In Christ Jesus Jews and Gentiles Grafted together as one as God’s Children. Christ the True Vine Tree of Life Binds Jews and Gentiles as ONE by His Love Redemption Sacrifice. Tree of Life Christ Grafts Jews and all Gentiles juxtaposed in the NEW BLOOD COVENANT to FULFILL old Covenant. God Chose Jesus Our Perfect Example living and teaching Torah to blend Jews with the Nazarene Christian Believers. God’s Bible is Identical to Torah as Old Testament in Bible. Jews and Gentiles Serve Yahweh Elohim, HIS CHILDREN. Jesus’ Jewish disciples or apostles taught and spread Gospel to uttermost parts of world. Grafting is agricultural metaphor of described by Jesus True Vine of God believers are branches. In hermeneutic Grafting in Christ describes True Vine connects two trees nourished by same root Jesus Christ. Christ has Grafted two of God’s people Jews and Gentiles from diverse cultural backgrounds, contexts united in a new way in Christ. Created by YAHWEH God for HIS Worship and necessary to be grafted in with the Jews chosen as role modern to all nations.
Grafting retains all specific genetic DNA features of branches blended in hybrid tree sharing nutrients from same root. Grafting is not genetic modification to CLONE to retain favoured branches. Its grafting blending all diverse people in ALL Nations to LOVE, RELATE, LEARN to tolerate one another. UNDERSTAND God’s Unique Privilege in Christ Jesus to bring people to SERVE SOVEREIGN GOD IN CHRIST, ITS ALL ABOUT GOD FIRST, Each category of branch created by THE WISE PERFECT GOD HAS GOD’S TRAITS, God Qualities, God’s Physical Features Proved by Jesus Said ‘when you see Me you SEE FATHER GOD. Branches of True Vine Tree Jesus established. Torah Tree fully formed developed by God Yahweh mixed with Gentile Trees spliced Jewish Tree in Christ engrafted ALTOGETHER. Produces fruits uniquely different taste of each tree yields own. GRAFTING Jews and Gentiles Godly Message in Gospel or Torah comes From Yahweh each branch in context in manifests EXACT WORDS OF GOD. Avoid confusion hurting Error branch trying to CLONE. JESUS IS ONLY TREE branches grafted into, Pleasing to God. Grafting in Christ is appropriate to global Love of God to emphasise it’s all about SOVEREIGN GOD is the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD branch to submit to. Bible in Leviticus 26:4 says I will give you rain in due season and land yield her increase and trees of the field yields their own fruits. Each Grafted tree’s DUE SEASON yields fruits COUNTED WORTHY by God on Jesus instruction.
imageTorah and Bible Agrees in Christ there is no Gentile or Jew or the un/circumcised, barbarian Scythian, free, slave, Messiah is ALL. Colossians 3:11 says God LOVES Circumcised HEARTS to Obey HIM and Love all in Christ Jesus. So Understand TRUE Meaning of Grafting in Christ as a family of Believers in Yeshua Jesus STOP divisions, denominations or movements HURT GOD, JESUS, GRIEVE HOLY SPIRIT. Jesus A JEW SAVED ALL on earth. Each Christian believer relates together with Jews before conflict exists. Assembly of FIRST believers in Yeshua in Acts reveal UNITY ONE ACCORD WORSHIP OF GOD TOGETHER in a Jewish Temple prayed and shared things in common in Acts 1:14; 2:44. And continued daily in one accord in Temple, breaking bread from house to house, ate meat with gladness and singleness of heart in Acts 2:46.wp-1580769132857.jpg
imageExpressed faith entirely in keeping with Judaism so was not intention of Yeshua Messiah to start another religion. In the later Brit Chadashah or New Testament disagreement between Jewish believers and Gentiles Hellenistic Grecian widows started complaining unfair treatment in distribution of food compared to Jewish widows. Early dispute disrupted Unity in sheepfold as Jewish Believers felt Gentile believers must submit to full ritual proselyte conversion process to fully become Jewish. To take vow, keep Torah commandments, traditional laws more than 613 commandments of Torah too much. People are SAVED in Christ so don’t need to undergo circumcision. In a council meeting with apostles, elders, in Jerusalem Paul and Barnabas said God works with Gentiles without conversion rituals. Peter presents God’s position of outpouring out His Ruach HaKodesh on Gentiles, Jewish Believers not practising Jewish conversion ritual on converts.
imageJames led meeting, stood up and shared
the prophetic significance of Gentiles coming to faith in Yeshua, linking it to end-time restoration of Israel. Gentiles Called by His Name in Acts 15:16–18; Amos 9:11–14. The Law of God of Moses on Sabbath in synagogue of city, James’ letter sent to Gentile believers stated:ABSTAIN from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, meat of strangled animals and sexual immorality in Acts 15:29. So Bible Torah commands not difficult to keep according in Deuteronomy 30:11–14; Romans 10:8. The early followers of Yeshua stated “extra,” traditional laws burden some for believer’s conversion process to Judaism faith is unnecessary for salvation. James said the Gentile believers do not have to learn laws of Moses of God in  Acts 15:21 but grow in understanding and live holy lives.
