39c632151b41f8a3677e4496a8b8aafaGod’s Perfect Timing Timeless Timepiece from Bible based on sundial and moon God appoints for signs, seasons, days and years in Genesis 1:14. Psalm 31:14-15 says TIME is in GOD’S HANDS to save from enemies and persecutors. The future is in God’s HANDS as HE Controls affairs of mankind. Biblical chronologies of time by NASA, National Aeronautics Space Administration from a computer generated evidence connects Bible Time to today. Harold Hill NASA consultant and president of Curtis engine company said, NASA computers looking back in time came across alert of a day missing from calculations. The scientists puzzled over this until someone reflected on the Bible story about the day the sun stood still for the Hebrew leader Joshua.  This solves the puzzle ccording to computer, not entire day was lost, but 23 hours and 20 minutes. The other 40 minutes is the story in the Bible about the day the sun moved back 10 degrees with an arc of 40 minutes so entire question of a missing day solved reset 19years and leap years.hqdefault (1).jpg Totten said based on this the birth of Christ is on Sunday, September 22, 4000BC. However, he said calendar calculations showed September 22 was actually a Monday not Sunday, so error probable because of Joshua’s missing day. In Joshua 10:12–14 the Bible says amazing miracle of all time is a day the sun stood still. On that day the sun stood still and moon stayed in place until the nation of Israel defeated the enemies as events recorded. In 2 Kings 20:8-11,  Hezekiah said to Isaiah what will be sign the Lord will heal me so I can go up into the house of the Lord the third day? And 9 Isaiah said, choose the time shadow to go forward ten degrees or to go back ten degrees. Hezekiah decided God moves time as a sign 10 since it is easy the sun dial goes forward Hezekiah requested ten degrees back. 11 Isaiah the prophet cried to God to bring sundial back to ten degrees on Ahaz sundial in Isaiah 38:8.img_20161127_163211

It is important to recognise time is given by God to use for His Purpose and Glory. Tithing time to God is necessary to acknowledge HIM the source of life to program activities PLEASING to God. So though it seems choice of time depends on a person’s interest in reality use of time belongs to Sovereign God. Favour to live through time is God’s domain so the ability to cope is with the help of God. In the realm of heaven time is infinite and unlimited so there is time for everything within GOD’S Bigger Time Plan for all.The Lord directs our times whether we commit it into His Capable Hands or not. The question is whether we seek God’s Face with regard to the decisions made throughout the year. If sincerely present requests, petitions, desires to God to guide before any actions taken. Reflecting first to review timeframe available for choices in line with God’s Words highly recommended is often not always applied. The knock on domino of ripples affect consequence actions faced.assista-suave-no-momento-da-explosatildeInterestingly Time concept is so often imagined as a choice made by mankind to fit into their roles. Time created by God is timeless but mankind measures time by ths day and night by  movement of the sun dials turned clocks. Signposts of time depend on people’s schedule of commitment to Lifetime activities. And are indicated by years split into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. A typical time schedule for the married woman for example is shown above. In a one day she juggles her chores, running the family and going to work full time. Her influence impacts family members depending on whether every activity is run smoothly as planned.hqdefault-1 A preplanned time routine makes a difference instead of leaving everything to chance. Her time starts the second she wakes up, praying, brushing teeth, having a bath and bathing the children, making breakfast, serving and eating together. Cleaning dishes, driving, taking taxi or bus with traffic jam for all to be on time. All these is expected to be achieved by a woman multi-tasking before 8:30am to be on time to send children to school or to nursery by 9am. She must be at her desk at the same time at 9:00am despite the distance travelled between school and work. So is expected to cope exactly like the unmarried single who may not  understand her lifestyle demands. Timeclock of home is still on her mind as she performs work in office. 28-1387f462.jpgIn addition she must complete her work on time and by 3:30pm she must leave to pick the children from school then go home to repeat this process over and over again. Year in year out she does this same routine until children leave home years later. If she has a considerate kind husband, he helps her to make her life easier because a happy wife is a happy life. Cooperating with each other in time requires demands placed on quality time as a couple. If date night is set in routine as early as possible after marriage then it will be continued with support of baby sitters and family members.Ephesians-5-14-17.jpg2883fe2bf8d44ccdebfbebdd1fec7984live-to-give-give-time-4-728.jpgstock-illustration-16114151-stopping-time.jpg




Time concept image of a signpost against a blue cloudy sky indicating one year split into months,weeks,days,hours,minutes and seconds.

Time flies quickly, day of 1,440minutes means every second counts so use daily opportunities to do our best to make a positive impact to help more to bless others especially in God’s Kingdom. So above all, Jesus Christ is Coming Soon so do share Gospel GOODNEWS and use time wisely to pray more for yourself and loved ones and nations including peace in Jerusalem Israel. Do balance eating, work, rest, prayer and playing with the family to make life enjoyable. And help people interact in a health way as time is of the essence. Great achievers take time very seriously so rooted, grounded punctual and always ahead of time.45261473-time-planning-and-efficiency-management-business-concept-as-a-clock-breaking-free-from-a-tree-trunk

The most valuable thing on earth is time so be rooted and grounded soundly in time to be ahead in timeline of life. Time must be taken extremely seriously as all of life’s business is conducted by time. Acquiring work, food, clothing, fabulous homes, wisdom, relationships all require time. Keep time in view on earth as all the events are time related including the managing of ourselves. A structured well organised person accomplishes more in life within a good time frame. Timing is essential for good success. Day by day, year by year, be concerned about time to keep on top of things. Give yourself a head start by earlier arrival at work to settle in at the start of the day. Success in life depends on the best use of time so make proper use of time in doing tasks and duties according to available time.


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