Thus Says Almighty LORD God YAHWEH, in Isaiah 29:13, lip- service paid to HIM lacks genuine deep heart connection by personal commitment. Causing spiritual blindness prevalent of enstranged hearts Noted by God about religious life. Lack of reverent fear toward God’s Words points to a society’s rejection of God as Creator, Direct Authority Ruler today. God’s great Commandments, Laws, incisive teaching of prophets abandoned and replaced by a growing traditional system of ethics and religion. Based on wrong principles, end up having formal devotion of a form of Godliness but denying power thereof. So ungodly counsel without accurate Godly Source of Knowledge Isaiah 29:13, refers to by Matthew 15:3, and Mark 7:6.
Isaiah 29:13-14 describes people who draw near to God in act of worship with the mouth  speak to God, pray, praise, promise and profess to serve by lip not honour God. With their mere outward devotion bodily worship but their hearts are so far from God by not Giving Love, Gratitude, Due Regard Obedience to God as HE Requires. Distort man-made fear towards God taught by men based mere on human ideas is not Wisdom of God’s Word and Spirit. So worship and serve God but not in Godly manner prescribed, the according to man – made inventions, motive, agenda prefer deviced traditions of false prophets in some institutions. The religious human ideas, Divine Origin but corrupt nature deny renewed Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy of God.
God will proceed to do HIS marvellous unbelievable miracle work to confound wise. Human counsel self-made wisdom relied on perish, will disappear, vanish completely, incompetent, inefficient due to spiritual blindness veil cast by God on eyes, mind make folly manifested to all. God Says some of the refined arts of politicians, authors, leaders unable to preserve God’s Words. Their most wise learned men lose their usual discretion infatuated by angel of light deception. Living history reveal God’s Warning to remarkably fulfilled so many times since time of Jesus, crucified out of fear of the ancient Romans Greeks polluted Temple with the idolatory upon them. Learned philosphers, teachers rabbis, promote anti-Christ fabulous stories Cabbalists vent trifle mystery.Isaiah29
In rejecting Christ Bible Gospel, removed hearts far from Yahweh so God Removed Godly Wisdom from them. God Hid their eyes from things eternal and temporal peace. Isaiah 29:9-16, shows security of sinners in sinful ways causes the painful lamentation wonder. The learned men through own prejudice do despise Godly Divine principle saying that prophecy is obscure. The highly learned literate and the poor illiterate lack equal opportunity to understanding Bible Sealed Book until God Begins Opens their spiritual eyes to study with simple heart and teachable spirit. They must learn God’s Truth and Will of God. So Worship God, Approach God in Spirit in Truth with a heart full of Godly LOVE and Healthy Reverence fear.
Out of Godly Abundance good heart the mouth will speak only what is pleasing to God not religious lip-service. Pretend to be speaking to God but thinking of the thousand foolish things on their mind. It is not good to worship God according to own devices. The majority large numbers gratify a formal worship religion to only comply with custom serve own interest. The wandering mind defective devotion by believers withdraw from Heart of God put trust in ma- made religions against God. Yet severely blame ‘Acts of God’ for problems caused by men. So those who make religion pretence serve own god and deceive themselves. They argue and quarrel with God thinking they can then conceal themselves from God. In effect accuse God of their perverse conduct yet God wants evil entirely done away with.
The Lord Said in these verses designed to denounce human judgement formality of worship. Though keep an appearance in forms of religion withhold true affection of their hearts from God. Consequently, God Says that HE will proceed to inflict on them exact measure as an exemplary and deserved punishment. This people draw near to God in temples in forms of external devotion with lips honour God saying right things to impress people. And thereby profess to celebrate, praise, acknowledge God in their own designed form of devotion. God Watches as heart is set up to be removed from HIM and so withholds their real affection from God. Deceived misplaced lovers of leasure and pleasure more than True Lovers of God. Instead of running towards God Loving Father, put doubt and fear of in people to lack trust confidence towards God. The worship of God misrepresented as “fear” in Job 28:28, Psalm 34:11, Proverbs 1:7. Opinions, views, are taught instead of derived Scripture doctrines of Gospel.
by mankind. Jesus referred passage applied to hypocrites in Matthew 15:8-9. And in vain they worship God teaching doctrines and commandments of men. Quoted exactly is descriptive of people when Jesus lived Isaiah refers directly to all times.The precepts of men take God Due Credit instead of Precepts of God, given by His prophets worship external rules, so not heartfelt as God requires in John 4:24. It makes the worship outward devotions unacceptable to God so do not give True LOVE Obedience required God Prefers not sacrificial external services. Secular ways in a manner commanded by men is often subscribed to according by men’s inventions, devices, traditions, common as repeated in Jeremiah 7:32; Hosea 5:11 among other scriptures. Jesus applied in Matthew 15:7, so people drew near to God with their mouth, lips do not honour Jesus draw near in  trouble times.
