wp-1577094916589.gifNasa video show Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis scientifically described. These brilliant stunning images depict GLORY and MAJESTY of God Creation beyond words. This wonderful and the magnificent joy experienced even just by watching video touches the heart deeply to awesome works of God as manifested picture above Britain.tAefpj8Many people live near the aurora zone so regularly see this familiar experience of wonders in night sky. Solar Physicists study Northen Lights or Aurora Borealis spectacularly seen colourful night-time display located above earth’s magnetic poles in northern hemisphere globe as seen here in this picture.northern-lights-via-nasaAuroral display exhibits many different colours, the most common being green or red and caused by influence of the Sun on the Earth. These magnificent lights can be quite dynamic and can appear as scattered clouds, streamers, curtains or arcs dance wonderfully before the eyes._80958051_northernlights.jpgThis dazzling phenomena of continuous stream of energetic particles from Sun, known as solar wind, carried into space along magnetic field lines interact with gaseous particles earth’s upper or lower southern atmosphere depicted in God’s miracle showing aurora upside down.northern_lights_iss_20131009.jpgEnergetic particle cause beautiful aurora displays seen in outer space and weather conditions affected can include a power grid outages, communication blackouts, damage to spacecraft electronics and the astronaut health. Earth is protected by magnetic field magnetosphere, energetic particles so are deflected.Aurora_Map_N_S.pngMagnetosphere is similar to a magnetic bar teardrop shaped compressed by solar wind on the dayside. Solar particles then manage to penetrate Earth’s magnetic shield accelerated down magnetic field lines to the poles where they collide with gaseous particles in Earth’s atmosphere.Northern Lights.pngMagnificent display is caused by the Sun if particularly active. Sunspot regions of highly concentrated magnetic field, are thousands of times stronger than earth’s magnetic field. Appeared darker regions cooler than surrounding solar surface do usually appear in pairs and responsible for largest-scale eruptive phenomenon in solar system, coronal mass ejections.1309154495564869268.pngThe eruptions are huge bubble plasma threaded with magnetic field launched into space at speeds up to several million miles an hour and when earth – directed can cause huge geomagnetic storms. So beautiful electromagnetic wave colours accompanied by calm or strong weather conditions depending on location.501x333_04121246_6278797068_f3d68d8c64The earth rays are like giant prism lights filtered through to beam simultaneously so become rainbow coloured lights seen. This vivid bright colours are made due to the colours of the gases involved. Bright red light is oxygen mixed with nitrogen molecules. Common colour exhibited by aurora bright red, pink due to oxygen.article-2569881-1BE7E02300000578-472_964x577.jpgCoronal mass ejections occur frequently during the maximum of the solar cycle. The Sun’s 11-year activity cycle defined by number of sunspots present on solar surface. The more active Sun is the more sunspots on its surface as a consequence auroral displays frequent or Geomagnetic Storms are caused by a fast stream of solar wind or coronal mass ejection arrives at Earth and buffets the magnetosphere. If orientation magnetic field structure southward directed, then interacts strongly involves the earth’s magnetic field pull waves aurora seen. 259726Aurora_Map_N440.pngThe colours of the aurora are dependent upon the wavelength of emitted light. It is similar to fluorescent lamp where the colours depends upon which gas is in the atmosphere. Gas involved and the state of the molecules determines colours. So solar energetic particles enter Earth’s atmosphere collide with an atmospheric atom and ion outer electrons promoted to higher energy levels become excited. aurora-borealis-12-638.jpgWhen the electrons eventually relax and return to original energy levels, light is emitted at a certain wavelength which is dependent on the transition. Depending upon which molecule involved will then correspond to certain colour visible part of electromagnetic spectrum seen.solarmax1b_lg.jpgThe Nasa Space Telescope travels around the globe to record stunning images all over the world 24/7 to display wonderful pictures as seen in these images. These images are then relayed from spaceship to stations on earth to filter appropriate materials for public domain. The result is the nagnificent beautiful scenes seen.GPS-satellite-around-Earth-moving-animation.gifSo interaction involves earth’s magnetic field being peeled open the like layers of an onion to allow the energetic particles to enter magnetosphere and so becomes trapped. Field peeled away builds up on night-side eventually snaps like rubber band allow particles accelerated down magnetic field lines towards poles enter