b17d404269f7af7464cd05434f3abd26Researchers show a clear difference between male and female brain scans as these images reveal in a recent scientific research. The images confirm the way both males and females think about an identical situation or communicate with each other.  Often the female as primary nurturer has duty of care to talk with sensitivity and compassion to a baby or child whose development depends mostly on mother immediately after birth throughout the infant years. So God in HIS infinite WISDOM designed the female brain to thoroughly assess the details of each decision in depth because a helpless little baby depends on her. To ensure help for the baby who cannot talk or express verbally their feelings the mother has to think through the child’s needs. This explains toing froing thought process of a female brain and a constant need to verbalise thoughts to comfort or instruct accordingly. As a result girls and women in general are often better verbal talkers than men. The differences in Men said to be from Mars and women from Venus highlight importance of knowing how female brain works. Females attach their feelings and emotions to understanding their needs. Men straight into a shop buy what they came for and leave while the woman lingers trying to decide between the type of items to choose. A frustrated partner after watching her change her mind many times will try to encourage her to pick just any one as long as it does the job. It is crucial to realise and recognise females as deeper thinkers so process items with regard to their quality, style, texture, shape, size, colour, function, value for money, if it suitable for use or fit its purpose, costs in terms of whole budget, durability and positive appeal, aesthetic and emotional feeling toward item before any decision is made. The process becomes complex with too much choice available making up the mind gets even longer or delayed. 3decbraingraphic

Therefore an item on the female mind is analysed subconsciously by how the item blends with other previous items, decor, uses and whether it is unique or special to them. It means whereas a male might see item as a mere item or tool to equip life better the female’s mind goes on autopilot to think this about more in depth details of the item. Having spent much more time to think through also means she spends more time remembering more about the item. The mind works in this case like a slow motion film recording each piece of information of item first before the final decision.  Based on her hormones, moods and any other emotional issues, she may feel sure at one point yet return item and unhappy because the item did not match her thought process of imagination at the time of buying the item. This can be part of retail therapy to soothe and comfort self with material goods to numb pain than facing distress. Although exciting for a season lasts for so long so off one goes to look for that illusive special item. A female’s brain must be explained so the men must not talk to women as they talk to men. In the same way the female must not overload a male with too much information verbally assuming the man exactly comprehends her perspective accurately. The structural framework and capacity of the male brain is not designed for long winding zigzag thought process like a female’s. So females must learn to share meaningful relevant information to the man straight to the point to match brain structure to communicate. Female pleas often come across as lectures, sermons, or rants which undermine a relationship instead of helping change. Female brain process helps makes it easier for girl’s language development faster than boys. It is necessary to teach to motivate boys and girls according to their thinking process to grasp messages better. At the same time need talking to in meaningful way.  In certain cultures men spend most time with each other working or talking dancing, interactive or support. Women do things together to help one another in same way. Razor sharp tongue woman needs self-control not to overload a man with too much information he is unable to process because of his brain structure.

2dec1a7700000578-3295457-image-m-24_1446163034795This started as men went out hunting and protectors of the community. The women often stayed behind raising children, doing domestic chores in the past. As a result, modern society is more integrated interacting with each other more on a new level. So this process must given attention in the way children are taught to communicate as boys and girls. Women multitasks by thinking simultaneously as brain image  shows. Men are more focused on specific task more than merely talking through same thing many times without any action taken. A woman may not need an action based on the conversation but just active listener to offload onto. Offloading in the manner women talk may not be the best method for the man to hear the woman due to their thought processes. Although the man is quiet and paying attention the information may be too much unless given clearly in bite size to match his brain capacity for speech. The brain is underlined by circumstances, or experiences and maturity which impacts communication. In addition background plays a part so men may have similar concerns to seek answers to. However a male and female in the womb start life first three months similar until XX or XY chromosomes indicate gender. Gender, hormones, age experience, maturity, affect thinking and degree of emotions attached to situations by fe/males.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaaoaaaajdq5ogyyzdu1lwuwytqtngy0zs1hyje1ltzjnmvkymywn2vimaFurthermore, the CORTEX brain stage of development in boys and girls means the child brain is not the same as an adult brain. This was not again requires the adult not to talk to child in same way using adult language above a child’s understanding. It essential to speak to a child using words they understand although they mimic accurately it does not mean they have an adult brain capacity to grasp the real full meaning of a conversation. So adult must be aware of how to communicate with a child in a meaningful way. These differences must be noted in policy making to meet needs of fe/males in society. The world must take notice of priority needs of fe/males versus imposed biased influences based on male thinking only. It is impossible to talk on behalf of a woman if a man is without knowledge of their needs. This includes communicating bad news to men up the hierarchy because women do not want to appear to be negative. Men must be pragmatic to get the message if you want to keep your family and life in general efficient be open as imperative to be upbeat with new lifestyle news. But listen to emotional needs too it is part of life of positive news lifestyle. Children trained to be more caring and sensitive to emotions express feelings better so good communicators. This enables them to be more tolerant loving adults and a genuine partner and spouse. So avoid the macho aggression domestic violence insecurities and low self-esteem. Bible in Proverbs 18:2 says  a fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. It is important to listen twice with 2 ears and speak once with one mouth after actively listening with respect and honour to all people.


