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For to us a CHILD Jesus Yeshua Messiah is Born, to us a SON is GIVEN, and the government will be on His Shoulders. He will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. The Greatness of His Government and PEACE there will be no end. He Will REIGN on David’s throne and His Kingdom, Establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this says  Isaiah 9:6-7.28736-christmas-savior-tree-630w-tn



Jesus is online 24/7 and 365 days daily so FREELY available to those who care to learn more to belong to the KINGDOM of YAHWEH. The Bible says there will come a time when no one will say to another know God because each person will KNOW God for themselves. The Bible says in Romans 2:14-15 God gave everyone a conscience and written HIS WORDS on mankind’s heart so they have no excuse to be ignorant. Gentiles who have not the Law of God, by nature instinctively know things contained in the Law. God put His SPIRIT in people to sustain life without which nobody survives and thrives. Modern evangelism is equally valid online as all the major companies are now online and the high streets are suffering due to online shopping. Quick easy, accessible, delivered to your door in the comfort of your home or premises. In the same way that traditional shopper still prefers going out physically to feel the items to check it personally before buying. Similarly traditional believers will not neglect assembling together in the Name of Jesus to worship Sovereign God Almighty in a physical environment as required. Those who have privilege to freely meet together must not condemn those unable to do so. People live under harsh conditions so their only source of hope and comfort is to reach out to Jesus online. 7 billion people on earth need to be reached with Gospel doctrine of Jesus Christ and TESTIMONY of God. Jesus has come to set free from emotional spiritual poverty to be transformed and renewed in mind to follow God wholeheartedly.

jesus-1This cannot be achieved exclusively by any single denomination on earth even if they try to do so. 74 percent of online adults are using social media. Facebook is obvious winner: 71 percent of online adults have an account. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix, LinkedIn are between 20 and 30 percent to over 52%  of all online adults use multiple social media platforms. Social media use cuts across lines of age, gender, ethnicity, too though usage among young adults 18-29 is higher. It is interesting different groups use different platforms. For instance, 53% of young adults use Instagram, a platform not used as widely by older generations. Despite popularity of social media, church leaders are asking: What’s the benefit of using social media for ministry? It’s a valid question. After all, popularity doesn’t always mean positive, helpful, or beneficial. The greatest tool being used today is social media. The world has changed a great deal from the one we knew growing up. The leading sources of information shifted from newspapers, radio to television and computers. And mobile devices have become the primary means of delivering information. Smart phone is replacing TV and computers as the number one delivery system for content. To some people it is the only available way to reach people with the Gospel Good News Message. This is where they are spending their entire time and getting their information. This is how their opinions and beliefs are being shaped. This is true for both rich and poor and those who live in cities or in tiny little villages. Increasingly for old and young alike the mobile world needs input from vitally important SALVATION message. This will help counter lies with TRUTH of Gospel of Jesus Christ to help many facing real challenges. Psalms 119 : 11 says store up God’s word in your heart so not to sin against God. Jesus redeems from sin and God forgives all sins if you repent and ask God’s forgivessness.  


How Can My Ministry Benefit from Social Media? We have all seen the power of social media for good and bad, but let’s focus on the positive for a moment. The fact is that most of the people in your ministry are already using social media, and there are lots of benefits to connecting with them where they are. Your small group only meets once a week, but relationships or conversations continue every day through Facebook. This allows for deepening relationships, knowledge of prayer requests, and encouragement throughout the week. This also works for teams of leaders. Your entire team probably meets together only a few times a year. Social media interactions can help foster a team feel even when you’re not together often. Small groups and whole ministries can use social media for communication, as well. Organize your next training event, group outreach project, or small group sign up day. The bonus is that people can then share the event with their friends, widening the church’s reach. Jeremiah 33:3 says call on God and He will answer and show you great and wonderful things you do not know about. Everyone has opportunity to speak directly to God ready to listen to all. So it is important to help people find God personally in their lives online too. Over the last 2 decades in the 21 Century digital technology brought life changing opportunities and good experiences even though it fuelled explosion in production of consumption of vices. As propaganda machine fuels educated well connected supposedly sophisticated so misguided by fabricated blatant lies against Yahweh God, His Son and people Israel. However, believers cannot throw away a baby with the dirty bath water. Christianity cannot give up emails and online freedom just because of the unscrupulous undesirable actions  of a few bad apples. Good people overcome evil with good to help all. Pray in JESUS NAME as taught in John 14:13-14, And He will do whatever you ask in Jesus NAME IN LINE WITH WORD OF GOD, so the Son of God brings GLORY to FATHER God. Some misapply this verse, thinking that saying “in JESUS’ NAME” at the end of prayer results in God’s always granting carnal lustful and ungodly requests. The prayer must agree with GOD’S Plans and purpose for your life destiny by faith. So the prayer must confirm and conform to what Jesus approves and will do through you. The Bible says Christians must pray to God in Jesus’ NAME because Yeshua is only way God approves for believers to approach YAHWEH. Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life so no one comes to Father God except through Jesus in John 14:6. And Acts 14:12 says there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Jesus tells His faithful apostles ask the Father for anything HE will give it to you in Jesus NAME. So honour Jesus, Father God as Philippians 2:9-11 says to appreciate Jesus’ death as God’s provision for salvation in Matthew 20:28, Acts 4:12. Recognise Jesus’ unique role as Intercessor between God and all mankind as Hebrews 7:25 says to respect Jesus’ Service as High Priest who HELPS us gain good standing with God in Bible in Hebrews 4:14-16.


