The Temple Institute has created this life-sized menorah for use in the future Third Temple.Temple Institute created this life-sized menorah for use in future Third Temple.  The menorah is made of 45 kg of 24 karat pure gold hammered out of single block of solid gold. (Photo by Francisco Martins).
In Bible, The LORD God spoke to Moses saying, ‘Speak to Aaron and say to him, to set up (behaalotecha בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ) lamps, seven lamps to give light 24/7 in front of Menorah, Numbers 8:12.  Workmanship of golden Menorah, from shaft, flowers, all hammered according to pattern the LORD God shown Moses for lampstands in Numbers 8:4. Role of priests detailed also includes maintaining Light in God’s Temple. A physical light drives darkness away so Spiritual Light kindles spirit of man in Kingdom of the Glorious Light of Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Parasha Naso, numbers Israel in census of Levites, for their rota roles and duties in the Temple. Nazirite vow details the Aaronic Blessing of people in God’s Presence. God’s Light Presence Shines into a person to purify and Restore God’s Light dimmed by sin. The symbolic Menorah raises the Light of Purity in GOD’S PRESENCE. GOD’S Spirit in man can be overshadowed by sin if not maintaining the fire altar to keep the flame alive. This is the reason why Jesus described the 7 Churches in Revelation golden candlestand’s light. Worship of God continues during HIS Physical Presence with Christ on earth in New Temple as Kings, Queens people travel to Jerusalem as Queen Sheba did.
Rekindling of Menorah lampstand is a Symbol of Light of the Revelation Truth of Relationship between God and man. God commanded Moses to make it out of gold according to pattern shown him on Mount Sinai. Gold symbolizes a precious great value, as purity metaphor in Bible.  Fire in Menorah represents the fire of the Divine Light spreading throughout the entire world, beginning with Israel first then all the nations. Important to understand Godliness is symbolic of a believer being refined as finest highest best quality karat gold. God’s Refining of people causes the dross sin removed to become a desired refined pure gold. The Bible Says, God starts with leaders first. As a refiner purifies silver or gold God first purify Levites and refined them like gold and silver. Then the LORD God causes men to bring in the offerings in righteousness in Malachi 3:3. Interesting 
to note that tithes and offerings brought into Temple attached to purity Holiness.
God Instructs Moses to Ordain all priests through purification rites for holiness. A special annointing oil balm was prepared exclusively sacred for anointing. Today Jesus blood and Holy Spirit sanctifies the priest of God. The Levites Serve God in Temple had to be cleansed and purified before beginning their ministry. “Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying: ‘Take Levites from among children of Israel and cleanse them ceremonially.  Thus you shall do to them to cleanse them: So sprinkle water of purification on them, and let them shave all their body, and let them wash their clothes to make them all clean in Numbers 8:5–7. God took the Levites as His Own in place of firstborn spared during Ten Plagues in Egypt. Yet those sons defiled their heart and spirit when they worshiped golden calf. The Levites did not worship golden calf so stayed faithful and true to God of Israel. Therefore, given the work of service in Tabernacle, instead of Israel’s firstborn sons. Levites between the ages of 25–50 qualify to serve in Tabernacles. After fifty, the Levites were required to retire from active duty but stand guard and according to Jewish commentator Rashi, sing, lock the gates, and load wagons, not serve inside on altar in a Tabernacle.
Holy+of+Holies.pngTithes and offerings belong to God so as to help equip work to maintain Temple and to provide the servants of God with due reward. The Levites and priests are not given land or other material assets their inheritance is from God directly. God Authorises priests to receive tithes and offerings dedicated to God. First put on Altar for a specific time then utilised to purchase any need for God’s Temple. Harvest food offering allowed to be eaten by priest is shared with widows orphans because God is Husband of widows and a Father to orphans. This is important to understand God Says nobody must come to His Presence empty handed. Bible in Deuteronomy 16;16 says 3/times in a year shall all males appear before LORD God in place of annual pilgrimage and no one can appear before God emptyhanded. In Exodus 23:15 told to celebrate feast of the unleavened bread for 7 days eat but none shall appear before God emptyhanded. It is necessary to teach value to give to God Giver of Spirit Life. So no one comes into God’s Presence without offering. People are not tocome emptyhanded; so must not come to worship God empty-hearted; and empty handed if one afford to give. Priest depends entirely on God’s Portion given by the people for God’s Service. A priest is first accountable to God so not let bad idolatory influence lure them to sin against God. To whom much is given much required so responsible to ensure the flock is doing the right thing by His personal good example to congregation.
