Faith remembers I am God’s Priceless Treasure no longer in search of instant ultimate treasure best quality asset for possession of highest value price tag to increase worldly goods. The Gospel Good News says you are PRICELESS Treasure Almighty God VALUES above all the earthly material things. LORD GOD ALMIGHTY DECLARES you HIS people, HIS Children MOST Treasured POSSESSION. God PROMISED believers will receive BLESSINGS if all keep all HIS COMMANDS. God SAID HE WILL SET in praise, fame and honour high above all the nations HE MADE, HIS people Holy to the LORD God. Deuteronomy 26 : 18–19 confirms God PROMISED HIS people Israel and all Nations keeping God’s COMMANDS are GOD’S TREASURED POSSESSIONS. God’s Promise is found in Exodus19:5-6 that all who Fully Obey, keep MY COVENANT out of all nations on earth you are GOD’S TREASURED POSSESSION.  Although the whole earth MINE, you will be for ME a KINGDOM of priests, a holy nation. God’s KINGDOM on earth is being RESTORED as originally intended. After the sin of Adam and Eve ruined everything, God is redeeming all mankind from the rebellion against God. God’s Set TIME KNOWN to God Only is fixed in restoring earth. God is literally wrenching earth from those who refuse to submit, giving it to Jesus as Appointed Lord and Saviour to Reign and rule earth in PERFECT PEACE. After all is said and done, although many people experience curses and pain over many generations prophet Isaiah tells Israel and all God’s Favoured Children HIS MERCY will ONE DAY exalt them in midst of persecution hatred against them as God’s Treasure.small_a93314d1ebd3481bb07d1ca4.jpgGod Treasures all those who TREASURE GOD if forsaken or misunderstand due to Godly faith loyalty to God in Christ. Some feel alone abandoned for God Sake yet thanks be to God 1 Corinthians 15 : 57 says, thanks to God WHO Gives us VICTORY through OUR Lord Jesus Christ. So, “Whereas you were forsaken and hated, no one passing through to help or save you I will make you majestic forever joy from age to age in Isaiah 60:15. Followers of Yeshua are God’s Special people due to COVENANT with Almighty God through the BLOOD of Yeshua. Both Jew and Gentile together God’s MOST Treasured POSSESSIONS. Believers are God’s CHOSEN generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, people who are God’s OWN POSSESSION, so you will proclaim Excellency of Yahweh God who called you out of darkness into HIS marvelous Light according to 1 Peter 2:9. We are God’s Special Treasure clothed in righteous garments through BLOOD of Jesus. So a Royalty of the King of kings God Almighty, HIS Children are Princes and Princesses of the King with God Our Father. God VALUES and Treasures us so no need to be searching for fulfilment in only external superficial qualifications. These are necessary for professional life and work but our true identity is in God through the Messiah YESHUA! maxresdefault

We may look at ourselves and say I do not look much like a treasure, I am too short or too tall, too fat or too thin, not pretty or smart enough to be God’s Treasure. We might check our emotions and say, I do not feel I qualify to be called a Godly Treasure. I have so many flaws, faults or weaknesses I need to work on controlling temper. I am not disciplined, I do not witness, no good testimony to represent God. Whatever is perceived as weakness Paul says we must put our CONFIDENCE in God not in attributes of flesh in Philippians 3:3. Paul is highly qualified, with treasured certificates on walls and trophies on desks considered of highest status. Paul described himself as true Jew of Jews meeting requirement of the flesh circumcised on eighth day. A person from Israel tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews in regard to the law. A Pharisee, his zeal persecuted church for righteousness based on the law yet said he is faultless in Philippians 3:5–6. Paul recognised in Christ he considered himself without any fault in the flesh in keeping of Word of God Bible. Paul put no value on world external qualifications status instead put his trust in Messiah YESHUA. Whatever gained considered loss for sake of Messiah. Paul considers everything a loss because surpassing worth PRIVILEGE OF KNOWING Messiah Yeshua Adonai as his Lord for whose sake he lost all things. Even the world’s most  expensive jewellery and sculptures cannot compare with you God’s Priceless Treasure above rubies and diamonds.most-expensive-jewelry-1.jpgPaul treasured his religious belief faith so much he passionately killed people of other faiths who did not follow his belief or his religion. On his way to Damascus Syria to pursue and persecute Christians Paul had a life changing encounter with Jesus directly from heaven. Jesus SPOKE, and challenged by condemning Paul’s misconstrued zeal hatred killing God’s Priceless Treasure Christians Precious to God. Jesus’ Light blinded Saul sent and prayed for, healed through Peter. After Paul’s SALVATION he stopped hatred killings, declared his zeal actions, power and status garbage. Jesus told Paul his actions were against God’s Precious lives Highly TREASURED, VALUED by Jesus. People are created by God so unique and diverse each person one of a kind among billions on earth. Each BELONGS to God exclusively and Nations are stewards and custodians of human life. Human beings are God’s Property so cherished by Jesus Christ Who Loves all.


