Many people in the world are wondering what is really going everywhere you look all over the world the events taking place shows something is going on. But what is really the cause of these things beyond human control taking place? Are people aware of the reasons behind these many conflicts and injustices going on in the world? Everyone wants the quickest best resolution possible, but few have a full understanding of causes of these issues. Ironically all people on earth are affected one way or other matters unfold because all people personally connected to these events. The direct relationship between events that happened thousands of years ago continues to impact life today.whats_really_going_on_here_2_inch_round_button-r097ce49b1f48477eb4cd54683a84f609_x7efx_1024.jpgPeople want love, peace, joy, happiness, because most people care about loving neighbours. Many wonder why can’t all just get along with in peace to mind their own business to live and let us live. So many peace talks, negotiations, deals or dialogue, promises, have been made but hardly worth paper it is written on. At the same time pressure seems to mount as most people, despite these use best efforts to manage own lives reasonably well. Jobs being replaced by machines are harder to find despite numerous qualifications, expertise and training. The cost of living rises yet wages are not keeping up at the same rate so people in debt borrowing to keep up with basic necessities. Meanwhile tons of billions of perfect buried everyday causing famine. Jesus watches disgusted by what He Sees.


Global simultaneous disasters untold out of all proportions affecting almost every part of the world. It seems like the more people yearn for peace these challenges continue to mount. One hardly finishes dealing with previous issue as another is emerging. Life is preoccupied with work, cook, eat, sleep, solve a problem yourself or helping others. The question is this all life is about then what next afterwards? The reality is a picture picture emerges as one reflects deeply on these matters looking for solutions. One soon realises no matter the goodwill intentions things seem to elude mankind beyond an easy reach or grasp. This is time to dig deeper to discover the dormant latent issues or the underlying causes of these problems. Started in Garden of Eden still continues from conflict with God in the beggining.


The times sadly unfortunately are some of the things manifesting as part of the birthpangs tribulation geering towards great tribulation. God’s weapons are not carnal so are to pray to call upon God to SHORTEN THE EVIL DAYS BECAUSE GOD SAYS UNLESS ELECT REMNANT PEOPLE PRAY TO SHORTENS EVIL TIMES NO ONE WILL SURVIVE IN MATTHEW 24:22. For the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened or should no flesh will be saved but for the elect’s sake God Ssys the evil days shall be shortened. The continuous ruthless, relentless, senseless evil times combines natural disasters of fires, floods, earthquakes, tobado storms, volcanoes lightenings simultanously with wars point to the intense beginning of a growing birthpangs pains Jesus warned about in Matthew 24:24. Be alert for the answer is Call God to Shorten evil days. Give God NO REST NO PEACE TO SAVE!!!


The speed rate of all occurences causing disasters with all consequences globally affects mankind, property destroying the environment needs TO BE STOPPED BY God because No One will survive to God’s Government through Jesus Christ. So God SAYS, GIVE HIM NO REST DAY OR NIGHT UNTIL HE BRINGS TOTAL RESTORATION DELIVERANCE TO ALL LIVING ON THE EARTH IN JESUS NAME. All attempts by mankind clearly show incompetent plan compared to THE PERFECT WORLD GOD CREATED IN BEGINNING. This is because if underlying motives for all peace plans underguided by selfish desire for gaining control of oil resources, minerals plan is to dominate people. God is taking action to wrench resources from all those who continue to fight over GOD’S RESOURCE .


Deprived citizens of many country from own sovereign rule are burdened by the imposed dominant rulers. So do not put TRUST, CONFIDENCE in horses, chariots, causing destruction damage to earth in name of peace cause damage to people. And affects routed innocent women and children who PAY HEFTY PRICE because war mongers are enjoying profit gained from riches accrued by them. The people manipulated by fear divide and conquer causing hatred of peaceful neighbours. A fuel conflict to take control of resources under puppet imposed leaders. Humans become pawns used by greedy heartless   glutons craving more wealth and never content or satisfied with vastly owned all over the world.  For so many generations dominate, exploit others while mocking and humiliating by media propaganda.

maxresdefault (1)

Forgetting every person is God’s creation blessed human beings do exactly as they think without any due consideration or regard for priceless lives. God’s Perfect PEACE Plan Puts an end to these chaos and the destructions through Jesus Christ HIS SON. Spirit error of deluding people chases those dreams by wrong motives will be stopped by God ONCE and for all. This is the meaning of symbolic dream interpreted by Book of Daniel in Bible of a statue of gold, silver, bronze, clay and straw kingdoms on earth today. These kingdoms are being broken or reformed through alliances to fight jointly by each other’s intentions. Mayhem chaos and confusion cause friendly fires targetting self-destructions as God said in Bible in have an important throughout the Bible in Ezekiel 3:17, Acts 20:28-31.


The horror, injustice catastrophe attacks some killed by the friendly fire prevents the real enemy target the devil getting hit. Described in Bible to warn against cocky confidence in weapons of war than trust and obedience of God to live in peace. In Proverbs 11:2, when pride in scrap metal takes precedence over CONFIDENCE IN GOD, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. GOD DEFENDS ALL THOSE WHO PUT THEIR TRUST IN HIM. These world events are perilous times of tribulation warned about. The PERILOUS TIMES UNFOLDING BEFORE WORLD IS PART OF UNRAVELLING BIRTHPANGS, FINAL KICKINGS OF SPIRITUAL DYING HORSE THAT KNOWS HIS TIME IS UP CAUSING MAYHEM JESUS CALLED THE GREAT TRIBULATION STARTED FROM JESUS TIME SO CONTINUES UNTIL JESUS CONQUERS, OVERCOME ALL VICTORY.

Police attempt to subdue the crowds near the Bank of England, during the G20 protests in the centre of London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday April 1, 2009. See PA story POLITICS G20 Protest. Photo credit should read: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

THE SIMULTANEOUS EVENTS POINT TO FOCUSSING ON SHARING OF GOSPEL GOOD NEWS TO CHANGE THE HEARTS OF STONE INTO HEARTS OF FLESH FOR A KING’S HEART IS IN GOD’S HAND TO CHANGE IN JESUS NAME. God must Step in Condescending to intervene because  of the pace and rate at which events are happening. The amount of dialogue and human negotiations taking place by now are more than enough to bring change. It is these underlying causes of deep-seated conflict which started in Garden of Eden continuing. The solution lies at the heart of evry single individual human being to SEEK God Personally to Bring very Quick change to the whole world. So is not the time to blame governments, politicians or leaders. Roots of these global issues lie much deeper than thought. Important to know and remember these matters are clearly stipulated in the Bible to read for yourself. By all means your enjoy life and mind your own business but learn to ask God to FORGIVE all mankind to RESTORE God’s Rule Original Plan, Peace, JoyLove.




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