Christ is Good SHEPHERD Bringing all
to God’s Sheepfold so sheep belong to God. Gentiles and Jews UNITED ONE in Christ in God’s Sheepfold. Yeshua promised in John 10:16, “I have other sheep not of this sheep fold to bring they LISTEN to my VOICE so shall be ONE flock with ONE SHEPHERD.” The Lamb of God Yeshua Christ Sacrificed His Life as a Ransom for many. Jews and Gentile have EQUAL ACCESS to GOD’S HOLY OF HOLIES in BLOOD OF JESUS PASSOVER LAMB. Jews and the Gentile descendants of Abraham are part of Covenant Fulfilled in the NEW COVENANT FULFILLED IN MESSIAH. Sheep together in may not look exact clones as family looks different. Not right, appropriate to insist one fully acts like other before they get along as Family Members in GOD’S PEN.

imageIn Romans 11:11–31, believers grafted ONE TREE IN CHRIST so a Jewish Tree nourished from the Same Root by LOVE for one another. People know Children of Yahweh by GOD’S LOVE in Christ. So Jews and Gentiles are grafted in TREE by LOVE OF GOD OF LOVE TREE’S SON JESUS JOINS ALL TOGETHER AS ONE IN CHRIST. Jewish Gentile olive branches pruned as Godly believers, Grafted into ONE TREE from each tree. Messiah does not marginalized Israel anywhere. Paul addressed arrogance of believers who looked down on Israel or not accept Yeshua as Messiah nationally. Paul said, Branches broken off can be Grafted in does not EXCLUDE the other. Many Jews believed as first Disciples of Jesus wrote Bible used by Christians. Jewish Branch broken to merge Gentile Branch to form GOD’S Hybrid Tree. Breaking branches is God’s Favour TimeLine for Gentiles. It is unbelief provoking God to jealousy to graft them in. God Grafts all by faith in Christ until time of Gentiles ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED IN JESUS NAME GRACE by FAVOUR of God Almighty. Reverence of God does not spare natural BRANCH denying Christ so will not spare grafted Branch in Romans 11:19–21 if salvation makes them boast against others.win-souls-550x320Paul warns of falling in unbelief if not fully Obeying God causes people to be cut off. Jewish peoples persistence in unbelief is tolerated God grafts in others can Save Israel in Christ the Messiah in Romans 11:23. Jews grafted IN CHRIST TREE with Gentile Trees grow, prosper by faith in Yeshua Messiah accepted by Jewish people. Paul’s analogy of an olive branch GRAFTED by God bind in Yeshua a life  of UNITY. Both maintain identity created by Same God. The olive tree in Gethsemane Jerusalem a Perfect Symbol in Christ Grafts Jews and Gentiles. Early congregation Jews, Gentiles believers lived and prayed together, celebrated Jewish festivals holidays like Yeshua. Faith in Yeshua in Israel helps believer’s relationship with Jews joins celebration of resurrection of Yeshua. The Passover holiday celebration of Gentile Believers developed to Easter tradition in century 2nd AD. Gentile believers keep close to Jews, celebrate Yeshua Passover Lamb on first night of Passover, 14th Hebrew Nissan. Later believers in Asia Minor then emphasized resurrection, 1st  day of week. Believers in Rome observe the resurrection Sunday turned celebration to Constatine’s Easter.maxresdefaultControversy arose as Quartodecimans Latin 14 Jewish practice fasting eve of Passover. Established by John’s disciples Polycarp bishop of Smyrna c. 69 – c. 155 of 7 churches of Asia of Melito of Sardis died c. 180. Churches in Asia at Passover fast celebration beginning sundown on 15 of Nissan adher to Jewish tradition Converts attend model Seder at Jewish Temple Center Israel Mevasseret Zion outside Jerusalem prepared for the first Passover in Israel. Yeshua’s followers met to break bread Sabbath Saturday evening in Acts 20. Paul talks into night in Troas to daylight, Sunday morning, before going on his way. The Gentile believers meet Sunday mornings Jewish believers attend synagogues, began to experience pressure, after destruction of Temple. ORIGINAL believers lived in Jerusalem practiced Judaism visit Temple on daily basis. Jewish Revolt in early 60s remind believer Yeshua’s warning“While people say, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as labour pains on a pregnant woman will not escape. So brothers and sisters not in darkness this day should surprise you like thief, 1 Thessalonians 5:3–4. Jews, believers escaped Jerusalem as early church father Eusebius wrote: crossed Jordan went to Pella Nabataean fortress in mountains. Escape onslaught of Roman general Titus who destroyed city and Temple incurred wrath of Jews as deserters. Believer Jewish Believers managed to leave Jerusalem to avoid its destruction by Roman forces. Pella became a major centre of worship.
Destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, Nicolas Poussin
destruction of Temple in AD 70 Jewish believers discouraged presence in synagogues. Contribute to the Gentile believers separating from Jewish brethren by Rome’s institution Fiscus Judaicus or Jewish Tax. Roman Empire imposed tax on Jews destroyed Jerusalem Temple in AD 70. Replace tax for Temple used for upkeep of Temple to Capitoline Jupiter, Rome. Those who abandon Judaism exempt from tax for Gentile believers sect of Judaism broke from Judaism. Divisions in 1st century Birkat HaMinim 19th blessing Amidah, request divine punishment curse of God against paroshim separated from their community. Called minim or heretics if Jewish believers in Yeshua and Essenes. Jewish believers not able to lead prayer without evoking a curse on themselves. Benediction caused the Jewish believers unwelcome in synagogue, worshipped separately. That cursing of Justin Martyr in 2nd century Dialogue with Tryphon; Origin in 3rd century AD or Epiphanius in 5th century AD said three times a day, ‘May God curse Nazarenes.’or  Notzrim  first Believers in Yeshua of 4th century sect of Nazarenes. Believers of Jewish in origin from fled Jerusalem kept Torah,  Gentile followers of Yeshua in general.