img_20161219_071500Watching over is Jesus is praying for you right now! We know the encouragement from someone who loves us praying for us boosts our confidence God trust. So when we face burdens, grief, sickness, pain, loss, and trouble, we want people to join us in prayer. Knowing Jesus is watching out for us by intercessions is tremendous compares to having others pray for us! Through Jesus we can all things through Christ who strengthens us by Prayer, Power and Purpose. In-depth look at incredible prayer Jesus prayed in John 17 applies to our lives today. Shake off the fears and malaise that hold you back and begin to see God work in a new way! Among the prayers Jesus prayed for us is Know Only True God YAHWEH and be One as Jesus and His Father Are One to be kept from evil. A church believer is to use social media personal devotion or prayer as a wonderful tool to develop a deeper relationship with God. Each day features a Scripture passage, a prayer meditation, as well as a closing prayer in the content for a Bible devotional. Life is adapted in Christ to enjoy joyful PEACE in God’s PRESENCE even in the midst of chaos. The Virtual Reality collaborates with other leaders around the world so the Social media is allowing millions of praying believers to reach around globe and across borders. Growth is made possible through the enormous investment of time and the resources translating materials communicating in different languages. Jesus endorses you reaching Him privately in own prayer closet too. You can now download Apps from either Google Play or Apple store on your smartphone or android phone for sermons and Ministry itinerary. I like to follow big and small-group pastors and leaders to learn about new resources and methods. In the same way, you can share your favourite finds with other leaders. I recently bought a book someone I follow recommended to let me know it was on sale.  I learned important ministry tips from diverse leaders I follow online yet have never met in person. Their wisdom has taught me things I would not have learned looking at ministry through my own lens. Leading a small-group ministry can feel pretty lonely, but social media can help you feel like you are not alone. You can connect with others in small-group ministry and be reminded that others are facing similar issues. Did you know leaders who purchase a multi-user subscription to are invited to an exclusive Facebook group with other leaders? 


A Discipleship Opportunity

For all the positive benefits of using social media to connect with people in your ministry, there are some important warnings. After all, typing behind a screen can make people pretty brave enough to say things they would never say in person. And that can lead to some sticky situations. But for those of us in small groups, social media usage can become a discipleship opportunity. We need to talk about the ethics of social media, conflict resolution, importance of patience in “on demand” culture. Rather than sit by and hope our group members apply values of God’s Word to their posts, tweets, pins, we need to take a proactive approach. For instance, many popular retouched versions of their lives on social media sharing the best and the prettiest. The term catfish has even been coined to refer to posts unrealistic to impress! Showcase filtered photos of famous stars from famous popular backgrounds. These posts show an unrealistic view of real life, and can be discouraging to others. Discipleship is about what God is doing right here, right now, right in the midst of the mess and chaos of our real lives. That is the picture we could be presenting on social media. What we post must help to build online platforms providing Godly content to host useful applications appropriately. God’s Churches cannot expect to reach billions without satellite TV social media networking in modern times. So God’s Chosen people need strengthening and encouraging of faith in the inner man.

