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Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be fully complete. Ask this way by using Jesus NAME, and you will be given more, more abundantly says John 16:24-25. The Bible says ask God to give you the desires of your heart in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE Will make your life paths straight. Honour and obey your parents, elders, adults each other so it will be well with you and you will live long. This helps ensure one endures to the end according to Philippians 4:5-7 and not  worry or be anxious about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need or make your requests known to God, always in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God and the PEACE of God that passes all human understanding will keep your mind and heart safe in union with Christ in God.


To ask first before taking any actions can literally save your reputation and life in general. I remember shopping for the family by running errands as a young person. However in my enthusiasm I forgot to buy salt on my memory list. The meal was prepared by rinsing the salt container yet the food was bland. It was suggested to borrow salt from the neighbour nearby in their absence from the shared kitchen. My sister insisted absolutely not without asking first even if it was merely using salt in the owners absence. I learnt one of the hardest lessons in life to eat bland food by doing the right thing. My sister carefully explained that supposing I was taking only salt but seen by someone who did not know my sincere intention, that can create a wrong impression for Chinese whispers gossip. It made perfect sense so since that day salt is first item on my shopping list, storing spares to give to others. Jesus said we must not worry about what to eat for God supplies all our needs. Literally the salt lesson gave me sound knowledge to be salt of the earth not to lose my salt savour Spiritually.


The no salt added to the meal message led to further conversations about why it was crucial to ask first for everything before taking any actions. A true story was told to highlight this point about two great friends who trusted each other so much one entrusted his belongings into the care of his friend while traveling abroad. Due to genuine friendship and loyalty none made a list of contents left behind. As it was unheard of to request inventory the caretaker did not bother to make a check list of contents. Ironically not knowing the content of trunk caused a problem in a culture of freely sharing everything including earned personal belongings, clothing, shoes or bags even without first asking. It is acceptable to take and use anything belonging to each other as part of their genuine loving upbringing. The brother who moved to live with sibling assumed everything in the premises belonged to his brother. So changed into clothes from the entrusted suitcase without awareness of brother. Things were normal until owner of the suitcase returned from abroad to live with his friend. It was then he noticed friend’s sibling was wearing his clothes and shoes plus other belongings. Jesus said do not be anxious about clothes to wear, do not take extra clothing or shoes or purse for Jehovah JIREH will provide.t30357-00_aluminum_ii_trunk

The brother had no idea what happened because he never checked the contents in the first place due to confidence and trust. Suddenly, the owner confronted the sibling who admitted taking and wearing clothes he assumed belonged to his brother. The penny drops and friend realised the brother took things without asking first. It was negotiated to pay for items used so their friendship survived, remained intact to withstand challenges faced by them. It taught them the vital lesson to ask first and take inventory of contents entrusted with a list signed by both and note left in the box for future reference not to repeat such a mistake. Lack of communication by the parties involved caused these problems so it is necessary to ask first before taking any action including family members. This valuable lesson taught me consequences to always ask first, text, phone, write a letter to ask permission before taking any action. Even when taking initiative it is good to ask permission to confirm the decision before embarking on actions. It seems like commonsense to ask but an age old tradition requires fair sharing of belongings so some people are allowed to take from each other. Property freely shared may seem a strange concept to others not living in such a society. Some communities share to help all the people so their perception of materialic views varies. Personal belongings and personal interaction space therefore is not closely guarded or individualistic.

05110a80fce7089562967420f74b54075b3182-wmThen conversation turned into a further discussion of impact of violating another individual’s personal property without asking first their permission. It was the secret indulgence of favourite drink that badly went wrong for another man who freely helped himself without asking first. He regularly visited a nearby local farm and clandestinely served himself without the owner’s permission. After months of being deprived that owner resorted to a dark thought planned to catch that person depriving him of his favourite drink. One day, he carefully hid nearby to watch the villain enjoy his free drink as usual at his expense. True to his plan and expectation that person turned up to gulp his drink. However, this time it contained extra taste of faesis he spat out in shock and was shouting he drank excrement. At this point the farm owner confronts him to say yes indeed you just drank poo! This became his nickname in the town as people heard the news and were so surprised by his actions of not asking first. In fact the farmer would have willingly given him free supply everyday if only he asked first. He was asked to compensate the farmer for past secret drinks he confirmed he drank. This extreme measure is not approved or recommended as best method to solve problem so it is wise to have the courage to ask first. Jesus said do not worry about what to drink the heathen do so but God knows your needs supplies them before you even ask Him. A bottle of a healthy living freshwater or wine God provides. silhouette of alcoholic drunk man drinking whiskey bottle feeling depressed falling into addiction problemThe final caviar story of asking first for wine was told in the sad story of wicked father who inadvertently killed his own son who visited him at the weekend. The son on arrival found a bottle of wine in a corner of the room. The son assumed his father saved the wine for him so without asking first drank some of that wine. So with the rest of the bottle of wine in his hands he went towards his father to talk to him. The father screamed if you drank that wine you are a dead man. Indeed his son had already drank the wine without asking first. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a toxic poison concocted for enemy his father wanted to give to an opponent over a land dispute to kill him but sadly the golden rule damaged his son’s life. Sadly his son passed away just because he did not Ask First before drinking that wine. He probably drank many previous bottles of wine in the past without any risk to his life as he did that same again. The thought of asking first did not cross his mind, after all he is his father never thought of as a murderer. In the cases of examples shared sometimes self control and self denial discipline can seem like harsh punishment. However there is a reason behind Godly instructions to save lives and protect communities for their own good. Training a child to ask first for all items or gifts to confirm it is alright to take and use at the right time is vital. Even if their name is written on it, they must confirm with the householder if it is alright to open and use it. Many precious lives sadly perished when their enemy on pretext of peace meal invited them to eat. While identical meal was served to two parties one group’s food was laced with poison. The other party member without asking first if he can cross over to eat the enemy food when and took seconds from their pot. All the enemies plus that one man died thinking it was genuine peace making party. So many died deceived into thinking the enemy was sincere and their land was taken by their enemies. Disastrous stories all over the world show things are not always as they seem so be careful and be wise. The basic instructions must be train children early to reflect on their thoughts first to ask before taking actions. Remember to ASK FIRST before taking any actions.


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