74b7fddc71d471d7ff982e101a04b783Imagine instantly meeting Messiah Jesus Eternal Living Water Who Freely Gives a chance of lifetime transforming your life forever for good. MESSIAH YESHUA LIVING WATER Purifies us from guilty conscience, shame and destroys weight of sin from us. So let us Draw NEAR to FATHER GOD with SINCERE HEART FULL ASSURANCE by faith to have our HEART Sprinkled by Jesus to clean from guilty conscience our bodies washed with PURE WATER according to YAHWEH’S WORDS in Hebrews 10:22. JESUS  Washes us by the WORD of God so cleansed lives saved. On two occasions in Bible Jesus uses phrase Living Water in John chapter 4:10 as He sat at a well, His disciples had gone into town to buy food. A Samaritan woman came to draw water. Jesus asked her for a drink but the Samaritan woman was quite shocked as Jew and Samaritans did not get along. She had no idea Jesus is the Messiah so said how can Jesus ask her for water since He was a Jew. Living Water Jesus like River of Life in Heaven Flows to people to restore thirsty souls. Jesus came to save spiritually thirsty souls, Compassionate and Merciful to all. Straight to point He said, If you know Gift God Has for you from One who asks for drink, you will ask to give you Eternal Living Water so never thirst again. Jesus Supernaturally told her what happened in her life yet never met before. She was so moved by Testimony of Living Water Spiritually Quench thirst so restores life. Jesus as New Covenant fulfils old one. Jesus said old commandment required in past people to travel to mountain tops to worship annually. But Messiah Standing Right next to her Living Water saves all freely instantly so never thirst again. It is alertness required of seasoned soldiers of Christ to keep watch to drink from the River of Life like Gideon’s soldiers drank water standing. She instantly drinks the Living Water in Christ so shares with all. Yeshua drank water served by Samaritan ate with and talked to sinners and social outcasts like tax collectors, prostitutes, adulterers, beggars and lepers. He loved them enough so Share Kingdom of God and called them to repent in holiness. He did not, let sinful desires behaviour influence or deter His Holy Purpose. So Jesus did not allow outside influence to taint His Holy Calling. Likewise, should not allow strife or sin to taint our calling as royal children of Most High King. One woman’s repentance saved whole town. She made the word of God in her mouth a fountain of life according to Proverbs 10:11 shared with whole town invited to Jesus to drink the Living Water of Life.
the-living-water-barbara-evansLed by Christ she is fastest evangelist to immediately bring whole town to Jesus to drink the Living Water too and taste to see that the Lord is Good. She did not think if one takes a horse to the water may refuse to drink she continued to do her best to share word with those who shunned her as enemies. Samaritan woman received forgiveness impressed forgives all, fascinated left a small water pot to gain an overflowing Living Water, runs into town to share Gospel Good News. Of course, it is Testimony of Jesus that changes her life so instantly shares her testimony with all too. After she met Living Water Jesus, her life was changed, transformed from isolated outcast now used by God to bless whole town! She was saved, excited, happy, glowing with anointing of the Holy Spirit. She was so blessed she blessed whole town. God’s COMPASSIONATE MERCY removed her sins as far as East is from West repented in Jesus Name. God Says I shall Sprinkle PURE WATER upon you and you shall be Clean from all uncleanness and from all your idols will I Clean you. I WILL GIVE you a new heart and place within you a new spirit says Ezekiel 36:25–26. God FORGIVES  readily as we run to God by Grace in Jesus Name and the old spirit of enmity removed far away. She became a New Creation in Christ in God so streams of LIVING water Jesus shared with all. Her instantly received Living Water streams of Living Water flows out of her belly so meandering into dry, thristy people to water them. God cleans spots, blemishes until that BLESSED day she became so Perfect Spotless Bride for Groom Jesus. Streams-of-Living-Water.pngJesus said, “If anyone is thirsty come to drink and believe in Me from innermost being flows Godly Streams of the Living Water. Symbolically or metaphorically speaking water essential survival in life corresponding like Living Water to soul.
God Opens the Floodgates in abundance from River of Life in Heaven to pour HIS Rain on people. Latter Rain falls on God’s people around until they are all soaked and wet by latter rain. Showers of blessings fall as Mercy drops flowing as a stream of living water from one person to overflow refreshing people reached in turn to bless them too. A person can live without food for 40 days but cannot live 3days without water in healthy condition so water is crucial for survival to thrive. So direct connection between physical hydration sustaining life and the Spiritual Water from above refreshing replenishes soul. Jesus Christ the Living Water is Spiritual healthy hydration is free to you to drink. This second time in John 7:37-39 Jesus refers to Holy Spirit on last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in Jesus as Scripture said, rivers of Living Water will flow from within them. By this Jesus meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him later receive. At that time Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified. Jesus promised to send Holy Spirit on His Return to heaven. So here Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the Living Water. External influence of Holy Spirit is always given in the conversion and sanctification in Old Testament to saints and prophets and to save people.8aee91204d909804e59eb05a3d5f90aa
King David prayed to God not to take the Holy Spirit from him in Psalm 51. So the Spirit of God Dwells in God’s Children predestined from creation. The Spirit of Christ Dwells in believers who live, move have their being in Christ in God. God sent Holy Spirit as Another Comforter in addition to God’s Spirit is COMFORTER after Jesus goes back to heaven. Holy Spirit indwell believers who will receive Him on day of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-14 to date. So people believe Jesus is Living Water Washing as Word Of God Washes, so Sanctifies all who believe, repent and accept Christ Jesus. All Power, Authority in heaven and earth given Jesus save all.
