1 Timothy 2:2 in Bible says FIRST OF ALL, PRAYERS intercessions MUST BE MADE for all Leaders, Heads, Kings, Queens, Nations so the MAN OF PEACE  will live PEACEABLY QUIET LIVES with people. This is TRUE MARK OF GODLINESS  and DIGNITY. Pray this way for kings, all in authority to live a peaceful and quiet lives marked by dignity. SO GOD’S MERCY COMPASSION FORGIVENESS GRACE SAVES people. God COMMANDS, urges, petition, prayer, intercessions be made to God. Repentant tears in anguish and by prayer lamentation and fasting. Why? Because the heart of king in GOD HANDS ONLY GOD CAN DEAL WITH THEM not you. GOD INTERVENE QUICKLY IN JESUS NAME FOR GOD’S PEACE ON EARTH!!!3-intercultural1God Says Ask and I will give Nations to you in Psalm 2:8. When we pray for all Nations to come to know Yeshua, we are praying in AGREEMENT Scripture asking in alignment with Father GOD SHORTEN EVIL DAYS mayhem, epidemic trauma of tribulation. Always Give God the Thanks ACKNOWLED GOD’S OWNERSHIP OF EARTH HIS RIGHT TO TAKE OVER TO CHANGE things BETTER for all mankind. Without God it will never happen trying to achieve change yourself. Ask LORD God IN JESUS NAME to WORK in nations throughout world TO BRING PERFECT PEACE OF GOD THAT SURPASSES ALL HUMAN UNDERSTANDING ON EARTH. SO AS IT WAS IN EDEN BEFORE SIN TO RESTORE mankind TO GOD. And Pray yourself and family, loved ones, enemies for God to change their minds for good in JESUS Name Always Thank God. downloadPray for a soon fast-approaching rapture and watch for daily upcoming fulfilment of unfolding prophecy in the Bible. Pray for all last minute preparations for GOD CHANGE COMING ON EARTH, including preparing of hearts to receive Yeshua! Pray for prayer teams to transition from prayer for own community into a global outreach intercessions quickly. May the Lord God’s momentum carry on to bring with more salvation, healing deliverance in JESUS Name. Prayer is ESSENTIAL and Appropriate in JESUS NAME FOR all nations, locations BECAUSE GOD OWNS ALL the Nations. CRY, PRAY, SEEK God’s FACE to SAVE globally. Prayer of righteous prevails because GOD SAYS GIVE HIM NO REST DAY OR NIGHT TILL HE BRINGS PEACE ON EARTH IN JERUSALEM FIRST TO BRING CHANGE TO ALL NATIONSPray_for_our_nation_1_Amidst turmoils pray for the Lord God to REVEAL Himself in TRUE PEACE Shalom, healing, order, Reconciliation. Ask LORD God to put into place national and local authorities who love GOD, Seek His wisdom, to stand with Israel, GOD’S JERUSALEM PROTECTION IN JESUS NAME. So Pray for healing, protection for Jews from anti-Semitism around the world. Essential to pray daily regarding all the recent chaos, unrest, turmoils unsettling state of world in various regions. Pray God Stabilize PROTECTION for nations facilitating spreading of the Good News Yeshua. Pray for FAVOUR OF GOD upon leaders, Blessings upon all TRUE Friends of Israel, Jewish people. For God TO CHANGE HEARTS regarding Spreading of True Peace in all nations in the hearts of leaders all over nations in the world.slide_24Ask the Lord God’s PROTECTION, PEACE and SALVATION of Nation of Israel, Jews around the world. God says according to Psalm 122:6, ALL PEOPLE MUST stand in watchful prayer on BEHALF of Jerusalem to be established for PRAISE in the earth in Isaiah 62! God Says PEACE IN ISRAEL is Directly Connected to PEACE in world. Events unravelling in world today are all from Bible Ordained by God because of sin rebellion. God had enough, moving, shaking, changing, restoring life to HIS ORIGINAL STANDARD. OPEN EYES WIDE AWAKE TO RECOGNISE things get worse in the Great Tribulation than the current circumstances. PRAY DAILY GOD MAKES A TREMENDOUS CHANGE TODAY!!! CONTINUE TO PRAY TO GOD TO BRING CHANGES SO THINGS HAPPEN IN JESUS NAME SO TRUE PEACE HAPPENS QUICKLY ON EARTH.hqdefault (1)LORD, the nations are Yours, and as such, we seek You for Your GODLY Order to Prevail; for human life to be valued; for the Good News of Yeshua to spread and bear much fruit. We pray for all workers to go out into Your fields ripe for harvest. We intercede for all those on all various outreaches mentioned for safety, boldness and effectiveness in being used by YOU GOD to reach, bless all in JESUS Name! All GLORY, Honour, Praise and Adoration Thanks to You! In Yeshua’s NAME, AMEN.



  • Lord, many nations like our own have been experiencing division and strife due to “warring factions.” We ask that You would bring healing. Tear down any idols or systems that we have put in place that are not of You. Help us to build up godly order and unity, first and foremost among ourselves, Your Body, and then throughout our nations (Ecclesiastes 3:3).
  • Cause us—as well as our leaders—to see You as Most High, to honor and glorify You, and to recognize that You have ultimate dominion and authority. Help us to truly believe that the government belongs on Your shoulders. You set leaders in place and remove them from office, and You are able to direct our ruling authorities’ hearts and minds according to Your will (Daniel 4:34; Isaiah 9:6; Daniel 2:21; Proverbs 21:1).
  • Cause our leaders to humble themselves before You and commit their way to you. As they trust in You, may their hearts be still, recognize You as God, and exalt You among the nations (James 4:10; Psalm 37:5; Psalm 46:10).
  • Draw the leaders of the world near to You. Reveal Yourself to them, each one. May they become Believers and trust in You with all their hearts, not leaning on their own understanding. As Your sheep, help them listen for and heed Your Voice of guidance in every situation (James 4:8; Proverbs 3:5-6; John 10:27).
  • May our leaders be righteous, fear You, and love truth. Help them lead the nations, regions, and people You have placed them over with integrity of heart and the skill required for their role (Proverbs 29:2; Exodus 18:21; Psalm 78:72).

Lord, remind us as Your people to pray for our top leaders and all those in authority, so we can live peacefully, and so that people can hear the Good News, be saved, and know truth! We pray for them, but our hope is in You! Thank You that You are our anchor in times like these (I Timothy 2:1-4; Psalm 62:5, Hebrews 6:19).

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