antiCHRIST revealed

4db92da6c42939b2b0359c5d2a39986863228d49949bb247d7600924b95a7f22_large Jesus Revealed antiChrists in Bible in His Days already at work against God and so continues working against Christ, God’s Ambassador for God’s Salvation Plan for mankind. Jesus said anyone ‘not for Him is against Him.’ As anti means against so all against Christ are antiChrists. 1 John 4:2 in Bible says to ACCEPT or recognise Jesus Messiah is through Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God guides and directs all who acknowledge Jesus Christ has COME in the FLESH from God. 2 John 1:7 says that the deceivers in the world do not CONFESS Jesus Christ has Come in the FLESH so are deceivers and antiChrist. 2 Peter 3:18 says the untaught and unstable twist God’s Words in Bible to their own destruction as they do to the Messiah Jesus Who bought them with His Priceless Blood. So deny the Spirit of Christ in them by rejecting the TESTIMONY from doctrine of Christ. Think about this; Matthew 15:14 reads: “Let blind leaders of all blind deceive themselves as the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch.”God let them be deluded so Son of God Yeshua MESSIAH Jesus Our Saviour Said the arrogant antiChrist is revealed first before Rapture to heaven and the Second Coming of Christ! The antiChrist spirit is one of the plainest signs of Endtime Last days. The antiChrist tries to fight God by evil, blasphemous words, false disingenuous arguments used to misrepresent Messiah to plant seeds of doubt, sceptism, unbelief against Jesus YESHUA. Deceive naive people to perish because of lack of knowledge of the word of God. Believers Trust God so Bible in Philippians 4:6-7 says do not be anxious about anything, in everything by prayer and supplication, thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the PEACE OF GOD, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Believers in Christ are to rejoice for Jesus is about to COME for them in Rapture as things get worse. Jesus Warns about antiChrist working in different ways using people at times unaware of being used unless discerning or taught about antiChrist manipulation by deception. Jesus said it is likely people alive may see antiChrist revealed but surprised at his identity. images.jpgPastors, ministers, priests and prophets speak of antiChrist Jesus talked about in Bible including interesting teachings of Apostle Paul on antiChrist now revealed  before Church Rapture. Christology, eschatology antiChrist endtime theology in general reveals clues of antiChrist. In particular the antichrist is the worst of all evil spirits revealed to alert people to repent to change to return to One True Living God in Jesus Name. The antiChrist operates in many forms using deception due to spiritual blindness. The antiChrist in Revelation dominates world by great economic power. His financial control culminates in the mark of the beast 666 without which there will be no buying and selling. Global trade deals align with total control using microchips to rule. So according to Jesus antiChrist is angel of light in form of religious piety forming alliances which seem peaceful at first or harmless. After 6 years changes tactics so many are shocked when he breaks the peaceful deals to turn against God. The antiChrist defies One True GOD instead claiming to replace God for worship in place of God in Temple in Jerusalem. And challenges God’s Authority denying God is the One True GOD and HIS Son Jesus.1John2v22So sets about his own perveted religion to deceive lure to seduce those unaware of his strategies. Knowing The One True Living God Opens Eyes to discern, know, recognise antiChrist actions through the Holy Spirit. Actions speak louder than words Bible says by their fruits you will know them. They say one thing and do another so their actions not congruent in line with God’s Commands as One True God. The Bible calls them falls prophets who work against God, Jesus, His Chosen people opposes and deceives people that Jesus is not the TRUE MESSIAH or the Son of GOD. This is antiChrist according to Bible spirit.  Jesus Said the antiChrist forms evil alliances by using evil sinister methods and strategies to lure to recruit many individuals to hell. The Bible in Matthew 24 says the remnant can be deceived or the elect chosen of God fooled if not discerning. Jesus Said, watch and pray for the evil days to be shortened. Economic hardships caused by greed lead many to despair, angry, lost, seeking economic relief. Many look up to man for answers rather than put their hope or confidence in God. Their very source of destruction is trusted more than God. So believe in the policies that dupe them more than Bible as a source of wisdom to help mankind.  Read Bible for strength.maxresdefault (4).jpgIt starts with friendly peaceful approach of the naive vulnerable people ignorant of Word of God. So recruits brainwashes includes different people using sublime subtle bait antiChrist action regressing to blatant debauchery violence. So Jesus said devil controls some religions, some people or some kings and some queens and cults and fraternity sect groups. The antiChrist controls world trade resources deliberately creating food shortages by schemes causing hardships, famines and death of some people. The antiChrist is a lover of money more than Lover of God so targets God’s Resources to enrich the people who follow him. The antiChrist uses money to give followers false sense of security and false power. Uses greed for money to recruit people knowing they will not take wealth anywhere in afterlife. In endtime antiChrist forces some people to submit to him through buying or selling mark of beast on the forehead if person has no hand. The WORD of God in the mind and work of the hands is targeted for total control to stump out competitors. Those without money God provides. Those busy buying and selling, rich, marrying and getting married who ignore the Lamb of God Jesus, He Suddenly within