God Signifies, that when afflicted or in distress they pray to God, and profess great regard for HIM, speak Honourably and Reverently, hoping HE WILL Help to relieve them according to Isaiah 26:16. As soon as they feel fine then return to own ways without God until another distress. The people’s actions, behaviour patterns confirm they relate to God on only need help basis. So their approach to God, in acts of religion and devotion, praying or praising and expressing love affection, zeal caused by selfish interest; outwardly, appealing with lips or mouth but their heart far from God. Includes some employed in God Service, and lay wo/men in many congregation engaged visually but mind elsewhere. While their bodies were presented before God their mouths and lips moving to HIM, their affections not set upon God, but priority and desire of their soul is not real heart concerns for God and HIS Glory.
According to traditions of elders, which they prefer to word of God observe them, transgressed it, and make it of no effect because of they lack the sincere in heart said Mathew 15:7,8. Religion learned by man’s doctrine is not from God’s Word does not produce right expected result.
A heart speaks intelligent moral things but the actions speak louder than words in obedience and daily inclination. Piety of religion puts clay before Potter as God worshiping man taught human tradition ordinance learned in Matthew 15:1-9. So Jesus describes them white washed grave fundamental difference between a pagan and biblical concept of the religion. Lack Godly personal faith in closer fellowship origin with God not learnt from men lack revelation Knowledge from Bible, stated in Matthew 16:17, consistent study daily.
Paul said both the teacher and preacher run Gospel faith race towards the prize in Christ. Not the outward man’s actions resembling God Almighty with perverted ideology. Humble Servants of the Living God are to rely solely on the Authority of God. Worldly insensibility results from a people desensitised from God outcome is whole religious attitude, magnified man above God insincere, formal traditions. Full of rituals or repetitions constructed to elevate man not God. Contrast implies religious mere ritual lack a Godly moral standard fellowship with God punished for open idolatry and flagrant neglect of Jehovah in 2Kings 17:7-17. Cling to the worship of Jehovah, accept purificated religion by King Hezekiah who removed high places, cut down groves, broke in pieces brazen serpent, because people burnt incense to it in 2 kings 18:4.
But religion still mere lip-service, which God detests as insincere outward formal, and hypocritical in Isaiah 1-11. Therefore warned will receive severe chastisement removed their heart far from God. God wants practical Action INWARD change not only an outward religion lip-service mockery, ritual books written published, followed for human authority without A Deserved Due Regard for God. Such ritual obedience is mere obedience to precept of men not Obedience to God. Unfolding Godly Commandments in Bible reveal an ongoing warning of God still continuing to reaching modern world globally. As Jesus Predicts great tribulation to befall whole world since Jesus time by a rapid simultaneous birth pang warnings.
Are relentless, fast unfolding as God’s Words Promised which stands in Isaiah 29:5-8. The many multitude of foes turn countless finely powdered dust and the multituded of tyrants like a chaff flying away take place suddenly, very suddenly. Jehovah’s heavenly host visitation come with crash of thunder, earthquake, great noise, whirlwind, tempest, blazing up of devouring fire. Multitude of all nations gather together against Jerusalem, those who storm and distress Ariel stronghold, will be like a vision of night in a dream. As hungry man in dreams eats but wakes up soul empty or thirsty man in dreams drinks but wakes up faint, soul parched with thirst so is a multitude of nations gathered against Mount Zion. Finally, the hostile army, described 4 times as hâmōn, groaning multitude, is utterly annihilated through terrible cooperation of coalition forces let loose says Isaiah 30:30, Isaiah 17:13. A visitation tippâqēt refers to Jerusalem in sense of mercy, restoration by Jehovah acting upon HIS enemies. God punishment inflicted like 2 dreams enemies dissolve into nothing, apparent existence vision of the dream.
Their plans for taking Jerusalem put to shame, utterly brought to nought like eating or drinking of dreamer, turns out delusion as soon as he awakes. Prophet Isaiah emphatically combines in Isaiah 29:1 and Isaiah 29:5 so place צבא and צבה together Isaiah 29:7 על related crowding army battle siege in Psalm 53:6 in Ariel watch-tower spy, signified lofty hill mountain-top Zion to lay foundations of fortified city Psalm 31:22 mountain of Zion mentioned afterwards in Isaiah 29:8. כּאשׁר, in Zecharia 10:6; Job 10:19. אוכל והנּה without הוּא; The physical life, without Godly Wisdom feels like the sensitive bodily hunger sensation of soul im dreaming state waking in a condition never satisfied ever. Like such an army of God VICTORY is certain before battle is fought, fade away into nothing. Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of lords Restores PERFECT PEACE after ultimate Armageddon battle. Everyone reading this must ensure they belong to God.

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