16d293ea6ecd74cb175b28adfcd9ee18Hubble Telescope image of God in public domain confirms HIS Visible Presence of Existence to mankind. CLOSE-UP VIEWS of Hubble Telescope pinpoints God deep in Sky Clouds further in elliptical galaxy light years from earth. Face shows God Our Heavenly Father Communicating in Pictographic with HIS Children on rarth through NGC 1316 powerful media source in the Sky. Signs and Wonders from God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth is God Revealing HE Watches or Minds HIS Business to catch man’s attention daily. Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the Glory of God, and the Skies proclaims the Work of God’s Hands. As the Sun Shines so the whole earth is filled with God’s LIGHT and HIS Salvation. All God’s WORKS give THANKS to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. The Godly ones worship Elohim Yahweh in Yeshua by Spirit of God DNA Cross of Kingdom of God’s within mankind. The heavens declare the signs and wonders to Reveal the Mystery of God People. As are connected directly to God the Creator Protype Patent Owner of all HIS precious priceless humans. God’s LOVE Power in us Creates Joy and happiness for people power makes life beautiful, wonderful as a good adventure by choice to live right. Psalm 8:3-4 tells us heavens are WORKS of God’s Fingers moon, stars, God Set in outer space firmaments.Jesus_behind_the_gold-681x506Jesus is the Most Reliable Witness seen in awesome wonder so considering the world God’s Hands Made, knows God is mindful of Him the Son of man that God Cares for Him. Christians believe heaven is a physical place above clouds Jesus and God dwells from so both Manifest THEIR PRESENCE anywhere THEY Choose. And through signs and wonders in universe, the creative power by mankind enables hubble into outer universe space closer to God. Genesis 1:6-7, 14, 15 God Said, Let there be firmament in middle of the created waters scientists call the river clouds. Psalm 33:6 declares heavens are made by Word of God and all hosts of universe show wondrous beauty. Psalm 115:16 says Heaven of heavens Belong to Lord God but the earth God gives to man. Psalm 148:22-26 confirms God Dwells in circle above earth with HIS Inhabitants in the 3rd heaven so watches over earth. Psalm 148:3-4 Praises God by Sun, moon and all the shinning stars, the moon; all Praise God in the highest heavens and by the waters above the skies all of them praise the name of the Lord, because HE gave a command and were created  to His Name. Jeremiah 10:11-12 says tell people God Created the Heavens so the gods did not create the heavens. Romans 1:19-20 states, it is well known God Manifests in Creation. Psalm:1-2 encourages Praise of God in His Sanctuary. The wise shine as brightness of firmament rakeea or raka, stretching, expanding beauty containing celestial bodies air, light, rain, dews all displaying Infinite Power Wisdom of God Almighty Creator, Jesus’ Great Adoration Unity Oneness Universe.hqdefault (2).jpgThis picture by Hubble Telescope shows Jesus face bright shinning light standing next to God Behind Jesus. God Personally Restores to Calm mind after repentance and forgivessness, helps to worship God now in right relationship with mankind. God’s Signs and Wonders are written in the Bible, Tanakh, Torah Scripture for thousands of years, shows Gloriously Marvellous described by HIS ministers, prophets or teachers, Rabbi’s for many generations to depict the Majesty of God. Whole nations God will Restore by Mercy and Compassion. The faithful few deeply pray to God not to destroy mankind like in Genesis 6:6 when God regretted making people on earth. God dissapointed heart of man was full of evil always but Loving Father God Corrects rebels, disobedient grieving God HE wished HE never made man. Jesus Manifests God’s Restoration Love relationship so mankind in Christ saved souls live with God in heaven. On Throne Jesus Comforts person on knees embracing Jesus next to Adam hugging Eve beside Moses watching reader.hqdefaultHeavenly embraces and reunion of loved ones at the feet of Jesus on the Throne in heaven as seen in this Hubble telescope image. Well known people testify seeing hearing sounds, music recording writing lyrics, tunes Glorify God. God Personally Restores and Calms mind through music therapy Praise worship in relationship between HIM and mankind. So Heaven works as God the Designer Architect has creative action final home for humanity who accept Jesus. Those who continue to acknowledge God Almighty and Creator Patent Owner of Creation, Please God in many ways giving Credit to God and are Honouring God. God’s Set time sky signs and wonders is in information highway making HIS PRESENCE VISIBLE in clouds to alert humanity more about God. Jesus’ Visible Presence angels, wonders from God ensure all see Jesus Coming to earth Second Time to Rescue believers, and departed