As smelted gold poured into moulds so pure as refined gold so priest is to focus on God’s work to use his gifts or talents as offering of service to God. In return as the priest focus on his personal purity holiness God makes provision to supply all his needs through the congregation.
Many teach that freely receive freely give means giving tithes offerings donations means selling salvation paying for free word of God so tell people not to give a tithe offering according to Malachi 3:10. God says He Opens windows of heaven to bless to rebuke devourer or curse those who disobey Him. If God curses a person no prayers can save them until repents. Poverty mindset causes many churches to lose essential vital source of income to maintain premises, run down sold off as pubs. Believers refuse to sponsor church but glory in mansions and wealth. It puts pressure on leaders to look for ungodly unethical secular counsel led sources of income that destroyed many because they did not teach the church correctly to be provided for by God. The Word of God demands all church members not to turn up in God’s House empty – handed. Cleaning church, pews bringing flowers all offerings not limited to money. Souls kept alive by God give tithes offerings to sustain HIS Kingdom to win more souls.
The giver trusts God to guide pure hearts of a priest refined as gold to do the right thing to use funds for God’s Work. It is not the job of the Giver to tarnish priest saying how money is used. The Church finance Committee deals with income outgoings  so that is their job. Previous generations sacrificed to build Churches to win souls. Some people do not realise Cost to Christ Head of Church Priceless Sacrifice as compared to the maintaining costs of church moan and complaining to give to God. The Light of Obedience 7 lamps lit golden Menorah stands for perfection or completion. Revelation 1:12 speaks about 7 golden lampstands vision God gave John who turned to see a voice speaking saw 7 golden lampstands. The
7 golden lampstands represents all the 7 congregations in Asia Minor in Revelation 1:10–11, 20. Jesus warns He might remove the lampstand of a congregation if they continue in sin and refuse to repent. As Yeshua Jesus told the church at Ephesus: “He is Coming to remove lampstand out of place unless those in Church repents in Revelation 2:5. Important to remember 7 Churches represents all the categories of the Churches on earth today. God Says judgement starts in House of God as part of these warnings from Jesus Christ.
Christ Followers are to continually grow in obedience, love, joy, peace, becoming more and more like Yeshua. Godly love, joy, and peace shines forth through dark and dreary world like a beacon of light signalling hope. So makes others desire the Source of God’s Goodness. “Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart, Psalm 37:4. As we seek First Kingdom of God, to pursue the Lord God, we pursue purity in our attitudes, our speech and our ministry.
God warns all those despite God’s Divine fire-cloud Presence accompaning them by supernatural manifestation of God still did not loyal. God Still delivers HIS Chosen people from sin bondage to Nile turn to blood save firstborns by blood to walk in parted sea safely to experience God’s supernatural miracle Presence. So God’s provisions even manna level stops murmuring in wilderness of lack poverty
not complain reject God desiring to go back to bondage to eat fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, garlic in Numbers 11:5. A consumed craving for sin meats in Bible salivates watching preserved herds multiply to increase grazing God’snaan. 
Lamb in flowers near JerusalemLamb of God Jesus Christ by self – denial or endurance skills conquered sin and death in battle on journey salvation for all to be saved. Similarly God required all on ancient journey Jerusalem to endure.
Moses finds people’s complaining hard to bear he is ready to die if no solution is found, and his honesty with God brings about a Divine solution. God tells him to gather 70 experienced elders to Tent of Meeting to share burden of leadership so God endows them with God’s Spirit imparted from Moses Spirit in Numbers 11:17. This Act of God forever legitimates judicial role of Israel and Church elders.
God Promises Moses and gave the people so much meat they were sick of it. The great benefits of vegetables meals for a season to detoxify and strengthen was overlooked for gluttonly meaty food used to in Egypt. To satisfy cravings of these ungrateful Israelites, God sends tons of quail. Many gorged themselves and died as God’s anger unleashed by rejection of Him buried in Kibroth-hattaavah graves for cravings in Numbers 11:31–35. Miriam and Aaron complained speaking against brother Moses criticize him for marrying a Cushite woman racism slander through lack of respect as prophets due to pride.
hqdefault.jpgSpeaking lashon harah slander, to injure and for pride, God strikes Miriam with a leprosy so she turns white “like snow.”
