One of the major signs of the end-time prophecies in the Bible is in Hosea 4:3 which says the sea will disappear with wild animals, birds of the sky, and fish in the sea will perish. THUS SAYS LORD GOD OF HOSTS, The LORD SAYS there is wailing in all the earth as precious lives and material things owned are lost in the destructions. Again, Revelation 21:2 says some of the first earth created by God in Genesis and second earth regenerated after Noah’s flood will be gone and the sea will be no more in parts of the earth. The PRESENCE of the LORD GOD with HIS people in heaven is not interrupted as it is on earth because the source of evil satan in heaven was cast out with 1/3 of the evil angels. Revelation 8:9 says one-third of all things living in the sea will die and one-third of all the ships on the seas destroyed. But all those who CALL ON MY NAME YAHWEH GOD, I WILL ANSWER them; I will say, ‘They are MY people and I AM THEIR GOD. So Call upon God to save you and family to have ETERNAL Life. Godly ensures you belong to God in Christ.hqdefault.jpg
In Revelation 16:20, Bible says that every island disappeared and all the mountains were leveled. Men blasphemed in anger against God for the material things they lost because of the disappearing sea and sources of earnings. Instead of a humble repentance these greatest warnings of God’s judgment that befall men still not bring people to repentance. Global news shows dead birds, animals and tons of fish found just dead without any specific causes. God sadly is desperately trying to get mankinds attention before his final judgement to force people to return to God in humble repentance to save lives today for future ETERNAL life. The LORD GOD Warns I WILL CUT OFF some rebellious humanity from the face of the earth. The LORD Says birds, animals in the field, birds and fishes shall disappear from the seas. These are all part of the Tribulation Jesus Talked about leading to the Great Tribulation. Consequently, in 1 Timothy 4:1-13 the world events affect some people so in later times abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits._90921464_tibet.jpg
So these major news events in the world in Bible shows the tribulation terrible times. Every island and the mountains disappear as prophecied and seen in the Solomon Islands among others. So time is unfolding through these global climate change. Many people know the prophecy of the Armageddon endtime battle fights that put the nations rebelling against God. Bible says that Jesus Christ Yeshua Ha’Mashiach in Hebrew Will RETURN two times for rapture and His Second Coming to Rule and Reign on earth. The changes taking place means earth being demolished and reconstructed ready for Jesus Coming. Isaiah 17 says in the last days the Bible says these horrible series of events take place concerning Syria or Damascus, ‘Look Damascus disappears and on the northern bank of the Arnon River, east of Dead Sea, according to the prophecy in Isaiah 17:2, Aroer will become either forsaken, forsaken and desolate, or forsaken forever depending on manuscript is used in English translation. Its geographical surroundings may be included in prophecy, as well, as the “the cities of Aroer._90921904_korea.jpg

In Revelation 21:1, the term sea in the Greek “thalassa” is used of all forms of water including the oceans, lakes, etc. So the seas will disappear as the Scripture predicts there will be no more sea after Jesus returns! Today the island, a few hours east of Hangzhou Bay, is a stark contrast to the vibrant metropolitan skyline of nearby Shanghai in populous China. Some of the islands at the mouth of the Yangtze river are popular tourist destinations and described as a paradise for seafood lover, while the others are inhabitable. The stunning scenery on Shengshan Island is the result of houses and outbuildings being slowly consumed by nature. These seaside village now lies empty because it was more economical for the fishermen to move and work on the mainland where catch could easily be transported and sold. The sea completely dried up so abandoned ships destroyed.  CEN_AbandonedVillage_01.jpg

In other parts of the world, many places affected by coastal erosion. Like Fuveme visibly shrinking in Ghana this coastal villages is vanishing because of coastal erosion. Once was thriving as a fishing community is best reached by the boats because of rising sea levels. Waves have taken the whole parts of the village with them into the sea. Local resident Frank Kofigah told me that the village was 5km (three miles) from the coast a few years ago. Now the waves are just a few metres away. “This used to be a very beautiful village with lots of coconut trees, sea turtles, sea gulls, dolphins, sharks and whatnot,” he says. “It’s been horrible. As a result of climate change suffering. “ last visited the village, home to about 1,000 people, in October when shoreline was between 30m and 40m away. In the last few months, waves came closer to destroy parts of a school. Scientists have used satellite images to study how water on the Earth’s surface has changed over 30 years. They found that 115,000 sq km (44,000 sq miles) of land is now covered in water and 173,000 sq km (67,000 sq miles) of water has now become land. The largest increase in water has been on the Tibetan Plateau, while the Aral Sea has been the biggest conversion of water to land. Team said many coastal areas changed significantly as research, by the Deltares Research Institute in the Netherlands, is published in the journal Nature Climate Change.aral.sea.mapImage copyright by DELTARES Image caption New lakes as blue pixels appears on the Tibetan Plateau. The researchers analysed satellite images recorded by Nasa’s Landsat satellites, which have observed the Earth for decades. So they were able to monitor changes in Earth’s surface down to a resolution of 30m, which can be seen on the Deltares Aqua Monitor. The team found that vast areas that were once land are now submerged beneath water, with the largest change occurring in the Tibetan Plateau, where melting glaciers are creating huge new lakes.  Image caption the team found dams built in North Korea seen here in blue Increase in the number of dams was also boosting water cover, using satellite data, team was able to detect previously unreported constructions.solomon-map.jpg

Dr Fedor Baart from Deltares said: “We started to look at areas that had not been mapped before. “We knew in Myanmar that several dams were being built, but we were able to see how many. And we also looked at North Korea, and we found dams being built there just north of the border from South Korea. The caption of the Aral Sea has almost completely dried out. Conversely, researchers found even larger areas of water have became land. The biggest transformation was seen in the Aral Sea in Central Asia. The area once one of the largest lakes in the world now almost completely dried up after engineers diverted rivers to irrigate agriculture. The researchers said Lake Mead near Las Vegas, largest reservoir in the United States, was also losing water, and 222 sq km (85 sq miles) of it was now land. Coastal areas were also analysed, and to the scientists surprise, coastlines had gained more land – 33,700 sq km (13,000 sq miles) – than they had been lost to water (20,100 sq km or 7,800 sq miles). “We expected that the coast would start to retreat due to sea level rise, but the most surprising thing is that the coasts are growing all over the world,” said Dr Baart. “We’re were able to create more land than sea level rise was taking.”dubai.jpgImage copyright DELTARES caption of  Dubai, the creation of new islands has significantly altered the coastline. The researchers said Dubai’s coast had been significantly extended, with the creation of new islands to house luxury resorts. It is also known, “China has reconstructed their whole coast from the Yellow Sea all the way down to Hong Kong,” said Dr Baart. Some areas, such as the Amazon, saw almost equal amounts of conversion of land to water and vice versa because of the natural movements of the river system. The team says more work now needs to be done to see what is impact of these global changes may have. The lead author Gennadii Donchyts from Deltares said: ” Analysis was done to understand extent of these changes. The next step is to understand their impact on nature as God Ordained to get the attention of all people to make the necessary changes before it becomes too late to be saved.”


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