Life consists of wearing many hats daily, one moment performing an activity like a sportsman, running, jogging. Exercise in gym builds and strengthen muscles to be fit. This is exactly the way life brings many different demanding roles to play each day in many capacities. Sometimes the roles continue from one to the other. Therefore it becomes hard to switch off from a previous role completed to focus on the current role at hand. In addition, the next job is already playing on mind while at the one in front being done. It is interest sometimes simultaneously the roles are performed at the same time.10284200722Juggling hats is like juggling many issues of life as challenges from required duties can be daunting or overwhelming if not prepared in advance. Practice makes hat juggling easy to the one who never tried. After many times trying, dropping hats at times eventually masters and perfect his skills to entertain others. In life the different problems at work, home in the family is a bit like juggling so many hats. This is part of the issues of life to take on responsibilities to be all things to many people needing our help and attention. It the reason why scheduling quality time for each person and activity is necessary.ManOfManyHats_300_150x150mmNeeds of each member important so has to be taken seriously. It is easy to be the one looking after everyone so lose self by not taking care of self too. Quality time means presence first so presents given. There is a great joy derived from taking the time to help others and emotionally being there for them. At times life, work demands make it impossible always to be physically present. Travelling all over the world to pit a roof over the family’s head and food on the table can make the bread winnerbseem distant or aloof. Yet the very people being provided for can be ungrateful and unthankful for lack of the constant physical presence desired. This catch 22 situation affects a family bond.EdDTLVcomSkype and phone calls are not the same as warmth of hugs and kisses so another juggling to and fro to be with family. The tendency is to shower gifts on the family to compensate and buy their affection. A right approach is if possible be there for them always when needed. Let a family understand desire to give them a better future to make their life a little easier by sacrifices is reason causing you to make those choices. Talk to family members privately or in group assuring them of your love and affection. Tell them really you prefer to be with them 24/7 but not possible if you did, God forbid may end up homeless poor without the hardwork.Pharrel-BBC-IceCream-compressedBe sure you are on their side to ensure that they have a better future prospects. Assure them it may seem as abandoned, neglected at times but investing in their life and their future. So encourage them, that when they grow up and have their own families too they will eventually come to understand. That it really cost you to put them first because you love them. Endless jetlags, sleeping in hotel rooms alone without a loving wife and you know what. Life not as comfortable like in own home terribly missing the family looking at photos. Express an interest in their school or homework to appraise and support them to do their best within their talents and abilities.


Elijah Bradshaw wearing many hats at Goorin Brothers, hatmakers since 1895 (for more informations about the store/business visit http://www.goorin.com). For more information about the Magazine Street store (pictured here) call Jennifer Vides, the shopkeeper, at 504.522.1890/jvides@goorin.com. To reach Elijah Bradshaw (pictured)

One More AggravationAt times no matter how work one works it never seems good enough so asked to do more than possible. Some people can oblivious to how hard one works in team so unleash venom of attacks to frustrate. Hurting people hurt others so vent their emotions by bullying by more tasks. So place unreastic demands to stretch staff to quit or complain about them by saying incompetent. Unfair distribution of work by favouritism means those in their good books connected to boss hardly work. It is such who fuel gossip at work picking on others to gain favour of boss. They go pubs and holidays together and create a divisive atmosphere at the work place.hats2Sometimes there is no other option but to comply under heavy burden for peace sake. Many are struggling under weight of unnecessary bureaucracy and waste of time performing irrelevant tasks that do not enhance life. Yet repeated instead of employment to give equal opportunity to humans machines create unemployment of two extremes. So few labouring under a heavy burden requiring many people. It is part of these that forces some to wear too many hats at a time. These matters cost jobs which is why children miss out on parents travelling further afield for jobs while many unemployed. This issue can keep families apart or divide some due to stress and pressure caused by the long distance relationship so travelling takes its toll. The world must change to reconsider priorities of workalism over unfair treatment of employed parents. IMG_20160612_114728With job cuts, people are laid off to pay a new wage rise so although pay increases so does the amount of work done by the few workforce. These issues must be so important to policy makers to reconsider the damage done to familes losing jobs so cannot pay mortgages. Is it really fair to create this problems for majority of people without control to change such an unfair practice globally. Billions of people took loans to be educated with a promise of a better life find themselves indebted and unemployed. Meanwhile the few responsible have no idea what they are doing to those going through the unfair treatments meted to them.VintagehatsIt is impossible to perform the excellent level of work done properly if an enough time was allocated. Therefore rushing a workforce to meet quotas expected to be done by 10times regular workforce does not produce high quality products. The demand for profit cuts corners hence a poor service. Hardly any humans talk to their customers anymore after waiting for hours on hold in telephone queues. It the few people manning call centres who answer. Pressure to serve next customer affects service, not enough time devoted to carefully take action immediately but rushed through to meet targets. 9bfff0841d3cd53c22ec88c87a3bf879Extraordinarily devastating transition has consequences affecting the global technology information highway. Create jobs in one but losess and replacement by a machine to enhance quality of human life. It abecomes double edged sword victim of success. Unfortunately impact of an unemployment workforce displaced by high cost of investment by running these technologies consumes income, salaries and bonuses for the few left in work. It seems mankind everyday is coming up with the more destructive strategies that dehumanise ordinary life. But builds up those making policies. 9d324b3a876ea8d2e2a4d79b7ded4636Inadvertently consequently constantly toiling many under slave labour working condition not well paid as should be. So many still suffer the consequences of life imposed on them by a few greedy slave drivers. Cycles affects next generations too in a domino effect as they pay a price of lack of fair equal treatment to all. Yet God abundantly has provisions made for all mankind especially HIS Children. By this wealth transfer God is restoring life again with a realistic use of all resources. The time to regain whole life,  for living a healthier lifestyle to rest and to sleep properly is being planned by God to give a future and hope to all. The entire life is changing in tune with God’s agenda. The world over produces things thrown away instead of sharing with all. God will soon bring perfection to the whole world.many-hats

Consequently international instructions relate to all people in Bible similarly in the community today need delegation responsibilities to ease burden of few. Leaders always required to personally attend to all at the same time can do one thing thoroughly in detail. Long queues are unnecessary because the few allowed to work must get help not staff cuts to a budget. To stop these making everyone feel overburdened by inhumane policy affecting quality of life. Life cycle and a poor quality living causes more stress and exhaustion due to costly decisions. Above all, more than enough people to help yet denied and deprived by racism. 83309029

Consequently, realisation that the world must change to enhance life now for all because material resources provided by God is not to for few to waste. Win win situation must cover cost of producers but share it with the people not bury it cruelly as others lack evetything and suffering. These are the reasons why God is sending Jesus back to earth to take things by force because the people refuse to do the right. God wants all people to enjoy all things HE FREELY Provides. The Second Coming of Jesus is to save restore mankind from injustice and oppression into everlasting joy and peace forever and ever on earth. 


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