twinkle of an eye Appear in RAPTURE to save remnant but leaves behind His rejectors in great tribulation. The number 666 of the beast MANIFESTS in different forms as the Bible in Revelation 13 and Daniel 6-7 shows. It is not a single antiChrist mark proof but all the different spirits behind all antiChrists emanating from the beast culminate to collaborate antiChrist rule. 341.jpgUses trade control of all world resources by number of man to 666 to attack God’s Children to deprive them to make God look like uncaring Father. The first beast is a worldly power the second persecutes by assumed power, disguised by religion, charity to the souls of men. It is spiritual dominion, professing to be derived from Christ, and exercised at first in a gentle manner but speaks like a dragon or lion. Speech gives false doctrines and cruel decrees, which show it to belongs to the dragon, and not to the Lamb. It exercises all power of the former beast. It pursues designs to draw men from worshipping the TRUE God to subject souls of men to the will and control of men. The second beast carries deceiving men to worship former beast in a new shape, or likeness made for it. By lying wonders, pretend miracles and severe censures. Also by allowing none to enjoy natural or civil rights controls worship of image of the pagan beast. It is made a condition for buying and selling, for places of profit and trust, oblige themselves to use all interest, power, endeavour, to forward dominion of the beast, which is meant by receiving his mark. To make an image to the beast, whose deadly wound was healed, would be to give form and power to his worship, or to require obedience to his commands. To worship the image of the beast, implies being subject to those things which stamp the character of the beast. The number of the beast is given to show the infinite wisdom of God, and to exercise wisdom of men. The number of man computed is 666. What or who is intended mystery is the religious dispute as this number implies. Those who have wisdom and understanding will see all enemies of God numbered and marked out for destruction. Their term of their power will soon expire, and all nations shall submit to our KING OF Kings of righteousness and PEACE. The people who naively blaspheme and curse God, refuse to believe, trust, love or Love God. The antiChrist manipulates to brainwash them not to TRUST the LIVING God.maxresdefault-1 Inadvertently the antiChrist causes them fall to sin against God to become part of God’s Wrath and end up in hell. The deception misleads some to fall to follow devil, satan’s spirit of antiChrist. Thrown out heaven for his arrogant proud rebellion against God has deceived some of God’s angels working in the world as antiChrist. The same evil spirit is working in the world influencing people’s thinking, ideas, wrong actions. The antichrist appearance clues are clear in current and impending future because as soon as Chosen people of God want to Rebuild and Restore Worship of One True God YAHWEH he flips and goes berserk. Removing of the desolation sacrilege in God’s Holy Temple causes antiChrist to rally all the antichrists together to form an army to try to fight God from taking back HIS TEMPLE for TRUE WORSHIP in Spirit and in Truth. This is Armageddon battle of CALVARY VERSUS cavalry. Once and for all during great tribulation GOD destroys all these armies and takes back HIS OWN TEMPLE, LAND, HIS PEOPLE HIS WORLDLY GOODS RESOURCES, ALL THE PEOPLE LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN INFINITY PERFECT PEACE, LOVE, JOY.iNO MORE sorrow grief misery, suffering, poverty, lack because as world changed the lion, serpent, tiger, play safely with children not hurt or devoured by them. Death is no more as world is RESTORED to PERFECTION, PEACE, JOY LAUGHTER ABUNDANCE OF GREEN PARADISE OF BEST QUALITY LOVE FOR ALL PEOPLE, GOOD FOOD, BEST QUALITY LIFESTYLE. NO MORE decay, rust, just lush bright green ENVIRONMENT WITH FRESH AIR. And GOD COMES DOWN TO DWELL ON EARTH IN NEW JERUSALEM BECAUSE THE EARTH IS RESTORED TO MOST PERFECT HOLY STANDARD WORTHY OF GOD PRESENCE TO DESCEND TO LIVE WITH ALL HIS CHILDREN RETURNING FROM HEAVEN. GOD, JESUS, SAINTS ALL COME BACK TO EARTH ON ALIYAH TO LIVE FOREVER!!! Calvary Cross Jesus instantly gives freedom from bondage of sin redeeming us with His ULTIMATE PRECIOUS BLOOD SACRIFICE. Imagine being set free at liberty from wrath of God. Some people think they can fight God themselves by cavalry to prove to mankind they are brave warriors. They think accepting Jesus is too good to be true without fighting their own battle. Uses bloodthirsty efforts to prove their prowess but without God’s Salvation.reflectionsGod Opens eyes to discern and recognise antiChrist actions through Holy Spirit. Actions speak louder than words and so by their fruits you will know them. In Matthew 5:44-47, Bible says, Love your enemies pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father who is in heaven. For HE makes HIS Sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and unjust. So if you love those who love you, only what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what do you gain by hating others? Do not Gentiles love too and even do the same? Focus on God and get ready for the RAPTURE SALVATION COMING SOON WHEN GOD DECIDES EXACT DAY ONLY KNOWN TO GOD. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE SO NO MAN CAN COME TO GOD WITHOUT MESSIAH JESUS. SO GOD’S WORDS WILL NOT PASS AWAY. IF EVEN ALL THINGS PASS AWAY GOD’S WORDS STAND ABOVE ALL other words, ideas, opinions ACCORDING TO WORD OF GOD, COMES TO PASS SO GOD DOES EXACTLY ACCORDING AS JESUS TOLD US. NO ONE CAN FIGHT GOD AND WIN SO CALVARY DEFEATS cavalry. Do not focus on any exact date just live right in readiness for God Coming Soon. One day to God can be 1000 years or vice versa as GOD PLEASES JESUS WILL COME SOON. Accept Jesus as PERSONAL SAVIOUR and belong to God YAHWEH with your name written in GOD’S BOOK OF LIFE.

