The Guardian News and New American discovery claim of a supposedly ancient fragment of this papyrus is fake news as scholars and experts said. According to the September 18 2019 issue of the UK’s Guardian newspaper it said Karen King professor of early Christianity, Harvard University, said the fragment is from the third or fourth century AD and contains text in which Jesus refers to “my wife,” whom he identifies as Mary. King helps to translate and unveiled tiny fragment at conference of Coptic experts in Rome, in the report. “She said it does not prove Jesus was married and speaks on issues of family, marriage, Christians faced.” A host of Bible scholars refuted the notion saying it was relic of an ingenious hoax. Professor Francis Watson, UK’s Durham University studied fragment papyrus so its actually a patchwork of texts from a non-canonical Coptic-language. Gospel of Thomas reassemblance suggest Jesus had a wife. And the Guardian reported “Watson argued the fragment sentences found on papyrus fragment were copied sometimes with small alterations, from printed editions of Gospel of Thomas.” Watson said its a modern forgery made this way in fourth century, discovered and translated. So papyrus garnered big headlines in mainstream press and on internet but is debunked by the Vatican experts. Jesus said there will be so many false Christs. Others said Jesus’ tomb is India in the official burial site of Youza Asaph, a medieval Muslim preacher. A growing number of people believe it is in fact the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

Map showing location of Srinagar

Said Jesus survived a crucifixion 2,000 years ago, and went to live his days in Kashmir. In Mecca, empty Tomb beside Mohammed waiting for Jesus to return from heaven to live 40 years to die and be buried next to him. All these notions strongly think Jesus was buried there or to be buried there not true. Its the story spread by local shopkeepers, because a ‘crazy’ professor said it was Jesus’ tomb. They thought it is good for business and tourists will come after all those years of violence. Fake news got into Lonely Planet trip planner so too many people started coming. One foreigner broke off a bit from tomb to take home with him so it was closed. Exhausted Australians appeared, carrying the latest edition of the Lonely Planet travel guide to India, which, sure enough, carried the tale of Jesus’s tomb, with some caveats about crackpots and blasphemy. They took a photo outside the shrine but were not desperately disappointed that it was closed. And so the tomb of Jesus was just another place to tick off on their tourist in India to visit list.

Buddhist monastery, Srinagar

The ruins of a Buddhist monastery in a location is in halfway up mountainside north Srinagar. It has an arrival of mass tourism with hidden stock of its ancient terracotta tiles for sale. Claimed Jesus is among religious leaders who attended a Buddhist meeting in AD80, and pointed to the place where he sat. The stories of Jesus in India are not just aimed at the gullible tourists they date back to Bible in the 1st Century attempts to explain resurrection of Jesus in Christianity. So Buddhism as a matter of great concern to 19th Century scholars lied Christian root in story of Jesus in India, talk of the missing years of Jesus not mentioned in gospels between ages of 12 and 30. In the Bible Jesus lived in Egypt from 3 to 6 years and returns to live in Nazareth in Israel till 30 moved to Capernaum, lived with Peter’s family starts His ministry.

