il_fullxfull-367637757_9r9v  PREHISTORIC AFRICAN KINGDOMSslide_2-1OLD GHANA MALI SONGHAI EMPIRES 27707EARLY ANCIENT AFRICAN KINGDOMS86b9468e79befe8f6941a7ea7b742669.jpgOLD AFRICAN MAP BEFORE SLAVERYaf1630CITY STATES & PEOPLE MIGRATIONSafrican kingdoms.jpgISLAMIC INVASION CONQUEST SLAVES100790_154_1 MOST SLAVES WERE MOVED AROUNDslide_5MANSA MUSA RULED FROM 1325-1464slide_9OLD GHANA EMPIRES PROSPEROUS da094e8e3843234a7b825f6e047cc298ASHANTI /ASANTE EMPIRE VERY RICHtmp708431093958705153 WESTERN SUDAN EMPIRES EMERGEDmap_of_modern_ghana_ghana_empireOLD GHANA EMPIRE, MODERN GHANAmoll_map_of_guinea_1736NEGROLAND GUINEA GOLD COASTh20426wafricasansonBRITAIN EXILE GOLDCOAST PREMPEHslpostcards007.jpgPREMPEH THEN SENT TO SEYCHELLESbenin-mapSLAVES FROM WEST AFRICA TO HAITIHaiti-Map-Slavery-Trade-Business.jpg KINGDOM OF JUDAHJEW SLAVECOAST636f8a7924c9cf6698cabc4bf5b1d828img_20161015_112803ARAB DHOWS TRANSPORTED SLAVESe9bfb4bef1f4d3d150b913b766972f31ISLAM EXPANSION CAPTURED SLAVESa0ac28914e5794705af5d0f3627a925cSLAVES WERE SOLD TO RICH OWNERS 9e2d7b240831412947d9c2e2de77f3cfSLAVE TRADERS EXPANDED INLAND8193f522fd2fbf34063d4baf59dfccedCHILDREN SOLD AS SLAVES IN CHAINS163450d65ae4157858ba556b0b0c2693THE SLAVES SOLD BY ARAB OWNERS19e501e1c2f31a853cfa5935f794c1b9SLAVE SHIPS TO WEST INDIES, USAslaver_plan.jpgSLAVES PACKED & CRAMPED IN SHIPSSlaveShip640.jpgSLAVES KEPT IN CHAINS ON JOURNEY656305_orig.jpegSEA MEMORIAL OF DROWNED SLAVES_37945862_slaveb300.jpgWHITES SOLD THE SURVIVED SLAVES slavery-west-indies-granger.jpgCARRIBEANSLAVES MAKE SUGAR/RUM AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZcAAAAJDI1YzJhYTYzLWM0ZjktNDNhNC1iZmZhLTc5NTExZDk3NzM1MA.jpg SLAVES SOCIALISE AFTER HARDWORK255e2f8600000578-2941254-image-a-18_1423151555922SLAVES ARE SEPARATED & SOLD OFFNova_Totius_Terrarum_Orbis.jpgAN AFRICAN CULTURAL COMMUNITY20-vie-de-jesus-mafa-wedding-at-canaWHITE SLAVEMASTERS ENTER AFRICAslide_1AFRICAN EXPLORERS PAVE SLAVEWAYslide_1-1EUROPEANS SOLD SLAVES GLOBALLYtriangular_trade_mapGOLD SALT SILK LUXURY GOODS SOLDwh18_worldtradeSILVER SUGAR EXCHANGE OF SLAVES7f3b7d88bb3b604f6fa967819dda6612THE TRIANGULAR SLAVE TRADEatlantic-slave-trade-02TRANSATLANTIC MIDDLE PASSAGEafrican_slave_trade1 THE EUROPEAN SLAVE TRADE WARS44ec6e3bdb4319e99eeb473689401939EUROPEANS COLONISE SLAVE COASTS220px-Leopold_I_of_Belgium_(2).jpg
Letter from King Leopold II Belgium to Colonial Missionaries 1883: Reverends Fathers and Dear Compatriots, the task to fulfill is delicate so requires much tact. Certainly evangelize but know evangelization is to inspire Belgium interests. Your principal objective in mission in Congo is never teach niggers to know God they know God already. So ensure you take full advantage of these people. Do not offer them a seat when they visit you at home. Do not give food or treat them well as your equals.belgian-future-king-leopold-ii-genocidal-ruler-of-congo-some-of-his-millions-of-slave-victimsThey speak, submit to Mungu, Nzambi, Nzakomba and what else I don’t know. They know not to kill, not to sleep with someone’s wife, not lie or insult. Have courage to admit you are not going to teach them what they know already. Your essential role is facilitate task of administrators and industrialists. This means interpret the Gospel in the way best to protect our interests in that part of the world. For these things keep watch on disinteresting savages from enjoying plenty
 richness from getting interested in the competition to dream one day to overthrow you. 94e197_817a4ed7be724d9fb37345c246f00f59Your knowledge of Gospel allows you to find texts ordering to encourage your followers to love poverty, like “Happier are the poor because they will inherit heaven” and “It is very difficult for the rich to enter kingdom of God.” You have to detach from them to make them disrespect everything that gives courage against us. I make reference to their mystic system, war fetish warfare protection that they pretend to want to abandon. Do everything in your power to make it disappear. Direct your action essentially at younger ones, so will not revolt if recommendation of priest is contradictory to a parent’s teachings.25-36The children must learn to obey what a missionary recommends, as the father of their soul. Singularly insist on a total submission and obedience. Avoid developing a good spirit in the schools, teach students to read not to reason. Dear patriots these are some of the principles you must apply. You will find many other books, which will be given to you at end of conference. Evangelize niggers to stay forever in submission to white colonialists not to revolt against restraints they are undergoing. Recite every day Happy are those who weep because the kingdom of God is for them. Leopold-II-3.jpgKing Leopold of Belgium visited Congo to check his instructions are followed to the letter literally. The unfortunate ones who did not meet their quotas for rubber harvest fast enough their hands were cut off and shown to the king. The brutality Africa has suffered is beyond words. The world continues to control African resources because of influence of King Leopold on all European Kings and wealthy people of his time. Africa still suffers greatly as people forget they are God’s cherished creation. The people of Africa need to turn directly to God HIMSELF to Intervene to deliver them from evil beyond their strength.


