hqdefault-2To God YAHWEH be the GLORY for HIS amazing miracle dream vision seen of billions of HIS angels in the sky. The sky was filled with countless multitudes of angels from God all over the skies flying around in 360 fluid domeshape clear sky in constant movement. I shouted to the people standing by to look up and see the angels ready to save, deliver answers and comfort. This clear vision details images available as possible to share vision from God. So represents an insight into multitudes of angels seen to encourage all people searching for the answers in the midst of their quest for help. God always manifests HIS angels, Heavenly hosts whenever HE CHOOSES TO DO SO. God reassures many people desperate for the answers in difficult circumstances calling God to intervene. As shown many times in living history in the Bible God sends HIS heavenly angels directly to help people. At other times God reveals the Heavenly hosts already regularly at work among us on earth for Divine affirmation support for VICTORY. In 2 Kings 6:27 the LORD GOD YAHWEH opened Elisha’s servant’s eyes and he looked and saw the hills full of Heavenly hosts surrounding them. The servant panicked and thought they were isolated and alone but the army of God is always sent to fight for us in Jesus Name. In the same way despite drastic changes taking place in the world, God will miraculously intervene to deliver Israel again today. In Israel recently a fog sent by God protects Israel to inhibit vision from the enemies who were trying to attack. Battle against Israel is direct battle against YAHWEH so every person must think carefully before getting involved. ARMAGEDDON battle groundwork is being unleashed against Israel but God will deliver to save Israel. Heavenly army is ready to intervene first by Rapture then fight for Israel so YAHWEH WINS IN THE END. 

4448b6dce8d43249a563efe734f1bcd8Elijah  went up by a golden chariot driven by angels in whirlwind to heaven seen by Elisha who received his double portion mantle to continue the work of God. So transitions taking place globally mean many people are crying out to God to SHORTEN the evil days. During times of war, disasters God despatches angels to intervene and many seen by ordinary people at times. King David defeated Goliath with the help of Heavenly hosts sent by God strengthens and empowers young David to vindicate God’s Holy Name mocked by Goliath. King David boldly declared Jehovah Nissi will give him victory because the battle is the LORDS. God enabled one stone thrown by young David to hit Goliath’s scalp to knock down enemy mocking God.   22f526753d931ef29209bac2bf89f87dGod’s Heavenly hosts army surrounding Israel ensures defeat of God’s enemies. This is why God Said, we must be kind to people because we may entertain angels in disguise. In fact sends Jesus and God HIMSELF visits people who long for HIS PRESENCE. On numerous occasions God sends heavenly host directly to people to reassure them when they seem helpless and powerless. In the most vulnerable moments when enemies think they destroyed others it is then God steps in to reveal HIS HANDS through the work of angels and Heavenly hosts. As is read or heard in news daily so fulfilment is taking place of changes happening. It is necessary to study carefully the impact of events to be part of GOD’S KINGDOM. God is giving many signs and wonders in addition to warnings to save people from consequences that will happen. Times show the world events prove dramatic changes at a rate never seen before and simultaneously all over the world. Yet despite unfolding events hearts and minds be in tune with God to please God as Moses helped Israel. Crucial question each faces in capital cities, boardrooms, churches and homes across globe is the great vital choice to support Israel. God is looking for people to stand with Israel to help understand the plan of God.volcano_lord_yahweh_on_top_of_mount_sinai-001
Many people experience GOD’S VOICE and God’s PRESENCE daily because they do believe God STILL SPEAKS directly to people. So accept they hear the voice and Spirit of God revealing deep things of God to them. God’s written WORDS are above manifested experiences in modern times yet must regard GOD’S MESSAGE. Whatever the circumstances God directly intervenes in life today to help problem solving. God’s Heavenly hosts appeared during the time of Moses on Mountain before the nation of Israel.  YAHWEH God is the most loving and friendliest person when one draws near to God so God Draws NEAR to you. Many can be healed in the their spirit and inner man if they set time aside to seek God personally as a best friend. Yes God is approachable because of Jesus Christ who says enter GOD’S PRESENCE boldly through the blood of Jesus. Anger and bitterness in blaming God for choices mankind makes is tragedy. So necessary to understand God better and to respond to HIS LOVE for us. God does not discriminate so not partial to those who sincerely call upon Him in any nation. Instead of criticising God and blaming HIM in anger, God has a better plans and hope of bright future for those who believe in HIM and TRUST Him. During September a vision of angels appeared to one person at the site as shown here.angels_in_blue_sky.jpgOne must devote time or attention no matter how sinful one may feel, seek God and God Will HEAR and answer you personally if you do not grow weary or set timeline for HIS ANSWERS FOR YOU. MAY WE VALUE, RESPECT and HONOUR YAHWEH and YESHUA through the Holy Spirit of GOD’S revelation knowledge to guide many times. 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 blessing from God says the PEACE of GOD HIMSELF sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. HE who calls you is faithful; HE will surely do as promised. Throughout Scripture, we see numerous instances in which angels are integral part of God’s plan. A verse of possibility of angels walking among us today says in Bible, “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to God’s angels without knowing it in Hebrews 13:2. Abraham had angelic visitors to him as men Genesis 18. This verse confirms angels are indeed walking among us unaware sometimes. Scripture says angelic these encounters show God does use angels to accomplish certain things. At times we know for sure angels allow themselves to be seen by people. Angels from Bible instruct people in Genesis 16:9, helped people in Daniel 6:22, delivers messages to people in Luke 1:35, appear in visions and dreams in Daniel 10:13, protects in Exodus  23:20 carry out God’s plans.IMG_20170119_065329.jpgGod created angels and uses angels in His plan. Angels are messengers from God and some have names like Gabriel, Michael with different responsibilities within the angelic hierarchy. Angels walk among us as God so chooses to use them in His custom-made plans for us, yes, they absolutely can walk among us doing God’s will. Angels are mentioned in Genesis and in Revelation witnessed creation of the world in Job 38:7. God uses His heavenly host from beginning of time and still uses them in endtime s according to Scripture. Quite possible many people today have met or seen an angel without realizing it. Angels walk among us because they serve their God ordained purpose. The Bible mentions wander the earth with a purpose to save, deliver messages bring healing from God or victory in battle appearing physically as holy angels.  Angels are not glorified or worshiped as Colossians 2:18 says. They carry out God’s will and they refer to themselves as fellow servants with us in Revelation 22:9. Whether one actually experiences angelic encounters most important thing is salvation through Jesus Christ. God is beyond all angels, all humans, God Alone is worthy of worship in Christ so You alone LORD made the heavens, the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and multitudes of heaven worship you says Nehemiah 9. God despatches angels on assignment daily to earth. Angels play an active role in endtime Prophecy in Revelations.