nyoo_700For many, social media encourages all those whose only ACCESS SOURCE of Gospel is online to trust in the Living God for their redemption. Through these mail orders generate ebooks, Bibles to grow a church without walls meeting diverse needs of isolated people. So valid those able to physically gather together in the Name of Jesus serve God. But does not mean making derogatory statements to undermine the credibility of online churches by traditional ones which is irresponsible. Many cannot publicly confess and declare their faith without persecution so they study privately like Nicodemus studied privately with Jesus as ministers help in such situations. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not an exclusive monopoly of a particular group of people attacking others far more reaching out to people globally than they do under one roof in a single service.  The young used to classroom online, game boys, computers are reading BIBLE online than carrying physical Bible in some cases. The contents and message of the word of God accomplishes what it is sent to do as much as the spoken word read from the Bible. So message is not different just because it is typed online to reach more people globally. Manual versus digital is now commonplace so reading the Bible  electronically reaching many more. Just watch congregations as most members use sophisticated gadgets for sermon. So most pastors and preachers are using the very exact electronic devices and gadgets they are using to condemn others not to use them. There is no need to discourage people genuinely in search of God online if that is the only source available to them. The word of God works as long as faith is attached, God Watches over HIS WORD to perform it so will never return void but accomplish all it is sent to do. Jesus_mac1Multibillion businesses are run online globally including Google, pay pal, ebay among other conglomerate organisations like Amazon, Banking, Time Magazine, gaming etc. The enemies of YAHWEH invest significant ernomous billions of dollars into anti Christ projects to try to sabotage Spirit of Truth of salvation. Yet  when God is your FATHER you do not need protocol to call upon YAHWEH directly. As a CHILD of God enter BOLDLY into the PRESENCE of GOD through the BLOOD and Name of Yeshua MESSIAH and pray for yourself and loved one including enemiies. You do not need formulas and methodology, if you are doing is limiting the SPIRIT of God. As God is your Father, you approach Him anywhere anyhow anytime in Jesus Name and God Hears you alright even if you do not feel anything immediately. It is necessary to focus on the Godly social  networks to try to study Bible soul food to grow. It is time Churches wakes up to modern trends, methods of evangelism, skyping, and teleconferencing online communications instead of undermining it. Recently a local pastor refused to help most people unless they personally see him first face to face. As a result thousands descended one Sunday at his church 10 times more than he had room to contain. It was raining heavily with sleet and snow and many dissapointed had to attend other local churches in the vicinity. No single church can contain God though loyalty to a good church is vital, that church must not turn into a cult villifying other churches with insults in the name of God. Globalised corporations are doing business online. When digital watches initially emerged at first traditional manual chronological analogues refused to buy into the new technology. Soon other smart companies took over in the same way the computers overtook typewriters. Digital cameras now on phones and modern film making replaced pin hole cameras. Progress is part of a dynamic life so the church must stop insisting on using only past methods causing demise of church turned into pubs or dance halls etc. A sophisticated approach to the Gospel is necessary to sustain interest of the modern society. If you are blessed to be under a good church thank God and continue to study the word of God as a disciple of Jesus. If not trust the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and spirit of wisdom to discern revelation Knowledge of Christ in God. Jesus personally intercedes for all those sincerely searching for Him so willing to save them because God wants all saved. JESUS said if you are Truly His disciple continue to study YAHWEH’S WORDS in the Bible or Torah/ Tanakh to grow in the Lord and be nourished with Soul Food in Christ.   Jesus the Lion from the tribe of Judah is considered, in traditional Judaism and in the Tanakh, the father of the MESSIAH YESHUA we know means salvation. The Lion from the tribe of Judah will one day RETURN PHYSICALLY to JERUSALEM to rule. The scepter will not depart from Judah or ruler’s staff from descendants, until COMING of ONE it BELONGS to, the ONE all NATIONS will HONOUR, YESHUA MESSIAH says Genesis 49:10.


 Ryan LongmuirImage by RYAN LONGMUIR
caption Ryan’s life spiralled out of control in his teens

At his lowest point, Ryan Longmuir took drugs every day “just to feel normal”.

He was also dealing them, and at one point faced a possible jail sentence.

Born in the Scottish new town of Cumbernauld, Ryan began experimenting with drugs when he was 12, initially because he was curious and had fallen in with likeminded friends.

“I tried everything – cocaine, Valium, ecstasy, speed, heroin… I’d go on benders for two or three days at a time, and I’d take five or 10 ecstasy tablets in one night,” he says.

“From the age of 15 to 20 I took drugs every single day.”

Thankfully for Ryan, everything changed when he was 20, and he has not touched drugs ever since. While the cynical may raise their eyebrows, Ryan, now 37, says he discovered God and quit overnight.

Without the drugs, he was able to get his life back, and aged 24 he launched a catering company called Regis Banqueting.