Leopold and the Europeans built their nations on the back of slavery wealth and colonialism in African countries. When slavery was being ended they relocated to Africa. So took control of the natural rich wealth and resources and used the people for free domestic slavery labour. Insist they are treated like royalty by the Africans including the conquered native royals. Condoned with other Arab and Islamic traders to subjugate Africans. 321_001THE SCRAMBLE TO CONTROL AFRICA slide_2AFRICAN ORIGINAL RIVERS NAMESmap_africa_vegworld

AFRICA PARTITIONED BY EUROPEANS15862EMPIRE LANGUAGES ARE ENFORCED slide_3 (1).jpgEMPIRE GREW FROM COAST TO COASTthe-british-empire-1-638.jpgSUN NEVER SETS ON BRITISH EMPIREmain-qimg-8e95cd08a6837f513f4908af912d0c1cAFRICA IS COLONISED BY EUROPEANSeuropean-colonization-of-africa-10-638MAJORITY IS CONTROLLED BY BRITAINSize-of-Africa.jpgCONTINENTS FIT SNUGGLY IN AFRICAslide_2-2NATIONALISTS DEMAND SELF RULEindependent-dates-africaINDEPENDENCE GAINED BY AFRICANSafrica-s-resource-wealth-st-10AFRICA’S RICH NATURAL RESOURCEScc6be0863e00719bc2fd7c66ca9871fc.jpg SLAVERY DOMINATION STILL EXISTSEmbedded image permalinkd89086cdee64af0308128e5dca8480e4.jpgThe world must recognise God made all people in HIS OWN Image and Likeness so diversity is God’s Idea. This world is created by God with more than enough resources to meet all needs. Teach the people nobody exclusively owns this world to the detriment of another. Evidence in living history shows greed destroys beautiful world God gave mankind to freely enjoy. Due to past record of inability to self rule without God, Jesus is returning to Rule in Peace over all the world to RESTORE GOD’S KINGDOM on earth. Become a Partaker in GOD’S KINGDOM.
161144dfa9deaec1c8dcae8bf1f7fe8bEDUCATIONIAL ACHIEVEMENT is well documented in living history as black contributions in all fields of academic knowledge. In all spheres of life blacks have achieved so much more than they are  given credit for in life. Evidence prevails in all aspects of existence that often others take the credit for their talents, skills and abilities. In the process market and gain profit from using and abusing them.

  e180f48b7a20e983c486b408922f4b3f.jpgHIGHLY ADVANCED EDUCATION requires WISDOM to understand the changes taking place in living history. To study carefully, the consequences of slavery and why so many nations are involved in slavery and colonialism. So realise the bigger picture includes the ongoing global transformation of earth as a whole. As nations conquer others as enforcers God Said HE WILL destroy the destroyers. Make peace with God personally and ask for forgiveness for whole nations and restoration in Jesus Name. Earth regeneration by God takes place for New Earth and New Heaven. 

61508d2d350c4d1a7019b464fc1a2b3b.jpgMENTAL SLAVERY EMANCIPATION is necessary because past history is just propaganda to control and manipulate people to conform to a few in control. Above all, it is your personal liberty in Christ in God that counts most in the end. Despite sufferings, sorrow, pain, weeping, tears, grief, Joy comes in the morning in JESUS NAME. REJOICE FOREVERMORE for SALVATION is near even at your door. Bible in Luke 21:28 says when all these evil things are happening, stand and look up, for your salvation is near!” Things gets worse before it Gets Better in Christ Jesus.  


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