Woman kisses statuette of Jesus, in Srinagar Cathedral

Some said Jesus lived in India, picking up Buddhist ideas. These notions have not still entirely died out. The US based Christian sect of Church Universal and Triumphant, is the best-known modern supporter of their belief Jesus lived in Kashmir. In Islam Jesus is penultimate prophet of a minority tradition adopted by Ahmadiyya sect Rozabal contains the grave of Jesus. Professional historians laugh when you say Jesus once lived in Kashmir. A tomb on a tourist trail has a growing number of visitors think Jesus buried in Rozabal shrine. Others claim Jesus lived in Japan and died at age 106 as a farmer. This is their tomb of Christ in Japan claiming to be His burial grave.The-Tomb-of-Christ-in-Shingo-2182032.jpgJapanese museum’s story is so entirely different from Bible history on Jesus life and resurrection. Their claim Messiah fled the Holy Land to live out the rest of his life in Shingo Village in very north of the Japanese mainland is nit true. Their story first emerged in 1935 when a local named Kiyomaro Takeuchi claimed to have found 1,900-year old texts which showed Jesus travelled to Japan during the ‘Lost Years’ of the Bible. Many claim to have their real Jesus buried in their graves but JESUS IS ALIVE IN HEAVEN. Jesus the REAL SON OF GOD YAHVEH Tzidkeinu arose from line of David in Jeremiah 23:5–6 as The Messiah and is  Yeshua HaMashiach the Son of David  has fulfilled Messianic prophecy in 600 years after Daniel. Jesus is the Perfect, blameless, flawless and sinless, spotless, Son, guiltless, Holy is innocent Saviour. Jesus took all sins on Himself, makes us righteousness of El Elyon God in Christ. Jesus lived in Israel Jerusalem and REAL TRUE SON OF GOD’s empty grave here.20120202-150317.jpgJesus warns in Matthew 24:24 many will come in My Name saying I am the Christ to deceive many. And False christs, false prophets will show many great wonders perform great signs, wonders and even miracles so convincing even the elect if not discerning will be led stray. Though multitudes are called to Kingdom of God few are chosen. This is why Jesus warns in Matthew 24:11 beware false prophets will appear trying to deceive people, the devil is angel of light. The devil’s agents of false righteousness have appearance of God deny TRUE GOSPEL TESTIMONY of JESUS OF POWER OF RESURRECTION genuine miracles. After Jesus resurrects 3 days from the grave after Crucifixion by Roman soldiers attempt to discount credibility of His resurrection miracle. Still skeptics for 2,000 years find ways to discredit Bible concepts of God sending MESSIAH to save mankind. The Bible’s correct accepted history is accurate but Sadducees don’t believe in resurrection after death. They paid people to spread false rumours to prevent good response to TRUTH to change their minds to live by evidence of Jesus’ resurrection. It is their followers who sowed doubt lies to deceive vulnerable who don’t study the Bible as Disciples of Jesus. Such people  mislead astray to discount works of GodGarden-Tomb (1).jpg Bereans study Bible to examine TRUTH themselves, Paul taught in Synagogues and in homes. And many false prophets who lead many astray, false christs, false prophets perform signs, wonders, leads people astray. Mark 13:6 says many shall come in Jesus Name saying, ‘I am Christ’ to deceive many. Jesus tells us this signs precede His RETURN to earth and first sign is false prophets. This plot hatched in Matthew 27:12 paid money to twelve soldiers who guarded Jesus’ tomb with instruction to spread the false rumours among Jews. Twelve soldiers saw stone rolled away reported miracle to Romans is turned to apostasy. When they heard the supernatural resurrection evidence fear came on them. Though knew Jesus’ Power to raise the dead see alive, knew His Power to heal diseases, knew Jesus’ Power over kingdom of darkness, they knew His ability to multiply food, to do miraculous wonders, to walk on water, Their greatest fear above all miracles is bringing faith to people to accept Jesus MESSIAH Son of God as the REAL LONG AWAITED SAVIOUR. Resurrection shock catapulted them to plot to cover it up by fake news. In Matthew 28:12-14 in Bible verse 12, “they assembled with elders and counseled together in meeting with Sanhedrin to create their false evidence to misinform people, Jesus resurrection.Rotator3.jpgtomb-rolling-stone-near-jezreel-valley_fjenkikns040208_0145t.jpgSo Sanhedrin of 70 men, elders of Israel who constitute the body of adjudication legal body made resolutions to lie to the nations present. That convened official resolution deceived themselves and the world. The ruling body Sanhedrin joins to plot fake news by their spin doctors as facts to lie Jesus didn’t arise from the dead. An earthquake and angel opened tombs as a glorious story all the Roman guards fell so fainted, told by first hand by other guard witnesses. Despite their evidence of Jesus’ empty tomb they put together fake tomb in Israel, France and fake paintings of caves to deceive many through such resolution. They bribed 12 soldiers who lied and were given large sums of money. They did not want these soldiers going around sharing a miracle testimony of Jesus, earthquake opened tomb by a holy angel. Though saw Jesus’ grave clothes lying in tomb proving He is Risen from the dead. Given large sum of argurios, silver money like Judas paid 30 pieces of silver betrayed Christ. They paid to stop amazing Truth to believe in to damage faith of people. Wicked sinful position taken in evil hearts fabricated a