13 thoughts on “antiCHRIST revealed

  1. So people have NO EXCUSE to say they never heard Jesus say take care of the sick among you, feed all, share the good news for all to be saved. God will judge people on how they used HIS SILVER, GOLD AND ALL HIS EARTHLY RESOURCES fairly for all as JEHOVAH YAHWEH JIREH PROVIDE for all equally. God SUSTAINS even HIS enemies daily.

  2. Hai!


    Ummm i kinda need help but god told me not to ask until I have fed all the world so I’m working on it -_-

    Its hard stuff Im deathly sick so yeah continue ur great work and know I will reveal myself when the time for my acceptance is right.

    Help everyone who is doing good and be kind to everyone.

    Kindness will only summon me faster!

    I wanna tell you when I will be done because it will quell some anger but I fear god and his fanatism…

    Well you technically know when everyone will be accepted as equal that I will reinforce it!

    Let me help you ^_^


    • Jesus will only RETURN to settle on earth PERMANENTLY only when the Gospel has reached every nation as a TESTIMONY of witness against them so people have excuse they never heard the GOSPEL GOOD NEWS. Yes continuing to feed the poor and helping the least indeed please Jesus because it done into Him. Thank you and God bless you for your comments.

    • Yes Indeed THERE WILL BE PERFECT PEACE ON EARTH AS IT WAS IN THE BEGGINING WHEN GOD LOOKED AT EVERYTHING AND SAID IT WAS GOOD, VERY GOOD. Once satan and YAHWEH’S enemies are crushed under the FEET of JESUS CHRIST there will be no more chaos, confusion, death, destruction, mayhem, caused by satan the devil aka lucifer. There will be no more sorrow, pain or tears for all evil will pass away for TOTAL PERFECT HAPPINESS AND JOY AND EVERLASTING LOVE IN JESUS NAME.

    • Jesus was crucified on the Cross at Calvary in Jerusalem. He died and was buried 3 days so resurrected on the third day to defeat death forever to give ETERNAL LIFE INTO INFINITY to all who BELIEVE and RECEIVE GOD’S SALVATION PLAN for all mankind. Those in Christ become CHILDREN OF GOD no more mere creation gather more people for GOD’S KINGDOM to be established soon on earth. After Rapture and Jesus Second Coming, the New JERUSALEM will descend for JESUS to Reign as KING of Kings for 1000 years in Jerusalem.

      • Your comment is,”lets pay his taxes”
        In response Jesus Said pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and pay to God what belongs to YAHWEH. It is necessary to provide needs of society, to build schools, hospitals to pay staff who work hard. To generate social fund to provide income, salaries to take care of those unable to provide for themselves due to some unfortunate circumstances of life. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Jesus Said there are many anti-Christs since His days and even before His Birth as the Son of God. Anyone who rejects Jesus as PERSONAL Saviour has rejected GOD’S SALVATION PLAN for all mankind. Again Jesus Said, he who does not gather with Him is against Him. So what makes you feel you are one of the antiChrists?

    • All Children of God are members of GOD’S Family in the Kingdom of God so will live in eternity with God into infinity. Some family members may not seem to people as deserving GOD’S Grace and Mercy but all who believe and call in the name of God shall be saved. For God so loved the world that HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON YESHUA so all who belief in YAHWEH will not perish have eternal life into infinity. Thank you and God bless you.

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