Jesus used phrase to mean Word of God, Living Word in the beginning in John 1:1 Washing people by the Word to sanctify and give life. The Holy Spirit dwells in a believer so seals salvation in Ephesians 1:13-14. By ministry of Living Holy Spirit flows out of heart the redeemed by God a blessing to all the believers and through them. Jesus Light to the world sanctifies, Cleanses by Bathing Living Word, Living Water, Jesus Shares Gospel Good News to save Samaritan. Jesus preached inclusive Gospel to the non – Jew teaching them to honour and obey God. Jesus’ Principle of loving placed above a sectarian religious duty of worship. A Living Water changed life by personal salvation, first in Christ, in God. Through the Love of Christ to the Church by His Example of Sincere, Pure, Constant Flow through His believers like the conduit and tributary of many rivers overflowing pouring all over the world.blue_water_splash_world_map_shutterstockThe believer is not stagnant water but is an overflowing source notwithstanding their failures. As Christ gave Himself for the Church to Sanctify His Bride in this world to glorify her in the next, so Jesus Bestows on all His members principle of holiness, and delivers from guilt, shame, pollution, dominion of sin to share their testimony. Holy Spirit baptises with fire as Living Water washes innermost being outward man. Church believers cleansed from glory to glory till without any spot wrinkle in Glory. Those sanctified will be Glorified in heaven. Literally bathing in Spiritual sense all those hidden in Christ in God. New relationship union between Christ and Church resemble overcoming past failures and defects as new creation.46f395e4c7550b187753f8289a9208d7God is present in human nature, but the Living Water Washes and Holy Spirit Fire both together in relation to complement each other. Duties of believers include in unity and love with enemies as Jesus did by His Example with Samaritan woman. The good Samaritan also follows Jesus’ Example of kindness to other Samaritan. Believers are to adore, rejoice in the love love of Christ like husbands and wives love each learn duties to each other. So the New Covenant Living Water Washes overflowing like a river to reach all in the world. The worst evils will be prevented, painful effect avoided when Living Water Washes heart, mind walks in forgiveness rescued so not sink. Christ rescued Peter distracted looking at his friends walking on water so best keep eyes on Jesus. 
Matthew 8:3 shows God’s Word works miracles cleansing, by washing of word actively in Ephesians 5:26. God does not work apart from Living Word Jesus and Living Water Holy Spirit. Before creation of the world to the present, Has place in God’s Word as His work is essential: “In the beginning was the Word Jesus Who came into the world from God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, so  without Him nothing was made that was made in John 1:1-3. In addition, the phrase “God said” is found 10 times in the creation account in Genesis 1. So Bible is God’s Written Word from Father in the Word Jesus, Spokesman inspiring and revealing mystery of God to refresh. Christian Churches need to understand Scripture still relevant to share globally. Spiritual Living Water from God Gives Authority to teach His doctrines to all. The True Church must do work for God, to establish and build on God’s Word rather than on tradition. People are like the trees planted by Living Water Jesus, thrive and flourish, still bear good fruit in old age beyond into eternal life. Then Living Water Commands the sea for us to make a way there seems to be no way. So Jesus carries us through the times when we rely on Him to take care of every area of our lives. Jesus Spiritual Living Water Sustains souls healthy rehydrating life.
This might sound mundane but drinking enough water impacts productivity. 75% are chronically dehydrated do not get the recommended intake 3.2L of water. That is bad for health and for productivity so drinking water increases metabolic rate up to 30% in healthy adults after waking up. Drinking water can make brain work 14% faster if dehydrated after 8 hours of sleep. Drink glass of water after waking up takes care of 2 problems it kickstarts metabolism to help meet the goal of 3.2L water simple solution to the problem. From Heaven New Jerusalem River of life Flowing from God’s Throne Jesus Brings Living Water to all who encounter Him. Jesus Living Waters Flows within like rivers in desert dry lands says Isaiah 35:6 for healing restoration to people. In the Spiritual realm Jesus replenishes our life again in Strength of God. Things rapidly changing on earth prepare people to be refilled with fresh anointing by Living Water Favour from God. Ongoing Jesus Fast Stream helps make informed choice to live in God’s Will.“To God be all Glory WHO divided Red Sea asunder, HIS LOVE endures forever. And brought Israel and all through midst of it HIS LOVE endures FOREVER. But swept Pharaoh and army inRed Sea HIS LOVE endures forever to all in Jesus Name in Psalm 136:13–15.
The river of life flows into us from God’s Throne Room through Christ Jesus our Saviour to reach all people in the world. The Living Water Jesus Christ is at work in us to save us, build up our faith in God and to train us to become blessings to other people. Gospel Good News for regathering all people from the world into God’s Kingdom. Resources made available by God to enhance your life in Christ to enjoy life to the full. God is interested in LOVING you so make the MOST of God to be at peace within you. It is documented greatest asset is peace of mind surrounded by peaful people in peaceful lush environment. A PEACE OF GOD PASS HUMAN UNDERSTANDING IN IS POSSIBLE IN CHRIST YOU ENJOY TOO. God Says when walking through valley of shadow of death Lily of Valley Jesus with us to help us through the journey of life. It is appointed by God once to die and to face Judgement Seat Throne of God. Love life daily tuned with God’s Salvation. Draw from living water Jesus to Refresh your soul daily living in hope, joy, Peace in
During bereavement, grief, loss, divorce sorrow after death it all seems buried quickly in great public ceremony, but a memory of love is never repressible. So draw Nearer God Almighty for Comfort. Do not entertain anger of loss because God warns of mankind death. Anger of Miriam’s death caused Moses to disobey God to strike a rock. Whatever is repressed not dealt with demands attention expressed in ways not pleasing to God. So take time to properly come to terms with feelings of loss. Take time to grieve as people did Joshua’s death. In Bible, 6 months after the death of Miriam perhaps Moses did not take time or did not have the luxury of that time because of his role as leader or because the people were thirsty. And 
it seems Moses might not have brought pain and disappointment to the LORD. Not doing so, missed the opportunity to model his trust and faith in God’s LOVE. Instead, he raged and disobeyed God. If Moses cannot model faith during such a time of loss, then it is natural many will not. In adversity TURN to God to TRUST HIM and bring to HIM deepest pain, the darkest despair, and broken hearts. God will clean spiritually from contact with loss and death and will heal the Spirit, mind and physical body. Likewise vessel of honour allowing rivers of living water to flow freely out of inner being so to help bring people back into God Restored relationship. God’s Word Washes through purification experience in God in Yeshua HaMashiach Jesus Messiah. So impact Eternity by helping bring the Living Waters of Yeshua to the whole world.


