Imagine you are given instantly a free full trip package an all inclusive ticket on the largest cruiseship in the world. You accept the offer and get on board and marvel at the beauty of this ship. So Life is like living on a cruiseship to enjoy summer sunshine seaside resort. Full of life, good times lots of beautiful things to enjoy fully paid for freely to you. All you have to do is accept given gift and enjoy yourself. With sufficient team of well trained experts assured to trust and put lives in their hands as all is well. It makes tremendous difference to impact on how we feel on cruiseship. So much spoilt for choice of options to enjoy one has to determine direction to go. Good success depends on decisions made on cruiseship. So positive stories entail alertness to choose the preferred activities as the available information provided by the generous sponsors. So life literary depends on following all the safety intructions provided in small print is well read. To thoroughly notice adverts and advice on the trip serves its purpose if complied with to have some well deserved funtime after hardwork. Current life circumstance on the whole means sailing ship lifestyles take many directions. Some cruiseships may take longer than others like those with the lifetime career at sea. The ship well is stocked and loaded with all amenities of everyday living ensures an adequate supply of things needed for a journey of a lifetime lasting beyond the duration of trip. Further orders delivered on the journey if necessary. Similarly life is refreshed and regularly restocked so everything pertaining to life provided.04Every form of entertainment possible to celebrate life on luxury trip. So God Makes available in Jesus the Free trip to enjoy to have a more abundant more abundantly. This blessing of God and inheritance makes rich without sorrow wealth transfer to His Children. For use to bless and enrich others too. So God’s Blessings overflow to all people. So All need Rescue from sinking in world ship of titanic proportions to be saved like Noah’s Ark. As it was in Noah’s Days God is inviting mankind to prepare to get on board for salvation in Christ. So Wise Noah’s family accepted invitation so all people God’s Gives Free Offer to come aboard. Accept invitation, choose life rely on God not reach back to own strength imagination without relying on God. In Story of Noah God reminds mankind of to escape wrath of God as whole family of Noah survived tragedy. During time of dark stormy seas of life ocean rising God saved Noah’s family so saved you. Enjoy fellowship friendly company of people. Holy Spirit Guides brings to remembrance word of God and so gives comfort. Enough lifeboat to save all people on board. Trall God’s Word to saves from heading in bottom of ocean gasping for air. Jesus Christ Rescues teamship Comes in all vicinity delivers restores life. Safety measures taken in advance ensure all is perfect according to plan. Enough medical team staff run department smoothly. Safety measures protect and ensure lessons learnt from past error of life circumstances to avoid mistakes. An excellent proper planning literary saves lives a life saving lifeboat in advance to be safe than sorry. One sad story was those after checking in retreat into cabinroom took quick nap to rest. Slept late into evening missed usual dinner time for gourmet buffet meals freely provided. Unaware free meals without checking with anyone on ship thought meals were sold separately from ticket so starved. After some time plucks the courage to ask for crumbs or leftovers only told was all inclusive. So realise real life is Cruiseship with God at helm and Copilot Jesus gives free tickets for salvation up to people to accept offer of invitation others received.2016052508450597216.jpgSome do not know the full inheritance in Christ Jesus so need to discover God Provides a Guaranteed Eternal SAFETY in God’s PRESENCE possible outcome. Lifeboats available to guard against an eventful unforseen situation. Enough space and luxurious rooms to indulge. Bigger at 124ft longer than Eiffel Tower so tall new Harmony Of Seas largest cruise ship ever to set sail. Is so vast, houses scaled down as the version of New York Central Park complete  with 10,587 plants 52 trees up to 50feet tall. Across 18 decks, ship, cost over £800 million to build and 16 restaurants, cafes, boutique shopping. Harmony Of The Seas has state of art 1,380-seat theatre guests musicals like Grease. Is a true leviathan of the seas weighing in at 227,000 tons and 124ft longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall. New Harmony Of The Seas is among largest cruise ship ship to set sail. This awesome vessel set out on its maiden trial voyage. An astonishing feat of engineering built Harmony Of The Seas was pulled slowly out of Saint-Nazaire in France where she was built. Has 3 pilots on board specially trained on computer simulators to guide her through difficult manoeuvres needed to exit estuary. This Gigantic proportion ship is controlled by a small rudder as is described in James 3:4, It takes strong winds to move a large sailing ship but the captain uses only a small rudder to make turn to steer, control, guides that big ship, making it go wherever the pilot wants. In case one steering mechanism controlling ship’s rudder fails safety measure include helmsman looking out. On larger vessels there is a separate officers of the watch responsible for safe navigation of ship and gives orders to the helmsman. In merchant marine officer or harbour pilot relies upon helmsman to flawlessly steer with commands to avoid error. Jesus Has Helmsman Holy Spirit sent to help use a Living Word in mouth to conquer storms of life. Isaiah 33:21, says The MAJESTIC One the LORD God, will be for us A place of rivers and wide canals On which no boat with oars will go, And on which no mighty ship will pass. In New Jerusalem, God ALMIGHTY is OWN SHIP. HIS people are SAFE IN HIM so no other ship needed in Eternal Heavenly Kingdom of God.


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