Happy Birthday as today marks so many years of God’s Divine Interventions in your life. Even from the womb God HAS looked after you to save you from all the destruction planned against your life. It is by God’s Grace, Mercy, Compassion that you soldier on daily in Jesus Name. Today marks the beggining of another great blessing of God’s Spirit gift to you. The challenges you face and overcome enable you to appreciate God more.BuRe-ZcIgAEXlvg.jpgIt has not been easy and many times God Intervened Supernaturally to save and preserve your life. To God be all Glory and Praise, Adoration and Honour. You had to relearn so many things from the experiences. So getting better everyday thankful to God so does not take life for granted. We are pleased and happy for you that you managed to learn new ideas despite so many difficulties faced in the adversities you overcame in Jesus Name.il_570xN.511893137_q0g0Today we pray standing in agreement so God will be with you always and live in the assurance of faith and love of God. It is good to give thanks to the LORD God and to Praise the Most High for miracles taking place in your life. The same God who carried you through to change life into possibilities is the same yesterday, today and forever. So God Able to Carry you through many more blessed years.il_570xN.511833484_72az.jpgIt is encouraging to see you have come out of your shell reaching out to others less fortunate than you. You have come a long way because of these challenging issues yet God’s Hands Is Always Upon your life. We continue to pray for God’s Help for you to walk in Favour of God to bear good fruit even in old age. God Has Plans for your life, HIS Thoughts Higher than your thoughts. God HAS a Purpose for your future is bright hidden in Christ in God’s Divine Health and Prosperity. 

Our Father Lord God Almighy bless you and keep you, Jehovah Nissi make HIS Face to Shine to Upon you, the LORD Give you favour you and keep you in also in PERFECT PEACE until the Return of Our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. May God FILL you always with joy, happiness throughout your life to rejoice always to have laughter all the days of your life in Jesus Name with Praise, Thanks to God.jesus otaku thumbnail 5.21.15




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