new_improved_map_of_the_brainBrain shows the latest cerebral cortex as Neuroscientist’s revealed map labelling of brain cerebral cortex in 80 different sections in each hemisphere. Scientific new paper recently released in Nature by the researchers released a brand new updated map of the brain, including 100 new regions in each hemisphere. Created new map researchers by combining the 3 different imaging techniques as well as a machine learning system. The different colours represent the sensory input area connected to: Red for hearing, green for touch, blue for vision, 2 senses overlap mixed colours displayed. The nourished mind is relaxed, calm at peace. Obese or overweight in middle ages make people’s brains 10 years older than those of their leaner counterparts, a new research has revealed. Published Thursday, 5 August, the journal Neurobiology of Aging, found changes in brain structure of overweight people which are normally seen in those far older. Scanning brains of 473 people aged between 20 and 87 dividing them in lean or overweight categories, scientists discovered extra weight accelerated the loss of the brain’s white matter.

1b4d99cf80044f8e6b13ea77841ad723.jpgThe volume of white matter, a tissue of brain to transmit information between different parts, naturally decreased as people get older. Scientists calculated white matter volume as related to age across 2 groups. They found overweight 50-year-old has comparable white matter volume to a slim 60-year-old person. The overall message is brains appears to be 10 years older if you are overweight or obese,” said Lisa Ronan, lead author of the study from Cambridge University. So according to study, difference of white matter volume only found from middle age onwards, suggesting human brains might be particularly vulnerable during period of aging. “Clearly, this must be a starting point for us to explore in more depth effects of weight, diet and exercise on brain and memory,” said co-author Sadaf Farooqi, professor from Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Institute of Metabolic Science at Cambridge. There is need to pay more detailed attention to Quality of food and the nutrients going into the body. Do not chose taste of the favourite food contents full of sugar, salt and fats about wholesome nutrition that ensures your body does not gain excess weight from hidden ingredients gulped by you. Cook simple vegetables meals so affordable and healthier than junk food.

IMG_20160724_012618God Says Meditate on His Words Day and Night by reading the Bible and Studying, daily reflecting and applying the lessons personally to own life. Meditation seen as a new-age hippy practice is an ancient practice of dwelling in Presence of God Waiting on God. By claming sitting down consistently, resting, clearing the head of stress and praying to God and body gains tremendously. New research show pretty incredible benefits as key areas of brain washed in beneficial neurotransmitters, can actually grow larger, more resilient to defy aging. Learn the simple practice key to sharp memory, better focus and improved cognitive function. In addition eat lots of servings of fruits, vegetables to help digestion matters Whether, a veggie fan or love your green, breakthrough in nutrient science shows the concentrated antioxidant or natural anti-inflammatory properties of serving fruits vegetables in simple bite sizes that is in small portable portions as solutions to help boost your energy to shed toxins. So combine brain cortex nourishing with a soul food intake daily for wholistic care of your mind and body and Spirit. Exercise daily if suitable for your body type and do not comfort eat but seek help, support by talking to others issues weighing heavily on your mind and consequently on your body.


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