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    Jesus our living water lives in us so Christ in us flows out of our belly as living water reaching others. Continue to pray for strength to endure life to do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens us in Jesus Name. Thank you for your comments and we do not control the RSS.

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    Thanks for your comments and finding the topics amazing. At times various servers encounter heavy traffic at peak times so slows down or makes it more difficult to access internet readily. Try changing viewing times to see if you can find the most suitable one best for you. Thanks for your comments. God Bless you.

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    • The Gospel Message and other relevant issues of life are written in easy to read visual format to help better understand Sovereign and God Christ. Thank you for comments, God bless and Have a Happy Easter

    • Each topic has an appropriate video to highlight a point to encourage readers to understand God CONFIRMS HIS WORDS through two or witnesses. So good to listen to testimony from similar views to reinforce point or opposing views to clarify error. Thanks for comments, God Bless, Have a Happy Easter

  12. Holy word cannot destroy.It transforms the whole being totaly – inside out. Jesus used natural principles to show the power that comes from His Higher Power Source – God the Father. Like Him we /man draws living power/water from Jesus. We source it from Him. The Way, Truth and Life. B’cause that is the process and procedure. The Holy Spirit enables. The Spirit MOVES IT. Refer to the begining (Genesis). The Spirit hovered over the waters. So the Samaritan wo/men received.

    • Absolutely true before foundation of the world God Purposed SALVATION Plan in Jesus Knowing mankind will need Help to live according to Word of God. Higher PowerSource God Our Father in Christ, is Living WaterSource drenching our soul in Jesus Name to overflow pouring in others as Samaritan woman did instantly. The Spirit of God indeed hovers over the waters and continues today. Thank you for comments, God bless.

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