What colour should YOU be wearing this summer? Experts tell us what your hue says about you – and how to look your best throughout the warm weather. An article on colour impacting life reminds me of the colour psychology we learnt about favourite popular colours and the impact on feelings of clients especially those vulnerable to a particular colour. Sponsored by Dove Invisible, Martha De Lacey, Mailonline on 30 Jun 2016, wrote and updated this interesting article. So here are the issues limited out to guide in choosing the appropriate colours for any occasion. As styles vary it can used guidelines to help choose a colour more suitable for an outfit desired by wearer. After wearing smart casuals all week to work you will want to dress up a bit to glam up for an event. That is often time mostly women spend frustrated by tons of clothing spread on the bed after trying them on yet complains nothing to wear. This is made easy by instant choices of helping to colour code clothes best for certain places and special events.rBVaGFSP-ZKAaadoAAJPkxQef5g504Most people fancy a dress, like it buy it then wonder of the day to arrive to cease the moment to wear it. Sometimes it works so blends in well at times one stands out like a sore thumb completely out of place. Thereby losing the joy of celebration conscious of the clothes wishing to disappear but has to stay for courtesy sake. Awkward moments can be avoided by preparation and at times by people doing a bit of research to check possible colours of others wear to avoid clash of colour and styles. Even a jeans can be glamourised by colourful choice of beautiful accessories, beads, handbags and shoes. Instead of yet another day of lacklustre to reach for tired black jeans and white T-shirt combo can change a mood into cheerful summer style full of vibrant colours lifting the spirit up.beige-zara-jacket-neutral-zara-bag-tawny-forever-21-pants.jpg‘Often lots of women get stuck wearing neutrals colours such as grey, black and beige almost to the exclusion of all other colours,’ says personal stylist and colour consultant Suzanne Arnold. She believes that when it comes to clothing, nothing has more of an impact than the colours you wear. ‘The colours we wear impact enormously on the way we feel. Though a natural introvert but frequently gives presentations to large audiences. Colour plays a huge role in helping her do this: bright oranges and reds give her energy and confidence. Back at home she wears greens and blues for a sense of harmony and balance. People respond to a colour subconsciously, but when you know how to use colour to help you deal with daily situations, you have a powerful ally.’Kritikaa’s-Spring-Summer-2013-Female-Fashion-Collection-2Wearing bright colours can really impact our mood and our self confidence. So of course, these during hot, muggy summer month the idea of wearing lovely bright colours is somewhat dampened by a fear of sweat marks. Infinitely more visible on a bright blue dress than a baggy black sweater. And that’s before we have even mentioned dreaded deodorant patches. Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant contains ¼ moisturising cream, unlike the other anti-perspirants, to give you beautifully soft and smooth underarms and freedom to wear whatever you like. An innovative formula, it has been proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours, which is a great news for the women wishing to use healthy colour to influence how people feel towards them or to change mood. So necessary to understand colour culture if visiting certain places, what to wear may be necessary to learn value of colours.tie-and-dye-springsummer-2016.jpg‘Colours can influence the way we feel,’ says colour the expert Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, who has written nine books on colour. ‘Brighter colours often seen as more “energetic”so on a day when you are feeling listless or trying to convince yourself to go to the gym put on a really vibrant colour like hot pink. It will lift your spirits and others will react to you in a more positive way as they perceive you as being positive in energy. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy people treat you in a certain way because of messages of the colours you wear, you give out the response associated with that particular colour so you will respond in kind. When we feel centred and empowered we are more likely to demonstrate this by the joy we take in colour continues Suzanne. ‘Often she finds that helping a person to recognise how to wear colour is a turning point in their life. It can have quite deep effect literally as it changes the way we see ourselves. Have confidence to wear brighter hue you will be surprised at the response you get! ‘When she sees the private clients and she analyses their colouring, hair, skin and eyes, she helps them to understand their personality type. All of this informs, as advice given to person who receives palette of 42 of best colours with advice of what to wear. Women’s-plus-size-clothing-trends-Spring-Summer-2016-3.jpgBusiness organisations ask to teach all employees about psychology of colour. They want to know how different colours impact people just as much as they want to know which colours complement the individuals.’ What does different colours say about your personality? How do you give your wardrobe the bright colourful, summery makeover to give people more positive impression of your character? Do not assume that the woman you see wearing red jacket is the most confident in the room, or that the one in the yellow shirt is the friendliest, explains Suzanne. It may just be that they know the colours they wear can give them a psychological support they need in the given situation. It is about how you wear your colours. A simple black dress could be transformed by a blush pink scarf, and would help the woman wearing it to feel more feminine too. What colours you wear say this:AdelleDress_RedLace_FRONT_1422402941image_frontRED is bold and stands out so the colour of wearing red makes feel confident and in control’, says Suzanne. ‘Scientifically with the longest wavelength red appears nearer than it actually is. Ideally if need of boosting your appearance because you are a quiet person in need of gravitas it is perhaps useful in business to use red. Be warned strong personalities in red can seem overpowering or aggressive.’ Best tone down colour for such a personality. ‘Red people like to stay on top of things and have a zest for life,’ adds Leatrice. ‘Key words associated with them are: intense, impulsive, adventurous, fun animated, optimistic, daring, sensual and sometimes aggressive.’ The most important thing is to know schedule so what is appropriate to wear. Elegant lace detailing on superfeminine, mid-length, bright red shift dress makes it perfect for special summer occasion. Sleeveless, tailored and subtle waistband provide fabulous definition to the person with a straighter figure to keep look dazzling red all night. A bright breezy wrap dress is an ideal summer frock, with a fuss-free cut, flattering cinched-waist and relaxed V-neckline. Perfect for pear-shaped women, hourglass curves, it is joyful, feisty dress waiting to wear for a post-work glass of rose. Seem sexy, but decent summery drama style off the shoulder cut works beautifully with any lightweight, loose and relaxed tunic styl terrific to show off arms confidently. A pair of pale skinny jeans to complement its bright red fieriness.Bohemia-Chiffon-Dress-Women-s-Fashion-Summer-Beach-Dress-Goddess-Womens-Short-Sleeveless-Summer-Maxi-Party.jpgBLUE is the most popular colour, and one representing logic, blue activates the mind,’ explains Suzanne. ‘Its effects are cerebral rather than physical, unlike red. Strong blues stimulates the mind for clear thinking if you need to decide about something important, wear blue. To communicate something if difficult blue helps create a calm atmosphere. Its shorter wavelength give blue appearance of distance helpful in tense situation. To wear blue is to be seen as trustworthy, a thinker and a good communicator but do watch out if find difficult to demonstrate feelings of emotional warmth blue gives impression of aloofness so better wear warm colours. A stunning, floor-length, Grecian-style dress in beautifully bright blue ideal fuller bust, longer leg, curves. A plunging V-neckline elasticated waist draws attention to best attribute but not OTT. A gorgeous, figure hugging, soft-touch jersey cotton dress of asymmetric hem features closecut bodycon fabulous shows off voluptuous hourglass figure. Wear dress with confidence on hot days relaxed, bright blue treat. Vertical lines cinched waistband flatter fuller middle, while skirt’s skater-esque flick give your summer festival twirl impressive moves.C-407-1-533x800GREEN is the colour of nature, so green conveys a sense of balance and harmony, rest and reassurance,’ says Suzanne. It is easy on the eye, people will know where they are with you when you wear green. Team bright green sweater with a blue jeans so those around experience you as a breath of fresh air. ‘Know your greens as undertone can be either yellow-based and warm such as apple green, or blue-based and cool as sea green. You might look great in one but sallow in another.’ A joyful maxi-dress, cut for bodycon fit so follows natural contours of your body oozes summer. Fresh and vibrant works well with either heels or flats, and a side slit means flexible so you don’t need to hold back on the dance floor. Flattering, figure-hugging shift dress absolute to wear. The classic wraparound front is a wonder ashowing off curves concealing big lunches. Power dressing at its finest. The most stressful business meeting will not leave you annoying deodorant mark. Diminutive frames will sparkle in simple strappy cotton dress or delicate crochet detailing across bust and buttons from neck to hem. Heavenly for the summer family picnic date or on a warm evening.product-hugerect-308370-13575-1398266974-9c44343df4627986c10e8432c4cdb3f3ORANGE is often considered, colour of sensuality, passion and fun, wear orange to create both a physical and emotional response,’ advises Suzanne. ‘Wearing orange is daring and fun, and only for those who feel super-confident in their intellectual abilities, orange runs risk of being considered a tad superficial.’ ‘A combination of red and yellow, orange is enthusiastic, expansive, outgoing, also determined, and more agreeable so not aggressive,’ adds Leatrice. The seriously summery lightweight maxi dress with a layered flutter sleeves; matching belt, modest V-line, a gloriously flattering wrapped front is one of wedding season favourites. Perfect for pear shapes, ideal paired with big shades and bigger Aperol Spritz for colour-blocking, obviously. On a cooler day, wrap yourself up loosely in deliciously bright straight-cut jacket. Bold, sumptuous, yet gloriously simple when teamed with loose fit white T-shirt black skinny jeans, suede ankle boots. A shorter leg and straight-cut frame shine in adorable petite playsuit, fitted with a deep V-neckline, dainty bowed straps, intricate hem detailing and a flattering waistline to provide definition. Playsuits have seldom looked so playful.c3c42bc29e54ea27f9e20b1ff6e2e6ff.jpgFriendliness is associated with YELLOW colour of emotion, optimism and sunny yellow clothes convey friendliness and confidence,’ explains Suzanne. It is great to wear on a celebratory day, such as a birthday or a wedding. ‘Yellow helps people see you as confident extrovert so ideal colour create great first impression but does not suit everyone, so exercise caution unless you are sure. Get it wrong and everyone will feels anxious around you so be yellow mellow not lemonade!’ Sunny days need sunny dresses just be ready for sunniest days. A halterneck crafted is a beauty that features modest wrapover middle and long skirt lengths perfect for a pear-shaped figure to show off wonderful arms and shoulder line.  We can’t get enough of smart cropped trousers in vibrant, summery yellow. It is high waisted to flatten tummy, and with a super-gently fit, want to wear in the office. Pop on a black silk shirt or simple camisole and you are good to go.  Smaller busts, rejoice, playful cropped top in heavenly lemon will show off all your best assets. The lettuce hem gives the top beautiful movement, its gently ribbed fabric gives right amount weight.ivy-blu-for-maggy-boutique-navy-ruched-faux-wrap-dress-product-1-13884373-489452598.jpegPURPLE is most creative of all colours,’ says Leatrice. Appeals to the perceptive people, unique, artistic, a bit mysterious and enigmatic. ‘Associated with royalty, purple has connotations of luxury,’ says Suzanne. Often therapeutic environment uses the colour purple for calming effect of prayer to meditate, focus as most find its wavelength peaceful in purple. This is the colour to wear if you want to enjoy a quiet contemplation. Short wavelengths take you away from the world of chatter and excitement into the quieter, deeper places within. Dive into the depths of your inner Spirit of God with purple. By wearing purple signal comfortable in your own skin. Though it suits almost everyone, few people tend to wear it. It can take you inside yourself, be careful not to shut others out. Choose beautiful bright dresses featuring waterfall front detail for superbly flattering fit whatever your body shape. Fully lined with jersey, features a modest V-neck, loose waist, making it terribly forgiving after eating too much third slice of wedding cake. So pick effortlessly elegant fit breathable, HotSquash technology to regulate your body temperature. Perfect for long walks or working in evenings in hot offices. An exquisitely feminine frock with beautiful flattering silhouette party dress creation provides bust support, confidence, upper arms and fabulously fluid skirt line. Elegant-Rose-V-neck-Cap-Sleeve-Maxi-Chiffon-DressPINK is suggestive of gentleness and of empathy, pink brings out the feminine side of anyone wearing it. The colour of nurture, soothing and softly stimulating comforting colour to slip into after hard day’s work. The brighter the pink, the closer to red, and the sexier it becomes. ‘Wearing a blush pink or rose pink under a business suit will soften your look. The colour of romance, stronger shades can wow in the bedroom, too. It’s all about giving voice to the profoundly feminine part of yourself.’ Ideal for a long-legged fuller figure gorgeous, bright pink colour relaxed fit dress supremely flattering without skimping on feminine elegance. Loose cape sleeves work terrifically to flatter arms of all shapes, while a sequin neckline provides a party sparkle. The bodysuits are making a huge comeback, thanks to new fondness for highwaisted jeans. Coral treat with cut denim for a neat but totally relaxed look. A lovely, loose, electric pink chiffon blouse is an option for a summer date, particularly when worn with skinny black jeans and feminine flats. Sleeveless in airy chiffon with front tassel ties, perfect for anyone not comfortable wearing skin-tight top. Keep deliciously cool on summer night.




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