imageBelievers incorporate pagan rituals into Jewish practice in worship  AD 325, First Council of Nicaea convened by Roman Emperor Constantine’s church doctrine. None of the 318 bishops attending were of Jewish ancestry main acts of Council
separated celebration of Passover from Jewish Passover identified pagan name Easter from Babylonian fertility goddess Ishtar. Council established Sunday new Sabbath not biblical seventh Sabbath. Council of Antioch prohibited Christians celebration of Jewish Passover.  Council of Laodicea prohibited celebrating the Biblical or Jewish Sabbath. Christians prohibited, under penalty of death, to marry Jews treated 2nd class citizens.Passover seder Photo, Susan Sermoneta. Anti-Semitism was rampant 4th century church in Constantinople in following creed: I renounce all customs, rites, legalisms, unleavened breads and the sacrifices of lambs of Hebrews, all other feasts of Hebrews, sacrifices, prayers, aspersions, purifications, sanctification, propitiations fasts, new moons, Sabbaths, superstitions, hymns and chants and observances Synagogues, food and drink of Hebrews in one word I renounce everything Jewish, every law, rite and custom if afterwards I shall wish to deny return to Jewish superstition, or shall be found eating with Jews, feasting, or secretly conversing and condemning Christian religion condemning faith, let trembling of Gehazi cleave as legal punishments to  I acknowledge myself liable. May I be anathema in world to come and my soul be set down with satan devils in Conflict of Church and Synagogue, J.Parks.God does not intend disassociation from Judaism. God Ties Together Jewish and non-Jewish believers is shared faith in Jewish Messiah common root, as Paul, said of Torah Jewish faith and beliefs. In Brit Chadashah New Testament Yeshua lived a Jew in His time, Observed Jewish festivals, holidays, kept commandments. Yeshua never taught disciples to break commandments sometimes called into question traditional laws teachings, as not eating without ritually washing hands in Luke 11:38. So Theology was not based on the Word of God but on human traditions. Authorizing Jewish practices replaced, non-Jewish practices Catholic Church new inheritor promises God gave Abraham and seed precludes unity. Replacement theology Christian Church replaced Israel so idea remains today. Bible says God’s LOVE for Jews in Christ Light to the nations in Isaiah 49:6 Nations will Stream to Israel come to Jerusalem to seek LORD Almighty to entreat in HIM, Zechariah 8:22. Ezekiel  34: 23-24 on restoration Jerusalem says I will place ONE SHEPHERD my servant David will tend them as their shepherd. I the LORD their God and my servant David the prince among them.” Israel RETURNED to Land so Kingdom of David RESTORED as God promised. Tourists get good photograph, mechitza at barrier between men’s and women’s on sides Western Wall in Photo by Avital Pinnick. Jews in their LAND KINGDOM and being FULLY RESTORED happening  in FUTURE TOTAL UNITY in Israel of Gentile followers of Yeshua. Acts 2:29–36, Peter on relationship between David and Messiah said: “Brothers, I tell you David died, buried his tomb is here this day. As a prophet, knew God PROMISED him on OATH HE WILL place one of his descendants on his throne. Saw ahead resurrection of Messiah not abandoned in grave or did His body see decay.  God Raised Yeshua to life, witnesses of that fact. Exalted to the RIGHT HAND of God, received from Father PROMISED Holy Spirit poured is seen and heard. David ascend to heaven said, ‘The LORD said to My Lord: “Sits at God’s RIGHT HAND until I make your enemies footstool for Your Feet.” All Israel be assured God made Yeshua Lord and Messiah.Jeremiah 23:5–6 makes connection: The days are coming,’ declares the LORD, I WILL RAISE FROM David RIGHTEOUS Branch KING Who Will Reign Wisely to do what is JUST or RIGHT in LAND. In His days Judah will be saved, Israel will live in safety. The Name He will be called: The Lord Our Righteousness. The Messiah pours Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit on His talmidim disciples a Sign of Coming fulfilling Ezekiel prophecy in Ezekiel 37:27. MY Dwelling Place WILL BE with them I WILL be their God and they will be MY people.” When Yeshua RETURNS to Reign rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem dramatic proof to nations  God has not forsaken Israel. Nations will know I the LORD God Made Israel Holy My sanctuary among them forever in  Ezekiel 37:28. Israel, Jewish, people are central to God’s plan for all nations. In the last days Israel and the Gentile Nations will LIVE in UNITY AGAIN as first followers of Yeshua. Days coming Israel recognizes support from Gentile believer’s right to exist a NATION. God’s prophetic PLAN is ALL of ISRAEL will be saved. Times unfold in a generation chosen to be part of it. Stand in unity with Israel, Jewish believers one, defy hatred division sown among believers in Yeshua. Living in Last Days Yeshua’s RETURN not far away diligently redeem time. “Teach us to number days to gain heart of wisdom in Psalm 90:12. “Come, let us go up to Zion, to LORD GOD. The LORD Says Sing with joy for Jacob, shout foremost for nations.  Praises heard and say, ‘O LORD GOD, SAVE YOUR remnant of Israel in Jeremiah 31:6–7.