Today the 13-year-old business has blue-chip clients including mobile phone network O2, luxury carmaker Bentley, and investment bank JP Morgan.

Ryan LongmuirImage copyrightRYAN LONGMUIR
Image captionRyan says that becoming a Christian changed his life

With drugs his main interest and income at the time, Ryan left school in Cumbernauld, 13 miles north-east of Glasgow, aged 16.

Four years later he was dealing thousands of pounds worth of drugs a week, and if he continued he says it was clear that he would become a “big time gangster drug dealer”.

Trying to run away from his lifestyle, Ryan decided in 2000 to go to New Zealand for a year in search of a fresh start.

But it fell apart just two weeks after he arrived, when New Zealand customs intercepted a package of 100 ecstasy pills that Ryan had posted to himself from Scotland.

Facing a jail term, he phoned a friend back in Scotland. She said that she would pray for him and suggested he do the same.

Ryan says: “I thought ‘you’re off your head’ but I decided to try it, and I got down beside my bed and I said, ‘I don’t believe that there is a God, but if you’re real then show me that you’re real and I’ll believe in you.'”

Out on bail, Ryan had to go to the police station every two days, but his appetite for drugs was undiminished.

Regis Banqueting kitchen staffImage copyrightREGIS BANQUETING
Image captionRegis Banqueting employs 65 people

It was only when he met two female hitchhikers that things changed. The women took him out for lunch, then to church, and allowed him to move in to their home.

“That was when I thought there was maybe something to this because why would two complete strangers do that? That was the catalyst for change.”

Ryan says that discovering his faith was fast, and the change immediate. Drugs suddenly lost all appeal, and he threw all the substances that he had into the sea, and has been clean ever since.

“I know most people who have been taking drugs don’t have that experience. Most people do ok for a bit then they relapse. Everyone’s journey is different but that was mine.”

While Ryan escaped jail time in New Zealand, his visa was revoked, and he returned to Scotland in May 2000.

He joined a church, the evangelical Freedom City Church in Cumbernauld, met his wife and got married.

Ryan LongmuirImage copyrightMALCOLM COCHRANE
Image captionTea is now Ryan’s drink of choice

To earn money he got a job working with drug and alcohol addicts, where he was able to draw on his own experience to try to help others to quit.

However, when the funding for his role ran out a few years later he found himself without work. It was then that the opportunity to start his own business came about.

His church wanted a catering company to run the cafe attached to their conference centre on an ad hoc basis, and the then-pastor suggested Ryan might fit the bill.

Despite having little to no catering experience he jumped at the chance and Regis Banqueting was formed. Ryan attended catering college alongside running the cafe and learned as he went along.

“I had to phone my mother-in-law to ask how you make steak pie,” he says.

A Regis pastry chefImage copyrightREGIS BANQUETING
Image captionRegis employs former drug addicts

“I was young and naive. If I knew what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have started it.”

To help Ryan expand the business into contract catering, the Princes Trust, the UK start-up support charity led by the Prince of Wales, gave him a £5,000 loan.

While Ryan says the first three years were tough, with him taking a salary of just £6,000 in year one, over time the clients and contracts got bigger.

Cumbernauld-based Regis Banqueting now has 65 staff – 20 full-time and 40 part-time, many of whom are seasonal – and annual turnover is £1.3m.

Meanwhile, Ryan and the company have won a number of awards including the Royal Bank of Scotland’s young business of the year crown, and director of the year from the Institute of Directors organisation.

Regis Banqueting staff catering an outdoor eventImage copyrightREGIS BANQUETING
Image captionRyan is now starting another company, alongside Regis

Prof Eleanor Shaw, head of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde, says it is Ryan’s motivation and enthusiasm that helps make him such a success.

“Catering is a really difficult market to be competitive in, but he has such energy,” she says. “He’s very hardworking and is so motivated that it brushes off on everyone around him.”

Looking back on his troubled youth, Ryan says he knows that his life might have turned out very differently.

As a result he tries to help others who face addiction and poverty, for instance by employing former addicts and ex-offenders.

He is also in the process of starting another company, alongside Regis, that will focus on creating a brand of casual dining restaurants, the first to be launched in Glasgow next year. The plan is to expand across Scotland and the UK before going international.

“I say to my wife sometimes that it’s amazing how we’re making more money than a doctor or lawyer – and we’re making sandwiches,” says Ryan.




rapture (1)

1. Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon, Is Coming Soon, Son of God Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon, Is Coming Soon

Are you ready, Are you ready, Are you ready, For the Rapture, Are you ready, Are you ready, Are you ready, For the Rapture.Is-the-Hope-of-Rapture-to-meet-Jesus-Christ-Achievable

2. Day or night Jesus will Come so be ready so be ready, to escape GREAT Tribulation be ready for the Rapture.

Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready for the Rapture Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready for the Rapture.


3. Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ Takes all Alive in Christ to God, Yeshua Messiah Lord Jesus Christ Takes us alive straight into Heaven.

Are you Ready, Are you Ready, Are you Ready, For the Rapture,  Are you Ready Are you Ready, Are you Ready, For the Rapture.


4. Only God Knows the Day or the Time For the Rapture So be Ready, Only God Knows the Day or the Time For the Rapture So be Ready

Are you Ready, Are you Ready, Are you Ready For the Rapture, Are you Ready Are you Ready Are you Ready For the Rapture.IMG-20180314-WA0005Believers will be caught up with people resurrected to meet the Lord Jesus in air in the clouds. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 says we are “caught-up” to heaven with Jesus in Philippians 3:20-21 body is “changed” in John 14:1-3 is “receiving” of believers to Jesus Christ in heaven. Hebrews 11:5 talks of “translation” by taking away the believers. 1 Corinthians 15:51,52 says it will happen “in a twinkle of an eye.“In Song of Solomon 2:8-10 Jesus comes for His bride the Church. There are Seven Raptures in Bible. 1. Enoch in Genesis 5:21-24; Hebrews 11:5. Enoch was taken alive in ancient times before the flood to heaven is first man raptured to heaven in the scriptures. Elijah in 2 Kings 2:11 in Chariot and horses of fire sent from heaven travels in lightening whirlwind. He will return bodily in Tribulation and die in Revelations 11 but resurrected in three days and raptured back again into heaven after evangelising in Israel. And Jesus Ascended in Acts 1:9-11 on Mount Olives 10 days before feast of Pentecost, Jesus raptured to heaven in resurrected body seen by 12 apostles watch Him go and took Old Testament believers with Him in Matthew 27:50-53.moradassChurch Age Saints in 1Thessalonians 4:13-18 will be in Rapture. Believers alive in a moment will be “caught up” in air in clouds to join Lord Jesus back to His Father’s house in heaven. Changed into glorified resurrected bodies at a last trumpet call not seven trumpets of Revelations. In Revelations 4:1, John looked and saw door open in heaven and heard trumpet with voice saying, Come up I will show things.” John 14, says Jesus Comes to get us to TAKE US TO HIS FATHER’S HOUSE in heaven and later bring us to earth for Armageddon and Millenial Reign on the earth under Jesus. Two Witnesses in the Bible in Revelations 11:3-12 Rapture to heaven. Moses will turn water into blood and plagues on the whole world like Egypt. Elijah stops rain during first 3/12 years of Tribulation cause famine, drought so people die from starvation. Both preach for 42 months to those left behind still here in Great Tribulation. It is at this time the whole world rejoices they are finally killed to stop sharing the Gospel. Entire world see their dead bodies lying in the street in Jerusalem for 3 days in a moment their heads back on bodies and STAND and rise up in air and disappear in the clouds. Tribulation Believers in Revelations 14:14-16 raptures from the world saved in Great Tribulation. Jesus gathers people saved during last half of Great Tribulation in Revelations 7:13,14. And 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17 says dead believers in CHRIST will arise first from the graves. Jesus will raise dead with all believers alive, caught up together with Jesus and Saints and Angels in clouds to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY in heaven. So Jesus gave the warnings but ONLY GOD KNOWS the exact, day, time, hour, year Rapture will take place. So Only those in Christ escape to heaven as Elijah, Enoch and Jesus Christ ascended into heaven and Jesus seated at God’s Right Hand. 

The Gospel Message is the POWER of God for salvation of everyone who believes, first for the Jew and then to all nations. Rapture miracle available to all who believe Jesus to rescue them when the dead arise first and together with living meet Jesus in clouds to live with God in their mansions in heaven. The believers left behind are sealed and protected as Hebrews saved in Passover covered by blood on doorposts; Noah’s family saved during flood;  Lot’s family saved from Sulphur fire from heaven God sent to burn Sodom and Gomorrah. According to one’s faith will one receive preferred destination chosen to go up to heaven or stay behind on the earth. God does not force anyone against their will. Jesus said two believers on the farm one is taken and the other is left behind. So two grinding corn one is taken and the other is left behind. Rapture is similarly based on these prophecies whereby one group departs out of vicinity or others remain in danger zone protected from the destructions meted out by God. So world events are proving the birthpang endtimes Jesus talked about 3000 years ago in Bible, happening simultaneously as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, hailstones, droughts, widfires, famines, locusts, seas, rivers turning to blood, sea drying up, one-third of ships sunk, one-third trees on earth burn, sun scorching people in many places. These are signs of the beginnings of the Wrath of God in Matthew 24, Revelations, 70 year Daniel prophecy seals for endtime, 7 thunders, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38.