saints in Christ in rapture. The heavens of heavens are for Jehovah so HE Reserves the HEAVENS as HOME for HIMSELF as HIS Special Possession and home in Isaiah 66:1; Matthew 5:34; Acts 7:49. Jesus has prepared mansions for believers who die in Christ in heavenly calling including 24 elders surrounding God’s throne in Heaven in Revelation 4:4 representing heavenly assembly.new_hubble_imagesmaxresdefault (1).jpgThe saints with all the souls of believers dwell in heaven with God. The heavenly calling believers rapture from earth alive with Jesus to heaven to God’s Presence. God prepared earth for man placed on it to cultivate, given fruits productions to man, to be held and enjoyed by man. HE Made earth subject to man, the birds in the air, creatures on the land and in the waters. All this HE has given to man; not to the angels. Earth is the home of man, the birth-place of man; the place where he lives, where he shows the result of his work, his skill, talents and his ingenuity; the place he builds houses, bridges, and monuments, works of art; place where he prepares future state of existence; the place where he dies, buried. Formed by Creator’s beautiful home readymade for mankind’s perfect habitation. Important God”s people to praise Him while living on earth. After death souls worship God as they do now drawn together to honour God. Consequently writer and the rest of the Godly bless the Lord forever calling all to Praise One True Great God Indeed. God is Seen, Appreciated, Worshipped as Yahweh Uniquely Blesses Universe. IMG_20160628_000238Sovereign Jehovah is Absolute Master of Universe Made heavens of heavens, and the earth given to the children of Adam. HE exiled him from paradise, to turn out earth given to him and his sons for ever. To have dominion to, till, eat produce all their days. In return for God’s Blessings and Favour to remain loyal, true to Only Only True God Elohim. Express gratitude thankfulness connection to God’s Source of all wealth and life. So God’s Holiness, Goodness, Glory is seen and appreciated at first by privileged few in physical form but now media Coudpedia Skype Hubble images show GOD’S VISIBLE PRESENCE through fire, whirlwind, burning bush or human visions dreams, donkey speaks to the prophet Balaam. God’s Transcendent Light Essence like Strong SunShine Seen not gazed upon directly. God Continues to Amaze by HIS VISIBLE PRESENCE in Space, Sky, Clouds, in wonderful images beyond description to confound wise is impressive as none Compare with GOD’S MAJESTY and HIS Excellency. 13fc01ea916729f4c2f4a32d50cc85d0.jpgGod displays Wonders seen by Hubble so relayed by Nasa to bless all the mankind on earth. God’s Immanent Transcendent Glory seen by Psalmists fellows, worship and bless Jehovah forevermore eternally. Distinction made in Psalm 115:17 shows “dead who praise not Jehovah go down into silence who died and descend into Sheol. So, “dead worshippers like idols worshipped Paul described dead living in 1 Timothy 5:6 and Exodus 29:3. In Psalm 19:1, The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies above proclaim the WORK of God’s Hands as Sunshine fills whole earth God’s Light and Salvation. God’s  works give thanks to LORD God by Godly ones in Psalm 19:1-6. So Heavens declare Glory of God Proclaim Wisdom, Power of Goodness ungodly person has no excuse of saying did not know. HST-timeline.jpgGod’s Evidence Speak themselves, works of Creator is eternal infinitely wise, good and powerful. The counter-changing of day and night is great proof of power of God all called to observe. The kingdom of God is displayed by Magnificent Nature, His Providence forms light, and creates the darkness, Isaiah 45:7. God sets one by the other so is sun in the firmament. Emblem Son of Righteousness Jesus, the Bridegroom of Church Lights the world. Diffusing God’s Divine Light Salvation by HIS Gospel to nations of earth. God delights in blessing Church espoused to Christ unwearied for the whole earth to be filled with His Light and Salvation. By encounter people hear preachers speak own tongue the wonderful works of God. Give God Glory for comfort and benefit by lights of heaven above and beyond to Sun of righteousness blessing earth. So Great privilege reserved by Father God so gracious and bountiful to perceive Power of God to understand the Spirit of God. It preserving us in a state of peace security under HIS Protection. Designating God Maker of heaven and earth, reminds all there is no ground to fear as HE IS ABLE to defend for having created heaven and earth remains concerned in heaven for all creation saved by God’s Sovereign Power. God’s Paternal Regard for human race in Christ as Creator with all fullness Provident God, is FATHER of all family on Makes Provision for comforts to enjoy tokens of FATHERLY Care. God satisfied with HIS OWN glory enriched earth with abundant good things lack nothing.  