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God Will deliver Israel as Deuteronomy 10:12-13 says if Israel does what the LORD God requires to Fear the LORD your God and walk in all HIS Ways. To love and to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and soul to keep commandments and statutes the LORD Commanded for your good. God DEMANDS Exclusive Love from us all but begins with Israel FIRST because God Corrects those HE LOVES. Israel’s Destiny is tied to ALL Nations on earth as FOCAL POINT of GOD’S PRESENCE. Israel’s Abrahamic Everlasting Covenant REQUIRES ALL TO BELONG TO A JEALOUS GOD JEHOVAH. God made Covenant with Israel through Abraham Agreement but Warned him in Genesis 15:13 his offspring, Isaac’s descendants will not FULLY OBEY God so for 400 years of disobedience of God become strangers in a land which does not belong to them for rebellion against God. Abraham did not wait for God’s offspring heir Promised him so did not Fully Obey God but had Ishmael with servant Hagar. Isaac was born later so conflict led to depature of Hagar with Ishmael descendants the Ishmaelites cousins who brought Joseph to Egypt.maps-bible-archeology-exodus-ishmaelites-amalekitesIsrael’s Covenant through Abraham also INCLUDES ALL Nations on earth. God’s Covenant is tied to the Promised Land Israel as God’s PILOT PROJECT to Save All Nations on Earth. God’s Covenant extends to All Nations required to Obey God. God’s Relationship with Israel has impact on whole world. God in Genesis 17:1-8 says I AM GOD ALMIGHTY walk before ME blameless. I WILL MAKE MY COVENANT BETWEEN ME MULTIPLY EXCEEDINGLY. So you shall be a Father of many Nations and be EXCEEDINGLY FRUITFUL, I WILL MAKE Nations of you Kings. I WILL ESTABLISH A COVENANT BETWEEN ME and your descendants after you in generations for Everlasting COVENANT to be your God and to your descendants after you. To Give you and your descendants LANDS in which you are a stranger, ALL LAND OF CANAAN AS EVERLASTING POSSESSION. 5642144GOD of Abraham WORSHIPPED is GOD, Sealed in the COVENANT of Abraham in Genesis 15:9-21. Animals cut in half but birds lay in 2 rows making pathway. So this Covenant Confirmed Promises God Made to Abraham: A Promise of Heirs, LAND and BLESSINGS in Genesis 12:2-3. BLOOD Covenant Confirmed the OATH. Both walk between slaughtered animals to saying: May this be done to me if I do not keep oath. Jeremiah 34:18-19 Blood Covenant God Confirms the 3 Promises Made to Abraham. Covenant Sacrifice of animals, blood poured, walked through blood Sign AGREEMENT of COVENANT as atoned blood sacrifice. Sadly terms of the Covenant was not fully Obeyed or lived up to. Abraham got heir Ishmael through Sarah’s advise by Hagar giving birth to Ishmaelite Arab cousins of Jews. Created sibling rivalry conflict between the descendant nations. As God Warned Abraham Israel went 400 years in exile. So Promised LAND became desolate for a thousand years for breaking of God’s Covenant with Abraham into Egypt. fertile-crescent-pdf-41-638Israel or Jacob’s 12 sons are great grand children and descendants of Abraham served 400 years plus 30 years of Isaac birth was 430 years in total. A Covenant made with Abraham for Nation of Israel started with Jacob in Genesis 12:2. Isaac son of Abraham is the Nation of Israel. 430 years prior to Exodus for 259 years Jews first lived in Egypt. Israel Nation is named after Jacob-IsraeI but it started with Abraham. The Elephantine papyri, caches of legal documents and letters written in Aramaic documents lives of community of Jewish soldiers stationed in frontier garrison Egypt Achaemenid Empire. Established at Elephantine 650 BCE under King Manasseh reign Jewish soldiers assist Pharaoh Psammetichus I in Nubian campaign. Religious system’s strongly traces Babylonian polytheism. Certain scholars say community mixed JudaeoSamaritan origins had their own temple, functioning beside deity Chum.slide_27Documents cover the period 495 to 399 BCE. Hebrew Bible record large number of the Jews took refuge in Egypt after destruction of Kingdom of Judah in 597 BCE. After subsequent assassination of Jewish governor, Gedaliah in Bible in 2 Kings 25:22-24 and Jeremiah 40:6-8. The Jews hearing of new appointment fled into Moab, Ammon, Edom and in other countries returned to Judah in Jeremiah 40 :11-12. Gedaliah’s assassination many left the land ran to Egypt for their safety in 2 Kings 25:26, Jeremiah 43:5-7. Made their way into Egypt to settle in Migdol, Tahpanhes, Nop, Pathros in Jeremiah 44:1. Moses sent by God delivered these descendants of Abraham or Hebrews. After Miraculous Interventions God is Obeyed by Pharaoh allowed Hebrews to leave Egypt to return to the Canaanland where Abraham originally lived. So God Instituted Passover lamb eaten in hurry with unleaved bread and bitter herbs on their final day of Exodus from Egypt.slide_47On journey led by Moses, Caleb, Joshua the Israelites RETURNED after 40 years wilderness journey to Israel. The tribes resettled in the Holy Land named under 12 tribes sons of