Hebrews 12:1 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off things that hinder and sin that so easily besets to entangle, let us run race to persevere to win prize for us.” God, Jesus, Saints, the angels, heavenly host and people alive surrounding us are all great witnesses. All Israel saved as written: ‘Deliverer will Come from Zion to remove godlessness from Israel in Romans 11:26. Israel first, then all nations globally Christ Saves.99206b909d57164b7f65a1222d2ee888God’s Cloudepia Computing expose and monitoring database sets up life in the skyway to reassure us we are never alone for Father God is always with us. Jesus Said He will never leave or forsake till end. So Cloud of witnesses put in place motivates loyal faithful Christian saints according to Bible, guides to support, help strengthens faith to endure to the end. The world is going through transitions as God Restores earth for peace and justice to all. God continues to display signs, wonders in Elijah’s day his servant saw a hand cloud.8acb531ed4014b33b419687a64dc50fcIn 1 Kings 18:44 in Bible Elijah told Ahab, to expect heavy rain in time of drought as Ahab went to eat and Elijah sent his servant to tell Ahab to get ready in his chariot go home before the rain stopped him.’ Elijah’s servant looked in cloud for 7times before said behold a little cloud like a man’s hand is rising from sea.” Elijah continued by praying waiting for answer fervently believe in God. Though prayer supplications sometimes does not come quickly earnest prayer means that do not grow weary, faint or give uparticle-2363993-1AD29426000005DC-910_634x421


Little clouds appeared soon overspreads heavens and waters earth. So rainclouds trickled from the little drops into mighty stream then great flood. Great blessings arise from small beginnings, showers of plenty from tiny cloud of handspan. So never despise days of small things, hope, wait for great things from God. A small beginning create great matters, gracious proceedings of God to people or nations. May seem long to patiently wait for great promise of rescue restoration by God for all waiting great deliverance. In Job 8:7 Bible says small beginnings have latter end great increase. So Bible in Zechariah 4:10 encourages all to appreciate to value small beginnings to rejoice as remnants.

