divinejoycircle5-300x300Divine Joy is fullness of Joy fulfilled in Christ from the JOY of the Lord God. Feeling FULFILLED in innermost core being, content at peace and satisfied you are doing your ultimate best in the here and now. Fulfilled joy brings happiness assured, this is the right thing you are doing so whatever fulfils you is the best you can be within the PLANS AND WILL OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE is your best attained moments possible for  eternal long lasting fulfilment in life. Hope in God Trusting Jesus to FULFILL your life although challenging and dynamic. Joy is dependent on Jehovah God’s Consistent Providence, Mercy and COMPASSION.full-joy-in-jesus-15-638You know by clarity of mind what you are doing as it is your ultimate possible best within your gifts, talents and abilities you have. This makes you happy so you feel good about your self achievements. Yet some achievers focus on end results at the expense of fulfilled joy sometimes so miss out on fulfilment in pursuit of perfection to keep up with the Joneses. Life to them is like mirage attaining the vision to feel content for a while but sets out again for their next thrill seeking adventure ignore joy of fulfilment. And Psalm 122:1 says JOY comes from being  glad when they said, Let us go in HOUSE of the LORD.” Go into the HOUSE of God your FIRST LOVE and love the people in JESUS NAME according to Psalm 36 join those in HOUSE of God with voice of joy, praise with global multitude in JOYFUL WORSHIP OF GOD.IMG_20160919_133618.jpgPressure driven, and not to rest on one’s laurels, drives some people to sacrifice their love life, family, children, peace of mind due to motivation to obtain a next plan, goal. So becomes engrossed and preoccupied with process of demands of achievement only to realise years later that the havoc it causes to self destruct themselves or loved ones is not worth it. Pursuit of happiness perceived as only embedded in things, titles, status, ranks, hierachy, class, money, wealth, riches or fame can drive some people to gain the whole world and lose their soul. Micah 7:18-19 points powerfully to forgiveness of sin through Jesus BLOOD SACRIFICE because God pardons iniquity and overlooks transgression, for remnant of His heritage. LORD GOD WILL NOT Retain anger forever, because He delights in MERCY and Casts all our sins into depths of sea in Jesus Name.

IMG_20160919_133806.jpgTherefore do not be set only on being prestigious and highly successful can damage a person without realising it if preoccupied with the constant desire to remain at the top of the social ladder. As the world becomes more defined by the superficial material lifestyle the organic traditional value lifestyle is eroding, and so fulfilled contentment notion of peace within a person and community seems to elude mankind. Due to constant thrill adventure seeking in search of the next fix better than the previous one, never able to reach the place or point of satiety for personal fulfilled joy. A bit like the illusion of chasing mirage vision seems surely appealing from a distance but yet once accomplished is disregarded as not good enough or perfect. Hence constant chasing of dreams and ambitions hoping to thing the ultimate non existent best achievement. Life is dynamic so highest standard achieved today often becomes tomorrow’s junk and waste disposed of.12750084_524006544444355_1868599974_n.jpgInstead it seems selfdestructive agendas are programmed to condition without realising the impact on themselves or the environment. Unaware consequence takes its toll on life so many sadly come to the conclusion chosen careers were not really important of any consequence at all really despite accumulating things or increasing their bank balance. Advises anyone reading their columns or phones after normal business hours to inbuilt a quality family time to power down, lock up, go home to kiss your wife and kids. img_20160919_133951It is recognised in  Psalms 27:4 that  one thing that brings greatest joy asked of the LORD GOD is, the will to seek after: God and to dwell in the HOUSE of LORD God all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple. So occurring to many being driven by a career full of achievements without the personal fulfilment is not worth it. Some realise later too late they followed their mind not their hearts to choose whatever paid the highest salary or produced best result. It is years later after experiencing correct brain and the maturity that life becomes meaningful and relevant to personal needs. After conditioned begins to sift through to regain control to restore life originally planned by God for mankind.13b5a9ba42dc5a70ff99d7f3910c3a88.jpg Some realised it cost literally an arm and leg in the end damaged them and loved ones most. So evaluate life daily and ask yourself what is the purpose of your life, motives, is it line with God’s Words for your life according to the Bible? Is earth your only destination? And how best can you maximise life within framework of reference of God. Believe in God, Trust Jesus to give you fulfillment in life, rest in finished work of Christ beyond earth into future generation and eternal life.  Romans 5:1-2 tells us, Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.Through Jesus we have obtained access by faith into this grace we stand, and rejoice in hope of GLORY of God.


So how do we achieve fulfillment?  Achievements look good on the outside, but often ultimately hollow so does not touch inner being or the soul. On the other hand, fulfillment makes us feel good inside, right down to our core. Each one in life can identify the main act that leads to fulfillment so decide to pursue your own personal fulfilment. Helping those in need, fulfills us. Ignite passion, to fulfills you so selflessly loving others fulfills us. Choice brings true worth derived from inner joy, outweighs challenges process of going through to become more mature or happier is a wake up call to change lifestyle. Enhanced life becomes happier more content more fulfilled so priceless. The best things in life are free so world must pursue fulfilment more desirable and more deserving mankind to gain attention and help from God. If found this interesting you may want to renew your mind and transform your lifestyle.


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