Jacob-Israel. Each tribe allocated land based on population sizes or duty of each tribe. Israel led by God under the Judges and prophets had no king for years DIRECTLY INSTRUCTED BY GOD. In the Land of Canaan apart from the Levites some picked religious rituals to Worship of Monotheistic God Yahweh. And did Not Fully Obey GOD’S COVENANT despite past suffering lesson not learnt from God’s Anger or Jealousy of serving other gods. So God destroyed Tabernacle Temple in Jerusalem so Jews send away AGAIN from Land of Israel in captivity as another punishment. Its the breaking of God’s COVENANT that led to numerous exiles. After further exiles in other lands of Babylon, Assyria, Media, destroyed Temples Promised Land left desolate for years with a few remnant  poor, disabled in Israel, land taken over. It was renamed by conquerors changing Israel to modern names from 12 tribes. allottment-of-the-landIsrael returns years later rebuilt Temple but repeats idolatory and God Punishes them again sending Greeks, Romans etc to rule and tax them. Despite warnings to REPENT, SERVE ONLY GOD ELOHIM continued breaking their COVENANT with God. So goes again into many other captivity leaving their Promised Land in ruins and taken over by all others again renaming land. Continued until Aliyah in 1948 Israel Nation REBIRTHED expect to rebuild Temple again. But warned the antiChrist will blaspheme in God’s New Temple replacing old Temple destroyed. God Said destruction was for forsaking LORD God ELOHIM WHO Led the way in Jeremiah 2:17. Israel mourns 21 days Fast of Tammuz Tzom Tammuz. Jews remember tragic affliction’s anguish. On 17th of Tammuz in 586 BC and AD 70 the walls of Jerusalem was breached by Babylonians and Romans as Jesus told them. 1st and 2nd Temples destroyed by Babylonians in 586 BC and Romans in AD 70 on 9th of Av. In Judaism breach of Jerusalem’s walls and subsequent destruction of Temple are considered great tragedies or result of rebellious idolatry. God WAS Angry SO Forsaken for season, disasters calamities God HID HIS FACE due to wickedness of turning to other gods in Deuteronomy 31:16-18.
Current walls surrounding Jerusalem is built between AD 1535 and 1538 during  Ottoman Empire. In 1000 BC, David and Solomon extended original walls built by Jebusites. Ezra and Nehemiah rebuilt walls destroyed by Babylonians. So Jews fast until nightfall to mourn breaches of Jerusalem’s walls. Three-week period of teshuvah (repentance) called Bein ha-Metzarim (Between the Straits) or The 3 Weeks. Orthodox Jews limit celebrations by not carrying out marriages avoiding expressions of joy and playing musical of instruments, reciting songs of praise. Although this is time of mourning, it is time of hope Zechariah prophesied 17th of Tammuz transformed into a day of joy. Fasts of 4th, 5th, 7th, 19th months to be joyful glad occasions of happy festivals for Judah. Love Truth and PEACE in Zechariah 8:19, MESSIAH THE TRUTH PRINCE OF TRUE PEACE! The raised temporary structure on right side of photo of Western Wall Plaza, the Mugrabi Bridge only access point Jews and Christians go to the Temple Mount.  Jews prays at the Western Wailing Wall last remnant of the Holy Temple. Tzom Tammuz, is minor fast carrying Hope of a Major Promise. Throughout the 3 Weeks, Jewish people look forward to the coming Third Temple and Messianic Era for Sar Shalom PRINCE OF PEACE to Reign in Jerusalem. But 99% of God’s Chosen Jewish people in Israel don’t yet recognize Yeshua Messiah Jesus already Fulfilled Messianic prophecy a suffering Messiah on His First Coming. RETURN of Jesus to RULE IN JERUSALEM A KING MESSIAH is coming. GOD PLACED HIS SON AS THE CHOSEN KING YESHUA ON DAVID’S THRONE in Jerusalem GOD’S HOLY MOUNTAIN in Psalm 2:6 in Bible. Tzom Tammuz, Seek God so pray for God’s Mercy and Grace. God’s people are Called by God’s Name so humbly repent asking God in HEAVEN to hear, and FORGIVE and to HEAL the LAND.Pray for Peace of Jerusalem for Good News GOSPEL of Yeshua the Lord of Lords and KING of Kings to Jews first and to all nations. Time is short Jesus is coming soon! The tourists on Mount of Olives look at Temple Mount where 1st and 2nd Second Jewish Temples once stood in Jerusalem. The Annual 3 week period mourns destruction of Holy Temple and exile of Jews on 17th of Hebrew month of Tammuz. The 17th of Tammuz is a minor fast day marking date when Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem in AD 70. Mourning period ends 9th of Av or August 13. Its saddest day of Jewish year of date both Temples destroyed. Cry of Prophet Jeremiah on Ruins of Jerusalem, Repin Tretyakov is in Gallery Moscow reminder of affliction anguish. Important to treat endtime God Plan with the sense of urgency to stand with Israel in JESUS Name. Three-week period, “between the straits” is dire strait in the Book Lamentations 1:3. Judah went into exile due to affliction of servitude settled among nations did not find REST. Pursuers overtook between boundaries בֵּ֥יןהַמְּצָרִֽים  between straits, in distress, pain in anguish affliction in Lamentations 1:3. The men on theJews say straits or מְּצָרִֽים pronounced mi-tza-rim is fast days of 17th of Tammuz and 9th Av.  