God Speaks through HIS WORDS to you so you need to read your Bible to hear God’s VOICE. Feed your Spirit with Word of God to know God’s Plans for your life. The Bible in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says, All Scripture is Inspired by God, profitable to Know God Truth, reproof correction, instruction, training in righteousness to live right for God. Read Bible as dolphins need water to live according to Bible you need God’s Plan for great achievement. In this modern sophisticated high – tech world man needs GOD to live. A Godly lifestyle gives wisdom to protect you in God’s Kingdom now and forever part of heaven not spirit of error in world. Bible ANSWERS all the challenging questions, problems. God already Provides Instant answer found in Bible 2 Timothy 3:16-17 telling us. “All Scripture is given by God to inspire you. Scripture is God’s Manual to live Godly life DIY do it yourself to put your life together self- assembly manual giving instructions like items, products put together. Bible is profitable to gain accurate knowledge of doctrine of God to learn Godly Love Way to PLEASE God.matthew-4-4Bible is for reproof to correct mistakes to help avoid repeating the costly mistakes. The Bible is God’s Instruction Manual in righteousness so the man of God may be perfect, well equipped for all good work in God’s Service.” All believers in Christ must know the contents of their Bible. It is important to know key texts to feed or calm your soul. So you must understand the Bible is not afterthought but lifeline to sustain life to anchor you in God. The Holy Spirit Shines Light on some words to touch your spirit in a specific way. So keep at least relevant in memory and do speak them out loud so your Spirit hears it to build confidence in God. No matter your station in life, the most important book is your Bible above all books. Your very life depends on it and God will ask you questions one day about your life if your believe or not, does not make any difference to God. Make informed choice because ignorance is no excuse when it comes to God’s Standard Expectations.deuteronomy-8-3.pngThe first piece of information here gives reasons on passage of 2 Timothy 3:16-17 why Bible is indeed profitable or useful. The Bible is Greatest Asset you can own because it concerns matters of your life personally. Every area of your life is in the Bible to read yourself to gain wisdom on how to conduct your life for business. Every businessman wants to make profit so Bible makes your life profitable for a good success. The Bible is very useful for doctrine to know the Right Word of God to apply on every occasion. Seeking God First on your knees no matter how big the problem God is BIGGER. God teaches you not take actions by depending on a feeling, emotion, anger, revenge, fear or actions to destroy than Profit your life. God’s will for you is to live abundantly life to the full. God does not want you to shortchange your life for HE HAS PLANS for your life. You need to talk to God and listen to HIM Truthfully and Honestly to be True to yourself as God Said not man.Bible-Solid-FoodBible is reproof to correct you, guide you on instruction for righteous living.” Let us take each of these verse one carefully. The first thing Timothy 3:16-17 tells us is Bible is useful for teaching God’s Word or Doctrine. This is important to God so people follow His GOD TEACHING from the Bible not opinions of society as sole source of information. Teaching God’s Word applies Godly wisdom, Holy Spirit Guidance in Bible not man-made ideas, exclusively or family, school etc. There is no problem with any of these sources if they teach what Bible teaches. Often, in such cases the teaching received through these sources, though may be religious is sincerely wrong not in AGREEMENT with Teaching God Gives Directly in the Bible. The Bible is used by God for teaching us the subject of His Salvation Plan for life. Answers to all areas of life in Bible topics clearly written taught by Holy Spirit to guide, lead into all truth of God.89256d337acb23f6da4eca5c14f311b7.jpgBible is Holy Sacred Book so must read with respect and reverence for God not reading with doubtful skeptical querying mind to look for error evidence to justify unbelief. Children of God or man of God must be competent to study Bible to gain accurate knowledge equipped for every good work in Christ in God. Bible tells us all to study to show ourselves Approved unto God, rightly dividing word of God as workman who need not be ashamed due to ignorance. God says, MY people perish are destroyed due to lack of knowledge not studying Bible reading everyday to update mind to feed Spirit on soul food. As natural good quality nutrition feeds and sustains the physical body so it is essential to eat soul food to anchor spirit in Christ in God. Knowing word of God builds confidence and trust in God to rely on God to provide so care for your needs. God made you so Knows you more than you think you know yourself. This is why it is necessary to Seek God personally to give you Wisdom to make wise decisions.IMG_20160709_104531.jpgMost people think they are not trained or qualified to read or understand Bible by their own effort. Others believe Bible is an exclusive private domain monopoly asset of pastors only. So depend on the only pastor to tell them everything about God. So expect ministers  do all reading, studying to come and teach them. Some ministers tell congregation not to study Bible because it will confuse them. Yet nowhere in Bible did God forbid people from knowing His Word. In fact God tells us the word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. God’s Word in our mouth, in our hearts and minds or in our hands is sharper than two-edged sword cutting through to the marrow. As all good soldiers wear protective shield to battle so Bible is God’s Armour cover for the body. A soldier on battlefield without armour shield is exposed to enemy. Put on God’s Divine Supernatural Armour to guide you to make wise choices provided to guide you for wiser decisions to please God First because you Love Jesus. There is need to look up to God more and more as the world changes rapidly man needs God more than ever. Follow God to help you build your life in line with all God’s Plans for your life to fulfil HIS  PURPOSE for your destiny in Christ in God daily.


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