Ancient-of-Days-for-blog-post.jpgGOD’S GOVERNMENT IS ALMOST HERE to give you PERFECT JOY and PEACEFUL life you always dreamt of. Mortgage free lavish homes with all loved ones by your side. Excellent facilities in beautiful safe location you desire owned by you. Grand Design Homes already built by God Best Architect using Best Quality building materials for you. So you will no longer be homeless, starving unsure about life. Above all, your house is Absolutely Free to you instantly paid for by your loving Father God Calling you to come and collect Keys to your home. It is waiting for you, fully furnished so do not ignore God anymore. Ultimate Good News is Jesus is Coming to CHANGE LIFE here on earth. Things you daydreamed of soon become reality right before your eyes. Jesus said as things get worse He WILL COME to Rescue Deliver FOCUS ON JESUS not evil things. GOD’S ULTIMATE GOVERNMENT RESTORED TO ALL WHO BELIEVE RECEIVE WEALTH TRANSFER FROM GOD IN CHRIST JESUS. TRUE GENUINE WORSHIP COMING not imposters sitting on GOD’S THRONE. So RESTORES GOD’S UNIVERSAL LOVE to all who obey God to stop human slavery punishment for sin. Prophet Samuel pleaded with God on behalf of Israel not to be ruled by man in the place of God as they asked for. God warned them of how cruel, wicked and vicious man’s rule is. Yet they preferred man’s humancracy so rejected GOD’S DIRECF rule of mankind. God warned them universal love will be scrapped replaced by economic slavery. Stubborn and rebellious humanism was born since then so world turned crazy. writing
Like prodigal son mankind recognises their mistake of rejecting God so change to return to God as Jesus died for all sins. Pray like Prophet Samuel and talk to God Directly to Plead God’s FORGIVENESS,, COMPASSION, MERCY TO RESTORE HIS UNIVERSAL LOVE on Earth. Pray so God FORGIVES mankind’s request to scrap God’s Universal Love replaced by hatred and wars over territories. It is people’s actions rejecting God that destroyed God’s Ultimate Goverment direct interaction with mankind. Injustice and confusion is the result of abandoning God. Psalm 83:3-4 says God Will Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain right of afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak or needy Deliver from hand of the wicked.” God said HE did not hear prayers in past by Anger people Forced God to do exactly as people chose even if it meant going into slavery. People rejected God Creator Maker of Heaven and Earth naively told God to ABDICATE AS KING so chose man instead as king. This caused chaos in world because people prefer manmade rules to do own thing. God told Samuel to tell them result of demand will be UNREPAIRABLE CONSEQUENCES. God warned of bondage in ancient times yet world fell under power of evil sin. God THEOCRATIC RULE was ended by man. 
As God punished God Adam and Eve and drove them personally from a first world Garden Eden again God’s Wrath Directly Punishes the world for rebellion against Him. Let no one deceive you God is TOO GOOD, TOO KIND to destroy the world it is being destroyed so wake up. Although God had Direct Physical Contact 44 times with people God Stopped Appearing due to MAN’S rejection of God. So Let no one man try to deceive you God is Invisible or never SEEN. God APPOINTS HIS CHOSEN leaders Ordained Spokesperson on HIS BEHALF to deliver HIS MESSAGES, HIS Instructions to HIS people. In the past HIS people saw the king of Ammonites fighting against so told God, ‘Now a king shall reign over us though LORD God was THE KING over them, 1 Samuel 8. Sadly, a spirit of strife questions The LORD God’s Appointed Leadership by their rebellious spirit. People thought grass was greener watching heathen nations to ask for own king too. Definitely not good idea to base choice on enemy for king as role model.
Their chosen role model was already at war with them so decision was contrary to God. Samuel felt rejected as leader so took matter to God in prayer. God told Samuel to go ahead and give nation their own king. But, this decision has serious ramifications for all nations and impacts the whole world today since wilderness days. God displeased with request grants demand to Gratify IN WRATH teaching them the hardest lesson ever in Living HISTORY. Biggest mistake made by man so continues consequences here on earth yet still God LOVES and supplies all their needs. God’s Glory is not dependent on mankind serving own purpose. Samuel tried to explain the results of the actions in advance to bring them to their senses in vain. Samuel dissapointed, concerned frustrated follows God’s Instructions to proceed to select king stating terms and conditions outlining stressful painful consequences of asking for king, follows:
God Said, “This is what the king will do reigning over you will claim as his rights: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. He will assign you to be the commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, so others to plow his ground and reap his harvest. Some make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks and bakers. He will take the best of the fields and vineyards, olive groves and give them go His servants. He will take a tenth of your seed and of your vineyards to give to officers and to his male and female servants, the best of your cattle and donkeys he will take for his own use. Will take a tenth of your flocks and you yourselves will be his slaves. And when that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you chose, but the LORD will not answer you that day. But the people refused to listen to Samuel so said “No!” “We want a king over us. We will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles.”Samuel heard all the people said, he repeated it before the LORD. The LORD God Answered, Listen to them and give them a king. Samuel said to Israelites “Go back to your own town so based on people’s foolish ideas, opinions they agreed to displace God.
