9e777d7d561ec05def127e7da7ab202aIn Mark 8:24 a man looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees because he was blind. It is an example of how things seem different  from a personal perspective and own viewpoint compared to actual reality. The Bible in Mark 8:23-25 says the man made this statement after Jesus first intervention. This shows persistence is required if an instant desire and expectation is not achieved. Jesus healed him but he needed further help to fully recover from his blurry sight. After being ministered to the man looked around when Jesus asked him if he can see better. “Yes,” he said, “I see people, but I can’t see them very clearly. They look like trees walking around in Mark 8:23-25 in the Bible· The man needed the eyes of his understanding to open to see clearly. Though people walking around were not really trees his poor sight gave him a vision from a false perspective which Jesus Corrects by healing his eyes and thoughts patterns. It is easy to convince self by a story those around clearly do not see in that way, so not true yet still that person holds onto their false view due to pride, ego, lack of awareness or ignorance. And sometimes personal ideas can delude self until one seeks and receives help to reprogram the mind. The different views held about people by others is often not true until they get to know people clearly their true colours. To see the people better in a better light the man humbled himself. So gained his sight after Jesus helped him again so was healed from his imposed false sense of his worldview. If at first one does not succeed try again. Jesus delivered him to enjoy the real beauty of the world and to gain accurate knowledge and truth he missed out on for so long. Self imposed blindspot from self convinced stories can prevent progress. So change must take place to notice reality of existing beautiful natural opportunities available yet some are blinded from. Jesus opened his eyes to TRUTH to heal and save him from his physical and spiritual blindness. To grow daily Jesus has to heal us from many wrong ideas and opinions that seems real but not the accurate TRUTH from Godly perspective. Only God intervenes to save us from information overload highway of facts overwhelming mankind in spirit of error. So the Spirit of Truth from the Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth in Jesus Name to recognise genuine Truth that builds up in Spirit and in Truth to see the wood from the trees in Jesus Name. Accept help from those guiding and leading you into real genuine eternal truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And become God’s Child in HIS KINGDOM that REIGNS FOREVER. 



  1. Jesus was giving him a glimse into the spiritual mystery of the revelation in the garden. The tree of life is Jesus, the tree of knowldge was lucifer. Eve was begiled (Holy suduced) by satan. in an atempt to put emnity between the seed in bringing forth our savior.

    • Absolutely TRUE indeed the first closest person he saw was Jesus True Vine and the Seed of the woman Eve as promised in Genesis yet his blindness prevented him from seeing the Mystery of God’s Revelation clearly. This is why believers are to pray for spirit of wisdom for REVELATION knowledge of Christ. The eye of understanding must be opened to recognised Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God. This is why Jesus Said to Peter, flesh and blood did not reveal to Peter Jesus is the MESSIAH, but the POWER of the Holy Spirit led Peter in Spirit and in Truth to understand Jesus better than those around them. So the physical blindness was healed like spiritual blindness God opened his mind to believe and receive his miracle and be saved. Thank you for your comments, have a blessed New Year of love, peace, joy, love and kindness. God Bless

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