Self-control willpower requires habits of self- determination, self-drive, resolve, self-discipline, self-control. Willpower is defined as ability to delay gratification to resist short-term temptation to meet long-term goals. Is capacity to override unwanted thought, feeling, impulse. The ability to apply discernment and wisdom cognitive system of behaviour, emotions and decisions. It is a conscious effort to regulate self by informed choice. Trained to resist compulsive impulsive actions so restore healthy lifestyle. Self-control is willpower effort required by person who needs change willing, making necessary personal actions to win to enjoy success.if-the-results-of-your-habits-zero-dean-runningBe more confident in yourself if trying to lose weight, do not stuff freezer with ice cream. Tame urges by eliminating access to source. Similarly, if you try to avoid a social media block some sites altogether to conserve to willpower to avoid stress. If too much time spent on Facebook on a new tab, on Instagram, Twitter distracts work, do not it use at same time unless it is your job. The key to good productivity is manage to apply power of self-control to gain more willpower points for more energy making decisions. 2 things work well every time you resist a temptation: you gain more willpower points. Actively fight urge to eat junk food by not having it from shop in fridge in the first place. It is deliberate conscious decision by your own resistance efforts that ensures you remain in control so not overwhelmed.Eat-for-Your-Health1.jpgChoosing path of easier option means do not ever accept or tolerate to buy into or entertain object tempting in first place. Instead remove it from yout surrounding altogether. There is no point announcing intention to others and doing opposite to make you feel worse about yourself later. You have power to make good choices to stick to good habits and to organise your life better to be happy. So if you want to truly get in shape be more confident in yourself if trying to lose the weight, and do not stuff freezer with ice cream. Or any other favourite foods or the deserts that cause you to gain even more weight rather than lose weight. Tame urges by eliminating an access to source. Bear in mind most junk foods ingredients not clearly stated on the label. You could be eating or drinking so much more sugar than you realise in toothpaste, tomato canned, cornbeef, processed foods, beer among many. Sugar and salts are both preservatives combined with fatty foods cause cholesterol affecting your health.5186Y9HP50L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Similarly, if trying to avoid social media block some sites altogether to conserve willpower to avoid the stress caused. If too much time spent on Facebook on an opened new tab, on Instagram, Twitter, distracts your work then do not use it all at the same time unless that is your job. Self – control willpower helps overcome illicit things contrary to holiness or sins against God. Learn Great Joy in Pleasing God overule fleeting intense momentary sin by lust. A repressed forbidden sexual pleasure thrill seeking consequences of a moment of passion turns to a nightmare embarrassment. A private closet secret encounter advertised publicly by proof of the evidence of issue for life. Looking for affection in wrong place is self-defeatist exacerbating low self -esteem.Funny-Quotes-about-Willpower-10.jpgLearn to love yourself first then love so avoid making mistakes because if you do not love yourself why expect someone to you more?  If you do not value or respect yourself how can you demand a respect from others? When people watch you as you treat yourself badly they respond to you as they see. Some get vibes from you by your words so tame emotions as can cause wrong response. If people see you treat yourself right they respond to you accordingly. Of course everything in your life foes not mean its your fault because of your actions. Focus on loving yourself to enable you love others better. Design a successful environment to help make you feel better about yourself or others. Create an ambient atmosphere of love and caring support. Walk into your office every morning, prepared so have 3things already setup for work with a Laptop up and running at the start of the to-do list for the day on your phone or post it notes to remind yourself. Do not rely exclusively on your memory or mind alone for all activities planned to do. Use other work tools like Google Calendar, Google Docs and Photoshop if necessary, or related to  your work. Once already opened focus on specific task at hand before next one. Prepare in this way to save time spent to dawdle around waiting for laptop to load or figure out tasks to tackle for day. The design work environment with flowers to calm you if not allergic. Be up in a way to hit ground running instead of fighting distractions. Conserve willpower increase momentum focus on essential first priority each day. Reward yourself as you change and get support from your friends and family. Some may not fully know or understand value of self control willpower so do not be angry at them. Focus, better yourself impressed by your tenacity change too. 


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