They may provide help from a male perspective but still not be good enough from a woman’s personal point of view.  This seems like ingratitude to put in so much effort and  not be seen as well done or appreciated. This is true if the female is not consulted by the male surprising her with the wrong item as a gift for example. To a woman, she is not highly valued enough or taken very seriously so what means a lot to her is insignificant to the one most loved and expected to know her better than anyone else. So personal as homes are designed or cars bought and holidays planned it is better to please the one most loved than go by only expert salesman’s choice to make a decision in the interest of loved female. This brain differences can make women seem slower to take action yet it helps to explore the anticipated up and downs if a situation in advance before it takes place to see the consequences. But does not necessarily guarantee ataraxia of calm perfect peace always.  Perceived  view of an event is totally different than actual reality. Taking into consideration needs of a person to provide appropriate help is not a weakness of being told what to do. The purpose is to ensure resources are allocated properly rather than just aesthetic designing and producing things nobody needs or used because it is not the right products because gender was not fully comprehended. Marriage is the only lifetime institution untrained for yet people are expected to succeed by figuring it out themselves. So necessary to know love alone is not enough in life.06brain1

Another major issue is it may not be possible to always design an exclusive male female gender related items so neutral products to resolve such needs.  It is interesting the female resolve is often determined by nurturing needs while men want to display power, as externally referenced. The lines are blurred so men simulate pregnancy but cannot understand fully actual real pain women go through. In the same way women cannot understand what it means to be a man because they are not. The best thing is to respect and value each other to help understand life because seeing it does not mean knowing it. On average male brains are 10% larger than female brains yet a bigger brain does not mean smarter,” says Daniel Amen, MD, author of Unleash the Power of the Female Brain. He studied more than 45,000 brain scans. “And no differences have been found in men and women’s IQs, regardless of brain size. So the arguments and debates over gender differences hard-wirings continue as the scientist agree or disagree with research. There is definitely female differences in communication. Following these studies are questions of why men seem to lean more towards systemic structure than fluid emotional type essential for their nurturing. So asked if testosterone levels make fe/males more empathetic? A group of Cambridge scientists led by Simon Baron-Cohen argued men are, on average, more suited to tasks requiring “systemizing” while women are better at “empathizing.” “Systemizing” refers to drive to analyze, explore to construct a system, while “empathizing” involves identifying others’ emotions, thoughts responding to them appropriately. These tests are keen to get to the bottom of basic differences in behaviour and responses shown in brain scans to determine attitudes in general towards each other. So attempts are not eugenic stereotype propaganda for superiority complex of fe/male intelligence. Rather seeks to understand basic natural differences between the fe/male brain functions in life. 20131207_stp001_1-1

The brain structure and wiring may be different in specific areas and size there are fe/male roles performed better often by opposite gender. This is due to input of family and environment one grew up in and talent. The brain performs best when  team complements each other because female rains are best in certain areas more than others. Both females and males perform best at their strength of competence. So gender per se is not issue here but need to genuinely improve communication for  better understanding with each other. A careful study of differences hopefully will help to plan decisions to benefit each category in society. The brain matter is not a black and white generalisation to typecast gender. It is reveals interests of females and passion developed  built on based on perception from early years. Education highlights those differences initially but had to integrate female as isolation built on differences drew both apart emotionally having not much interaction to observe such behaviour patterns.  The man focusses on one task but women multitask better for family.the_differences_between_men_and_women_640_06.jpgAbove all, mutual respect and compassion shown each other enhances the relationship between the genders. So making an effort to learn how each one processes information to understand how messages filter through the brain. The Bible says renew and transform your mind to conform to God’s DESIGN not just follow instinct. Therefore taking time to carefully understand the fe/male brains helps to be in the know to make informed choices. This will drastically improve the interelationships between both genders for the better. There are leanings towards masculine or feminine brain choices depending upbringing. The so called fe/male jobs are performed by both talented and gifted people outside traditional box of gender roles. This  means the jobs are done by whoever is able to do so. In addition, the brain is capable of storing information and messages to retrieve when require. People with photographic memories are better at recalling information accurately. Memory involves knowing something is stored being able to retrieve information. But forgetfulness theory says memory decays after each new memory creates a ‘trace’ that fades away if not accessed regularly. Four major reasons people forget information: storage failure, interference , retrieval failure and motivated forgetting. So be gentle on each other and use repetition to reinforce information to remember to recall instructions. A forgetful memory must use post it notes, a to do list with priority goal in red time limit to create urgency, some items stay permanently on to do list forever for competency, use pictures and posters, alarm clock, diary, routine and people to help remind you. So telling someone once is not enough and reminding them is not nagging them or undermining them. Rather a duty of care in the service of love for one another. Appreciate and be thankful to those who care enough to remind you to be the best you can be. Remembering to recall deep relevant events and appointment is a bonus that enhances your life and brings promotion because people can count on you as dependable, reliable a handpicked person of proven record so trustworthy in caring for self but puts others first.


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