Romans 8:28:31 says if God be for us who can be against us for we know those who LOVE God ALL things work ALTOGETHER for GOOD. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY SAYS in Bible all the good times or challenging difficult situations, circumstances, work together for GOOD for those GOD Called according to HIS PURPOSE. Those whom HE foreknew HE predestined to Conform to the IMAGE of His Son Jesus, in order that Jesus, the Firstborn dwells among brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.god-with-us-against-us-orange-smallGod Predestines and CALLS all people to follow HIS SON JESUS yet some people choose decline GOD’S Invitation. Those who accept the Call God justifies, and all those HE justifies HE Glorifies. So what then shall we say to these things? If God is for us who can be against us? If God be for us means that God IS for you as your LORD, Master and your friend instantly Recognises you. God Knows you as His Own BELOVED Child so God is directly on your case working behind the scenes.blessings_039.jpgGod is freely approachable so you run to God and hide under His Cover Spiritually to Protect you. GOD is GOOD so good will comes out for ALL things work together for good according God’s Plans for you. Focus more on GOOD God’s Spirit in you based on God’s Terms and Conditions. It is God who enables ALL things to turn to good to transform to save you to give you joy in your heart and to keep your mind at peace. God CALLS you to be deliberate in your actions towards HIM. Today God Calls the heavens and earth as witnesses set before you to choose life blessings to last for thousands of generations.and-we-know-that-in-all-things-god-works-for-the-good-of-those-who-love-him-bible-quoteSo you choose God turning your life to God completely, you and your children, loved ones to live Eternally according to Bible in Deuteronomy 30:19, the choice is yours. Moses gives his final words to God’s people Israelites, cautioning to follow to obey God rather not turn to false idols. Choice is given to choose a GODLY life of blessings. God urges you to choose life obeying God’s Word serve HIM everyday loving God and man.exodus-14-14.pngSo Jesus says do not worry or be stressed about anything because GOD HAS GIVEN HIS BOLD SPIRIT INSIDE YOU, not given YOU spirit of fear. STRONG LOVE FROM GOD GIVES POWER AND SOUND MIND. HOLY SPIRIT IN YOU HELPS YOU, AND ALSO GUIDES YOU, TEACHES YOU TO REMEMBER THINGS TO BE ALERT TO DO ALL THINGS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU. GOD LOVES TO YOU ON HIS TERMS TO BLESS YOU.9090294388_ea15144213_zGod will fight for you in HIS Own Timing, so hold your peace. God sent Firstborn Jesus among men and women to change to Conform to Jesus Standard. You are to keep eyes on Jesus to save you although it may seem sometimes as if even God is not on your side. It is confidence and the assurance in God that builds up Trust in God to rely on Him. This message helps to focus more on God not negative event seen, heard, felt, trying you to doubt God hope more in God.if-god-1080x500If God be for us, we can still smile at the storms of life. Things of this world shall pass away but the LOVE of God ENDURES forever. This is the reason to continue by faith in God. World events as happening is to recreate the lost relationship and the original connection between God and man. Godly hope reinforced in you keeps you in tune with God’s Throne Room. So do not lose hope but continue to endure in Christ in God in Jesus Name.


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