1799743_399086886964130_1317876825_nGod Commissions us all to LOVE one another but not everybody a friend. You can love people but when it comes to friendship, you must choose wisely not everybody knocking on your door must have open door let good companions and good friends walk into your life. Watch out for a good personal quality and excerpts of good character in friend rather than what you can get from a friend.  It is a special miracle if blessed with reliable, loyal dependable friend so be one yourself. Most people have a list of what they want from friends yet the question is can friends say exactly same things of you. It is not about what one gets out of friendship as much as what is one is willing to put in at times without return of the favour. Being a true friend involves sacrifice, self denial but never be lost for sake of others. Invitation of God to LOVE others means Love  yourself FIRST and love others with the LOVE of God. Real True LOVE COMES from God, Jesus. Study, research LOVE ACCORDING TO GOD WHO Said not GOOD to be alone.b8674f1dad98d770839a1961248bb5c5True friend and loving a person requires healthy BOUNDARIES to be you. Specific differences exist between acquaintance, colleagues and friends. A clear concise boundary helps to make better choices for friendship, loved ones more intimate than mere acquaintances. An upcoming relationship and friendship with blurred lines cause problems if the loved one is a compelled sparepart in the one-to-one relationship. So exclusive isolated lovers cuts off essential vital support network which burns bridges yet is crucial after marriage and children REALITY CHECK SETS IN. Life returns to normal before marriage as one has to adapt to life. It is women often needing childcare support, mothering and the loss of income means transitioned relationship requires extra help, trustworthy reliable unconditional love of family or genuine friends to deal with life too. The man cannot treat the woman as his exclusive property to make him only happy. So be considerate not insecure, demanding Love from others before you feel loved. It absolutely true GOD OF LOVE PUT LOVE INSIDE YOU CONNECT FIRST TO HIM. Love overflows reaching others through you because you cannot give love you do not have.flo14wer-real-friendsDo not expect others to give you love if you do not love yourself they are not capable of giving you love. Understand a REAL TRUE LOVE meaning by the GOD’S STANDARD BECAUSE GOD IS AUTHOR CREATOR OF TRUE LOVE. Understanding true love saves from false expectations of unrealistic worldly love definition sold in romantic magazines. Love from the outside appears to seem happily ever after without challenges the dealt with in real life. So comes as shock thinking they chose the wrong partner!!! Before you DIVE into a deepend of LOVE angle the addictive face of relationship is short so know when reality sets in you will get to see a real person and love goes out through the window.  Addictive stage overshadows genuine true love quality as part of lasting love. Ignorance boredom makes so me choose love to fulfill only sexual needs to feel less guilty to indulge in sex. Sex alone is not a STRONG LOVE BOND so without TRUE LOVE the couple cannot stand each other so resentments and hatred sets in. 2 people vowed they love each other but yet cannot stand one another anymore because lack PROPER MEANING OF UNDERSTANDING TRUE LOVE before lust mistaken for love.tumblr_monodxmqLE1rwq3c3o1_500.pngA Strong Pull Feel Good Factor oxytocin addictive sex stage feeling honeymoon period does not last forever. A DEEPER CONNECTION beyond sexual seduction is what really keeps the couple together for life. The Deeper Connection cannot be overlooked by trivial pursuits so rather properly get into relationship in a better way. Let wiser older mature experienced people guide and help you for your own good. Do not allow the fear one may lose the person so compromise, ignore alarm warning signs as the rescuer hoping to change partner by love. Only to realise person is set in fixed ways that irritate so one has to put up with warts and all as a part of TRUE LOVE. Nobody is perfect in an imperfect world so be realistic. And above all, do not let friends cut you off from your family and your loved ones in secret that is not a true friend that loves you. True friends care about you so care about your loved ones and your family so they becom part of your family. Do not think isolating you to own you is LOVE. Exclusive attention at the beginning of a relationship makes you feel special but it destroys in the long run. Quickly listen to good friends to come to your senses to detangle yourself from such a possessive control freak. Run from a friend wanting you exclusively to themselves to become vulnerable and controlled. True real love gives you freedom to be all God Made you to be with support of all good friends and family. Not to trick, deceive you to take advantage of you for the lack of cortex brain naivety as too trusting. SEEK God’s Face for Good friends KNOW BEST Friend Is Jesus. Do not demand love above level of people First be good friend to yourself and then be a real friend to true friends.   


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