God’s Bible Commands forbids people practicing sorcery; magic and seeking guidance from astrologers, sorcerers, consulting stars by psychics or palm readers, or reading stars, practising necromancy consulting the dead for comfort, advise and help: “When you come into the land the LORD your God gives you do not copy the abominations of the nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter passes through fire or one who practices witchcraft, or soothsayer, or interprets omens, sorcerers, conjures spells, or medium, or spiritualist or calls dead to talk to them. These things are abomination to the LORD God so drives them out from before you. Be blameless before LORD your God. Those nations dispossessed listened to soothsayers, diviners but for you, the LORD your God DOES NOT APPROVE OF IT so did not appoint it for you in Deuteronomy 18:9–13. So Ignoring GOD’S Instructions or Warnings cause God to punish Israel into captivity many times. Heteronym מצרים mitz-ra-im Hebrew Egypt recalls times of Israel 400year affliction under Pharaoh gives added meaning. 21-day period 2 fast days in Tammuz and Av is mourning period greatest degree of the misfortune and calamity Jewish people, breaking of Tablets of Law by Moses; or burning Sefer Torah by Apostomus in Second Temple era; destroyed Temples; expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492.085Siege of Jerusalem and  both Temple destruction remain associated with a  sense of God’s Divine judgment. This  prompts Jewish people to avoid possible dangers in time period avoid dangerous places, flight and major operations. God Delivers HIS people in Living History so despite breaking terms of Covenant God Mercifully Restore Israel GENERATIONS in the LAND. HISTORY of Israel belongs to God by Supernatural Plan of God for the WHOLE WORLD THROUGH ISRAEL. Israel’s pain, grief, sorrow affects whole world. God Uses ISRAEL to show world what happens if all rebel against HIM as ISRAEL did. Israel’s allies betrayed them so priests and elders perished in city in search of food to keep alive. LORD God saw distress of Israel in torment, heart disturbed rebellious from outside sword bereaved by death in Lamentations 1 : 19-20. Romans afflicted servitude on God’s people got worse due to idolatry, Rome deified and worshiped emperors. Decades of Jerusalem’s destruction in AD 37–41, Gaius Caesar Caligula tried to erect idol of himself in Solomon’s Temple. Roman-Jewish tension made  the Zealot Yeshua’s apostle Simon His  member in Matthew 10:4. Anti-tax protests to shake yoke of Rome’s rule. Romans responded in AD 66 to execute 6,000 Jews, Jerusalem plundered but not totally destroy Temple. So bust of Gaius Caesar Caligula statue erected in Jewish Temple of Jerusalem direct conflict with Jewish God of Monotheism. Jewish faith is firmly rooted in monotheism has no room for worship of Caligula. Regards not Jews, suspicions of the people who cherish God opposed his wish. Conflict fanned 1st Jewish Roman War Great revolt. Roman legions and 30,000 Syrian Legions, Jewish factions and the Zealots, Sadducees, Pharisees, Idumeans, Sicarii, volunteers, Adiabene ancient Assyrian kingdom, rulers converted to Judaism in first century Jewish Encyclopedia.

Revolt infighting of Jewish factions in Jerusalem made Rome attack without, breaching first two of Jerusalem’s three walls in early AD 70 or third wall 17th Tammuz and Antonia Fortress Temple. Titus, son of emperor Vespasian, and commander-in-chief of Rome’s Jewish campaign, led siege. After breach, Titus slaughtered most Jerusalem’s residents and razed buildings. By 9th of Av, the Romans reached Temple so devastated physical point of contact of Heaven and Earth 2nd Second Temple. Yeshua Jesus prophesied destruction less 40 years earlier. As Yeshua left Temple, disciples said, ‘Look, Teacher at massive stones of magnificent buildings!’ Do you see these buildings says Yeshua. No stone will be left on top of other all will be thrown down in Mark 13:1–2 as it came to pass.
Model Second Temple reminds of deep sorrow sadness and grief. The Practice of Grief during Shabbat services for 3 Weeks all Jewish congregations read prophetic Haftarah portion of Scripture. Isaiah and Jeremiah speak of Temple destruction and exile of Jewish nation. It is Time of Expectation on Shabbat to focus on faith and hope in Bible, Jewish Torah on Shabbat foretaste of Messianic Era. On Shabbat Jews focus on positive aspects of period mourn 3 Weeks. And  during 21 days rejoicing lessened as if mourning loved ones. Observant Jews not listen to music, do weddings, other celebration avoid entertaining activities trips of joy, not shave or cut hair. Nine Days of Av Jews will not buy new things of joy, plant flowers, trees, make home improvements. Avoid washing clothes, wearing freshly washed clothes, bathing for pleasure but hygiene in cool water no eating meat drinking wine or fun.