Dwelling-place in heavens independent of worldly riches supports present life to replenish earth. Consequently, God has resources in Himself. Many reflect God bestows good things so deserves grateful gratitude. Main purpose of testifying is to build faith, confidence in God warmly on all occasions though remain at ease in own heaven will return to earth. O God! the dead shall not praise thee These words of prophet pleads God’s Compassion to HIS Church. God gains souls praising HIS name celebrating God’s peculiar favour towards all. Jesus saves by repentance and God’s forgiviness of sins of people. God does not want HIS NAME to perish, extinct, entombed with dead. God loves praise so dead soul has the sensibility as living soul after passing. Bible says souls return to God more vigorous and active, inevitably following Jesus into heaven praising though dead. Jesus though dead yet shall live. God’s supply keeps place situated on the earth so with one voice celebrate praises of God. To this purpose prophet in Scripture passages, declare “I shall not die, but live declare goodness of the Word of the Lord God Almighty, in the land of the living in Psalm 118:17. A  king Hezekiah said, “The living, shall praise God in Isaiah 38:19Jonah, when cast out of belly of the fish, said, offered sacrifices of praise and paid vows to the Lord God in Jonah 2:10. So pagan dead excluded from taking part celebration of God’s praises. There is no communion and fellowship qualifying them for the mutual praises proclaiming HIS Glory on earth continued in heaven. Earth given to mankind, to employ in God’s service, of everlasting life. True abundance of the earth ad Holy Spirit declares, all things are created principally for use of men, to recognize God as Father. Whole course of nature destroyed, if God is separate from Church. Creation of the world serves the good purpose to call on God, so there will always life upon on earth. The Church is preserved for God’s Glory and Honour to calls upon as deliverer of whole body of the Church God upholds in generations. God TESTIFIES OF HIMSELF through HIS Son declare justice and mercy.
God uses hour glass set time to prepare mankind for global changes taking place in living history so proving HIMSELF to convince billions to repent and receive Christ before it is too late. Through these images God appears physically visibly as Jesus Said, when you See me you SEE the Father, God Almighty, who LOVES all so wants all people saved from all nations, tribes, cultures languages before it is too late as wrath of God is fully  unleashed. God’s Design since foundation of world is perfect live and peace between all to be ruled by Jesus Christ. God is changing things in world to bring HIS RULE under Jesus Christ King of Kings in Kingdom of God. The New Jerusalem will come from heaven to land on earth in Jerusalem in Israel. God is deeply concerned so wants people to believe HIM to accept Jesus. So today if your hear Jesus Calling you pray and ask God for forgive your sins in Jesus Name. Invite Jesus into your heart plead His BLOOD for Mercy to Clean and wash you. Read your Bible and live for God.