Earth’s atmosphere, causing aurora.640x360_09111438_aurora-formation-hdMaterial from Sun’s outer atmosphere erupt into space coronal mass ejection – Nasa. It is this phenomena that is depicted by the Seen colourful waves of various shapes and sizes. It is amazing beautiful natural phenomena seen by loyal aurora globe trotters to spot magnificent images. It is to allow tourists to select best to see it as sometimes more frequent than others.Tonight.jpgEnergetic particles of electrons and ions stream by magnetic field lines colliding with molecules in Earth’s atmosphere interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field during impact – Credit: NASA/GFSC/SVS. Most up-to-date aurora hour to hour or minute by minute time observation done record data locate a specific possible site earth dependent on current solar cycle.clip_image020_thumb.jpgFantastic Aurora couloured lights creates millions of the tourists fan interest base industry of curious people wanting to see more of aurora emerging in many places. This popular past time sometimes is in pristine environment, at times camping sites suitable amenities for visitors. So preferred choice available and privileged see it comfortably in homefront yard.10068791395_2c8ba8be0c_zInteraction involves earth’s magnetic field being allowed energetic particles to enter magnetosphere. Field particles are accelerated down magnetic field lines to poles enter earth’s atmosphere, causing aurora. The wavelength of emitted light fluorescent lamp colours depends on gas in atmosphere. State of molecules solar energetic particles in earth atmosphere collide with atmospheric atoms, electrons are promoted to higher energy levels rapidly floating waves. As electrons relax return to original energy level light emitted at certain wavelength which depending on transition molecule. Molecule involved corresponds to certain colour visible electromagnetic spectrum. Colours exhibited aurora green is oxygen molecules. Red light caused by collision of oxygen and nitrogen molecules, the blue and purple light due to nitrogen.jupiter-blue-aurora.jpgJupiter’s electric-blue Aurora as imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope. The planets in solar system experience the impressive displays as Sun’s influence extends to an outer solar system with auroras observed on gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Process behind auroras same on Earth with gases in upper atmosphere being excited by an energetic particles streaming in near magnetic poles. Most particles originate from solar wind but for Jupiter some comes from Jupiter’s closest moons Io, Ganymede and Europa.n14Aurora is observed in hemispheres in an irregularly shaped oval ring around the Earth’s geomagnetic poles, known as the auroral oval located around 67 degrees activity is low. The geomagnetic activity increases auroral oval disturbed, expand to equator as spectacular auroral display observed at mid to low latitudes.a2Some of the best places to visit to view the aurora are in North America, Alaska or Canada, Norway, Finland and Iceland in Europe. The Northern Light is always present but best time to view them is on clear nights during the winter months of September, October, February and March offers the most hours of darkness, lower levels of light pollution it accompanies.maxresdefault (1)Sightings of Northern Lights are possible any time, though during solar maximum at best. Sunspot activity large eruptions cause most impressive auroral shows. To see beautiful Aurora can be an emotional and spiritual experience often leaving a life-long impression. Mystery behind an aurora varies as mechanics transmission of its beauty not first clearly understood. Now modern technology famous Hubble Telescope help outside world to perceive meaning of aurora. Exceptional beautiful interesting videos recorded live by Nasa. Others pictures from aurora fans shared.n13.jpgAurora borealis Northen lights explained by events no longer strange happenings or occurrences. These are well document in poems and Psalms in Bible describing colours ythat scientist have managed to decode or explain as aurora. The Creator God Displays in the universe Wonders of these sightings to give Joy to mankind. It is good to take time to reflect on natural beautiful environments God created.slooh-aurora-st-patricks-day-solar-storm.jpgAuroras are difficult to predict with exact precision because of stops and the starts known as sub-storms. If looking for an occurrence out there, need to be more patient. Here are some tools that will increase your chances. Check the details of location or zone if interested.

1. Find a place with unobstructed views to the north/north-east

2. Find a place that is far removed from significant light pollution

3. Keep your eyes on the low horizon

4. Do not gaze at your phone as this will spoil your night vision

5. Wrap up warm blankets, flask filled with warm drink and be patient, relax

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