God gave them judges and prophets but continuously rebelled so God AGREES to gives people a democratic rule of people by the people. Relegating God placing human beings preferred above God. The Word of God removed so separated from God doing own thing rejecting Absolute Authority Source God. Depends on many contradictory opinions, secular ideas all because mankind chose to reject God. It is enlightenment used to explore various philosopher debates to choose and form own manmade leadership. The nations behaving like prodigal son consequences coming to realisation of effects on world today. The chaos and confusion is part of God’s Wrath so people must accept God or His Appointed Leaders to follow His Commands to Obey God. This is a cause of the conflict in the world because man had audacity to God’s Direct Leadership.400PiusX For thousands of years mankind asked God to leave home naive, ill experienced unaware of full implication or meaning of their choice. Father God’s Loving Arms Still Waiting With Widely Opened Arms for all nation’s to Return Home to God. Jesus Comes back to Save Rescue so better be prepared than sorry. This can happen any day, any time, any hour, any year as 3000years passed since prophecy when Jesus Said this generation will not taste death before Son of Man COMES TO TAKE HIS KINGDOM. All who laugh now, mock, scorn due to delay by God’s Mercy to graft in Gentiles run to God before it is too late. Jesus Comes Back many times Seen by many as He grieves for problems of evil on earth. Jesus ALREADY Waiting as God grants Favour to all repent before it is too late. It is necessary to ensure you and household SAVED Ready for Christ WHENEVER God decides. God is Merciful so time of Gentiles comes to a close then Israel will be saved first and all nations.  
The greatest lesson Sign in Living History to learn here is that after God answered their request for a king by appointing Saul the people now questioned Saul’s fitness for job. As saying goes if they do it with you they do it to you same rebellious spirit of strive does not Fear God has no fear of man. So in 1 Samuel 11:14–12:22, people turned against Saul querying his fitness for purpose as king. If God HIMSELF is not GOOD ENOUGH for people how can mere mortals lead them satisfactorily. In doing so, people questioned authority of Saul. Prophet Samuel after request to God demanding a king felt rejected too. Samuel defended his authority saying, here I stand. Testify against me in the presence of the LORD and His anointed. Whose ox did I take?  Whose donkey did I take?  Who did I cheat?  Who did I oppress? From whose hands did I accept bribe to make me shut my eyes to evil? The people said none. Moses defends his conduct honourable as leader, saying to God in the presence of accusers, “I did not take so much as a donkey from them or wronged anyone of them in Numbers 16:15 in Bible. So sadly because of people Moses never made it Canaan promised land. Do not allow fear of people cause you to lose HEAVEN.
 When the people admit Samuel never defrauded them, Samuel outlines how God Faithfully Delivered them from all their enemies without help of any king. Samuel then provides a sign of his power authority, confirming the choice of Saul as king is ordained by God.  That sign is unseasonable rain during the dry season. “Is it not wheat harvest today?  I will call upon the LORD God, to send thunder and rain. And you shall know and see your wickedness is great, in the Sight of God king asking for yourselves a king in 1 Samuel 12:17. God Confirmed His Displeasure with the people by sending thunder and rain on a joyous feast day. When the people repent and ask Samuel to pray, he tells them how to avoid God’s wrath: “Fear the LORD God and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. REMEMBER Consider what Great things God Does for you. If you still do wickedly you will be swept away with your king 1 Samuel 12:24–25. This is why all nations of earth as part of Israel daily experience traumatic events in world as news announces changes God is bringing on earth warning people to repent to get ready for Jesus Coming. God asks people to join Israel as made up of all nations on earth to become part of New Jerusalem Kingdom of God Soon. God’s Government is at hand near you even at the door. So God wants people to clearly know choice made to understand destination chosen to join God in heaven in RAPTURE or by being left behind on earth to go through great tribulation unravelling before all in seen senseless unruly behaviour chaotic lawlesslesness in the world. Remember choice is yours so be prepared, NOBODY DAY HOUR TIME ONLY GOD DECIDES!!! 

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