      • We can see the Golden City from earth when God chooses to open up the sky and reveal heaven to us, though I dont know if NASA can see into they city.

      • Yes often skies and clouds open showing heavenly steps and preview insight into heaven. Hubble Telescope miraculously zoomed into space to reveal heaven. Others show pictures of Jesus and God in satellite images and clouds to reveal heaven all over the world

      • Yes God reveals HIS PRESENCE like Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire. God is Spirit however as LOVING FATHER Yahweh shows up in the image of a man sitting on Throne in heaven in Isaiah Bible. God appears in Bible looking like a man to many people.

      • We are made in the image of God and so look like God. Actually God looks a lot like Father Christmas OR Santa.

      • We are made in the image of the God of all flesh. Yes most pictures show God with white hair and long beard similar to Father Christmas modelled on St. Nicholas.

  1. Us angels here in Australia go up to the mountain top to see God. I’d imagine thats where NASA looks too! At all the mountain tops in the world! New Zealand has massive mountains and is Gods favourite country for mountains. I’d like to see some NASA footage from New Zealand.

    • Yes with God all things are possible as NASA shows amazing space orbit pictures of New Zealand down under. That is one of my favourite pictures to see earth underneath the globe but nothing falling off because of miracle of gravity. So beautiful to see space stations and telescopes passing by such natural magnificent creations.

  2. No man has seen God, only angels see God, you cannot see the Father without meeting the son first. So is it true that only angels can see God?

    • Many people in living history in the Bible saw God 44 times and lived. Moses and 70 elders saw and ate with God on the mountain. Angels live with God in heaven so see God daily. It is not true that only angels see God. Christ Jesus God opened the way to come to enter God’s PRESENCE boldly through the Blood of Jesus Christ. God Chose Jesus to be the link between God and mankind so forever Eternal life is given in Christ Jesus to become the Children of God. All people are God creatures but only those in Christ are God’s Children. So yes one cannot meet Yahweh without the Son of Yeshua Messiah.

  3. NASA would see the golden city in the sky called heaven. They would also see the Big Bangs, seas parting and God when he is sleeping and in action.

    • Yes NASA revealed the golden city heaven through Hubble telescope. Big bangs continue as stars and comets, planets asteroids, meteors explode and scatter in space. Sometimes seen on earth through telescopes, dusts, energy waste, and space debris. God’s space and earth is in constant action. The Bible says God does not slumber or sleep but watches over everything 24/7. Thanks for your comments.

      • God rests too…….. as on the 7th day he rested. He closes his eyes and rests, whether he sleeps or not? no one would know, not even NASA as his eyes do close.

      • Psalm 121:3-4 says God does not slumber or sleep because HE IS GOD. Yes God set a great example to for us to rest on Sabbath on 7th day in Genesis. Humans need rest for the planet earth to rest too and animals. Anything without rest breaks down so God ensures rest for our well-being to wisely use resources of nature to last longer. Rest repairs body cells, helps recovery of plants cycles and nature replenishes itself through resting of fallow ground 7 years.

      • I would love to know who is talking to God and what about? I wonder if NASA speaks to GOD?

      • All people are free to talk God about any matters on their hearts and minds. God listens and hears all people talking to HIM. All issues are important to God who keeps an accurate record in HIS BOOK OF LIFE. Every word spoken will be accounted for on God’s judgement day. NASA pictures showed God’s home in 3rd Heaven. Some people working at NASA who believe in God do talk to God too like all other people do. Scientific research is trying to communicate by radio wave transmission frequency in space. God speaks directly to people through Bible, messages concerning earth and through 7 trumpets blown in heaven affecting earth, prophecies and signs and wonders to save and warn about endtimes events, Armageddon and Jesus coming to Reign on earth with God and saints.


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