Paul said his own selfish pride, status was garbage, rubbish because he gained MESSIAH found in Jesus Righteousness. It is not his own actions efforts but faith in Jesus Messiah Righteousness of God on basis of faith in Philippians 3 : 7–9. And Paul continued to keep the law but he understood his human performance cannot be compared to Righteousness that comes from God by faith in Christ. The world’s standards performance may have flaws but from GOD’S Point of View Paul’s, accepts by faith, empowered walk in YAHWEH’S Way by obedience in Spirit and in truth as Special Treasure. Despite our faults, weaknesses, imperfections, the LORD God LOVES and VALUES us, so we can say, I am Royalty so Special Treasure as God’s COVENANT Children created in His image and likeness. We all have qualities and God Divine Shekhinah Glory within us. Though one may feel so tainted beyond redemption God NEVER GIVES UP ON you because God Loves you beyond measure.  The world may not see your true priceless value as is Spiritually discerned. A currency has an exact value though whether stained, soiled, stepped on, crumpled, bent its worth is retained in value. So many of us must understand our True Value in Christ is a Treasure. In real life if bullied, picked on, harassed or taken advantage of by others one feels hopeless, useless, low self – esteem or anger so treat yourself badly as a result. You are GOD’S Masterpiece Perfect to God in Christ. Although some have not always been treated like a treasure by parents, schoolmates, spouses, or fellow believers or colleagues at work have not treated us with honour or dignity and respect.  We may have even been abused or mistreated terribly by people. God does not SEE us this way even if our hearts are broken and our whole life shattered, we are still most Beautiful Treasure to the Lord God.
A crown of beauty and a ROYAL Diadem in HAND of OUR God, says Isaiah 62:3. A PRICELESS Treasure God PROTECTS so angels guard jealously, keeping safely in God’s Secret secure place. God Grieves and Exacts HIS wrath on those who make His Children suffer. Vengeance belongs to God to recompense injustice    and hurts are in the HANDS of the Lord God WHO SAYS HE WILL vindicate us.  Our choice is to forgive those who hurt and mistreat us. When we do not see ourselves as Valuable and Worthy of respect sends signals to others one is valueless and worthless so result is they treat as such. Maya Angelou said, whinning lets bully know victim is available. Do not fixate on life on negative perception of how others treat you. It prevents from moving forward in God’s Promises. Israel saw themselves grasshoppers so thought giants in Canaan did as well. When we value and respect ourselves in balanced Godly manner, more people in our lives properly value esteem us well. Part of our healing recovery is a transformation in the way we see ourselves knowing that our identity in Messiah RIGHTEOUS ONE, as whole, precious, valuable. We all receive precious attributes through God’s Divine Covenant. Let us receive from God our freedom from condemnation, freedom from curses, joy unspeakable, PEACE that passes all understanding. All these and more have been given to us through the New Covenant, bought with Precious BLOOD of sinless Lamb of God, Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus the Messiah! It is important to KNOW Yeshua and to understand the freedom from the curse and peace that passes all understanding that is available through Christ Jesus. No matter what goes on in world remember you are GOD’S Highly Valued Treasure.

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