4:6-7 says do not be anxious, panic about anything but in everything by prayer supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the PEACE OF GOD, which surpasses all human understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.




YAHWEH God, RICH in MERCY, because of the GREAT LOVE with which HE loved us, even when dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ by GRACE you have been saved. And raised us up with Him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. So in the coming ages He will show immeasurable riches of His GRACE in kindness towards us in Christ Jesus. You are GOD’S Chosen generation and royal princess in the KINGDOM OF GOD in Jesus Name. As written in 1 Peter 2:8-10. You are Chosen by God in Christ HIS people ROYAL Princess Priest, HOLY nation, God’s special possession to declare Praises of God Our Father because you are GOD’S BELOVED Favoured Favourite Daughter in Christ.  So according to Psalms 107:1 we GIVE THANKS to the LORD YAHWEH, for HE IS GOOD HIS STEADFAST LOVE for us endures forever in Jesus Name!!!


SELF-ACCEPTANCE is influenced by the sublime messages of society children are receiving in the early years. Later as adults in life they bear the consequences of living with others perceived as less than themselves in the communities. A caring attitude towards self-acceptance from a healthy point of view is to detox vitriol hatred seeds sown in early childhood. Educational courses often have biased racist undertones and social networks reinforce hatred of some children in schools. Subtle suggestions becomes inner critic causing grieve by inability to be the perfect child accepted or as adult in society. Pressure to fulfil unrealistic dreams by comparing oneself to another is underlying strategy causing anger and division in society. Propaganda tells the false stories through books and images to influence innocent minds to become racists. So it is important to look at the context in which the person questions self- hatred spewing negative ideas about themselves projecting self- hatred on towards others. People are comparing themselves by the views of people’s lives on social media, TV and in the news. So it becomes easy to convince yourself that everyone is having a better time than you. Recognise you are strong, list what makes you personally happy and have a sense of meaning of life, inner peace for good success, joy and happiness. Believe in God, love Jesus, yourself and family even if not perfect. Do not look up to the external visible surface lifestyle of others but deep within inside yourself to use gifts and talents God gave you. Lots of money spent lavishly and glamorously lasts only a short season before craving a new thrill. Those you admire look cool in your eyes but have no deep God morals.img_20161201_160530

Invite Jesus in your heart to strengthen you to overcome self hatred and racism. Change your mindset, do small things to make you feel good like eating healthy food and sleeping well. Play works with children struggling with confidence and low self-esteem. Self-acceptance is to change misinformation, bias to think well of yourself in line with GOD’S plan for your life. Take responsibility for your wellbeing and eliminate stress.  Some people feel ashamed about who they are due to propaganda targeting them as inferior. Be really honest with yourself to transform and renew your mind. Talk to yourself in the mirror daily and declare I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the Image of God. Accept flaws, use your voice be the best you can be, confident, sure of self-acceptance to overcome any low self-esteem issues. Know what you want from life above all and let peace of mind and inner joy reign in your heart with sound mind of Christ. In reality it is helpful and useful to build up confidence in own head first. To help others see you as reliable, trustworthy, interdependable. Everybody is unique so celebrate yourself and do not look for any affirmation approval before you feel human. Only you can do what you do so be the best you, you can be. Others will respond or react to how best you present yourself and what you spew out of your own mouth. Misery loves company so a pity party attracts the wrong people into your life making things worse. You can overcome by rejecting negative voices unaware was implanted from childhood damaging your life. Life is easy, simple if you know how and believe in God your maker’s opinion about you. Everything will be okay stay strong this is your year. Focus and believe in yourself to love you first and love others as God’s people.



Hope is restored in humanity through the miracle life of Hope who survived the streets.  It is exactly one year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope. This week Hope will start school. Hope now lives with care worker Anja Ringgren Lovén, on 30 January 2016 and one year later on his first day of school. Anja Ringgren Lovén Facebook  page gives more details by the Danish aid worker who rescued the young boy who ostracised by his community in Nigeria says now he has completed his first week at school. Anja Ringgren Loven marked the landmark in 3 year old Hope’s life by recreating similar image of her encouraging him to drink from a bottle of water as shared around the world one year ago. Ms Loven and her husband, David Emmanuel Umem, run an orphanage in south-east Nigeria for children who have been abandoned by their families as a result of superstitious beliefs, called the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF).

They took on and named then two year old Hope on 30 January 2016, after he was accused of being a witch. Hope was emaciated, riddled with worms suffering hypospadias, inborn condition where one has incomplete developed urethra. Writing on Facebook at the start of this week, Ms Loven said: On the 30 January 2016, I went on a rescue mission with David Emmanuel Umem, Nsidibe Orok and our Nigerian team. A rescue mission that went viral, and today it’s exactly 1 year ago the world came to know a young little boy called Hope. This week Hope will start school. Thank God for Divine intervention on behalf of Hope and God help billions of children needing urgent support in the world in Jesus Nameas 400,000 children at risk from Nigeria famine. The post, contrasting the old and new images, has been shared more than 27,000 times. Ms Loven was named “the most inspiring person of the year 2016” by Germany’s Ooom Magazine at the end of last year, beating the likes of Pope Francis and Barack Obama to the title. George Kindel, OOOM’s editor in chief, who led the jury that chose the list, said: “When she saw the starving child, she acted like a human being and became an inspiration for millions. Her sustained efforts to help the abandoned children of Nigeria gives us hope and encourages us to follow suit.”  1 John 4:4 says in the Bible, little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for HE who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Thanks be to God for all the compassionate kind-hearted people who help give hope to Hope and others.
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