It is important to know and remember God respects freewill of people who are raptured and those who prefer to stay on earth in great tribulation protected. Believers agree to disagree because two options ordained by God are the choices equally valid and allowed by God. Those raptured enjoy the first Resurrection of believers in Christ. Others asleep in the LORD not raptured, awake in second resurrection after 1000 year Millennial Reign of our Lord Jesus on the earth after His Second Coming on a white horse with saints, angels, fights in Armageddon battle and Reigns from Jerusalem in Israel. God Comes down to live on the New Jerusalem brought from heaven to live on Perfect Sinless Earth among mankind forever and ever. And no more sorrow, weeping, crying, pain or death so God’s ETERNAL KINGDOM is forever on earth. Thanks, Glory to Jesus, for God’s Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy through Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. Be ready for Christ to snatch you away in any moment God decides so ENDURE Tribulation and be saved and raptured. God in HIS MERCY and Grace delayed Rapture so many people as possible will be saved because God does not want anyone to perish. Do not get mark of the beast, lookout for antiChrist. All saved in Armageddon in Revelation 14 :17-20 caught up believers are seventh rapture in Bible. In Valley of Megiddo in Joel 3:1,2 and Zephaniah 3:8 face final wrath of ALMIGHTY God. Jesus literally visibly powerfully returns to ReNewed world as King riding white horse and saints behind Lord Jesus. The SEVEN RAPTURES ARE:

  1. Enoch (Genesis 5:21-24; Heb 11:5)
  2. Elijah (2 Kings 2:11)
  3. Jesus’ Ascension (Acts 1:9-11)
  4. Church Age Saints (1Thes 4:13-18)
  5. Two Witnesses (Revelations. 11:3-12)
  6. Great Tribulation (Revelations 14:14-16)
  7. Armageddon Revelation 14:17-20.

1. Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon, Is Coming Soon, Son of God Lord Jesus Christ Is Coming Soon, Is Coming Soon

Are you ready, Are you ready, Are you ready, For the Rapture, Are you ready, Are you ready, Are you ready, For the Rapture.

2. Day or night Jesus will Come so be ready so be ready, to escape GREAT Tribulation be ready for the Rapture.

Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready for the Rapture Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready for the Rapture.

3. Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ Takes all Alive in Christ to God, Yeshua Messiah Lord Jesus Christ Takes us alive straight into Heaven.

Are you Ready, Are you Ready, Are you Ready, For the Rapture,  Are you Ready Are you Ready, Are you Ready, For the Rapture.

4. Only God Knows the Day or the Time For the Rapture So be Ready, Only God Knows the Day or the Time For the Rapture So be Ready

Are you Ready, Are you Ready, Are you Ready For the Rapture, Are you Ready Are you Ready Are you Ready For the Rapture


b17d404269f7af7464cd05434f3abd26Researchers show a clear difference between male and female brain scans as these images reveal in a recent scientific research. The images confirm the way both males and females think about an identical situation or communicate with each other.  Often the female as primary nurturer has duty of care to talk with sensitivity and compassion to a baby or child whose development depends mostly on mother immediately after birth throughout the infant years. So God in HIS infinite WISDOM designed the female brain to thoroughly assess the details of each decision in depth because a helpless little baby depends on her. To ensure help for the baby who cannot talk or express verbally their feelings the mother has to think through the child’s needs. This explains toing froing thought process of a female brain and a constant need to verbalise thoughts to comfort or instruct accordingly. As a result girls and women in general are often better verbal talkers than men. The differences in Men said to be from Mars and women from Venus highlight importance of knowing how female brain works. Females attach their feelings and emotions to understanding their needs. Men straight into a shop buy what they came for and leave while the woman lingers trying to decide between the type of items to choose. A frustrated partner after watching her change her mind many times will try to encourage her to pick just any one as long as it does the job. It is crucial to realise and recognise females as deeper thinkers so process items with regard to their quality, style, texture, shape, size, colour, function, value for money, if it suitable for use or fit its purpose, costs in terms of whole budget, durability and positive appeal, aesthetic and emotional feeling toward item before any decision is made. The process becomes complex with too much choice available making up the mind gets even longer or delayed. 3decbraingraphic