Aaron recognizes their sin so cries out to the LORD God, please heal her please.” Moses intercedes on their behalf so God heals Miriam. Repentance helps restore relationship with God, yet still a lesson learned affects entire community.  They cannot move ahead until Miriam spends seven days outside the camp. So Church of God has a lot to learn from God’s Way of dealing with His leaders to set a good example. Haftarah Prophetic Portion on Purity and Menorah message of Jesus in Revelation still relevant in the Church today. Prophetic readings from Zechariah 2:14;4:7 begins with invitation to shout for joy because God DWELLS in midst of Zion His Chosen Jerusalem. Many are to join themselves to the Lord through HIS Chosen people. Zechariah’s vision confirms how deeply Adonai cares about the cleansing of His people. The Prophet Zechariah sees high priest Joshua, son of Jehozadak, standing before the angel of the Lord in Heavenly Court. Satan is also there accusing Joshua, as clothed in filthy rags, a metaphor for sin. Joshua is guilty of allowing sons to marry foreign women, not allowed for Levites in Ezra 10:18. Angel of Lord identifies Joshua as a brand plucked from fire due hardship of exile.” Joshua return Babylonian with Zerubbabel as Jewish exiles in Jerusalem to rebuild city and the Jewish Temple.
1997 Solomon temple
The LORD God Rebukes satan and says to Joshua, See, I removed your guilt from you so you shall be clothed in a priestly robes in Zechariah 3:4. So Zechariah then describes vision of 7 branched Menorah. 
Restoring and Rebuilding Jerusalem is a huge task as Prophet Zechariah, sees it God reassures Joshua and Zerubbabel He is behind the Initiative. Zechariah sees Menorah symbolic purity light of truth reaching all nations. LORD gives word to Zerubbabel governor of Judah, saying, it is  “Not by might, or power, but by God’s Spirit said Lord of Hosts in Zechariah 4:6. Godly Spiritual goal depends on God not on man alone as too difficult if left to a man’s own devices. God’s Supernatural Help is greatly appreciated. Moses had limits as a mere man so none could do the work of Moses as the leader without being anointed with the Spirit of God. To ease Moses’ burden, God spread Moses’ anointing by Holy Spirit to 70 respected elders to share in the task of leadership. The elders immediately prophesied. So some complained why others apart from Moses prophesied? God Responded that on this occasion He Authorised 70 elders because God wants people to Have Spirit of God to prophcey in Numbers 11:24-30. Jesus prophesied the things happening today over 2000 years ago saying that as it was in the days of Noah so will be the changes affecting the whole world.
The Spirit of God works as Spiritual gifts manifest. Prophecy is gift in 1 Corinthians 12:4–11, 28; Romans 12:6–8. So these gifts still available to all through Holy Spirit descending upon believers 50 days after Yeshua’s resurrection win 3000 people to Christ in Acts 2:1 -41 at Pentecost. It is received after repentance through Jesus Yeshua, garments of iniquity is removed like Joshua clothed purity righteousness. This fulfils Zechariah’s prophecy, which foretells of a time when the Messiah will remove all iniquity in a single day. Bible says God will bring Jesus Branch future KING from the line of David to remove a country’s guilt in a single day. That day declares the LORD of Hosts  you will be inviting each other to the shade of vines and fig trees in Zechariah 3:8–10; Jeremiah 33:15. A Righteous Branch line of David appeared in one day Jesus paid penalty for sin and clothed with righteousness. 
Each of us needs God’s Spirit in our lives empowering to obey His word, manifest His love, joy, and peace, and exercise spiritual gifts He has bestowed. Filled with that Spirit, each of us are beacons of light that show the way to a lost and dying world. One practical way to shine lights in a midst of darkness is refusing to complain and, express gratitude in all things, rejoicing in the Lord always. Do all things without complaining arguing prove yourselves blameless innocent, Children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world in the Bible in Philippians 2:14–15. Shinning the Light of God in Yeshua’s Light among all people worldwide by help the ministry of Bibles. If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Yeshua, HIS Son, purifies us from all sin in 1 John 1:7. Believer’s light shines ever brighter until perfect day of Jesus Return! The path of the righteous is like morning sun shining ever brighter till full light of day in Proverbs 4:18. Light of God Rekindles the Spirit inner man in forever shinning in the everlasting life.

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