Cavendish Press - Manchester

Keen amateur photographer Terry Buckman spotted ‘Face of God’ in a cloud formation taking pictures of boats sailing on the English Channel near Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset. Terry said clouds parted suddenly the shape of Face of God appeared in the blue sky. Cavendish Press Manchester Ltd in UK published the picture.hqdefault (3)Authenticity of all pictures supplied confirm Cloud of witnesses literally as Bible says. Actions by people daily are watched by the Cloud Image witnesses supplied. Publication of images is solely encouraged by God to remind the living to have a wise discretion to please God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the heavenly host.dbe5725dade3fbc4dc5d7302c8614bc0.jpgGod sends help us sometimes unknown to us to protect and defend us many times. So it means God helps us the ‘run the race set before us to win the prize’according to Hebrews 12:1. The cloud of witnesses see us and at times reveal themselves to us at specific times possible to help endure to the end. Power, strength and grace of God guide through tough times.c0ba36515a49e54609f605e41b81a106.jpgGod Loves to Reveal through HIS ART to cheer us to let us know God Truly Loves us. Art exhibitions conducted all over the world to display great talent ability of painters, God Loves to Display HIS ARTWORKS. God has Great Sense of Humour and Shekinah Glory Nurturing Naturing Playful Side known by those Intimate Closely with God’s Loving Playful Nature Great Love in 1 John 4:8 GOD IS LOVE. cloud-heart_2635154e.jpgPerfect LOVE cloud photographed in UK by Christine Brown, 78, who took picture of a cloud formation while walking along Milford on Sea clifftop Hampshire. God’s LOVE PRESENCE felt and known whenever HE wants to make us particularly happy. HAPPY God let us feel HIS Person by deep feeling of joy revealed ART Image in Clouds. Clouds, Skies Firmaments display marvellous wonders of GOD LOVE CREATION all around us. Screen_Shot_2014-07-08_at_094648.pngGod wrote LOL- Lots of Love in Sky so continues to write in Cloud to people who watch and notice HIM. Second Coming of Jesus is closely tied to sky Cloud. Mankind is being prepared to wake up to see the forthcoming event of Jesus Christ impact the whole world. Important to focus more on Christ Jesus to be ready to share His Love with all in GOD’S New Software cross platform in clouds and sky.IMG_20160606_163919865_HDR.jpgMany Cloud spotters in Birmingham, UK many other places globally share their pictures at many sites online to inform the people to become more aware of salvation plan by God for all humanity. Beautiful Images are seen daily in many parts of world as part of end time Prophecy in line with word of God. Bible says all eyes will see Jesus Coming Physically in Clouds.hqdefault (4).jpgBible in Acts2:19, God Says HE WILL DISPLAY WONDERS IN THE HEAVENS ABOVE IN THE CLOUDS AND SIGNS ON EARTH. It is part of end-time prophecy message to reassure and encourage faithful remnants urgently waiting for Christ Return. The worse things get on earth, God Advises HIS loyal followers to endure with hope. So rejoice for salvation is near even at the door so do not worry or be cross protection.jpgGod’s Word two edged sword displayed in wonders in sky above signs to hold on to Word of God. Christians told by God not to kill anyone. God HIMSELF FIGHTS on earth by blood, fire clouds of smoke documented by people all over the world. In line with Bible searched, read, studied properly, noted recorded personally. Bible is in many languages so no excuse to listen to others but not examine Truth yourself. Timeline of Gentiles lasts for season allowed by God for nations to be grafted in with Chosen Nation Israel. All who reject by God’s Wrath punished Jesus Sword, saints, angels. witnesses1Overwhelmingly interestingly fascinating pictures of cloud images in you tube video documents ongoing Display of God’s Direct Interventions during storms of life. God Continues on earth by various events to alert to all to get in tune with HIM on earth. So God is not aloof or detached but Interested in human affairs daily in touch calling all to attention. Easy to understand definition descriptions of latest images in terms of Bible jargon in God Cloud Computing. Wisdom of God Tunes world through Clouds.997dee35f06f6504cca3f53e6d008ffc.jpgEncouragement for Christians grateful in knowing all heavenly host including God Jesus and angels watch over us 24/7. This is a wonderful thought the great cloud of witnesses are cheering us in multitudes more than enough for access to all areas if need them. Some of them helped us in the past so we know many multitudes of angels despatched by God on our behalf. Others we will meet in heaven only for a first time. Our beloved Messiah, Saviour, Jesus His sense of love and sheer glowing joy in us for witnessing Gospel reality at last in God’s Presence utterly overwhelm us. We feel love and refreshing joy from God’s LOVE in Christ love causing us to love God back and fellowship in worship. Great cloud of witnesses cheer us on.a82658d82825660645780a7a1259cb9d.jpgPhenomenally on special occasions God Comes to earth in clouds or visits people personally in dark sad moments to let people know HE IS STILL IN CONTROL despite the rebellious people mocking ridiculing HIS WORKS. Some give credit to UFOS, evil spirits showing wonders but refuse to believe in Superior Power of Father God. Jesus Christ was sent to save and redeem mankind from sin wrath of God. Revelation 13:13 amazing wondrous Jesus revealed with crown on His Head in Clouds. Saved greatly rejoice Seeing Jesus in Cloud knowing He Watches in Spirit and Presence Revelation.4c288d1e75f43ba97437028335dac0c0Supernaturally wondrous signs to show unsaved to warn to repent as disasters coming in clouds from heaven on earth. God does great wonders, signs on earth, blood, fire, brimstone, thunder, tsunami volcanoes, earthquakes, lightenings. A sense of awe comes over people by many wonders and signs to baffle people. So Fire comes down from heaven on the earth in process number of beast 666 shows evil. Infinite Wisdom of God Prepare advance buy, store food because buying, selling tagged to beast followers by deceptive methods awaiting God’s Judgement. 



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