In Jeremiah 24:1, YAHWEH showed the vision of 2 baskets of figs placed in front of the Lord’s Temple in Jerusalem. 2 One basket was filled with fresh ripe figs but other filled with bad figs too rotten to eat. The  3 LORD asked, what do you see Jeremiah? He replied, “Figs, some very good and some very bad too rotten to eat. Then the LORD gave this message “This is what the LORD God of Israel, Says: The good figs represent exiles sent from Judah to land of Babylonians. I will watch over and care for them, and I will bring them back here again. I will build them up and not tear them down. I will plant them and not uproot them. I will give them hearts to recognize me as the Lord. They will be My people and I will be their God so they will return to me wholeheartedly. However, the bad figs represent those Jeremiah warns to TURN from evil road travelled, from evil doings or face wrath of God to perish. So God will let all who wholeheartedly live for God in the land the Lord gave you and your ancestors forever. 6  Do not provoke God’s anger worshiping idols made with own hands then God will not harm you. Listen, Says the Lord God, do not make God furious worshiping idols or images made with hands to bring on yourselves the disasters you now suffer. 8 The Lord of Heaven’s Armies says if you Do NOT LISTEN 9 HE will gather together armies of north under King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon appointed as deputy. God brings them against HIS LAND, people, against all surrounding nations. God completely destroys and makes object of horror and contempt a ruin forever. 10 God will take away happy singing and laughter, Joyful voice of the bridegroom and bride will no longer be heard. The millstones will fall silent and the light in homes will go out. 11 The entire land will become a desolate wasteland. Israel and neighbouring land will serve king of Babylon for 70 years. baskets-of-good-and-bad-figs-jeremiah-24-tb092506048-bibleplaces

 12 After 70 years of captivity is over God will punish king of Babylon and people for their sins says the Lord God. HE will make country of Babylonians wasteland forever. 13 To bring on them all terrors promised in the book of the penalties announced by Jeremiah against these nations. 14 Many nations and great kings will enslave Babylonians, just as they enslaved MY people. I will punish them in proportion to suffering they caused My people…” God punished Jerusalem, the city that bears HIS NAME. And did not let nations go unpunished to escape the disaster. God called for war against all nations of the earth as the LORD of Heaven’s Armies has spoken! 30 These things says The Lord as HE roars against HIS OWN LAND from Heaven in HIS Holy Dwelling. God shouts like those who tread grapes and HE so will shout against EVERYONE ON EARTH. And 31HIS cry of judgment will reach ends of earth for the Lord God will bring HIS case against ALL NATIONS. HE judges all the people of earth sadly by slaughtering  wicked with sword as The Lord has SPOKEN! 32 This is what the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies SAYS, “Look Disasters fall on NATION after NATION a great whirlwind of fury is rising from the most distant corners of earth.  33 In THAT DAY all the Lord  slaughters will fill earth from one end to another. No one will mourn for them or gather up the bodies to bury them. And they will be scattered on the ground like manure. 34 Weep and mourn evil shepherds! Roll in the dust leaders of the flock! Or in the time of slaughter fall and shatter like fragile vase if NOT REPENTED. Through humble prayer GOD CHANGES HIS MIND to forgive so turns the bad rotten figs into good figs again.figs-_in_baskets_074cdv00166 35 But those who refuse to repent have no place to hide or way to escape. 36 So listen to frantic cries of shepherds, and leaders of the flock wailing in despair for souls in their pasture.  37 So peaceful meadows will not turn to wasteland by the Lord’s fierce anger. 38 As strong lion seeks prey so the land is made desolate by sword of enemy by the Lord’s fierce anger… In Jeremiah 25, In the NAME of the Lord God 17 WISE old men stood to speak to people assembled 18 and said, Remember Micah Moresheth prophesied during the reign of the King Hezekiah of Judah. He told the people of Judah, This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says Mount Zion will be plowed like the open field so Jerusalem will be reduced to ruins! Thickets will grow on heights  where Temple now stands.’ It happened many times until taken over completely till today Temple Mount Zion remains in ruins in Jerusalem. But GOD’S MESSAGE is not only for Israel as WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES around Israel, God’s Chosen. God includes all people in other nations so everyone unsaved faces GOD’S wrath unless changed and saved in Christ The True Vine so grafted in as saved fruitful branches. oie_16025267g90zxbe

19 King Hezekiah and all people TURNED from their sins and worshipped the Lord. They begged God for MERCY so The Lord CHANGED HIS MIND about the terrible disaster pronounced against them. God Corrects those He LOVES giving advance warning for generations concerning HIS WRATH. Some people deceive others by telling them Israel is exclusively chosen for these messages or only for those who heard it at the time of announcement. So they tell people what is going on in Israel does not affect the rest of the world. God makes it CLEAR ALL NATIONS OF EARTH ARE TIED TO Israel. So some in the world wonder why there is so much misery and hardships today? It is because of GOD’S endless wrath upon all who continue to REFUSE TO TURN to God. HIS judgement is directly affecting the world and will be finalised in the battle of ARMAGEDDON to defeat the antiChrist. All NATIONS are included in GOD’S Wrath so there is no opting out. God told Jeremiah to warn all will drink the cup of GOD’S wrath if they do not turn like Hezekiah and the people to ask for God’s Forgiveness. The world is seeing fulfilment of God’s  wrath until Jesus and SAINTS COME with angels and Heavenly host to eradicate evil on earth. Jesus will slaughter those who refuse to believe in YAHWEH God so these events are taking place daily. Each person must seek God personally for God’s Mercy and Forgiveness. God’s GOOD COMPASSION is FREELY available to those who TURN from sin for God does not want anyone to perish. So Accept Jesus His Son to be SAVED from GOD’S wrath and hell. God is still asking people to seek HIM directly in the Name of Jesus before it is too late. God Loves you too much to let you perish in ignorance. The Truth you know sets you free in Jesus Name, Thank God!!!


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