deception to cover up Jesus resurrection a great act of redemption purchased by Jesus’ Blood. Tried to undermine Gospel True proof of His empty grave with lies against miracle WORKS of God. Romans knew the grave was empty, Jews know it is empty all knew it was empty. History knows its an empty tomb so they had no choice but to admit TRUTH facing them. Instead paid large sum of money, verse 13 and told the soldiers, “You are to say, His disciples came by night and so stole Jesus away while you were asleep. The soldiers they bribed preached antiChrist gospel to still misinform people today. IMG_2432.jpgGarden-Tomb.jpgFalse stories despise the resurrection of Jesus and His Empty Tomb as seen here. So they created a false marriage story of Jesus to Mary Magdalene distracts from REAL TRUTH of Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is in Bible as Jesus warned if they say to you behold Jesus is here or there do not believe such stories it doesn’t agree with Bible TRUTH. True evidence is in Bible for all who believe in Jesus and receive Him as their TRUE GENUINE MESSIAH to see in Israel today. An Empty Tomb of Jesus is donated by Joseph for burial His still here proves Jesus’ resurrection for all who visit empty tomb. Many people heard the earthquake, witnessed tomb opened by angel saw resurrection of the many other dead people out of graves to their families. Jesus is CORNERSTONE of Christianity and eternal life. They knew it happened as Jesus’ disciples went into Tomb to embalm Jesus saw His empty grave. Mary Magdalene and three other women, Peter and John saw Jesus empty tomb knew were on their way to tell the other disciples. They knew resurrection action was going to spread like wildfire. So soldiers paid spread lies in 1947, Nag Hammadi, Egypt Gnostics Gospels found in hidden jar Jesus is married. Lied to Gnostic followers Jesus married had sex did not die. Denies resurrection miracle  more interested in passions in bedroom than His Passion on Cross. Archaeology claims found married Jesus in 1980, in Talpiot outside of Jerusalem ‘discovered’ 2000-year-old burial tomb. Said tomb’s ten ossuaries i.e., limestone coffins had six inscribed Hebrew or Aramaic name “Jesus son of Joseph” scratched on side, another is “Maria,” the other is “Yose” a nickname referred in Gospels belonging to Jesus’ brothers Mark 6:3 in Matthew 13:55. A fourth ossuary inscribed name “Matthew” and a fifth one in Greek with name “Mariamene,”Greek name “Mary” associated in all of Greek literature with Mary Magdalene. Lied a sixth inscribed ossuary of a child named “Judah, son of Jesus” carved on it. This paradigm shift lies contradict Jesus ‘tomb’ in Israel and ‘tomb’ in France all at the same time. So how many tombs is ‘dead body’ of Christ lying in? None His Empty Tomb PROVES Jesus is Alive in HEAVEN AT THE RIGHT OF GOD. In 2007 documentary, The Last Tomb of Jesus and a co-authored book, The Jesus Family Tomb claims to propel headline for world’s reaction disgusting so stop smear campaign against Yeshua MESSIAH Holy Chosen Son of God. The  carnal lustful mindset attempts to show Jesus is ordinary mortal not a Pure Holy Celibate Man of God by lies. Propaganda concoct lies spread to dispute His Empty Tomb in Jerusalem Israel existing today. garden-tomb-02.jpgLuke_24_Garden_Tomb_Empty_outside_Jerusalem.jpgMatthew recorded story of antiChrists discrediting Jesus as Jesus predicted His Ministry on earth will have counterfeits. Alhough soldiers knew better they lied and the chief priests lied. They spread lies to save themselves from slaughter of their inability to produce Christ body habeas corpus Body of Christ. Gospels of Matthew, Mark on the life of Christ from beginning of Gospels to end is a litany of insults against Jesus Christ Son of God. Adds insult to injury by false allegations of hoax marriage of Christ final note of rejection to deceive people. Thought the death of Jesus stops progress of God’s Kingdom. Shocked by His resurrection evidence proof of God’s VICTORY Jesus had over His enemies. They lied to try to cover up real TRUTH by final apostasy denying work of Holy Spirit. This is part of reason Jerusalem destroyed by God under judgment for rejecting Jesus as the True Messiah. Jesus warns people to repent before a final judgement of God in eternal life. God’s Glorious Gospel in Matthew shows Jesus’ Crucifixion lies of devil meant for evil but God turned into good to bless people by the real GOSPEL DIVINE Truth. Matthew shared history of fake news to warn the whole world about false prophets, antiChrists trying to discredit Christianity by lies to mock God self destruct. Its detrimental to life incurring wrath of God to plot evil lies by wicked things done to Jesus. In vain tried to stop manifestation of the Power of the Living God. Jesus predicts false Christs and false prophets show great signs, wonders if possible VERY ELECT can be deceived if not alert to the real TRUTH discerned. Jesus did not marry Mary or anyone else or engage in any intimacy because He remained a PURE VIRTUOUS HOLY PERFECT example to the GLORY of God. So 144,000 male Jews from 12 tribes of ISRAEL are chosen and sealed by God undefiled Virgins follow example of Jesus devoted in purity and holiness. These Jews will join Moses and Elijah in endtime evangelism to preach to the world. Countless multitudes from all tribes nation, tongues, languages will be saved during great tribulation before Jesus Returns to earth to RULE to REIGN FOREVER in PERFECT PEACE in Israel. 

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