Therefore an item on the female mind is analysed subconsciously by how the item blends with other previous items, decor, uses and whether it is unique or special to them. It means whereas a male might see item as a mere item or tool to equip life better the female’s mind goes on autopilot to think this about more in depth details of the item. Having spent much more time to think through also means she spends more time remembering more about the item. The mind works in this case like a slow motion film recording each piece of information of item first before the final decision.  Based on her hormones, moods and any other emotional issues, she may feel sure at one point yet return item and unhappy because the item did not match her thought process of imagination at the time of buying the item. This can be part of retail therapy to soothe and comfort self with material goods to numb pain than facing distress. Although exciting for a season lasts for so long so off one goes to look for that illusive special item. A female’s brain must be explained so the men must not talk to women as they talk to men. In the same way the female must not overload a male with too much information verbally assuming the man exactly comprehends her perspective accurately. The structural framework and capacity of the male brain is not designed for long winding zigzag thought process like a female’s. So females must learn to share meaningful relevant information to the man straight to the point to match brain structure to communicate. Female pleas often come across as lectures, sermons, or rants which undermine a relationship instead of helping change. Female brain process helps makes it easier for girl’s language development faster than boys. It is necessary to teach to motivate boys and girls according to their thinking process to grasp messages better. At the same time need talking to in meaningful way.  In certain cultures men spend most time with each other working or talking dancing, interactive or support. Women do things together to help one another in same way. Razor sharp tongue woman needs self-control not to overload a man with too much information he is unable to process because of his brain structure.

2dec1a7700000578-3295457-image-m-24_1446163034795This started as men went out hunting and protectors of the community. The women often stayed behind raising children, doing domestic chores in the past. As a result, modern society is more integrated interacting with each other more on a new level. So this process must given attention in the way children are taught to communicate as boys and girls. Women multitasks by thinking simultaneously as brain image  shows. Men are more focused on specific task more than merely talking through same thing many times without any action taken. A woman may not need an action based on the conversation but just active listener to offload onto. Offloading in the manner women talk may not be the best method for the man to hear the woman due to their thought processes. Although the man is quiet and paying attention the information may be too much unless given clearly in bite size to match his brain capacity for speech. The brain is underlined by circumstances, or experiences and maturity which impacts communication. In addition background plays a part so men may have similar concerns to seek answers to. However a male and female in the womb start life first three months similar until XX or XY chromosomes indicate gender. Gender, hormones, age experience, maturity, affect thinking and degree of emotions attached to situations by fe/males.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaaoaaaajdq5ogyyzdu1lwuwytqtngy0zs1hyje1ltzjnmvkymywn2vimaFurthermore, the CORTEX brain stage of development in boys and girls means the child brain is not the same as an adult brain. This was not again requires the adult not to talk to child in same way using adult language above a child’s understanding. It essential to speak to a child using words they understand although they mimic accurately it does not mean they have an adult brain capacity to grasp the real full meaning of a conversation. So adult must be aware of how to communicate with a child in a meaningful way. These differences must be noted in policy making to meet needs of fe/males in society. The world must take notice of priority needs of fe/males versus imposed biased influences based on male thinking only. It is impossible to talk on behalf of a woman if a man is without knowledge of their needs. This includes communicating bad news to men up the hierarchy because women do not want to appear to be negative. Men must be pragmatic to get the message if you want to keep your family and life in general efficient be open as imperative to be upbeat with new lifestyle news. But listen to emotional needs too it is part of life of positive news lifestyle. Children trained to be more caring and sensitive to emotions express feelings better so good communicators. This enables them to be more tolerant loving adults and a genuine partner and spouse. So avoid the macho aggression domestic violence insecurities and low self-esteem. Bible in Proverbs 18:2 says  a fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. It is important to listen twice with 2 ears and speak once with one mouth after actively listening with respect and honour to all people.