  1. I don’t fully understand the role of angels or what they are supposed to do or why some of us have got wings and halos and others didn’t. Not all of the angels have duties to be fulfilled. Some angels are just plain cheeky and don’t serve any purpose. Though when you get wings you feel whole and know that you must of done something right. Having Wings makes you smarter and quicker and more intelligent.

    • God’s angels like Archangel Gabriel and Michael are sent from heaven to earth as messengers to perform duties as directed by God. To give information like angel Gabriel told Mary she is chosen to become the mother of Jesus. Some deliver warnings to people and death angels send souls back to God. Others fight battles and wars to defeat God’s enemies. Some Bible passages picture angels with 2wings, 4 wings or 6 wings called Seraphims standing before God’s Throne in the golden city. In Isaiah 6:2,6 an angel was described as flying with wings. Others do not have wings yet move about when God sends them to help many people. In Revelations angels announce gospel to people. On the other hand as good angels serve God and help, there are bad angels who rebelled against God with the devil. One third of evil angels work with satan the opposer to deceive and hurt people. They were thrown out of heaven with satan the devil lucifer for rebellion so attack people on earth. The good angels take instructions from God to help people. The bad angels deceive people to recruit them to hell prepared originally only for the devil and his angels. Hell is a place of suffering originally prepared by God for the devil and his angels in Matthew 18:9; 25:41. So before sin and rebellion everything God made was VERY GOOD so no human was meant to go to hell. After sin and fall of mankind all who reject God deceived by the devil end in hell. Each person is assigned angels to permanently guard and help them. Children have angels in heaven speaking to God on their behalf to defend them. Angels are God’s servants sent to help people on earth and carry out actions as ordered by God. Thank you for your comments.

    • Hebrews 13:1-2 says do not forget to show hospitality to strangers for by so doing you entertain angels unawares. So Hebrews 13:1-2 in Bible are God’s words saying, Be kind to all people especially strangers for some entertained angels  unawares. Be kind and helpful to people, believers you do not know because could be sent by God to test your faithfulness and loyalty to God. Christ gave Himself for us freely so all are to share food, clothing, water and help meets needs of the poor as doing so unto God. Jesus said some helped unawares when told for rewards in heaven asked Jesus when they helped Him. Jesus said as they helped the least in society they helped Him. So noticed and written in God’s records for reward. Angels can be sent to test for reward or punishment in hell if not doing God’s WILL. Kindness means a lot to God and Jesus because they own all Resources of earth.


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