Revitalising me time is a special moment taken to develop your inner strength to fine-tune and enhance your life. This awareness is key to recognising that the tension in your neck, shortening of your temper, restlessness or being fidgety so you just cannot focus to concentrate means you need to take regular time to rejuvenate yourself. It also helps to know your reactions in adversity for how you show fatigue is essential to your health. Putting in “me time” balances your life determination, hard work and resilience to achieving your lifestyle. Time set aside to take best care of your personal life is investment to your personal well- being and overflows to bless your loved ones and colleagues. Keep a day or two each week, set aside to reflect on your life input, review what worked well, your strengths, best achievement, challenges faced and how you overcome them. how-to-schedule-me-time-1-size-3

You need to read actual book each week to detract from gadgets for a while from radiation and distractions. Most people think leading a nonstop active life from one activity to another means hardwork. However, something gives by taking its toll on the body so keep journal to record your daily gratitude practices, reflect on your plans and progress. Check in with how you feel, as well as how you are doing, to connect your physical and emotional reactions to your lifeactions. A massage of your own body enhances blood circulation, drinking water is best for detoxing, sleeping 8 hours minimum all add up to ensure a sound mind and a sound body. Physical exercise is good for the body as much as me time rest times.women-relaxing

Self-compassion is permission to step off self destructive roller coaster to change your life with a better action plan. It is so easy to fall into trap of keeping pushing, keep striving on keeping going until the body breaks. Allow yourself me time to renergise and recharge your batteries as you regularly give your car MOT to ensure it is in good condition and safe to drive. Allow yourself the chance to do something to improve personal life from your “me time” list. Allow yourself time to relax and invest in maintaining your well-being, replenish your mind, plans or changes to maintain your life. homeschooling1

Running helter skelter to and fro takes its toll on the body and mind so clogs clear thinking. Clarity of mind is necessary to make good choices and good decisions. A fogged mind constantly overloaded with too much information, stress or worry cannot help in fully understanding choices made. Offload into a safe space like a journal to clear your head. You can write what is meaningful to you down to read later. Often as you will be surprised how you felt then as feelings change with the moment. This is why you need not follow the feelings to rush to make a decision or impulse buy but reassure yourself and reflect deeply first about the implications and consequences. So you learn quickly that you are a survivor on a daily basis.tumblr_obyy6wmsc91vc094bo1_1280

Take a moment or two now to think about how you balance striving for your desired outcomes and your perfect “me time” activity. Are you at risk of pushing to breaking? How do you spot those moments and what are your “me time” revitalising activities? Taking time to revitalise takes courage and strength to say no to many other attractive options available vying for your attention often spurred on by friends. Some think me time is loneliness and negative if not constantly surrounded by voices of friends non stop. Some may misconstrue it as isolation and mental imbalance so make fun of the moment calling you a hermit or anti-social. However, it is so rewarding if one can listen to favourite music or reading undisturbed. This calms the mind and rests the body to regain strength ready to continue with life. Research me time activities suitable for you to develop habit to rest yourself. 

metime_image-2_1Take time to eat properly and drink fluids regularly for hydration. Look for a good book to read as soul food to nurture your mind, soul and body. Clear your head and refill with good thoughts spoken out loud to your hearing to boost confidence. Books are helpful to concentrate to focus as it takes you deeply into the contents of the message. Talk to friends for support but be aware of seemingly contradictory advise can create confusion not knowing what to do. Take me time for concerns of your life to make informed choices as you reflect deeply because charity starts at home with yourself first. Then you become better equipped, refreshed to make informed choices. Jesus took time aside from the multitudes, disciples and the apostles for 40 days by Himself to Seek the Face of God in prayer. You may not need that long but twice a week can help to fine-tune your life, thoughts and emotions. Those who proactively practice the PRESENCE of God enjoy greater peace of mind. Reconnect with yourself and love yourself as the Bible says love others as you love yourself. God did not say neglect yourself to please others. Me time acknowledges you and values you accept and love yourself. Stop running away from yourself thinking someone else will come along to love you before you deserve to love yourself. Me time is not abandoning family or loved ones. It is crucial to mental health and sanity because you cannot continue giving of yourself without taking a break. As you stand up for yourself you become stronger because this is why God made Sabbath day for your day of rest too. God Rested on the 7th day so you need rest.


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