They may provide help from a male perspective but still not be good enough from a woman’s personal point of view.  This seems like ingratitude to put in so much effort and  not be seen as well done or appreciated. This is true if the female is not consulted by the male surprising her with the wrong item as a gift for example. To a woman, she is not highly valued enough or taken very seriously so what means a lot to her is insignificant to the one most loved and expected to know her better than anyone else. So personal as homes are designed or cars bought and holidays planned it is better to please the one most loved than go by only expert salesman’s choice to make a decision in the interest of loved female. This brain differences can make women seem slower to take action yet it helps to explore the anticipated up and downs if a situation in advance before it takes place to see the consequences. But does not necessarily guarantee ataraxia of calm perfect peace always.  Perceived  view of an event is totally different than actual reality. Taking into consideration needs of a person to provide appropriate help is not a weakness of being told what to do. The purpose is to ensure resources are allocated properly rather than just aesthetic designing and producing things nobody needs or used because it is not the right products because gender was not fully comprehended. Marriage is the only lifetime institution untrained for yet people are expected to succeed by figuring it out themselves. So necessary to know love alone is not enough in life.06brain1

Another major issue is it may not be possible to always design an exclusive male female gender related items so neutral products to resolve such needs.  It is interesting the female resolve is often determined by nurturing needs while men want to display power, as externally referenced. The lines are blurred so men simulate pregnancy but cannot understand fully actual real pain women go through. In the same way women cannot understand what it means to be a man because they are not. The best thing is to respect and value each other to help understand life because seeing it does not mean knowing it. On average male brains are 10% larger than female brains yet a bigger brain does not mean smarter,” says Daniel Amen, MD, author of Unleash the Power of the Female Brain. He studied more than 45,000 brain scans. “And no differences have been found in men and women’s IQs, regardless of brain size. So the arguments and debates over gender differences hard-wirings continue as the scientist agree or disagree with research. There is definitely female differences in communication. Following these studies are questions of why men seem to lean more towards systemic structure than fluid emotional type essential for their nurturing. So asked if testosterone levels make fe/males more empathetic? A group of Cambridge scientists led by Simon Baron-Cohen argued men are, on average, more suited to tasks requiring “systemizing” while women are better at “empathizing.” “Systemizing” refers to drive to analyze, explore to construct a system, while “empathizing” involves identifying others’ emotions, thoughts responding to them appropriately. These tests are keen to get to the bottom of basic differences in behaviour and responses shown in brain scans to determine attitudes in general towards each other. So attempts are not eugenic stereotype propaganda for superiority complex of fe/male intelligence. Rather seeks to understand basic natural differences between the fe/male brain functions in life. 20131207_stp001_1-1

The brain structure and wiring may be different in specific areas and size there are fe/male roles performed better often by opposite gender. This is due to input of family and environment one grew up in and talent. The brain performs best when  team complements each other because female rains are best in certain areas more than others. Both females and males perform best at their strength of competence. So gender per se is not issue here but need to genuinely improve communication for  better understanding with each other. A careful study of differences hopefully will help to plan decisions to benefit each category in society. The brain matter is not a black and white generalisation to typecast gender. It is reveals interests of females and passion developed  built on based on perception from early years. Education highlights those differences initially but had to integrate female as isolation built on differences drew both apart emotionally having not much interaction to observe such behaviour patterns.  The man focusses on one task but women multitask better for family.the_differences_between_men_and_women_640_06.jpgAbove all, mutual respect and compassion shown each other enhances the relationship between the genders. So making an effort to learn how each one processes information to understand how messages filter through the brain. The Bible says renew and transform your mind to conform to God’s DESIGN not just follow instinct. Therefore taking time to carefully understand the fe/male brains helps to be in the know to make informed choices. This will drastically improve the interelationships between both genders for the better. There are leanings towards masculine or feminine brain choices depending upbringing. The so called fe/male jobs are performed by both talented and gifted people outside traditional box of gender roles. This  means the jobs are done by whoever is able to do so. In addition, the brain is capable of storing information and messages to retrieve when require. People with photographic memories are better at recalling information accurately. Memory involves knowing something is stored being able to retrieve information. But forgetfulness theory says memory decays after each new memory creates a ‘trace’ that fades away if not accessed regularly. Four major reasons people forget information: storage failure, interference , retrieval failure and motivated forgetting. So be gentle on each other and use repetition to reinforce information to remember to recall instructions. A forgetful memory must use post it notes, a to do list with priority goal in red time limit to create urgency, some items stay permanently on to do list forever for competency, use pictures and posters, alarm clock, diary, routine and people to help remind you. So telling someone once is not enough and reminding them is not nagging them or undermining them. Rather a duty of care in the service of love for one another. Appreciate and be thankful to those who care enough to remind you to be the best you can be. Remembering to recall deep relevant events and appointment is a bonus that enhances your life and brings promotion because people can count on you as dependable, reliable a handpicked person of proven record so trustworthy in caring for self but puts others first.