The men on the left and women on right sections at the Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Jewish people consider site Holiest accessible site in Judaism and in Christianity. Above Temple Mount, the Holiest site in Judaism because First and Second Temples once stood though not accessible for Jewish prayer. Waiting for the Messiah as Jewish people avoid potential dangers during 3 Weeks, avoid risks during Nine Days of Av, litigation with non-Jews, because of the potential disadvantages may bring. Only access  is raised temporary structure on right side of the Western Wall Plaza Mugrabi Bridge access point for Jews, Christians to Temple Mount above Wailing Wall. It
is breaking of COVENANT the Reason for God’s Punishment: “Hear this Word Israel Word the LORD spoke against you whole family brought up out of Egypt. ‘You Only God Chose of all families of earth so Punishes you for all your sins in Amos 3:1–2. The 3 Weeks inspire great thought individual and national shortcoming led, to Adonai punishing Nation. Rabbi Yehudah Prero recalls stories Talmud of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, who saw Temple destruction devastation to inhabitants: “Yochanan knew that such terrible tragedy only occurred through the HAND of God.Knowing God is nearby is a source of comfort during times of pain.” Prero continues, “Pain and suffering are not the result of God deserting us. Like the punishment of parent out of love for the child, pains parent as much as it pains child. Although child suffers will recognize punishment was out of love, comfort in Project Genesis. Israel’s lot is not state of mediocrity but completion. Israel experiences rebirth as the nation from destruction of both Temples. Fast of Tammuz is 40 days after the Shavuot Moses received the Ten Commandments on Har (Mount) Sinai. 40-day periods in Bible closes by opportunity to bring in a new creation. God strengthens Israel’s relationship with God into greatness. God deals with the whole modern world by punishing first PUNISHING ISRAEL A CHOSEN ROLE MODEL LEADS NATIONS TO GOD. CHANGE BY WRATH, ANGER BRINGS CHANGES IN JESUS CHRIST TO RESTORE WHOLE WORLD. This conflict in world RESTORES THEOCRATIC GOD. Jerusalem Jewish man prays at Wailing Wailing Wall in Old City of Jerusalem wearing a tallit prayer shawl, a kippah head covering, tefillin (phylacteries. The Israeli Ministry Tourism photo, Noam Chen. These 21 days, compels Jewish nation to SEEK and RETURN to God of Israel and to His CALLING, as prophet Isaiah announced, “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up age-old foundations; will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings in Isaiah 58:12. The mournful anguish meditations of Jewish nation 3 Weeks of deeper souls Searching teshuvah repentance. This knowledge God longs to revives Jewish people. YAHWEH HIGHLY EXALTED IS HE WHO FOREVER LIVES HIS NAME IS HOLY. GOD LIVES IN HIGH AND HOLY PLACE but contrite lowly in spirit revive Spirit of lowly, revives heart of contrite. God will not accuse forever or angry with those Created in Isaiah 57:15–16. Jews in 3 week teshuvah, think of Coming of Messiah. PRAY FOR PEACE FOR JERUSALEM AND ISRAEL for Jews to find Messiah, play active role in God’s end-time plans so make intercessions for Israel, Jews standing by the work of God’s Ministry. “God Is Ready to SET things RIGHT and God is Ready to SAVE Jerusalem to SHOW HIS GLORY to Israel in Isaiah 46:13 by HIS MERCY, GRACE COMPASSION, FORGIVINESS AND LOVE.


Praying-For-The-Nations-image.jpg1 Timothy 2:2 in Bible says FIRST OF ALL, PRAYERS intercessions MUST BE MADE for all Leaders, Heads, Kings, Queens, Nations to live in PEACE. Live a PEACEABLY QUIET LIFE with people. This is a TRUE MARK OF GODLINESS and DIGNITY. Pray for kings, all in authority to live peaceful quiet lives with dignity, GOD’S MERCY, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, GRACE to all nations. God’s says petitions, prayers, intercessions to be made to God to repent with tears and in anguish by lamentation and fasting. The hearts of kings are in GOD’S HANDS ONLY GOD CAN DEAL WITH THEM not you. GOD will INTERVENE IN JESUS NAME SO GOD’S PEACE WILL REIGN ON THEBEARTH!!!3-intercultural1God Says Ask and I will give the Nations to you says Psalm 2:8. When we pray for all Nations to come to know Yeshua its prayer  AGREEMENT in alignment with our Father GOD to SHORTEN EVIL DAYS of epidemics, trauma of tribulation mayhem. Give God Thanks ACKNOWLEDE GOD’S OWNERSHIP OF EARTH, HIS RIGHT TO TAKE OVER TO make things BETTER for all mankind. With God all things are possible in Jesus Name. Thing will never happen trying to achieve change yourself. Ask LORD God IN JESUS NAME to WORK in all nations throughout world TO BRING PERFECT PEACE OF GOD, THAT PASSES HUMAN UNDERSTANDING ON EARTH. AS IT WAS IN EDEN BEFORE SIN TO RESTORE mankind TO GOD. Pray yourself for family, loved ones, enemies for God to change their minds for good in JESUS Name. And Always Thank God. downloadPray for a soon fast-approaching rapture and watch for daily upcoming fulfilment of unfolding prophecy in the Bible. Pray for all last minute preparations of GOD’S CHANGE COMING ON EARTH. Pray for a prepared heart to receive Yeshua! Pray for prayer teams to transition from prayer for community to global outreach intercession quickly. May the LORD God’s momentum carry on to bring more salvation, healing deliverance in JESUS Name. Our prayer is ESSENTIAL and appropriate in JESUS NAME FOR all nations in all locations BECAUSE GOD OWNS ALL Nations. CRY, PRAY, SEEK God’s FACE to SAVE Nations. The prayer of the righteous prevails and GOD SAYS GIVE HIM NO REST DAY and NIGHT UNTIL HE BRINGS PEACE ON EARTH IN JERUSALEM FIRST TO BRING CHANGE TO ALL THE OTHER NATIONSPray_for_our_nation_1_Amidst turmoils pray for the LORD God to REVEAL TRUE PEACE Shalom healing order, Reconciliation. Ask LORD God to put in place national, local authorities who love GOD and Seek HIS wisdom, to stand with Israel for GOD’S JERUSALEM PROTECTION IN JESUS NAME. Pray for healing, protection for Jews from anti-Semitism around the world. So Essential to pray daily regarding the recent chaos, unrest, turmoil unsettling state of world events in various regions. Pray to God to Stabilize PROTECTION for the nations to facilitate spreading of the Good News of Yeshua. Pray for the FAVOUR OF GOD on leaders, Blessings on all TRUE Friends of Israel and the Jewish people. God must CHANGE HEARTS regarding Spreading of True Peace in all nations in the hearts of all leaders over nations in the world.slide_24Ask the LORD God’s PROTECTIVE PEACE and SALVATION of Nation of Israel and for Jews around the world. God says in Psalm 122:6 ALL PEOPLE MUST stand to watch to pray on BEHALF of Jerusalem to be established for PRAISE on earth in Isaiah 62! God Says PEACE IN ISRAEL is Directly Connected to PEACE in world. Events unravelling in world today are all from Bible Ordained by God because of sin rebellion. God has had enough so is moving, shaking, changing, restoring life to HIS ORIGINAL STANDARD. OPEN your EYES WIDE WAKE UP! RECOGNISE things get worse in Great Tribulation than the current circumstances. PRAY DAILY TO GOD TO MAKE TREMENDOUS CHANGE TODAY!!! CONTINUE TO PRAY TO GOD TO BRING CHANGE SO THINGS HAPPEN IN JESUS NAME FOR A TRUE PEACE TO HAPPEN SOON ON EARTH.hqdefault (1)LORD the nations are Yours, we seek Your for GODLY Order to Prevail in Jesus Name. In 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 You said, If my people, called by MY NAME, humble themselves and pray and seek MY FACE and turn from their wicked ways; I will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land. PLEASE ABBA FATHER GOD YAWHEH HEAR ALL OUR PRAYERD TO YOU IN JESUS NAME AND HEAL Y/OUR LAND. Heal us all in Jesus  Name for human life to be VALUED; for the Good News of Yeshua shared to bear good fruit. We pray for all workers in Your fields ripe for harvest to win countless multitudes of souls in Jesus Name. We intercede for all Your people in all various outreaches for their safety, boldness and effectiveness in being used by YOU GOD to reach and bless in JESUS Name! All GLORY, Honour, Praise, Adoration to You Oh LORD our God Yahweh Thank You In Jesus Name, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit. AMEN AND AMEN. download.pngPRAY FOR LEADERS

  • Lord, many nations like our own have been experiencing divisive strife due to “warring factions.” So we ask You to bring healing, tear down idols or systems put in place that are not of You. Help us build up Godly order and unity, first and foremost among ourselves as Your Body, and throughout Your nations according to Ecclesiastes 3:3.
  • Help us and our leaders to see You as the Most High God and honour and Glorify You. To recognize Your ultimate dominion and authority. Help us to truly see all government belongs on Your shoulders. You set leaders in place and remove them from office. You are able to direct our ruling authorities’ hearts and minds according to Your will says Daniel 2:21; 4:34; Isaiah 9:6 and inProverbs 21:1.
  • Help leaders to humble themselves before You and commit their ways to you. To trust You in their hearts to recognize You as God, and exalt You among all nations says James 4:10; Psalm 37:5; Psalm 46:10.
  • Draw leaders of the world near to You. Reveal Yourself to them. May they become Believers and trust in You with all their hearts, not lean on their own understanding. As Your sheep, help them listen and heed Your Voice for guidance in all situations says James 4:8; Proverbs 3:5-6; John 10:27.
  • May our leaders be righteous, fear You and love truth. Help them lead all the nations, regions, people You placed them over with integrity of heart and skills required for their role says Proverbs 29:2; Exodus 18:21; Psalm 78:72.

LORD, remind us as Your people to pray for our top leaders and all in authority, to live peacefully with all in Jesus Name. Help people hear the Gospel Good News to be saved to know Your truth! We pray for all and our hope is in You! We Thank You God our anchor in times like these, 1 Timothy 2:1-4; Psalm 62:5, Hebrews 6:19.

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13915e963b7d55cb6a11030c62366417God’s Miracles CONTINUES CREATING ONE RACE from Eve mother of all God’s human beings. These two sets of black and white twins from same parents in Britain United Kingdom. Family has two sets of twins from one black family God wants to help whole world understand race relations. Melanin genes determine lives to prove importance of God’s Big Family of shades of colours, albino and the mixed race families made by God.One_albino_parent_8.JPGwe-are-all-one15680449437944780065845189322578.pngIMG_20160809_091422All people have the right to live on earth so no race is superior to any others. God made people to GLORIFY HIMSELF to show HIS majestic wonders of creation. The selfish arrogant people conniving to annihilate people to suit their delusion of grandeur are gathering evidence God will use to torment them in hell fire. No one brought anything into this world so will not take anything. Pharaohs stocked up gold and material resources for their after life decayed as dust. Mummies do not use material stuff they stockpiled so stop your greed and. change before too late. Stop wasting resources thinking it makes you superior. Revelations 19:15 says Jesus will slaughter with sword in his mouth those who deprived people. It will happen whether you believe it or not God will do exactly as HE plans so be saved in Jesus Name.